How do I beat (lagiacrus)?

  1. How the bloody fudge do i kill the dang bast**** i mean kill him..does he ever go on land..or what? cuz i totally suck balls when fighting in water..^-^

    User Info: ninetailedfox3

    ninetailedfox3 - 7 years ago

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  1. Yes he goes on land, but killing him depends on your weapon, I use the long sword so I find it easier to cut/kill him on land, from what i read fire is his weakness and his stomach is his weakest part.
    But if you are to fight him in the water just be careful and when he is raging ( all lighteny) retreat into another place to heal.
    Ps. When fighting a hard monster try to bring 10potions 10 herbs and 10 blue mushrooms ( combine to make more potions) and if you need, bring 10mega potions (potion + honey)

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  1. Laggy seems to be weak to fire try hitting his chest and head making him stagger is important, if you are soloing this sea beast bring traps to get the most out of yours weapons. Now what type of weapon should you bring? That all depends what your familiar with and perform the best with, I perfer lances and great swords for this fight. Lances because you can use the charge thru laggy's entire body hence a lot of damage and great swords because each slash does a hefty amount to him. The fight is about 90% underwater he will surface once or twice during the fight depending the amount of damage done in each zone. Lmao fighting on land is easier but watch out he can perform fast melee attacks that cover a lot of distance.

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  2. Well, a lot of that depends on what weapon you are using.
    Being a sword&shield the best bet is to hug his chest and just wail on him, dodging whenever he does a tail lash or electric charge.
    For heavier (slower) weapons you just have to dodge until you can get a clean shot, or just carry a ton of flash bombs and parts to make more. (severing his tail makes life a lot easier)
    Also, if you attack him a few times, then just wait on shore, sometimes you can coax him out, most of the time he'll just fall back and shoot you with lightning balls though.
    His weakest parts are his head and chest, so if you focus on them, you should do the most damage and be able to take him down.

    User Info: Skyshroudace

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  3. I suggest you the lance ! I'm noob underwater too and i kill him easy with a lance ! a full set of Ian and Rampart+ ..... the best you could get :P

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  4. I recommend using a lance so you can block. Use the Gobul para lance so you can get good hits when its paralyzed. If you have really good skills in great sword (like me XP) then constantly do combo slashes on the chest and block when appropriate. I wish the best of luck. Have a good hunt!

    User Info: KarshOfThe4

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  5. Ok well i had royal ludroth claw and full ludroth armor when i beat it.....i like to use fast attacks and jump out of the wayy quickly....maybe u should try my strategy ps it would be best to upgrade armor first...good luck fellow hunter

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  6. I didn't pay attention to fire element, if this is the "Fell the Lagiacrus" quest I just used the starter Long Sword with the paralysis skill, then farmed Barroth's until I could buy the Barroth chest legs arms and head piece, I wore the jaggi waist, but you can use a Barroth waist, I just couldn't ever get his tail off, I brought along Cha-Cha equipped with Acorn mask level 3 mastery and used Fire Attack, and Attack Boost. Luckily for me during the fight the Lagiacrus attacked Cha-Cha more than me so I could land a lot of hits, plus a fair amount like possibly 30-50% of my fight was on land. Not sure if any of this helps, but with this strategy I didn't bring along any mega potions and I won... (After dying 2/3 times...) Hope this kind of helps?

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  7. Hit 1 - 4 tImes and dodge thats it, do not stay close to him too much unless he is on land

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  8. 1) Bring the best armor available to you (I went in with Barroth Armor)
    2) Bring the strongest version of your weapon of choice. (I brought the Vulcanis from the GS branch)
    3) Bring as many whetstones, potions and Mega potions as you can carry. (Trust me, you'll need them.)
    4) Bring demondrug and armorskin potions. (made by mixing might seeds/adamant seeds + catylyst)
    5) and most importantly.....bring Cha-cha. (proves usefull as a distraction and as a healer/ stat booster)

    This battle will rely on luck and skill....mostly luck (meaning if you're lucky, he'll go after cha-cha and cha-cha won't swim toward you with Lagi following him.)

    Before you begin, use a demondrug and an armorskin to boost your attack and defense. Next thing is to remember the age old addage "Float like a butterfly, flee like a cockroach".

    My favorite strategy with Lagiacrus (and any monster for that matter) is to use geurilla tactics. If you use a GS like I did, you can get in 1 or 2 shots at him before he retalliates. That's when you either dodge or block. If your health drops below 50%, leave the water or leave the area completely to heal. Same goes for if you need to sharpen your weapon. Keep your weapon as sharp as possible at all times to ensure maximum damage. Whatever you do, don't go for 3 strikes in a row, you WILL regret it. When he chases you, run. When he's going after Cha-cha, attack, then run. Eventually, he'll start to stagger and either head for land (I've seen him go as far back as area 9), or head for area 11. Whichever path he takes, continue with the hit-and-run tactics. Eventually he'll try to rest on land. (for me, he goes to area 12) Before following him to deliver the finishing blow, wait 10 seconds for him to fall asleep. When you enter the cave to finish him, walk up to his head (or his tail if you haven't severed it yet) and if you use a GS, use a charged attack on him. If it doesn't kill him, it'll make him angry and weaker. Run away back to area 11 and wait another 10 seconds. When you re-enter the cave, he'll be asleep again. Use another charged attack and leave if you don't kill him. repeat this process till he finally goes down. After he finally falls, carve him (just to add insult to injury, I usually give his corpse a few more strikes to the makes me feel better. ^_^)

    When I mentioned luck with regards to cha-cha following you allow me to elaborate.
    One time, I had to fight Lagi on land. My weapon dulled, so I ran far away from Lagi to sharpen it while cha-cha distracted him. The little idiot ran toward me as lagi charged an electric ball and he fired at cha-cha, but it hit me, and I just started sharpening my sword, so I had to start over, this time with Lagi coming after me cuz cha-cha made a "strategic retreat"

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  9. I found the Wyvern blade "fire" from the long swords is the best to fell lagi with i took him out with that in about 20 mins also full barroth with thunder resist +10 decoration pretty much just makes his lighting attacks a pain instead of dangerous also cha-cha with fire plus element up is a good combo. also remember to bring demondrug or mega demondrug. alone with armorskin or mega armorskins. also bring some demon pills also Max potions (Mega Nutrients + Dragon toadstool) so you can quickly heal up to full health also shock traps and materials to make more ( trap tool + Thunderbug) don't forget you combo books so you don't fail on the combo also for is tail its best to get up to pink on spirtblade then when he sleeps you pull out the combo and off it goes

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  10. I can help u with that... i finished lagiacrus in just 15 mins. use full ludroth armor or armor that is overall defense is 60 up... and use hammer or any impact weapons.. i used plume flint hammer... its so easy.. here is the steps u need to do... should create a decoration (grinder jewel) so u can sharp your weapon easliy when ur weapon sharpness decreased (the damage will decrease too)
    2. go to area 10 then paintball it
    3. hit him in the head when u have chance to attack..( or use the charge attack and do the superpound on his body or chest)
    4. when Lagia is now weak... wait lagia to sleep then plant 2 large barrel bomb and use super pound in his head (the second pound will hit not the first pound)
    5. Lagia will awake then use super pound every attack.. dodge Lagia's attack...
    6. when u finished him carve and then u finished the quest yay!

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  11. When he is underwater he can't hit you if you are just by his legs while he is stationary. If you are having trouble practice with the Royal Ludroth. They have very similar attacks. Also, remember this game requires a lot of patience.

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  12. Lagiacrus is a pretty simple monster. He does go on land for a portion of the fight. When he goes to sleep in Area 12 or normally in Area 10.
    My weapon of choice is the Longsword, i used the Anata Bone blade when fighting him the first time, and full Jaggi set.
    To start off go and find him in Area 11, he will go to Areas: 10 and 12 later. Fight him and aim for the horns, Chest, tail, and spikes on the back. He goes on land very rarely so you should learn underwater fighting. Now once you learn the skills u need, bring potions, megas, maxes, and ancient potions. Also bring items to combine for potions. The other important thing is to bring traps and tranqs, just in case you get the chance to capture him. Build up the spirit bar and use the spirit blade repeatedly on the breakable parts. Cha-Cha will really help you attack this guy. This guy is not as hard as you think, like in example Agnaktor. Hope this helps

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  13. There are many ways to slay/capture Lagiacrus, but one of the simplest methods for underwater combat would be:
    1. Slash it's tail off. Many of it's water attacks will be annoying with it's tail still attached.
    2. Thrash it's horns off. Most chances that you can attack the head, you'll be out of harms way.
    3. Slash it's chest. Careful of the side swipes.
    4. Finally, Bash it's spinal er... cord? When you see lightning build, back off. After the first second of electrocution, get right back in there. It will only hurt that first second.
    As for land combat, the best method I can recommend is strike from between the forelegs and the hindlegs, at the spine. I used a lance, so if you aren't using Shield Tactics, then I don't know.

    You'll need full Barroth. It's the only decent armour that has high defence stats and high Thunder resistance. (Unless of course, you'd rather use Leather, to which I can only cough)
    Auto Guard +10 Talisman if you use SnS or Lance, anything that benefits Barroth stats for everything else.
    Attachments to basically build on those stats, if you want.

    As for items, Stormsender Seeds, Mega Potions at the least (Potions... You might as well give up), Well Done Meat, Air Filters if you aren't crash hot underwater, Whetstones or Ammo (whether your a Blademaster or Gunner) and probably Adamant/Might Seeds or their upgrades.

    If you are capturing, bring trap tools, nets, thunderbugs, tranquilizer and bomb casings. I'd rather make the tools in the field rather than relying on the Supply Items.

    User Info: Auzzie_Wingman

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  14. HeY, i just killed Lagi just a while ago, 1st time. Died 2 times, due to being stunned and was underwater.
    He does go out of the water, but merely sometimes.
    I owned him when he was on land.
    Well, i used a Barroth Set. without the leggings Instead normal Chainmail Leggins, 5 Fertile Mud and Barroth Scalp. Help me with that.
    Anyways, my weapon is the Hypnos Sword, 1st Level Sword of the Baggi Swords.
    Did not use any bombs, just throw combos after combos, i was a bit of a greedy bastard when hitting him. so That's it i guess, i died twice underwater.
    So i guess thats what i can say.

    User Info: GekkoDefender

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  15. SnS is very useful on this guy. It has good underwater mobility and the shield is nearly a must with the sheer speed advantage he has in the water. Lance is O.K. but you'll want the weapon out to block when he does fast charges.

    User Info: BeaglesrFTW

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  16. I found felyne defender hi from the kitchen helped a lot, it negated a lot of the damage

    User Info: bender112

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  17. @BeaglesrFTW: You got it the other way around. The Lance will block all damage whilst the SnS will block but you'll more than likely take a little damage. That said, you'll need full stamina either way in case of a repetitive onslaught, but with SnS you'll need to spend more time mowing down potions. Even if lance is slow, when your shield is up and facing the right direction, you won't take damage, whereas a misplaced dodge.... will hurt.

    User Info: Auzzie_Wingman

    Auzzie_Wingman (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0

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