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  1. Can someone please explain to me how the farm works. i only know about the villager requests and how you have to have points. but what i don't get is how you actually farm the items. is it like mhfu where you just go up to it and press a. or do you have to talk to someone?

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  1. here's my explanation on how to work the farm:
    first, go to the farm (you have to leave the village by the dock in the lower right side) and talk to the head farmer (the little guy with the hat). once you get to the options, select "cultivate." then you can choose what you want to grow based on your items and how much of the farm you have developed. the more you develop the farm (through the villager requests you complete with the chief's son), the more cultivating options you have. to start, you only have one field plot working. so say you want to grow some herbs. talk to the head farmer, select cultivate, and then select a herb in the first slot. if you want, you can add a fertilizer like dung in the second slot to grow more herbs than you would without fertilizer. (you get fertilizers from free hunts in the woods as commodities.) lastly, select the number of cycles you want to grow. (1 cycle is 1/2 day, and i believe you start with 3 cycles.) the more cycles you use, the more that will grow from just one herb. but say you just do 1 cycle. then you go do a quest or a free hunt in the woods, both of which take 1/2 day. when you get back to the village, you can go to the farm, talk to the head farmer again and select "crop box" (or whatever it's called, can't recall at the moment). the you can see what has grown, can add it to your pouch, send it to your main box, or sell it all. then you can start all over again. as you move through the village quests, more cats will come back (up to 3), and more upgrade requests will come through the chief's son. you can start harvesting mushroom, bugs, and honey, and all work the same way... but THERE IS NO MINING POINT on the farm.

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  1. The farm menu is not accessed from within the village, but rather in a seperate area accessible from the bottom right pier in the village.

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  2. Far as I understand it there isn't a way for YOU to farm. You just talk to the head farmer and tell him what you need and then the cats work the fields for you and get you more of that item at once instead of getting 1 or 2 at a time.

    So to answer no you cant, and just talk to the little man with the hat on him in the farm.

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  3. Its different to previous games. this farm clones your items. eg. Give them a herb to farm and when you come back after a mission they will give you around 4 of them etc

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  4. The farm can be accessed in two ways. One way is to take one of the piers below junior and to the right of the fish woman. You can also go out on a free hunt and when you look to the right, you'll see a cave. The cave should lead to the farm. Farms are great for earning money, especially once you get stormsender seeds from the tundra, which you unlock after the lagiacrus battle (slay), I believe. Once you get the stormsender seeds, plant them and sell them when they are ready to take from the crop box. If you have the field upgraded to its max level, you will earn between a range of 3000-3500, if you use dung as a fertilizer. Since the max level fields gives you 10 cycles for, I think, 100 resource points, cashing 300 resource points will pretty much give you 30000-35000 once you finish all 10 cycles. All you have to do to make time go by is go out to free hunt, wait 2 minutes, go back to the farm/moga village, and then sleep in your bed and you'll have 2 cycles finished, which will give you about 6000-7000 zennys.

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  5. Field Row Mushrooms
    Item Name points and by product
    Herbs 5pt
    Blue Mushroom 5pt Worm
    Antidote Herb 5pt
    Parashroom 20pt Worm
    Sap Plant 10pt
    Exciteshroom 30pt
    Paintberry 10pt Huskberry
    Dragon Toadstool 300pt Worm
    Sleep Herb 10pt
    Toadstool 10pt
    Fire Herb 20pt Huskberry
    Nitroshroom 20pt Worm
    Needleberry 5pt Huskberry
    Dragonfell Berry 100pt Huskberry
    Firedouse Berry 20pt Huskberry
    Waterblock Seed 20pt Huskberry
    Bitterbug 20pt
    Icethaw Pellet 20pt Huskberry
    Godbug 100pt
    Stormsender Seed 20pt Huskberry
    Yambug 10pt
    Hot Pepper 20pt
    Bughopper 10pt
    Cactus Flower 20pt
    Snakebee Larva 20pt
    Airweed 10pt
    Flashbug 80pt Insect Husk
    Scatternut 20pt Huskberry
    Ivy 10pt
    Might Seed 80pt
    Adamant Seed 60pt
    Honey 40pt Insect Husk
    Cactus Flower 20pt Huskberry
    Bomberry 20pt Huskberry

    That should be everything you are allowed to farm. for reference refer to

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