Where can I find Emil's and Marta's final weapons?

  1. I need the weapons so that i can become stronger and beat Richter more easily.

    User Info: coolpharoh

    coolpharoh - 9 years ago

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  1. emils best weapon is Nether Traitor. it has accelerate and regenerate 3. this can be found in the twilight palace quest along with the best armor, head,and arm equipment for marta and emil.(equipment for martas heaad is not the stongest but has technical 3, which makes all arts cost 1 tp)

    martas best weapons are Millstone and Kismet.(Kismet higher a.atk , Millstone higher p.atk)
    Kismet can be found on floor 7 of gladshiem in a random chest during second playthrough in chapter 8. it has delay, concentrate 2 and speed decrease attack 2.
    Millstone can be found in the ginnungagap. it has p.atk decrease attack 2 and stone blast.

    User Info: abyssoin08

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  1. Next time, use the SEARCH bar.

    Marta's best weapon is Kismet, which you get at Gladshiem, and Nether Traitor for Emil at Twlight Palace...

    I think.

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  2. The next best weapons for them can be found in the Balacruf Mueseum sidequest if you battled the optional boss.

    User Info: speady212

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  3. Depends on what you want:

    Marta's is a 5% drop in Glad

    for Emil:
    For god-like speed and combos and recovery most people use the Echo sword from Synthing
    For full health after almost every kill, you should use Soul Blast
    Not sure about the one from twilight palace though

    User Info: Veral42

    Veral42 - 8 years ago 1 1
  4. NO~!!! do the trophy hunters trease quests and u get emil real best weapon the ballin ass nether traitor you also get a funny skit between tenebrae and emil

    User Info: ulquiorra619

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  5. U get emil best weapon at the twilight palace u have to do the tresure hunter trophy take 1,2,3
    starting from chapter 5 to 8 when u get to chapter 8 wake up then go talk to brute then go and do the quest but u need to stock up and go and when u fight with album atrum when u defeat it u get the nether traitor and marta best u get at Gladsheim when u defeat the album atrum u get it to :)

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