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"A good bang for the buck but..."

Links' Crossbow Training came with the Nintendo Zapper. It's a nice gimmick to toss in a free game with an attachment to the console of gimmicks but whatever.

The zapper itself works nicely for these types of games. The Wiimote fits into the top part and works as the thing that shoots. The Nunchuck fits into the handle and allows for you to move a character around, if the title allows it.

The game itself is short in many senses of the word. It has only three modes. A single player, a multi-player and a practice. I see no point in the practice as you can just replay stages whenever anyway but I guess it effects your overall scores if you replay a stage during the normal game.

See, this is a shooter like the good ole days in the arcade. Except this has Link in it and it has some free roaming bits and target shooting with no real plot. It's free though so that's okay.

The game looks really nice. One of the better looking games but I think they just reuse the stuff from Twilight Princess as some of the stages are direct copies from it. The game also uses classic Zelda tracks so this does seem kind of like a wet dream for the Zelda fans out there.

The game has about 30 stages I'd guess and while most feel the same and they all tend to have the same goal, it's just fun to play. Which is something I can't say about a lot of games. Would I buy this title because of that? No but if I got it as a gift I wouldn't be annoyed.

See, the stages all have a time limit and a set goal. Ideally you want to score a medal as it will unlock the next chapter. Each chapter contains three stages and you have the first three chapters open from the start which is nice if you suck.

The game works on a multiplier. Shoot things quickly and without missing to gain an insane amount of points. As you advance in the game the game the targets will start to move and vanish quicker.

Later you run into free roam stages where you need to hunt enemies down and you also have a health bar as they will attack you and you can die which sucks. You also lose points when you get hit so you need to be careful.

Besides that you have boss fights which are very rare. The only one I really remember is the final boss which I will admit was pretty badass and worth me playing through this title which again is something I don't say too often.

Multiplayer just has you and friends aiming for the highest score, which really isn't all that exciting and only one zapper setup is needed. So the game doesn't have a whole lot in it but again it comes "free" with the zapper.

I can't recommend this as a purchase but if you get it as a gift and like shooters than open it up. From what I can gather there are better zapper like items out there that feel more natural than this one so if this "free" game isn't important to you I'd thinking about checking your other options. Plus I'm sure you can find the game cheap on Ebay or something.

Story - 0/10
Graphics - 9/10
Sound - 8/10
Control - 9/10
Game Play - 8/10
Replay Value - 6/10

Final Score - 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/22/08

Game Release: Link's Crossbow Training (w/Zapper) (US, 11/19/07)

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