How do I beat ceadeus?

  1. so I think I'm doing well enough fighting him with wyvern jawblade GS with lagi armor gem for attack up (m) and at the end of area 2 some super fast message come up and I failed the mission this happens after getting 10 min warning is this a mistake on my end or is there a silly bug out there done it 3 times so far same issue

    User Info: Godofdeceptions

    Godofdeceptions - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I've already killed him multi times sorry for lack of response but I guess I wasn't doing enough yet start poppin might pills and was good to go thnxs all for suggest

    User Info: Godofdeceptions

    Godofdeceptions - 7 years ago
  3. Clarification Request::
    Well, I had no problem beating the ceadeus the first time, but now whenever I go and try and beat him he has tripled health or something. The past 20 times I have fought him I have failed using Rathian G sword, Rathalos longsword, Volt axe, Rathalos G sword and nothing works. As well, the game has refused to give me certain monster parts all throughout the game, I've hunted the Agnaktor near 30 times and never once gotten a claw that I NEED to get the armor set. So what, does the game cheat you sometimes, do some people just happen to be unlucky and get a defective game or does it just get to decide whether or not you will ever be able to beat a quest, like a flip of the coin or something. Or does the name of your character have something to do with it, there has to be something I am missing because in all my times of trying to beat the ceadeus or get a brrioth or agnaktor claw, or even getting a lagiacrus horn even, which would greatly help me but I just can't seem to get any of this stuff down. Unite was cakewalk compared to this game......

    User Info: Tundridfox

    Tundridfox - 7 years ago

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  1. personally i defeated in about 15 minutes the first time using full lagiacrus armour and the lagiacrus lance, as u can just charge through its MASSIVE body nealy flinching it everytime i didnt even have to use the ballistas or dragonator.

    the lagiacrus armour has perfect skills for fighting the ceadus, its starts with elemtn attack up, razor sharp, olympic swimmer, and stastus attack down, i using jeles and a tyalisman which had + 8 current res on it made mine have oxygen up and current res high as well as the other skills which makes my oxygen meter go down REALLY slow and when he charges i dnt get flinched by the current/wind. so my final set up was, razor sharp, element att up, status down, olympic swimmer, current res(hi) and and oxygen up which are perfect skills for fighting him and the lagiacrus lance was upgrading as far as i could offline. so lagiacrus set and lagiacrus wep are what you need to EASILY defeat this guy after the first try. oh and enjoy the music in the final area :)

    User Info: Japanoman

    Japanoman - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. With me he always sprint after i damage his fur. I use Rathalos long sword. I think Long Sword is the best against him since you can use the spirit attack and spirit slash like crazy.

    User Info: DeadlyMaster

    DeadlyMaster - 7 years ago 1 0
  2. Well on my first play through i got the same thing but when i tried again he was waiting on me to get to the last zone and i shot him only twice with the balista and ran him off and every time after that he normally runs when the time goes out but try to use as many balista as you can.

    User Info: sageofdimension

    sageofdimension - 7 years ago 1 0
  3. Use a thunder or dragon weapon. I used the volt axe y and the thunder clap+. I dont have any dragon weapons.
    He's weakest against thunder and dragon.
    Try to damage his hair before the final area then just smack the crap out of him.
    I tink the long sword worked best.

    User Info: dragen359

    dragen359 (Expert) - 7 years ago 1 0
  4. hey guys, think i can help with your item acquiring issues.

    @Tundridfox, it has to do with what part of the monster you are breaking, if you notice as you fight agnaktor pieces break off, you have to break that part to get it, if you want a beak, you break his face, if you want claws, break his arms. a little frustrating but same thing goes for lagiacrus horns. you need to damage his head enough so that his horns break, you'll notice a difference when you look at them.

    honestly i havent even unlocked the ceadeus quest offline because ive been online most of the time. i plan on using the lance undertaker and boosting my attack as much as possible with rathalos armor and eating vegetable and drink to give me more atk boost and sadly -50 stamina. but with a mega dash juice that wont matter. going to bring lots of barrel bombs to start things off and do some damage on his larger horn to break that off. definitely going to take advantage of ballista and dragonator as much as possible.

    hope this was of help.
    online name is Ryan
    HR50. dont know my id code though but will gladly assist anyone

    User Info: rboehlke

    rboehlke - 7 years ago 0 0

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