What is Affinity?

  1. Some weapons have negative affinity such as the Assault Axe (-20%) and others have positive affinity such as the Volt Axe (Y) (15%).
    What is affinity?
    Which is better, positive affinity or negative affinity?

    Thank You for any advice.

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    Cyborganizer - 7 years ago

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  1. I'll use your examples. If you were to use the Assault Axe (-20% Affinity), you would have a 20% chance at doing 25% LESS damage on your attack. On the other hand, if you were to use that Volt Axe (15% Affinity), you would have a 15% chance at doing 25% MORE damage on your attack. Affinity basically is your chance to land a crit or a negative version of a crit.

    Keep in mind that before choosing a weapon with affinity over a weapon with raw damage, that you work the math of which will end up giving you more, statistically. That being said, affinity is still nice to have, generally on faster weapons which hit more often.

    User Info: DrainHeart101

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  1. Affinity is how well your character works with a weapon and how much damage they deal with it higher affinity means higher chance for critical strikes to happen lower affinity leads to less chances for critical strikes to happen

    User Info: Devin_B

    Devin_B - 7 years ago 1 1
  2. Affinity is a balancing item. Things like Hammer and GS have added -% affinity to balance out their basically massive attack power. Higher DPS weapons like Bowgun may have +% affinity to give more critical chance to help your damaging. Criticals aren't only dependent on affinity, it includes strike zone sharpness shell type etc etc..

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  3. Affinity pertains to percent chance of a critical hit for +% and a percent chance of a weak hit for -%.

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