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    Kingdom Boss FAQ by Jammy_Bleached

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    Version 1.20
    This FAQ is written by Jammy_Bleached for www.GameFAQS.com. It is a guide 
    hopefully to help people or give insight on the games Kingdom bosses, ones 
    which must be defeated in order to progress in the story. 
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    6th May 09 - Created guide, finished introduction and credits
    7th May 09 - Finished guide for Kings 1 and 2
    9th May 09 - Finished guide for Kings 3, 4 and 5
    11th May 09 - Finished guide for Kings 6 and 7
    12th May 09 - Version 1.00 uploaded to GameFAQS
    15th May 09 - Version 1.10 uploaded to GameFAQS. Created guide for the Final
    Boss, made some edits thanks to user Lagoona and gave permissions for other
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    26th July 09 - Version 1.11 uploaded to GameFAQS. Added in a strategy tip for
    Shiskebaboo given by user Studiocrimson. 
    17th May 10 - Version 1.20 uploaded to GameFAQS. Added in a strategy tip for 
    Duvroc given by user Ac_2g.
    [ONIK].....1st King - Onii King
    [DUVR].....2nd King - Duvroc
    [SHIS].....3rd King - Shiskebaboo
    [OMEL].....4th King - Omelet
    [TVDI].....5th King - TV Dinnah
    [LORD].....6th King - Lord Sauvage
    [JUMB].....7th King - Jumbo Champloon
    [FINA].....8th King - Final Boss
    Special Thanks
    The first major boss of the game. He's an enormous Onii who sits on his throne 
    awaiting for your challenge. He's also the guy who insults you in his message. 
    He's going down!
    LOCATION: Onii Grounds (Pass through Dark Valley to reach destination)
    ATTACKS: 3 attacks -
    THROW - Onii King will throw rocks or pots at you
    PUNCH - Onii King will take a punch at you if you're close
    KICK - When low on health, Onii King will try and kick your men when close
    ROYAL GUARDS: (5+) Solider Grunts and (3+) Animal Hunters
    GOAL: Defeat him by reducing his health to 0
    When you begin this battle you will be in a large open area; plenty of room to 
    move around in. You will see the Onii King sitting in front of you and he 
    will not move from his seat. On the cliffside to the left and right of the 
    Onii King will be Onii that will emerge from holes and give the Onii King 
    rocks and pots for him to hurl at you. Finally, around the edges of the arena 
    on the ground are Onii that will be throwing rocks at you.
    First things first, you will want to prioritise taking out the Onii on the 
    cliffs. These pesky Onii will give the King objects to throw at you before 
    they run off to get more ammo. Send your Animal Hunters to take care of these 
    Onii but don't send the Hunters too close to the King or he will take a jab 
    at them. Once the Onii on the cliffside are dead theres nothing the King can 
    do to you at a distance. If the King does throw something at you just be quick 
    and dodge around the object. 
    Do not worry too much about the Onii on the ground, as long as you stay near 
    the middle of the arena, the rocks the Onii throw will never reach you. If it 
    makes you feel safer then by all means take them out but you really need the 
    arrows for the big guy. Now that the Onii King is ammo-less, let's get busy! 
    Send your Soldier Grunts to attack and one or two Hunters. They will jump the 
    King and begin pounding away at him. When the King is angry as told by the 
    fumes of smoke, recall your troops back so they don't get hurt and then send 
    them at him again. 
    Eventually the Onii on the cliffs will re-appear and begin giving the King 
    ammo once more. Again use your Hunters to take them out or you can try this 
    trick to give you an advantage. If you send a Grunt to attack the King as he 
    is being given some ammo, the Onii King will miss grabbing the ammo and 
    instead be hit over the head by it. If this happens he will become dizzy and 
    give you your biggest chance to beat him senseless for a little while. This 
    trick doesn't always work but when it does it makes things all that easier. 
    When you manage to get the King down to 50% health, he will begin using his 
    kick attack. He will use this quite a lot and will also use it when you 
    approach him. To get around this use a fake-out. Send one Grunt at him to 
    make the King kick, quickly recall your Grunt back and then send your army at 
    him. Keep doing this as well as taking out the ammo giving Onii on the 
    cliffsides and eventually you will win. 
    The 1st Kingdom is now yours and the Onii King runs off like a coward. 
    This drunk alcoholic is your 2nd boss and wants to party all day long. 
    LOCATION: Jolly Kingdom (Pass through Sunflower Plains to reach destination)
    ATTACKS: 8 attacks -
    ICE BREATH SHORT - Duvroc will breath ice around himself to create a wall
    ICE BREATH LONG - Duvroc will breath ice in a straight line in your direction
    FIRE BREATH SHORT - Duvroc will spew fire around himself
    FIRE BREATH LONG - Duvroc will spew fire in a straight line in your direction
    VOMIT - Duvroc will vomit at you and confuse your men if it hits
    BURP - This is a fake-out. He will show signs of attacking but then burp
    KICK DANCE - If being attacked, Duvroc will kick his legs and knock you off
    SUMMON - When low on health, Duvroc will summon Onii to attack you
    ROYAL GUARDS: (4+) Solider Grunts, (4+) Animal Hunters, (4+) Farmers
    GOAL: Defeat him by reducing his health to 0
    (!NOTE: An alternative strategy has been posted further below!)
    Arrgh! This guy is a royal pain. You will be in a circular arena with Duvroc 
    being near the center. Around the edges inside the arena are party going, 
    Molotov throwing Onii and on the outside are Onii throwing rocks. At the top 
    right of the field is a crack in the ground hiding a Hot Spring and at the 
    bottom is a crack hiding a Status Remover. 
    Let's get this thing rolling. Take care of the Onii inside the arena first. 
    These guys will be throwing fire at you which will get on your nerves when 
    trying to fight Duvroc. Move around the edge and take out the Onii that you 
    come across using your Soldier Grunts. Also, always keep an eye on Duvroc as 
    he will always be facing you and will attack regardless of your position. As 
    long as you don't go near him and keep moving you'll be fine. Once the Onii 
    are out the way, go to the top right of the field and use a Farmer to reveal 
    the Hot Spring. It's not very big so you can only use it a small amount of 
    times before it's gone. 
    Now that you have room, Duvroc is your target. During this entire fight you 
    will be fighting him from a safe distance and never going in close unless to 
    attack. He will be standing on top of multiple crates whilst attacking you. 
    He will constantly be using his Fire or Ice Breath techniques. There are two 
    variations of these attacks, a long range and a short range. He will mainly 
    use the short range versions around himself to hit at close proximity but if 
    you're standing still for too long he will use the long range versions to get 
    you. So always be on guard, even if not near him. If you get frozen, your men 
    turn to snowmen and won't attack for a while. You can hit them with your 
    staff to un-freeze them. If hit with fire, you will lose control of your men 
    and they will run around in a panic. At the bottom of the field is a crack 
    with a Status Remover, if you want you can stand in it when Duvroc uses his 
    moves to make sure you don't suffer from his status ailments.
    Start with your Farmers and get them to attack the boxes. Don't use your 
    Grunts as they will attack Duvroc instead of the boxes. When you manage to 
    break a box, Duvroc will tumble and lose a bit of health. As your Farmers are 
    attacking always recall them back when you see Duvroc is about to attack. Who 
    knows what move he'll use. Duvroc also has a Vomit attack which is only at 
    close range. It's got a very small radius so it's no real threat but if it 
    hits, your men will become confused and be open for attack. He also has a Burp 
    move which is a fake. He'll show signs of attacking but burp and not do 
    anything, but always call your men back from him as you can't be sure what he 
    will do. If Duvroc surrounds himself with Ice, use your Grunts to break the 
    ice. They only take one hit to shatter. If you don't want to do that you can 
    just wait for Duvroc to use his Fire Breath to melt it all for you. Your 
    choice. This takes time, so just have patience and keep at it.
    You also have the option to send your Grunts to attack Duvroc. Doing so will 
    stop Duvroc from using his breath attacks. This might seem wise but if you do, 
    Duvroc will Dance and kick all your men off causing damage. You will be 
    needing your Grunts for other fights in this battle so i can't recommend it. 
    Just keep attacking the crates until eventually they break. After breaking 
    one box, more Onii will appear. Hurray...
    They will appear outside the arena and throw rocks at you. Time to use your 
    Animal Hunters to take them out. Once those pests are gone keep at it. Keep 
    banging away at the crates until eventually Duvroc reaches the ground. Your 
    Farmers now become useless so keep them back. Begin your assault. Use your 
    Hunters and Grunts to wail on Duvroc. Even though he will keep kicking your 
    men off, keep swarming him. Don't get too careless though and forget about 
    his attacks. He will still use his Fire, Vomit and Ice attacks on you. At 
    around 50% health lost, he will call fourth some Onii to annoy you. These 
    Onii are the big guys with hammers. They're nasty and want you dead. Now you 
    have to contend with these as well as keeping an eye on Duvroc. 
    This is why you need your Grunts at high health instead of attacking Duvroc 
    earlier when breaking the boxes. The Onii will stay close to Duvroc so now you 
    have to dodge the Onii attacks and Duvrocs. Send your Grunts in on the 
    Onii and call them back when either one of them attacks. Last thing you want 
    is for Duvroc to set your party on fire and the Onii to then happily smack 
    them one. The Onii does also have a rush move where he runs at you plowing 
    through you and your men so watch out for that. Just keep a concentration 
    going and take that Onii down. If you still have that Hot Spring, don't forget 
    to use it. 
    Final stretch, keep swarming the drunken fiend until he finally falls. With 
    that over he recieves a telling off from his wife and gives you his kingdom. 
    Certainly a tough fight. 
    !A different Strategy provided by GameFAQS user Ac_2g!
    Before the fight, decide on whether you want to bring Farmers and Lumberjacks 
    with you. These boys will deal damage to the crate Duvroc is standing on and 
    will add in extra damage to Duvroc when a crate finally breaks but this 
    however will summon forth Onii to the battlefield so choose wisely. If 
    fighting more than necessary is an issue then ignore bringing Farmers and 
    Lumberjacks and focus on Soldier Grunts. 
    (I still however suggest you bring atleast one Farmer with you to dig up and 
    reveal the Hot Spring for use but don't use him for fighting.)
    At the start of the fight send your Soldier Grunts to deal with the Onii 
    posted around the arena to give you room to breath. When they are dealt with, 
    send atleast five Soldier Grunts at Duvroc to start dealing damage. After 
    roughly two seconds of punishment call your Grunts back to your side to avoid 
    Duvroc's Kick Dance attack which he will only do when he's being hit. If 
    successful in missing his attack, Duvroc should need about five seconds to 
    recover before doing his next attack. Before this happens begin nailing him 
    again with your Grunts. 
    Repeat this tactic for the fight. It's slow and tedious but it works. 
    If however you are unsuccessful in avoiding his Kick Dance attack, your 
    Grunts will take damage and be thrown backwards. Unless you have more Grunts 
    by your side, you might miss your opportunity to attack Duvroc again before 
    he begins his next attack which could be an Ice Breath or Fire Breath. 
    Towards the end of the fight, Duvroc will use Summon. If you've been playing 
    your cards right, your Grunts will still have maximum health to deal with the 
    pesky Onii. When they are gone, carry on bringing the pain to Duvroc.
    This guy is a rolly-polly man with sweets on the brain and your 3rd boss. 
    LOCATION: Ripe Kingdom (Pass through Sunflower Plains to reach destination)
    ATTACKS: 1 attack - 
    BOUNCE - If he bounces into a man on the field, it will do damage 
    ROYAL GUARDS: Anyone with high HP and (3+) Miners
    GOAL: Reduce his calories to 50kg or under and skewer him on a fork
    This is a weird one. You'll see a lot going on on screen and you have little 
    time to adjust yourself. Right, essentially you are playing Pinball like in 
    Casinos or Arcades. You and your men are the paddles and Shiskebaboo is the 
    ball. As Shiskebaboo bounces off of objects on the field he will lose calories 
    as indicated by the weight chart on the left side of the screen. When he's at 
    50kg or smaller you will be able to hit him onto a fork to end the fight but 
    the fork is hidden behind a rock at the top of the board. 
    You are able to move left and right and press A to send your guard forward to 
    hit Shiskebaboo. Careful though, if Shiskebaboo bounces into you instead of 
    you hitting him, you will lose health. Try not to let Shiskebaboo get past you 
    because if he does he will find a large supply of goodies to munch on and put 
    the calories back on by a hundred or so *nom nom nom*. 
    On the left wall is a mountain route entrance. If you manage to blast 
    Shiskebaboo up there, he will bounce across the scenery in the distance and 
    lose a large amount of weight. One area to avoid is the top left corner of the 
    field. This is a danger zone and if Shiskebaboo falls in the hole up there, he 
    will come back out solid as rock and will barely bounce. He will become a 
    pain and will most likely get past you and eat on some cake putting the pounds 
    back on. Try your best to not knock him up there. 
    !Helpful tip from GameFAQS user Studiocrimson!
    When or if Shiskebaboo ever does transform into his solid rock form, there is 
    a way you can counter him. By sending your Miners to attack Shiskebaboo, 
    the Miners will break the rock surrounding his body and return him to his 
    normal bouncy self.
    Eventually after some bouncing around, an Onii will walk across the screen in 
    the middle. Try and hit him with Shiskebaboo. If you can manage that the 
    screen goes blue and lights appear vertically down the middle of the screen. 
    At the top of the light path is the rock which is hiding the fork that you 
    need. During this light show, you are able to send men up the lights and start 
    pounding on the rock at the end. This is a job for your Miners. This chance is 
    only available for a short while and don't forget to keep bouncing Shiskebaboo 
    around. If you fail at destroying the rock, just keep playing until the Onii 
    appears again. 
    Once the rock is destroyed you will be shown the fork; get Shiskebaboo down to 
    50kg or under. Just keep bouncing him off objects. Once he is at 50kg or 
    below, bounce him straight and true to the top of the field where the rock 
    was. He will automatically hit the fork and be defeated. 
    Huzzah, another one down. Shiskebaboo's eating days are over as he takes off 
    with a puncture in his rear-end. 
    Your 4th boss who never stops asking questions. He's a very disturbed and 
    timid guy. 
    LOCATION: Worrywart Kingdom (Pass through Skull Plains to reach destination)
    ATTACKS: 1 attack -
    COCKADOODLE - Get a question wrong and he sends very angry Chickens at you
    ROYAL GUARDS: (5+) Hardened Grunts or (5+) Solider Grunts and (1+) Gourmet 
    GOAL: Answer all 9 of his questions correctly
    You will find yourself in a very large open area with a giant egg in the 
    middle and small alchoves around the edge of the field. You won't be doing 
    much fighting but instead Mr. Omelet will be asking you 9 questions. If you 
    get them correct then you win, get one wrong however and you have to suffer 
    dodging a very angry chicken for a short while. Around you will be various 
    Eggans and Chickens. They won't bother you unless you get close to them. 
    Generally you won't have to fight anything except a Chicken or two that get in
    your way, hence why you bring a Gourmet Cook with you. 
    When Omelet asks you a question you will have a limited amount of time to 
    answer it. During the answer countdown, there will be various answers to the 
    question dotted around the edge of the field. Once you find the answer you 
    believe is correct, send your Grunts at the object and break it to answer. If 
    you do get a question wrong, you will have to dodge one or more Chickens for a 
    short while before attempting the question again. You can't fight this 
    Chicken, only dodge. So run away and keep clear of it. Use your map radar to 
    see which direction the enemy is coming from as indicated by a red blob. 
    Here are the answers to the questions:
    QUESTION 1: White is dirty, black is clean. What am i?
    The answer is a chalk-board. Run around the edge of the field until you find 
    the chalk-board and break it. If a Chicken is in your way, kill it with the 
    QUESTION 2: Only one is correct, which is it?
    There will be various Duvrocs positioned around. You have to destroy the 
    correct one. Don't worry he won't attack back. There will be Duvrocs with 
    short hair, long hair, wrong-coloured hair and so on. You want the Duvroc 
    with a red cape, brown hair, a beared and standing on multiple crates. 
    QUESTION 3: Do you recognise the silohette?
    You will be shown a silohette of an enemy. This one is different every time 
    so find the enemy which matches the silohette and defeat it. 
    QUESTION 4: Water hurts me but grass helps me. What am i?
    This would be a torch. Find the burning torch and break it. 
    QUESTION 5: Do you know your own Kingdom? Which is the real one? 
    Another find the correct one like the Duvroc question. You have to find the 
    correct suggestion box that matches the one you actually have in your kingdom. 
    The correct one is red, circular in shape, has a light on it and stands tall 
    on a square stand. 
    QUESTION 6: Whose voice is this? 
    A toughie. Omelet will speak to you in a random citizen voice. Listen to the 
    voice and try and find the character it matches. You can speak to each of the 
    answers to hear their voice when trying to find the correct one. 
    QUESTION 7: I stand still whilst always moving forward. What am i?
    A clock. Find the alarm clock and break it. 
    QUESTION 8: Where did you hear this tune? 
    Omelet will play a song from the game to you. This is random. So find and 
    match the song to the correct location to carry on. 
    QUESTION 9: Someone is this land's big problem. Who is it?
    It's Omelet! The answer you want is none of the objects dotted around but the 
    giant egg in the middle. Keep sending your men to attack the egg over and 
    over. This takes a while but eventually Omelet will get the picture and accept 
    your answer. 
    And that's it. You break the egg open to find Omelet sitting on the can. The 
    Worrywart Kingdom is now yours. You're doing "egg"sellent so far. 
    Ha ha ha...get it?
    He has a TV for a face and loves to watch the tube. He's your 5th boss.
    LOCATION: Primetime Kingdom (Pass through Skull Plains to reach destination)
    ATTACKS: 5 attacks - 
    ARMY FORCE - TV Dinnah will send small Army forces to attack you
    BOMBING RUN - TV Dinnah will summon planes to fly over and drop bombs
    STOMP - TV Dinnah will make a small stomp when being hit by your men
    ENERGY GUN - TV Dinnah will shoot out 3 bullets of energy which bounce around
    TV HELL - Get Dinnah's location wrong and you get punished by various objects
    ROYAL GUARDS: (7+) Hardened Grunts, (5+) Soldier Grunts, (5+) Animal Hunters, 
    (4+) Farmers and (1+) Merchant
    GOAL: Locate his hiding spot and reduce his health to 0
    Starting off, you're in a large octagonal arena with a giant TV in the middle 
    and red spots on the ground. Hope you know your Geography or this is going to 
    get ugly. King TV Dinnah hides himself somewhere in the "world". It's up to 
    you to find him and then hurt him to win. You may or may not have noticed but 
    the green markings on the ground is actually the world map of Earth. The red 
    dots are the various countries. TV Dinnah will give you a clue as to where he 
    currently is and you have to select the correct country and dig him out. 
    You have a time limit in play aswell. You have one minute to find him and dig 
    him out. When he gives you a clue you have flags on screen. As time goes down, 
    these flags drop out one by one until the correct one is left to make things 
    easier for you if you don't understand the clue. Time to begin. When you are 
    given the clue, use your Merchant to uncover the dots as digging holes. Find 
    the dot which you think is the correct country to the clue, uncover it as a 
    hole and use your Farmers to dig. When you start digging the hole a flag will 
    pop out of it showing you what country you chose. 
    Whether you got it right or got it wrong, you're now stuck with it. Once the 
    flag pops out the hole you can't dig up any other holes at all until you 
    finish digging the one you chose. Now the attacks come in to play. As you are 
    digging the hole, TV Dinnah will send small Army guys at you to stop you from 
    digging. Use your Hardened Grunts and Soldier Grunts to stop these chaps. They 
    will constantly be spawning so keep the Farmers digging and your Grunts 
    attacking. The Army guys will be coming in from various directions but only 
    concern yourself with the ones who are closest and pose as a threat. On top 
    of this, planes performing Bombing Runs will be flying over head and dropping 
    a lot of bombs in your general direction. The blast radius is pretty small so 
    you can stand next to the bombs without a problem. Only recall your men back 
    to you if you are certain that the bombs are going to hit them straight on. 
    Use the evade formation or attack formation to stand between the dropping 
    bombs. Don't forget those Army guys though. 
    Once the hole is dug you will either get to fight TV Dinnah if you got it 
    right or suffer TV Hell if you got it wrong. If you get it wrong, you will be 
    warped into a new area where various objects will attack you. This is your 
    punishment for a short amount of time until you can attempt to find Dinnah 
    again. There are, that i encountered, 4 different hells you will randomly 
    enter. You will either enter:
    Cooking Channel. A large knife will constantly be thrown at you to slice and 
    dice. Just run for your life and never stop and you won't be hurt. 
    Sports Channel. Huge Baseballs will be bouncing around the stage to squash 
    you. Look for the shadows on the ground and try your best to dodge them before 
    the ball lands.
    Baby Channel. The hardest one in my opinion. There will be lots of holes 
    opening up on the ground and will spew out water. Avoid the water to not get 
    hurt. You will know when a hole opens as a marker appears just before it does 
    giving you a chance to move. As time gets closer to 0, the more holes open 
    up. This is near impossible to avoid without getting atleast one of your 
    men hurt.
    Sci-Fi Channel. A UFO will stalk you. Just keep running away from it and never 
    let it get above you or else.
    Once your punishment is over, you will return to the first stage of trying to 
    find TV Dinnah again. He will give you a new or the same clue again. As 
    before, try and dig up the correct country. 
    When you get the clue right, you will get to fight TV Dinnah. He will arise 
    from the hole and now you can punish him for a change. Absolutely swarm him 
    with your Grunts and Animal Hunters. Keep wailing on him and eventually he 
    will try to shake you off. When he attacks he will do a short range Stomp so 
    recall your men and keep a distance and it won't effect you. After his attack, 
    carry on assaulting him. Never let up or give Dinnah breathing space because 
    if you give him a chance he will use his Energy Gun to fire off three bouncing 
    bullets which are difficult to avoid. Attack him, recall your men when Dinnah 
    counters and then attack him again. Keep that rythm going. After taking off 
    1/4 of his health off, he will leave you and send you back to to beginning 
    phase again.
    After your little fight with him, the number of flags and detail of the clue 
    will increase. He will start trying to trick you with his clue as well. 
    Dinnah will tell you a clue but then say "Only kidding!" and give you the real 
    one. So it's always best to wait for him to completely finish his clue before 
    trying to find his location. Do the same as before: get a Merchant to uncover 
    the hole, dig it out, fight off the Army and hopefully fight TV Dinnah again. 
    If you get it wrong, it's off to TV Hell as described above. 
    Every fight with TV Dinnah is the same. Use the same tactics every time and 
    he will always leave after he loses 1/4 of his health returning you back to 
    the previous phase but with increase of flags and the difficulty of the clue. 
    After 4 fights with TV Dinnah, he will go down at last. 
    Well done, TV Dinnah has been cancelled and his Kingdom is now yours. 
    He reigns supreme of the mountain, boasts a supreme beard and takes on all 
    challengers to be taller than himself as your 6th boss. 
    LOCATION: Tiptoe Kingdom (Pass through Skull Plains to reach destination)
    ATTACKS: 4 attacks - 
    BOULDER THROW - Sauvage will hurl large rocks at you during the fight
    BEARD STOMP - Sauvage stomps his beard to the ground to crush you
    SWINGING BEARD - An instant kill. Sauvage will be swinging his beard to hit you 
    ELECTRIC BEARD - Sauvage rolls his beard across the ground to paralyze you
    ROYAL GUARDS: (5+) Animal Hunters, (3+) Lumberjacks, (3+) Miners, 
    (4+) Giga Carpenters, (1+) Farmer and (1+) Gourmet Cook
    GOAL: Climb the mountain and be taller than Sauvage
    You won't be fighting Sauvage, just climbing his mountain of death. This boss 
    battle requires you to run along the paths to reach the top to where Sauvage 
    is to win. Sounds simple but the mountain is riddled with a lot of hazards to 
    down right tick you off. You will be destroying obstacles, dodging boulders, 
    avoiding the beard of death and watching out for fire bombs. If that's not 
    enough, you're on a time limit. 
    No time like the present. You're best formation for this is to be in defense 
    so that you're all bunched up. It's easier to avoid things. The path you run 
    is linear with no branching areas so don't worry about getting lost. So follow 
    the path and pass the first checkpoint indicated by the risen barricade. 
    There will be numerous checkpoints on the treck up and everytime you pass 
    them, your time limit will increase. Don't be fooled by the word "checkpoint" 
    though. If you die you still have to go all the way back to the beginning. 
    Also everytime you pass one, it will shut behind you stopping you from 
    After passing the first checkpoint two rocks will be in your way. A large and 
    small one. Send your Miners to destroy the smaller one as it's faster to do. 
    Carry on through to be greeted with the fire throwing cheeseballs called 
    Mounties. You will encounter a number of these goons throughout and they will 
    always be on the cliff above you. The Mounties will throw fire at you but 
    always in the same place. They do not target you so study their pattern and 
    slip by them when you can. Don't bother stopping to try and kill them. It 
    saves time just to run past. Also in this area you will encounter the Beard 
    Stompers. Lord Sauvage will be stomping large chunks of beard down on you. 
    When the fire has stopped coming in and the beards are rising, run through as 
    fast as you can in defense formation until you reach the end of the path and 
    past the checkpoint. 
    You will hit another pair of rocks and again destroy the smallest. But now 
    Sauvage will be hurling boulders at you which bounce. Due to where you are 
    there is very little room to move. Send your Miners to attack the rock and 
    try to dodge the incoming boulders. When you finally get past there will be a 
    crack hiding a Hot Spring you can use to rest. You can also hide here to dodge 
    the boulders. Moving on, there will be yet another pair of rocks infront of 
    you. Those boulders will still be coming in and you also have a Mountie 
    throwing fire at the rocks. Luckily there are caves in the wall you and your 
    men can hide in to avoid danger. Throw your Miners at the smallest rock and 
    be on guard. As soon as a boulder comes in or the Mountie throws fire, 
    immediatly recall your men and hide in a cave. As soon as the hazard has 
    passed, continue breaking the rock. 
    When you get past the rock you will have to run past a hut with two Mounties 
    on top. One Mountie throws fire in your direction whilst the other throws fire 
    in the direction you have to go. Wait for your moment and run past and down 
    into the narrow cliffedge. Things get very hairy here and you're nearly half 
    way there. As you're running along you'll also hear Sauvage shouting with 
    lightning bolts striking. Don't worry about these, they're just effects to 
    keep you on edge. Anyway, keep going and now you're dodging a constant supply 
    of falling rocks. You'll see their shadows first before they strike. This is 
    going to be a stop and go afair now. Along the path are plenty of hiding caves 
    too. Run through and dive into a cave when you see a rock tumbling down. Stop 
    and go stop and go until you pass them all. But stop when you see the swinging 
    beard of doom. This piece of hair will rock back and fourth and doesn't look 
    very dangerous, however this obstacle is a one hit kill. If your men run into 
    it, they're toast instantly as they will be batted off the cliff. Avoid at all 
    costs. In the middle of the swinging beard's path is a hiding cave. What you 
    have to do is wait for the beard to rise, run under it and straight into the 
    cave. Then when the beard passes, get out and run for it to get past. Do not 
    hesitate. If you're going to go, then go or pay the price i'm afraid. With 
    that gone, carry on your way to find two swinging beards together and tons of 
    falling rocks. Oh joy. Timing is crucial here because if you're hit from a 
    rock you will stumble and then suffer the rath of the beard. There's plenty 
    of caves to hide in so take your time and get yourself ready. But also 
    remember that the clock is ticking. When you're certain that you're clear and 
    both beards are out the way, dash and hide in the cave between the beards. 
    Then when it's clear again, make a break for it. 
    Now you have pots in your way aswell as a Mountie. Use the King for this 
    little chore. Also hiding in the pots are Escargoos (the Snails). Start 
    mashing away at those pots with the C button to make a path. If you run into 
    an Escargoo, forget it. Keep going. Pass the Mountie as well, leave him be. 
    When you finally reach the end you'll be in a open area. Nearly there lad. 
    You will see a cave entrance but before entering there will be a sign outside. 
    Read this first as it's crucial. It will tell you directions for inside the 
    cave. Write down the directions so you don't forget and enter the cave. 
    Inside, keep moving forward and the path will branch. Ignore the arrow on the 
    branch as it doesn't tell you the truth. Strictly follow the direction that 
    the sign said. As you follow the path, an enemy will be waiting for you at the 
    end. Either a Chicken or an UMA Rock. If it's a Chicken, send your Gourmet 
    Cook at it. If it's an enemy rock, send your Miner at it. When you reach the 
    end, you will be in another tunnel that looks the same as the previous. Keep 
    going and follow those directions. At the end of each tunnel, a Chicken or 
    UMA Rock will be waiting for you. After fighting the enemy you will also have 
    to destroy an object to procede. It will either be rocks or trees. If it's 
    rocks, use Miners and if it's trees, use your Lumberjacks. You will be going 
    through 6 tunnels in all until you finally see daylight again. 
    When you finally reach outside again, this is the final stretch. A new 
    obstacle will now be in your way, the Electric Beard. It will be rolling 
    across a certain piece of ground and paralyze you if you're caught in it. 
    Change your formation to the evade formation and make a path past the beards 
    so you or your men don't get caught. Afterwards, you will hit a construction 
    sign. Bring out those Giga Carpenters or Carpenters that you have and begin 
    your work. Above the sign will be an annoying Mountie whose going to ruin your 
    fun. Use your Animal Hunters to shoot this guy down so he doesn't disturb your 
    Carpenters. When your Carpenters have finally built the bridge, run over it 
    and reach the end. 
    You will finally encounter Lord Sauvage. You and your men will pile ontop of 
    each other to form a person whose taller than Sauvage. In his despair he will 
    turn himself upside down and run off with the belief that down is now up so 
    losing is now winning. The kingdom is now yours. Phew.. 
    This...thing is a huge Eraser guy made up of various stationary. Now your 7th 
    and largest boss. 
    LOCATION: New Island (Pass through Sobamanjaro to reach destination)
    ATTACKS: 6 attacks - 
    TWISTER - Jumbo uses a short range twist attack to shake off men
    CRAYON MISSILES - Jumbo fires off crayons to fly around and explode
    PENCIL - A large pencil is created and will follow you to stomp on you
    LASER - Jumbo builds up energy and fires a strong beam out of his mouth
    EGG LAY - Jumbo pops out a chicken egg to spawn a Super Chicken
    SPEARS - Spears from the ground will rise up to strike for 2 damage
    ROYAL GUARDS: (1+) Spear Knight, (10+) Hardened Grunts, (5+) Soldier Grunts, 
    (2+) Miners, (1+) Lumberjacks and (1+) Gourmet Cook
    GOAL: Defeat him by reducing his health to 0
    Bell peppers and Hamburgers. This thing is one bizarre monstrosity with a 
    crazy speech pattern as shown in the introduction cutscene. The aim of the 
    game is to beat Jumbo Champloon the good old fashion way. You will be fighting 
    in a very large circular arena with Jumbo in the middle. He doesn't move but 
    can face all directions so don't think you can get to his blindside to attack. 
    There will also be three phases during this battle in which Jumbo alters his 
    appearance, changing his attack pattern. Throughout this fight, there will 
    also be Onii constantly bringing Jumbo health. Keep on eye on these guys and 
    defeat them when you see them. 
    PHASE 1:
    The starting phase. Begin battle! Jumbo Champloon will initiate first and use 
    his Crayon Missiles. The crayons will fly around for awhile and then explode 
    on the ground. They do not aim for you but don't have a sense of direction so 
    try and stay clear of them. Send all your Hardened and Soldier Grunts to 
    pounce on Jumbo and if you have unlocked him your Spear Knight for extra 
    muscle. Jumbo has a lot of health and takes sometime to grind it down. After 
    some time of swarming him, Jumbo will twist his body. Recall all your men and 
    get to a safe distance. He will make a short range stomp type attack as well 
    as shout "HAMBURGERS!". Funny stuff. It won't hurt you as long as you're not 
    near him. Jumbo will now send out his Pencil attack. It's a large pencil that 
    hovers above you and slams down. Send all your Grunts and the Knight at Jumbo 
    again and run away from the Pencil. When the Pencil lands, send your 
    Lumberjack at it to destroy it in one blow. 
    Again, after some damage, Jumbo will twist so recall your men and back off. 
    Nearly after every twist, if the pencil has been destroyed, Jumbo will send 
    out another one. Rinse and repeat attacking Jumbo and destroying his pencil
    but don't forget about the crayon missiles flying around. After about 10% of 
    damage has been dealt, Onii will start bringing him sweets to recover health. 
    You will be notified on screen when an Onii appears. These health bringing 
    Onii are slow so don't immediatly worry too much about them. When you think 
    they're getting too close to Jumbo, kill the Onii to stop them. These health 
    bringing Onii will constantly spawn so only really worry about them when they 
    approach Jumbo. The Onii don't attack back either. If the Onii do give Jumbo 
    health, he'll recover about 10%. Keep up your swarming and dodging and after 
    dealing 30% damage you will enter phase two. 
    PHASE 2:
    Jumbo Champloon will change his head into a Chicken and give himself new 
    attacks. He will lose his Twist and Pencil attack but gain two Onii groups 
    trying to give him sweets. The new attack to watch out for is his Laser. He 
    gathers energy as shown by the light emerging from his body and fire a beam 
    from his mouth. He fires the beam directly down below him to across the ground 
    towards you. Your attack pattern won't change though, as before just keep 
    swarming him. When he builds up energy, recall your men and run away. Stand 
    the opposite side to where he is facing and his Laser won't hit you. Never 
    leave it too late. Also kill those Onii who appear to give him health. After 
    nailing down his health some more, he will pop out a chicken egg. This egg 
    won't hatch immediatly but when it does, a Super Chicken will come out and 
    rush your squad. Send your Gourmet Cook at it to deal with it quickly. Other 
    than the Laser and eggs, there isn't anything else to worry about. This phase 
    is pretty easy. So just keep dealing damage to him until he loses 60% of his 
    health which then you enter the final phase. 
    PHASE 3:
    Jumbo Champloon gets serious and equips a Knights head and armour made of 
    cardboard. He will lose his chicken abilities and re-gain all the abilities 
    he had in phase 1: the Twist, Crayons and Pencils. On top of this he uses a 
    new attack which are Spears coming from the ground to strike for 2 damage, 3 
    groups of Onii will try and give him sweets and now Onii pushing rollers will 
    spawn and instantly kill you if you're in the way. This is the toughest part 
    as there is so much to be aware of whilst you try to deal damage. To start 
    off, Jumbo will demonstrate his Spears. They appear from the ground and attack 
    the outer edge, then the middle and then around himself. Always remember this 
    pattern. To avoid them, after the spears have striked the outside edge, move 
    to the outside edge to avoid being hit by the spears coming for the middle. 
    Afterwards, whilst dodging the crayons and the pencil, attack Jumbo. Beat him 
    until he twists himself and then recall your men and back off as usual. 
    Remember to kill the life giving Onii when they get too close. 
    After some beatings, the roller Onii will come. They appear from black smoke 
    on the sides of the arena and run straight across and disappear when they 
    reach the other wall. If you or your men get caught in their path, it's 
    instantly over for you. It's now going to be difficult to approach Jumbo but 
    hopefully you have brought Miners. Miners can kill these roller Onii in one 
    swoop and stop them from appearing again for a while. When the Onii has past 
    you, send your Miner at them to kill them. There is one area of safety where 
    the roller Onii do not appear and that is where the life giving Onii spawn 
    from. From this point on you will spend most of your time hanging around this 
    area so you don't get caught. This doesn't stop the pencil from getting you 
    though so keep an eye on that. Also, Jumbo will use his spear technique when 
    everything around him is clear so keep an eye on the ground and move out the 
    way of the spears. When he is using his spears you don't have to worry about 
    anything else so you have all the room to dodge. When you have a clear shot, 
    don't hesitate and get stuck in there. Send all your Grunts and Knight at 
    Jumbo and get yourself and the rest of your men back to the safe zone. 
    When the roller Onii appear or Jumbo is twisting, recall your men. They should
    run fast enough and get back to you without hitting danger. This will be a 
    time consuming process but just keep going and take a break by pressing the
    Wii control Home button to pause the game if things are getting too out of 
    hand for a moment to calm yourself. Remember that when the coast is clear, 
    attack Jumbo and immediatly run away if the roller Onii show up or if Jumbo 
    twists. If you use your Miners to attack the rollers, this will stop the ones 
    you kill from spawning for a while giving you a path. Always dodge that pencil 
    and destroy it with your Lumberjack. Stop those Onii from giving sweets to 
    Jumbo and watch out for the spears and crayons. 
    Eventually after much grinding, he will collapse and fall to pieces. Jumbo 
    Champloon is no more and his kingdom is yours. 
    Congratulations, all 7 kingdoms now belong to Alpoko. Time to rejoice and 
    relax, or is it?
    !RAT KING!
    This is it. The final showdown. You've traveled to the ends of the world and
    learned the truth of your existence and the cause of the earthquakes. Time to
    send this dirty rat packing. 
    LOCATION: End of world (Use the flying machine to reach destination)
    ATTACKS: 7 attacks - 
    CLAW - One hit kill. He will swipe and eat your men when close
    POOP BOMB - Rat King will scurry out of range and bombard you with poop
    DOPPELGANGER - He will create fake versions of himself to fool you 
    FEAST - One hit kill. He will grab some men and take them into the shadows
    INDEGESTION - Rat King will burp up various objects he has eaten to hit you
    CHARGE - Rat King thrusts forward at great speed to run you over
    BUTT STOMP - Rat King climbs up high and butt stomps the ground
    BLUE RAT: 3 attacks -
    CHARGE - Attacks you with great speed to run you over
    DOPPELGANGER - Creates fake illusions of itself to trick you
    FEAST - One hit kill. He'll grab some men and take them into the shadows
    YELLOW RAT: 3 attacks - 
    CHARGE - Attacks you with great speed to run you over
    POOP BOMB - He'll attack you with flying poop
    FART - The rat spins around in circles releasing gas
    RED RAT: 3 attacks -
    CHARGE - Attacks you with great speed to run you over
    DOPPELGANGER - Creates fake illusions of itself to trick you
    BUTT STOMP - He'll climb high out of range and butt stomp the ground
    ROYAL GUARDS: (1+) Spear Knight, (10+) Hardened Grunts, (10+) Soldier Grunts 
    and (1+) Farmer
    GOAL: Defeat him by reducing his health to 0
    Hope your ready for this. The final boss and it's one big rat wearing a crown.
    The music sums up just how important this is. Alongside him are three smaller
    rats, most likely his minions who you will need to deal with too. You will be
    fighting in a fairly large arena and be going through different phases. You're
    going to have to go through four different fights before you can have a go at
    the Rat King himself. Throughout the four phases you will not be able to touch
    the Rat King so just leave him to watch you. When the fight with him arrives,
    he'll jump into the brawl. 
    To start things off, you're going to have to fight the Blue Rat first. He's 
    more of a standard enemy than a boss. He doesn't have much health but that
    doesn't mean you can get careless. The rat does have a one hit kill move in 
    it's arsenal. You're going to have one opportunity to attack this rat with
    good damage. To begin, set your formation to defend so that you're all close 
    together. This helps beating the Feast attack. This rat will be running around
    and using it's Charge attack in which the Rat rushes forward with speed 
    to run you over. Try your best to stand clear because even being near it will 
    hurt you. The rat eventually will run off into the shadows and come back with 
    it's Doppelganger. One is a fake and one is real. If you hit the fake one it 
    will disappear and give the rat a chance to use it's Feast attack and kill off 
    some of your men in one swoop. The trick here is that the real rat has red 
    glowing eyes. The fake does not. Always remember this and attack the real rat 
    first. When you do the rat will be stunned and give you a good chance to deal 
    some damage. Recall your men and run away when it shows signs of countering. 
    When the rat uses the Doppelganger, it will always be the best chance you get 
    to deal damage. Be aware though, when the rat runs into the shadows it will 
    not always use a Doppelganger. If you see the rat coming in towards you at 
    speed with it's claws infront of it's mouth, it's going to use Feast. You have 
    to act against this as you can't run away fast enough. If you don't, the rat 
    will grab some men and drag them to the shadows and kill them. To counter 
    this, be extremely quick and attack the rat first. If you do, it will interupt 
    the rat and it'll run back off into the shadows and come back out with a 
    Doppelganger. If the rat does manage to grab some men, try and save them by
    throwing some of your squad after the rat. If you're quick enough, your 
    squad will save the grabbed men and stop the rat. To finish the fight, just 
    keep wailing on the rat during it's Doppelganger attack by finding the one 
    with red glowing eyes and you'll finish this fight when it's health hits 0. 
    Now you fight the yellow rat. This rat has different attacks and prefers being
    at a distance than the blue rat. Luckily it doesn't have the Feast attack to 
    worry about (i didn't encounter it). This rat will shift around at speed to
    get his distance and then use the Poop Bomb. Stay away from him and dodge 
    around the poop. Being at a distance gives you more time to react and move
    accordingly. After pooping the rat will either run off into the shadows and 
    come back somewhere else or use his Charge. Your best attack chance is after 
    he uses Charge. Generally Charge aims towards you and when you move out the 
    way, the rat stops it's attack and re-thinks it's plan. After it Charges, 
    swarm it. Batter away at it until it counters. It will Fart on you or use 
    Charge again. Either way, stand clear. Always let the rat come to you and 
    after you attack it, run away and get some distance so you can be ready to 
    dodge it's Poop. When the rat Charges at you again, dodge it and swarm it 
    again. The rat will fall when it's health hits 0. 
    Now the last of the minions. Mr. Red will come in and have a go now. It's 
    strategy is very similar to the Blue Rat but has a different move compared to
    the deadly Feast technique. The rat will, as like the others, use Charge to
    rush you. The best opportunity you have to attack is either during it's 
    Doppelganger or after it's Butt Stomp. Dodge it's Charge attacks as the rat
    doesn't hesitate as much as the Yellow Rat did. After running around a little,
    the rat will run off into the shadows and climb the wall. Move around and 
    don't stand still as the rat is going to drop in on you with it's rear-end. 
    The Butt Stomp covers a fair bit of radius and can easily hit all of your men
    if you're within range. When you see the rat climb the wall, just move a lot. 
    Hopefully you avoid the stomp and the rat will remain motionless for a moment.
    Attack it now, the chance isn't that big so you'll only do a small amount of 
    damage but it's better than nothing. The rat also uses the Doppelganger, which
    works exactly the same as the Blue Rat. It'll run off then come back with 
    copies. Look for the rat with red glowing eyes, this is the give away. Find
    it and nail it. Swarm your men at it and deliver a good set of damage to it 
    and then recall your men when it is about to attack. Just keep avoiding the
    Charge and Butt Stomp and attack it when it uses Doppelganger. It's over when
    it's health is at 0. 
    Now for something different. You're going to have to defeat all three coloured
    rats before the Rat King destroys your world. The Rat King will be standing on
    top of your world and every time one of the coloured rats approaches him, the
    King will stomp on your world and destroy 10% of it. If the King destroys 
    100% of your world, it's game over. So let's begin. You cannot harm the Rat 
    King but you can hurt his minions. You'll notice that all three rats are 
    gathered on the box of your world; as quick as you can send your men at the
    rats to deal damage to them. Doesn't matter which, any will do. The rats will 
    never target you so just attack them. When you deal about 30% damage to a rat, 
    it will scoot off and leave your world alone momentarily. Attack all three 
    rats until they each leave stopping damage being dealt to your world. When 
    the rats come back into the fray, they will Charge in so be careful and not 
    stand in their way. You can only hurt the rats when they are grabbing onto 
    your world, so when they are, attack them. You can only deal about 30% damage 
    to a rat at a time. You'll know when a rat will leave as you can't hurt it 
    anymore. When you see that your men aren't dealing anymore damage to the rat, 
    recall your group back and the rat will leave for a short time before coming 
    back in. Keep up this process and when you have killed all three rats, the 
    final battle begins.
    Time for the big boy. To rub salt into the wounds, the King eats your Princess.
    Now it's personal! During this fight, various pots will now have appeared with
    arrows if you brought Animal Hunters with you. Also, in the bottom left corner 
    of the stage is a crack hiding a Hot Spring. Use your Farmer to uncover this
    and have a soak if you need it. It's a small spring so it won't heal you too
    much. Like the other rats, the Rat King will most likely begin by Charging you.
    As he is much bigger, you need to move away from him a lot more. The best and 
    only safest chance of hurting him is during his Doppelganger attack like in 
    the previous fights. The Rat King will constantly be on the move and mixing 
    up his moves. Your best chance is to always stay clear of him, preferably on
    the opposite side of the arena. This will allow you to dodge his Charge attack
    and also dodge his Poop Bombs which are a lot bigger and more in number than 
    the Yellow Rat. Another projectile move he has is his Indegestion. He'll burp
    up various objects from his gut and fire them at you. The range and path the
    projectiles take varies. They will either bounce, move in a straight line and
    be coming in different sizes. Keep your distance and your wits about you and
    you should be able to move out the way accordingly. These are the moves he'll
    use when on the arena. Now whenever the Rat King moves into the shadows, 
    observe his direction. If the Rat King scales the wall, run around as he's 
    going to Butt Stomp you. His stomp proximity is much larger so beware of that.
    If the King runs off into the shadows but doesn't climb the wall then run into
    the center of the ring. The Rat King could very well use his Feast attack and 
    will grab onto a lot more men than the Blue Rat could and he moves a lot 
    faster. If you see the King rush in with his claws infront of his mouth, then
    try and attack him before he reaches you to stop him. If the King grabs
    some men, then it's over for them. He moves too fast for you to try and save 
    them. If the Rat King shows up with Doppelgangers; then as before, always 
    attack the one with red glowing eyes. This is the real one. If you attack the
    real one, it stuns him and gives you your best chance to deal damage. After
    dealing some damage, recall your men and back off quickly when the King starts
    to counter. The Rat King will swipe his claw infront of himself and if your 
    men are in the way, then they get eaten. It's a one hit kill. This claw swipe
    will always be the move he uses when you get too close to him so don't push 
    your luck. 
    The Rat King will keep mixing his moves up so always remain on the opposite 
    side of him if he's in the arena and in the center if he's outside the arena.
    Keep moving around and dodging his attacks until he uses his Doppelganger 
    again. As he loses more health, the number of Doppelgangers increases and the 
    span of time you have to attack the right one before he attacks decreases. 
    Keep a sharp eye and always attack the one with red glowing eyes. Swarm him,
    deal damage and then back off to avoid his Claw attack. As you have had to go
    through so much just to get this far, you'll be happy to know that the Rat
    King doesn't have much health so he doesn't take all that much to defeat. 
    Just remain aware and abuse him when he uses Doppelganger to finish him off.
    Thats it! You've saved your world but lost your Princess in the process, rest
    in peace. The Rat King gets thrown out the window and you get to witness your
    "true" self. Who knows what happens next!?
    Hope you enjoyed playing Little King's Story as much as i did. 
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    Thanks to Cing and Town Factory for the creation and development and Rising 
    Star Games for publishing this video game for the Nintendo Wii. 
    Lagoona - Notified me of spelling errors and Royal Guard suggestions
    Studiocrimson - Gave a helpful strategy tip for Shiskebaboo
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