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"Not a "full game", but still fun"

The main reason I bought this bundle was so I could use the zapper for Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and other future games the zapper would be compatible with. However, this game turned out to be pretty fun, especially if you're a die-hard Legend of Zelda fan. If you like other target shooting mini games featured in Wii Play and Mario Party 8, then this is perfect for you. If you don't like target shooting, don't buy it or even bother reading any further because target shooting is the entirety of this game's content.

When you start the game, there are 8 levels available for play, and a "final" level that you unlock after you get at least a bronze medal on all 8 normal levels. Within each of the levels are 3 stages that, to me, don't seem to relate to one another or have any sort of theme. The first stage is usually around a minute long and is fairly easy and contains basic target shooting.. The second stage is sometimes a bit longer and often requires you to rotate 360 degrees by aiming to the left or the right and killing enemies that pop up. The third stage usually requires you to use the nunchuck to run around and kill a selected number of enemies before the time runs out. Every time you shoot a target after another without missing a shot, the point multiplier goes up by one. You can also shoot certain background items like pots, pumpkins, and scarecrows without losing your multiplier.

At the end of the level, your scores from each stage get added up - 20,000 points for bronze, 40,000 points for silver, 60,000 points for gold, and 80,000 points for platinum. On some levels, it's easy to get over 80,000 points in just one stage, but in others, its hard to get over 10,000 points. The first stages were pretty easy for me since they all consist of actual target shooting; this is where the majority of my points came from. The harder levels to me were the second stages, because it was hard to rotate and shoot the enemies without missing every few shots. The third stages weren't too bad since you could move around wherever you wanted.

The controls are self-explanatory - aim the zapper at the screen and squeeze the trigger (B) with your dominant hand. I suppose it's possible to play this game without the zapper, but I don't see the fun in that. Also, on the main menu, there's an option to adjust the sighting of the crosshair, depending on your position/angle to your TV, which was very helpful to me.

The storyline is not really available to be reviewed since, as far as I noticed, there wasn't a story to it at all. Though, all of the stages, scenes, and enemies are taken from Twilight Princess.

The graphics are as good as they are in Twilight Princess. No more, no less. The sound is very good as well. It uses the same scheme from the Wii version of Twilight Princess, with the arrow sounding from the Wii remote when you shoot it, and also the other random Zelda sounds come from it every once in a while. It's a shame that the music hasn't been fully orchestrated yet....

Obviously, the big complaint I would have to give about this game is the length of the game. I estimate the game's length at 2 hours, and an absolute max at about 4 hours. I played through all of the levels once and got platinum medals on half of them, so I went back through and got platinum medals on the rest, which put me at the end of the game. I guess if you had a lot of friends to play with, or even a couple siblings, you could extend the game's length by an hour or 2 paying the multiplayer mode, or trying to get higher scores. Even though the game is short, I'm trying to avoid that point because the game was in no way intended to be in-depth, and actually went beyond how long I thought it would last.

As I mentioned previously, there is a multiplayer mode. I haven't played this mode yet since no one in my family likes to play video games much, and none of my friends that like to play Wii are interested in target shooting games like me.

Overall, this game is a definite "buy" in my opinion. I guess if it can be rented, it would be a good rent, though it's cheap enough to buy it and OWN it at almost the same price you'd be renting it for. Plus, if you buy it, it's always nice to have some quick and easy games laying around for when you have a few people over and you want something to do. Also, its a cheap way of getting a mini-game WITH the zapper, which is a pretty cool accessory to own.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/28/07

Game Release: Link's Crossbow Training (w/Zapper) (US, 11/19/07)

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