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    Side Quest FAQ by Kirby647

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    Tales of Symphonia - Side-Quest Guide
     by Kirby647
    Email: sollight_darkluna@hotmail.com
    Game...............Tales of Symphonia II: Dawn of the New World
    Platform...........Nintendo Wii
    Table of Contents:
    Please use CTRL + F to find the section you need.
    1) Introduction:
    	- Introduction
    	- Credits and Acknowledgements
    	- Updates and Revisions
    2)  Side-Quests:
    	- Introduction
    	- Confirmed Side-Quest
    	- Alice's Past [ALP]
    	- Before the Showdown [BTS]
    	- Best Partner [BEP] 
    	- Entering the Hot spring [EHS]
    	- Good/Normal/Bad Ending [END]
    	- Gladsheim [GLD]
    	- Hawk's and Magnar's Rivalry [HMR]
     	- Lloyd's Mask [LSM]
    	- Lloyd's Team [LST]
    	- Ricther's Side-Quests [RSQ]
    	- Spirit of the Tree [STT]
    	- Starting With Friends [SWF]
    	- Tethe'Alla and Sylvarant [TAS]
    	- Twilight Palace [TWP]
    3) Chapters:
    	-Chapter 1 [C1]
    	-Chapter 2 [C2]
    	-Chapter 3 [C3]
    	-Chapter 4 [C4]
    	-Chapter 5 [C5]
    	-Chapter 6 [C6]
    	-Chapter 7 [C7]
    	-Chapter 8 [C8]
    	-Endgame   [E1]
    4) Credits
    So this FAQ is about the side-quests during the process in the game. 
    These side-quests are technically optional and does not affect the story 
    lines except for one of them which is decided by the player, that means 
    you, what happens at the end. Also, the order of the side-quest happens 
    during your journey, you cannot complete a side-quest as soon as you 
    start, but I think you all know that already. Note: These are not the 
    quests you find in the Katz's Guild, these are actual side-quest in 
    which stuff happens, but I won't go into detail on what, yet.
    The main purpose of this FAQ is to give the player more knowledge during 
    the course of the game, as well as some extra skits in the process.
    Credits and Acknowledgements:
    Firstly,  I would like to thank Kouli who provided the site for the 
    side-quest and Omegaevolution who provided Kouli's site as well as
    posting videos of the side-quests of Tales.
    Kouli's site:
    Omegaevolution's site:
    Second goes to my brother, who helped me play the game as Marta.
    Third goes to Gamefaqs for allowing me to use their site to post this FAQ
    And last but not least I would like to thank you, the readers.
    Updates and Revisions:
    Dec. 15, 08
    Starts with the basics for now, i.e. Endings and the simple side-quests 
    that does not take a lot of effort at all. Must finish game as well, I 
    have yet to confirm these side-quests.
    Dec. 18, 08
    Alice's Past Side Quest, Good Ending (Core collecting not ending), 
    Hot springs, Lloyd's Party confirmed and partly there for Ricter's 
    Side Quests. 
    Side-Quest information of activation is done! Now must finish game....
    Hope to finish it during the break!
    Dec. 19, 08
    Continuing on with the Chapter section will as much details as possible.
    Spirit of the Tree, Gladsheim, Richter's Side-Quests, Twilight Palace,
    Hawk's and Magnar's Rivalry Confirmed!
    Dec. 20, 08
    Man, I must be bored...Before the Showdown, Tethe'Alla and Sylvarant, 
    and Starting with Friends Confirmed! Nearly done the game. Also completed
    Gladsheim. Took me forever!! More info coming. I also need to replay the
    game once more to get the Good/Bad/Normal Ending which will not be done
    until then. Hopefully before school re-opens.
    Dec. 24, 08
    Completed the game. Found something really interesting about the ending
    but I'll state it in the Side-quest section.
    Jan. 02, 09
    Seems like I didn't check this over. Its soo long, but yeah....
    Happy 1 day late New Years Everybody!
    Jan. 12, 09
    Another slight mistake, fixed now.
    Jan. 19, 09
    Another mistake corrected. DragonSage1313 gets the credit.
    Jul. 23, 09
    I...Actually updated this and it's now done.
    Locations of the Wonder-chef is added because someone asked me to do it
    so I will.
    So I will make this clear first, but I am sorry if this is all confusing. 
    It will appear weird at first but Side-quests happen in chapters but I'll 
    list them as how to activate the quest and how many parts there are to 
    it first then go to how to work the quest itself. So I hope this might 
    help. I also need to make sure that the information I was given is 
    correct so while I am making this I am also playing the game, whether 
    the Side-Quest is confirmed or not check the Confirmed Side-Quest section 
    *Please remember that the list I placed is not in order of activation*
    Confirmed Side-Quests:
    Confirmed - [X]
    Not confirmed - []
    Alice's Past [X]
    Before the Showdown [X]
    Best Partner [X] 
    Entering the Hot spring [X]
    Good/Normal/Bad Ending [X]
    Gladsheim [X]
    Hawk's and Magnar's Rivalry [X]
    Lloyd's Mask [X]
    Lloyd's Team [X]
    Ricther's Side-Quests [X]
    Spirit of the Tree [X]
    Starting With Friends [X]
    Tethe'Alla and Sylvarant [X]
    Twilight Palace [X]
    Wonder-chef Locations [X]
    Alice's Past [ALP] 6 Parts
    	Part 1: <Luin> 
    After meeting with Zelos in Palmacosta, head to Luin.
    	Part 2: <Iselia>
    After arriving Izoold, head to Iselia's School.
    	Part 3: <Iselia Human Ranch>
    Before entering Meltokio, go the the Iselia Human Ranch entrance.
    	Part 4: <Meltokio>
    After entering the Temple of Earth, head up the stairs to go to the 
    center square in Meltokio.
    	Part 5: <Palmacosta>
    After Lloyd joins your party, go to Plamacosta.
    	Part 6 (final): <Hima>
    Head to Hima up the first hill behind the inn.
    Before the Showdown [BTS] 1 Part
    After seeing Verius, the party will spilt to say their farewells.
    You can find Colette in Iselia, Raine in Sybak, Genius in Palmacosta, 
    Regal in Izoold, Sheena in Mizuho, Zelos in Meltokio, Presea in Altessa's
    home, Lloyd in Flanoir and Yuan in Tower of Salvation. Kratos makes his
    cameo appearance in the Tower of Salvation.
    Best Partner [BEP] 1 Part <Endgame>
    	After Clearing the game with the Good Ending. Emil and Marta will 
    receive a new title when you start a new playthrough.
    Entering the Hot spring [EHS] 2 Parts 
    	Part 1: <Hot Spring>
    When entering the spring, talk to the Priest. You are given the option 
    on letting males go first or females.
    	Part 2 (final): <Hot Spring>
    Talk to the Priest again, if you chose males to go first then have females 
    to go first and vice versa.
    Good/Normal/Bad Ending [END] 3 Parts
    	Part 1(Good): <Triet Ruins and Temple of Lightning>
    Retrieve both cores. Let Lloyd and Marta defeat you. Defeat/lose the boss 
    	Part 2 (Bad): <Triet Ruins and Temple of Lightning>
    Allow Lloyd to steal one or both of the cores. Kill Marta and Lloyd.
    	Part 3 (Normal): <Triet Ruins and Temple of Lightning>
    Allow Lloyd to steal one or both cores. Let Marta and Lloyd defeat you. 
    Gladsheim [GLD] 1 Part <World Map>
    	After Lloyd joins the party on the second Playthrough, Gladsheim 
    will appear on the map as a dungeon.
    Hawk's and Magnar's Rivalry [HMR] 4 Parts
    	Part 1: <Sybak>
    After entering the Temple of Lightning, head to the Academy Institute.
    	Part 2: <Meltokio>
    Go to Meltokio, head to Zelos' house.
    	Part 3: <Meltokio>
    Head behind the item shop.
    	Part 4 (final): <Sybak>
    Return to Sybak, head to the entrance of the Academy Institute.
    Lloyd's Mask [LSM] 4 Parts
    	Part 1: <Lake Sinoh Cave>
    Either lose or defeat Lloyd. Lloyd would take Lumen's core and leave a 
    mask behind.
    	Part 2: <Triet Ruins>
    Depending on the whether the player have Emil pledge loyalty to Lloyd 
    or not, conditional points must be greater than 9. Lloyd would then 
    attack Marta and steal the core.
    	Part 3: <Temple of Lightning>
    Get hit by the lightning for more than 14 times and Lloyd would be at 
    the altar before Emil and party.
    	Part 4: <Meltokio>
    After Lloyd joins the party, head towards the palace in Meltokio.
    Lloyd's Team [LST] 2 Parts
    	Part 1: <Iselia>
    Upon entering Iselia after Lloyd joins the party, Lloyd will speak a 
    little about Iselia and the journey of the Exshperes. The player is 
    given the option to choose one character out of the seven characters.
    	Part 2: <Flanoir>
    Enter Flanoir to cause a scene about the destruction of the city earlier
    during the search for Glacies' Core. This cause the team to dismantle 
    temporarily until Lloyd calms down. You can find Lloyd on the ledge near 
    the Church. 
    Ricther's Side-Quests [RSQ] 5 Parts
    	Part 1: <Hakonesia Peak>
    Speak with Koton inside the house.
    	Part 2:<Hakonesia Peak>
    After entering Izoold, head to Hakonesia Peak. Choose the first option, 
    and join the quest with Richter to the Balacruf Mausoleum.
    	Part 3: <Triet>
    After catching the Jellyfish, exit and re-enter Triet.
    	Part 4: <Sybak>
    After heading to the research institute, head to the Library.
    	Final Part: <Sybak>
    Head to the Library.
    Spirit of the Tree [STT] 1 Part
    	<Tower of Salvation>
    After Lloyd joins the party, re-enter the Tower of Salvation.
    Starting With Friends [SWF] 1 Part
    Return to Luin when everybody is back again, before the battle in the 
    Ginnungagap. Speak to the twins near the fountain.
    Tethe'Alla and Sylvarant [TAS] 3 Parts
    	Part 1: <Asgard>
    After speaking with the Item shop Owner in Meltokio, head to Asgard in 
    the direction of the Mayor's house.
    	Part 2: <Iselia>
    Right after the Asgard scene, go to Iselia.
    	Part 3: <Meltokio>
    When everybody is back together again (Before heading to the 
    Ginnungagap), go to Meltokio
    Twilight Palace [TWP] 4 Parts
    	Part 1: <Any place with Katz in Chapter 5>
    Complete the "Treasure Hunter's Trophy" Quest
    	Part 2: <Any place with Katz in Chapter 6>
    Complete the "Treasure Hunter's Trophy Take 2" Quest
    	Part 3: <Any place with Katz in Chapter 7>
    Complete the "Treasure Hunter's Trophy Take 3" Quest
    	Part 4: <Any place with Katz in Chapter 8>
    Complete the "Treasure Hunter's Trophy The Truth" Quest
    Wonder-Chef Location [WCL]
    All Location will be given in the order they can be found.
    Once again, I am terribly sorry if all of this is really confusing. But
    I learned that the some Side-quests happen in certain chapters. So I will
    now list the order of which Side-quest that can be found in every chapter
    and for some of them I will give a guide to them (i.e. Richter's 
    So they would look something like this:
    Chapter # [C#]
    Side-quest (Part #) <Area>
    Hope that helps a little...
    Chapter 1 [C1]
    Good/Bad/Normal Ending [END] <Luin>
    So when you have the decision on whether Emil pledge loyalty to Lloyd or 
    not. Guess what? It has an effect on whether you can get Ignis' Core or 
    not.So, conditional points is what you get when choosing the two options 
    where Pledge loyalty to Lloyd means 5 Conditional Points (This is what 
    they mean by make good decisions but continue to make good ones anyway) 
    and not Pledging loyalty gets you 0.This will affect the conditional point 
    you receive in Triet Ruins.
    Lloyd's Mask (Part 1) [LSM] <Lake Sinoa Cave>
    Whether you beat Lloyd or not, Lloyd will steal Lumen's Core regardless. 
    And leaves behind one of his really tacky masks. Take it, its a have to
    Chapter 2 [C2]
    Richter's Side Quest (Part 1) [RSQ] <Hakonesia Peak>
    Simple part of the side-quest and believe me it gets harder... Anywho,
    enter the building in the Peak, and speak to Koton. He mentions something
    about a Spirtual Tome and Ricther. Hmmm...Methinks that Richter is up to
    something. But we'll save the details for later.
    Alice's Past (Part 1) [ALP] <Luin>
    And Zelos appears, making a really interesting appearance in Palmacosta.
    But who cares! Head to Luin after this and the party run to the side to
    eavesdrop on Richter and Alice. Now its about the CruXis Crystal of either
    Zelos or Colette. Seems like we won't find out til later on in the story.
    Wonder-Chef Location #1 [WCL] <Asgard>
    You find the wonder-chef in the cave near the Stone Dias. You receive the
    Grill recipe.
    Wonder-Chef Location #2 [WCL] <Hima>
    Inside the inn, go to the first door to your right as you enter the inn.
    You get the Stew recipe.
    Wonder-Chef Location #3 [WCL] <Haknonesia Peak>
    Near the sign in the middle, you'll find the wonder-chef.
    You get the Rice Bowl recipe.
    Wonder-Chef Location #4 [WCL] <Palmacosta>
    In the Vanguard base which is located in the eastern section of the city,
    the wonder-chef is at the second floor.
    You get the Sandwich recipe.
    Chapter 3 [C3]
    Good/Bad/Normal Ending (Part 2) [END] <Triet Ruins>
    Keep in mind that depending on what you chose from Chapter 1, the Conditional
    Point is either at 0 or 5. You receive 1 Conditional Point every time you 
    enter the Ruins (As in go outside of the Ruins, the snowy field with that 
    Jabber on the outside and go back in). You fail to get the Good ending if you
    exceed 9 Conditional Points causing Lloyd to attack Marta with Demon Fang and 
    steal Ignis' Core. But just to be safe, let's not exit the Ruins after all of 
    this is over, be sure to save before entering the Ruins if you want to get the 
    Good Ending. If not then go ahead and keep entering and exiting the Ruins.
    Like I said, depending on what ending you want be sure to keep your
    Conditional Points to a minimum or exceed the limit.
    Lloyd's Mask (Part 3) [LSM] <Triet Ruins>
    Regardless if Lloyd steals Ignis' Core or not, he will leave behind another 
    tacky mask.
    Wonder-Chef Location #5 [WCL] <Iselia>
    In the mayor's house, you find yet another wonder-chef.
    You get the Soup recipe.
    Chapter 4 [C4]
    Richter's Side Quest (Part 2) [RSQ] <Hakonesia Peak>
    Huzzah! Now to the really good part! Anyway, after entering Izoold, go
    to Hakonesia Peak. You see Richter entering the building where Koton resides.
    You have the option on whether you want Emil to go see Richter or not. So,
    choose the first option cause that's what we want cause we're curious aren't 
    we? So Marta and the party stays behind, cause we don't want Marta dead, 
    except the monsters. Richter and Koton are talking about the Spritual Tome, 
    but he needs the Balacruf Tombstone. Emil wants to help, so Richter says 
    to go to Asgard. So let's go to Asgard!
    Entering Asgard the Mayor decides to get Marta do the Maiden's Ritual again.
    Explaining to Emil that Richter wants the Mayor to distract Marta. Marta,
    Raine and Genis leaves the party. Head over to the inn and check the door 
    on the second floor. You see Richter there. He wants to find Linar in Asgard, 
    luckily we know him. Head over to Aisha's house (or to the house where we 
    first found Colette if you don't know who Aisha is). Linar explains that the 
    Balacruf Mausoleum was blocked due to the attack of the Giant Tree two years 
    ago. Emil suggest we go through the Ruins under the Stone Dias. Yay! Its a go!
    Be sure to stock up on healing items such as Apple Gels, Orange Gels and Life
    Aqua opens the Dais for you and we re-enter the Asgard Ruins. Somewhere near
    the middle on the way to the Bells, we see a Harpy Statue. Press the button
    after the talk. Something the Ruins shift, go back near the entrance to see
    a new pattern for the bells. Go change the Sorcerer's Ring to a Wind element
    and play the song that the bells played. (Second Right, Far Right, Second Left,
    and Far Left.) Something within the Ruins shift. Go back to where we find a
    wandering Salamander, continue north to find the doors opened. And so we are
    now at the Balacruf Mausoleum.
    The Balacruf Mausoleum is really mean, not just the monsters that ranges from 
    the Iselia Human Ranch to the Temple of Ice but the spikes on the floor and on 
    the side which hurts a lot. Note that you have you Fire element on your
    Sorcerer's Ring now. If you want go get all the treasures in this dungeon, and
    light all the torches and read all of the tablets there. Go and change the
    Sorcerer's ring once more at the far back of the dungeon. Enter the room above.
    You see five windmills. To get a Mystic Mark go in the order of: Red, Green, 
    Yellow, White, and Blue. Exit and re-enter, a Heal Mark can be found doing the 
    order: Blue, Red, Yellow, White and Green. Exit and re-enter again. Now go in 
    the order of: Red, Yellow, Green, White and Blue causing the floor and the door
    to glow head over to the door to find a Phoenix but don't attack it yet. Save.
    Now if you are at least level 50 and up right now with high level monster to
    at least 80 and up be my guest and hit that bird really hard. You would battle
    1 Phoenix, 2 Igniters and 2 Were Bears. After defeating the Phoenix, you get a
    Balacruf Crest, an item that is pretty useful in the Asgard Ruins once we get 
    back to it. But, anywho, don't pick a fight with the Phoenix if you are 
    Continue down on the floor to find a really ridiculous maze. You battle a 
    Targerion before getting the Balacruf Tombstone. YOu can get items in here as 
    well. Return to Asgard Ruins but if you have the Balacruf Crest, don't leave 
    just yet. If you do not have the Balacruf Crest skip the information and go to 
    the next paragraph. Remember there are two areas with a hole? Go over there and 
    get awesome treasures: 30,000 Gald, Soul Blast, Strange Blue, Rain Maker and 
    Retribution.To get into the chamber where you found the Windmaster or at the 
    alter of Ventus the order changed from Right, Left, Right to Left, Right, Left 
    for the passage.
    Leave the Ruins and Richter gives you a bracelet to make as an excuse to Marta,
    you find Marta at the Mayor's house. And we're done the Mausoleum section. Wow,
    that's long.
    Alice's Past (Part 2) [ALP] <Iselia>
    Head to the School in Iselia, Alice appears along with some of the Vanguard.
    Some random dude shows up..wow, that's really random. And Alice and that guy
    know each other no less! We learn she's a half-elf from the stranger.
    Wonder-Chef Location #6 [WCL] <Izoold>
    The wonder-chef is found on the other boat. It's a red fish, you can't miss it.
    You get the Sashimi recipe.
    Richter's Side Quest (Part 3) [RSQ] <Triet>
    Wah, you're done one of his insanely random side quests...here's another one.
    After getting the Jellyfish, exit and re-enter Triet. For some strange reason
    a long line is there in the span of 5 seconds after you left the town. We find 
    out that the Fortune Teller is giving out free fortunes. Marta gets excited and
    checks it out. A Polwigle pops out of nowhere and says that Richter is here.
    Again you have the option if you want to talk to him or not. So let's choose the
    first option and see Richter. Marta comes back saying that it takes a while 
    to get her fortune done. Yes! Another distraction! So go to the inn on the and 
    head to the door on the first floor. You find Richter there. He's now looking 
    for an insect that lives on the Rosemary you found earlier. You are taken to 
    the Camberto Caves and Richter's asks you to lead him to the Rosemary. Skits 
    on the way, and don't eat Richter's cooking...ever...You get the meaning of 
    it once you see the skit. More details about the bug, its called the Angelatops 
    and Richter needs it to get the shell and trade it in for Spirtitual Apocrypha 
    from Phaidra. Go to where you found the Rosemary and another is already there 
    and healthy. The two of you starts to dig near the Rosemary and found the 
    shell. And Richter laughed! OMG! He actually laughed!! His laugh is soo...!
    *Gets smacked* 
    Ok back on topic. You'll be taken to Iselia pretty shortly. Head to the home 
    of Colette or NE of the entrance. Alba shows up again and Richter's quest 
    is completed. He takes you back to Triet. Go near the home where you find 
    a hole that looks a little like Colette to find Marta. End Part 3 of Richter's 
    insanely random Side-Quests!
    Wonder-Chef Location #7 [WCL] <Triet>
    After the battle with the Navdrovie, go to the inn. The wonder-chef is on the
    top floor in one of the rooms. He's pink. It's not hard to find him.
    You get the Curry recipe.
    Wonder-Chef Location #8 [WCL] <Flanoir>
    The wonder-chef is in the church. Go there before you run into a certain
    blue-haired Alice-wooing weirdo.
    You get the Gratin recipe.
    Alice's Past (Part 3) [ALP] <Iselia Human Ranch>
    Before heading to Meltokio, go to the Iselia Human Ranch and get near the 
    entrance. And look! It's Alice! Along with 'Dumbo'-Decus. So a little 
    random thing happens here and we learn that Alice  once lived in Hima. And
    looking for some Exspheres. Not much of info here but its good enough on 
    why she wanted power.
    Chapter 5 [C5]
    Wonder-Chef Location #9 [WCL] <Meltokio>
    Behind the item shop in Meltokio. He's in a corner.
    You get the Desert recipe.
    Tethe'Alla and Sylvarant (Part 1) [TAS] <Asgard>
    After learning about the whereabouts of Glacies' Core from the Item Shop 
    owner Go to Asgard, and head east. We find a bunch of Nobles and Aisha. Loads 
    of tension here and you might hate the Tetheallans.
    Tethe'Alla and Sylvarant (Part 2) [TAS] <Iselia>
    Man, those Nobles just don't know when to quit. Right after going to Asgard 
    about Part 1. Go to Iselia to find the same group of nobles again. I just 
    want to smack those three. But yeah, that's all there's to it....
    Twilight Palace (Part 1) [TWP] <Anyplace with the Katz>
    Whoo-hoo, finally the Twilight Palace side-quest. Well, technically it's a 
    Quest. So all you have to do is complete the Quest that says "Treasure 
    Hunter's Trophy" I know it sounds weird but that's it.
    Alice's Past (Part 4) [ALP] <Meltokio>
    So after entering the Temple of Earth, go to the center square area in 
    Meltokio, its at the top of the stairs when you enter Meltokio. But we see 
    a Sylvaranti begging a priest to make a letter from the pope to the doctor 
    in Flanoir to treat her Grandson. Well, that's mean, he's a priest. But Alice 
    shows up and tells the old lady to mention her name and her Grandson should 
    be treated. Well, Alice is not that bad for now and Decus has gone crazy. 
    We'll find out the reason why he's crazy pretty soon.
    Chapter 6 [C6]
    Wonder-Chef Location #10 [WCL] <Katz Village>
    Check the fire behind the odd inn they have over there.
    You get the Steak recipe.
    Twilight Palace (Part2) [TWP] <Anyplace with the Katz>
    Again very easy. Find a Katz and accept the Quest "Treasure Hunter's Trophy 
    Take 2"
    Wonder-Chef Location #11 [WCL] <Sybak>
    The wonder-chef is somewhere in the hallways of the Sybak Academy Institute.
    He's a book lying on the floor.
    You get the Burrito recipe
    Richter's Side Quest (Part 4) [RSQ] <Sybak>
    So if you already finished the side-quests up to now, after heading to the 
    Academy Institute, you would automatically go right into a cutscene where 
    Richter is talking to Norton. He mentions going to the Cape Fortress. Head 
    over to the Cape Fortress, and Emil go on alone once more. You meet Richter 
    at the bottom of the stairs and he allows you to come but seems to ignore you 
    almost the whole time. So head to the area where there was a Red and Blue 
    Knight. Change the Sorcerer's Ring into a water element and douse the 
    flames in the order of: Lower Left, Middle Left, Middle Right, Upper Right, 
    Lower Right and Upper Left. Go to the Blue Knight and press the button and 
    the passage should open. If not try again. Continue on from there and 
    Richter starts to talk to you again. If you haven't gotten the Philosopher's 
    Stone from here, keep in mind that you should head back once you completed 
    this side-quest. Richter got a book back and he takes you back to Meltokio. 
    Head back to the Cape Fortress for the Philosoper's Stone if you haven't 
    already gotten it.
    Hawk's and Magnar's Rivalry (Part 1) [HMR] <Sybak>
    After entering the Temple of Lightning, go back to Sybak to the Academy 
    Research Institute. Hawk and his team members evaluate weekly here, and 
    its about Alice. Seems like Hawk is really close to his subdorinates.
    Hawk's and Magnar's Rivalry (Part 2) [HMR] <Meltokio>
    After seeing Hawk's evaluation scene, go to Meltokio near Zelos' Mansion. 
    Magnar, on the other hand work his subdorinates to death. And a wierd 
    nickname shows up for Hawk...
    Hawk's and Magnar's Rivalry (Part 3) [HMR] <Meltokio>
    O_o How many times do we have to do this? Right after the scene above go 
    behind the Item Shop, Hawk and team is already there. They continue their 
    hate for Alice.
    Hawk's and Magnar's Rivalry (Final Part) [HMR] <Sybak>
    And right after that just go to Sybak to the Academy Research Institute.
    Magnar's interesting aside makes me want to puke. Yeah, you'll know what 
    I mean...
    Good/Bad/Normal Ending (Part 3) [END] <Temple of Lightning>
    So the lightning bolts that randomly falls on you indoors actually affect 
    the ending and if you can get Tonitrus' Core. Getting hit at least 14 
    times means you fail to get the Good Ending and, depending on what you 
    choose, you could get the Normal or Bad Ending. So, if you do get hit 14 
    times, Lloyd comes in and steals Tonitrus' Core and runs away again. If 
    you do not get hit 14 times, you get Tonitrus' Core.
    Lloyd's Mask (Part 3) [LSM] <Temple of Lightning>
    So for Lloyd's Mask, here's the hitch. You have to sacrifice Tonitrus' 
    Core for it. So get hit 14 times if you want the Bad or Normal Ending to 
    get Lloyd's Mask. After stealing Tonitrus' Core he leaves behind another 
    one of his tacky Masks.
    Chapter 7 [C7]
    Wonder-Chef Location #12 [WCL] <Mizuho>
    Go into the first house at your left. The wonder-chef is right there as 
    soon as you enter it.
    You get the Pickled Vegatables recipe.
    Twilight Palace (Part 3) [TWP] <Anyplace with the Katz>
    Simple enough, complete the quest "Teasure Hunter's Trophy Take 3"
    Chapter 8 [C8]
    Wonder-Chef Location #13 [WCL] <Altamira>
    On the 7th floor of the hotel, you'll find the wonder-chef.
    You get the Omelette recipe.
    Twilight Palace (Final Part) [TWP] <Anyplace with the Katz>
    So once again complete the Quest "Treasure Hunter's Trophy The Truth" But 
    this time I'll explain it to you. First, who thought that the Twilight Palace 
    in this game should look like the one in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess? 
    *raises hand guiltily* But anyway...At the entrance of the Palace there are to 
    different ways one blue and the other red. Near the entrance is a Candle-like 
    Statue. Light one colour on fire and head in that direction. There are really 
    good items on both side. Before heading to the first boss, light the other 
    Candle-like statue at the far back on fire, so if you light blue first then 
    light red and vice versa. Continue and beat the first boss. There's a total 
    of four bosses in this area where Album Atrum is the final boss. From here on 
    is really self explanatory. After completing the Quest, you get Emil's best 
    weapon and a Kitty Kat! (The reason why its called Treasure Hunter's Trophy).
    Gladsheim (Final Part) [GLD] <World Map>
    After Lloyd joins the party, Gladsheim shows up on the map as an optional
    Dungeon or side-quest or whatever you call it.This is only on the second
    playthrough though.
    Gladsheim, to sum it up, is the game's most annoying Side-quest/Dungeon ever! 
    Takes at least 3-5 hours of playing and the whole thing is just plain annoying.
    Memnarch6 explains everything on his FAQ: 
    But for here, I'll just give you tips.
    Take a Pencil and sheets of paper cause you will need it, I'm not joking, the 
    whole thing is a Labyrinth, you go one place leads to another and such. Just 
    map the place as you go. There are 10 levels by the way. Stock up if you need 
    to and bring in your best monsters (Lvl 100 or up) plus Emil and Marta at 
    level 150 or so. You don't have to be at this level though. Oh and attack 
    monsters that are not Archdemons on the spell circle, no seriously, just do 
    it unless you want to buff up your people then go ahead and attack them. Enjoy, 
    you get Marta's best weapon at a 5% drop rate, so yeah....get really lucky 
    like I did to get it. Cause for one thing, no way I come back just to get a 
    stinking weapon for Marta if I don't get it the first time.
    Spirit of the Tree (Final Part) [STT] <Tower of Salvation>
    So after Lloyd joins the team, go back inside the Tower of Salvation. Go 
    near the little World Tree, who's name is yet to be released. A short 
    cutscene explains about the Giant Kharlan Tree and this tree's Summon 
    Lloyd's Mask (Final Part) [LSM] <Meltokio>
    Go to Meltokio and a scene shows Emil bumping into this random guy and two
    other soldiers. It is revealed that they guy is the new pope. The new pope
    reminds that Zelos and Colette are still symbols of the Church until the
    abolishment of the title and then leaves. But hey! Emil drops the masks
    that he found earlier and Lloyd took notice of them! And then a 
    misunderstanding happens thanks to Tenebrae...*sighs* Anyway, Lloyd
    gives Emil his finest mask and Emil gets the titles of Jewel Hunter?!
    Richter's Side-Quest (Final Part) [RSQ] <Sybak>
    Go to Sybak's Library, Aqua is seen talking to Norton and takes something 
    from him. I was hoping a  confrontation with Richter again. I am so 
    disappointed with this one.
    Alice's Past (Part 5) [ALP] <Palmacosta>
    Enter Palmacosta to see Alice and the remaining Vanguard taking the last 
    Exspheres in the Palmacosta region. Emil and company talks to her for a 
    bit and Alice bids farewell and heads to the Ginnungagap.
    Alice's Past (Final Part) [ALP] <Hima>
    Go to Hima after meeting Alice in Palmacosta, go up the hill to find 
    Decus there. He explains what had happen in the past with him and Alice, 
    demon existed in the world in few numbers so Alice was able to make a pact 
    with one of them to control monsters but now rely on machines since it died 
    and the bones are buried there. Decus destroys the remaining bones of the 
    demon and leaves Hima waiting at the Ginnungagap.
    Entering the Hotsprings (Part 1 & 2) [ETH] <Common Springs>
    Enter the Common Springs after Lloyd joins the party and talk to the 
    Priest, he will ask you if you want to go into the hot springs say yes 
    and choose who should go first. If its females, Zelos is listening in 
    on them, and the girls are talking about breast size (Sheena's, Colette's 
    and Marta's) Marta receives the title "Ironing Board" and finds out that 
    there is someone spying. Note that Emil and Lloyd are there as well. Well 
    then, after finding out that there are peeping toms there, Sheena summons 
    Undine to nab the peeping tom. Sadly enough, its Lloyd who took the blow. 
    Lloyd's title changes into "Peeping Tom" If males were to go first, Emil 
    would be there by himself wondering where's everyone. Marta is there soaking 
    in the Hot springs as well, seems like she put a sign up just so that Emil 
    and her is alone. Emil caused a commotion and everybody runs in. And they 
    all blame, except for Lloyd, Emil for being a peeping tom. Emil now receives 
    the title Peeping Tom.
    So you can get both titles regardless on which group goes first, if you 
    choose females talk to the priest to let males go after. And vice versa. 
    I enjoyed the Lloyd part. XD
    Wonder-Chef Location #14 [WCL] <Common Springs>
    Check the west side of the house after a mentioned peeping tom up there
    to find the last Wonder-chef.
    You get the Fried Rice recipe.
    Before the Showdown (Final Part) [BTS] <Various>
    After talking to Verius and the party spilts up. Go find Colette in Iselia 
    in front of the school, Raine in Sybak in front of the library, Genis 
    in Palmacosta, Regal in Izoold at the docks, Shenna in Mizuho (turn 
    left right after you enter the village), Zelos in Meltokio in front of 
    the palace, Presea in Altessa's home, Lloyd in Flanoir in front of the 
    Church on the balcony, and Yuan in the Tower of Salvation. On your first 
    playthrough, no introduction of Kratos and he leavese permanently. On your 
    second playthrough, however, Kratos will actually talk to you and then 
    leaves permanently *cries*.
    From here on, the party should be back together.
    Tethe'Alla and Sylvarant (Final Part) [TAS] <Meltokio>
    Yep, you guessed it. It's the snobby nobles again. This time its in Meltokio.
    Starting with Friends (Final Part) [SWF] <Luin>
    Head over to the fountain and you find the twins at there. Talk to them. Yay! 
    Emil has more friends!
    Lloyd's Team (Part 1) [LST] <Iselia>
    So you enter Iselia and Lloyd talks about the past. If you play the first 
    Tales of Symphonia, at the end Lloyd leaves Iselia with someone. He tells 
    us that there were the two of them during the journey to collect Exspheres. 
    Well here you get to choose which one he travels with. After that head to 
    Lloyd's Team (Final Part) [LST] <Flanoir>
    Entering Flanoir, some random guy walks up to Lloyd and Falcon Punch him. 
    Lloyd leaves the party and the party is currently disbanded. You find Lloyd in 
    front of the Church on the balcony, but someone beats you to it. Depending 
    on who you chose in Iselia, that person will cheer Lloyd up. Then the party 
    is back together. I like Colette's the best!
    Good/Bad/Normal Ending (Final Part) [END] <Ginnungagap>
    Back to this. For the Good/Normal Ending, let Marta and Lloyd defeat you. 
    For the Bad Ending, defeat Marta and Lloyd regardless if Lloyd stole both 
    cores or not. For the Normal...Ugh...whatever, let Marta and Lloyd defeat 
    you. Remember, that Ignis' Core and Tonitrus' Core must not be stolen from 
    you to get the Good Ending.
    Best Partner (Final Part) [BEP] <Grade Shop>
    You must complete the game with the Good Ending. You'll know that you got
    the good ending if Richter decides to make a request about Emil along with
    Aqua and Tenebrae. Emil and Marta are reunited in the end, both receive
    the "Perfect Partner" Title.
    Once again, I thank Kouli for the site, that he created. Since I was able to
    do all side-quests and create one to help others as well.
    To Omegaevolution, since he provided some videos of the side-quests and gave
    the site to Kouli.
    Those who emailed me about a few errors in this FAQ as well as those who 
    tells me right out in the forums. Credits goes to DragonSage1313.
    To Gamefaqs, to allow this FAQ to be posted.
    And to the readers, who read this FAQ. 
    I will also accept questions if you are stuck on a side-quest. I check my 
    e-mail frequently, and so you may get a response really quickly. Please
    do not copy unless I say that its ok.
    Also, if there's something I missed in this FAQ send me an email. I make
    mistakes sometimes and forgot to add parts of a quest or so...
    E-mail: sollight_darkluna@hotmail.com

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