Where can I find Monster fluid?

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  1. Altoraths, or the ant like creatures will march to the closest nearby gathering spot (honeycomb, mushrooms, berries) and fill up on it, inflating thier abdomen. At this point they can be killed and a shiny will fall out of them, possibly being monster fluid. Bnahabra, or the wasp like insects, can be bashed unconsious by a sword and shield, and then be carved for the best possible chance at a monster fluid, if you can shoot the bugs with poison ammo than can kill them without crushing them and also allow you to extract monster fluid. One of the most effective ways of obtaining monster fluid is to create a poison smoke bomb by combining bomb material (stone or iron ore + sap plant) with a poison sac. (Sap plants can be bought offline or online from a trader for cheap in mass.)

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  1. Those little kezu looking monsters (usually in caves), you can carve them.

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  2. From Gigi on area 4 (little blue worms,kullby kicking it)
    From Big insects on Areas 2 and 3, kill it than ather from bright spot on the ground

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  3. Put down some raw meat next to a bug monster then kill it, there are some quest where you can get some too, But you have to make sure you don't make it explode or else you wont get anything, Flying bugs are the easy to get monster fluid. Hope i helped.

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  5. follow the bugs on the island til they pick mushrooms and their sacks get bigger. Sometimes they turn different colors but most of the time you should be able to kill them for Monster Fluid

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  6. And by bugs we mean the ant-like Altorath bug monsters. Just thought I'd clarify.

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  7. Finish the quest ( pest control ) kill 12 bhanarba.. you'll get lots of monster fluids

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  8. You dont have to carve them , just battle with monsters and chacha will give them to you.

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