Where can I find (sharqskin)?

  1. Killed lots of sharqs underwater but they flee. How do I get a skin from them?

    User Info: Raybirth

    Raybirth - 7 years ago
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    User Info: Raybirth

    Raybirth - 7 years ago

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  1. You will need Fishing Harpoons (Broken Shell + Mystery Bone, or buy them for I think it's 160z each at the store).
    In offline, you will need to go to the northeasternmost of Area 11 of the Moga Woods. You can get there by either going from Area 10, or by jumping off the cliff in Area 8, whatever is closest.

    You will need to land a few hits, just enough to make it limp swim. Unlike other fish, such as Arowana, Tuna, Perciformes or Molids, with the exception of Catfish in Flooded Forest, Sharqs and Catfish need to limp before you can spear them with a Harpoon.

    Instead of swimming away, they will stay, dead and floating, ready to carve. You can either get Raw Meat, Sharqskin, Sharpened Fang or Big Fin... not sure of the last one though. Sharqskin seems to be rare though. That said, I try not to get them in Free Hunt.

    In offline, do the Sunken Treasures quest. Not only is there more Sharqs to skew and respawn, but complete the Subquest and potentially get more. In online, you can also try the Alluring Dress Event Quest, but you can't wield armour or talismans, and you will have the unfortunate luck of running into a Royal Ludroth. Still, you gotta kill 30 Sharqs, which means 30 chances of getting a Sharqskin.

    User Info: Auzzie_Wingman

    Auzzie_Wingman (Expert) - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. Just go out in the moga woods to area 11, you should see shark looking things to your lower right, hit them with your sword/hammer/lance etc and then use a fishing harpoon, they should roll over and die and allow you to carve it if you did it right

    User Info: rydact95

    rydact95 - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. Attack the sharq's enough times to the point where it looks like they're limping under water. Then use your harpoon to shank them and then carve them. Remember to always use harpoons against fishes or you won't get anything.

    User Info: Prestoff

    Prestoff - 7 years ago 0 0

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