Additional Original MusicMichael Gordon Shapiro
Art DirectorChuck Carter
Art TeamKen Fee
Art TeamDavid Keningale
Art TeamPat McGovern
Art TeamAlan Redmond
Associate ProducerBenjamin Walsh
AudioStewart Clark
Audio DirectorMark Lampert
DesignKevin Finnigan
Director of Information TechnologySteve Bloom
Executive DirectorPaddy Burns
Game DirectorFrank Arnot
Information TechnologyJeremy Galuski
Information TechnologyRob Havlovick
Information TechnologyJoseph Owens
Information TechnologyPaul Tuttle
Lead ArtistDarren Baines
Lead SoftwareAndy West
LocalizationTim Bumar
LocalizationCharles Harriby
Music Composer and ProducerRod Abernethy
Music Composer and ProducerJason Graves
Office ManagerRonnie Percy
ProducerFrank Arnot
ProducerCharles Harribey
Production DirectorLaffy Taylor
Software TeamTony Colgan
Software TeamAlan Savage
Software TeamBruce Sutherland
Technical DirectorJonathan Williams
Technology TeamChris Mullender
Technology TeamRichard Reavy
Video ProductionSteve Green
Voiceover Casting and DirectionBenjamin Walsh
Voiceover: Cardassian Admiral 1, Cardassian Personnel, Vorta Admiral 2David Jackson
Voiceover: Cardassian Admiral 2, Romulan Admiral 1, Vorta Admiral 3Duncan Hood
Voiceover: Cardassian Admiral 3, Romulan OfficerMike Rosson
Voiceover: Cardassian Officer, Federation Officer, Klingon Admiral 1Wes Johnston
Voiceover: Federation Admiral 2, Klingon Officer, Vorta Admiral 1Craig Sechler
Voiceover: Federation Admiral 3David DeBoy
Voiceover: Federation Admiral, Jem'Hadar Officer, Klingon Admiral 2, Male Translator VoiceJonathan Bryce
Voiceover: Federation Computer Voice, Romulan Admiral 2Shari Elliker
Voiceover: Klingon Admiral 3Beau Marie
Voiceover: Klingon Officer, Romulan PersonnelLinda Kenyon
Voiceover: Romulan Admiral 3Ty Ford
Voiceover: Vorta PersonnelSusan Allenbach
VP of DevelopmentTodd Vaughn
Wii Platform LeadDave Guthrie


Data and credits for this game contributed by jh51681, Cosmic!, odino, a0me, and oliist.

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