How do I kill a Rathian?

  1. I have a multitude of weapons but don't tihnk I can take him down. I have a Bone Axe+, Buster Blade, Spiral lance, Hypnos Sword, Azi Dahaka, the bone tomahawk(the one with fire element) and the strongest ludroth hammer. Which weapon is best to use, although I tihnk I'm best with the lance and hammer and swords? I'm past the Gigginox and at the Dragon Lady quest. Any help is appreciated.

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    Sky0 - 7 years ago
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    Alright, now he's dead, thanks to you guys. Now I want Rathian armor. How do I get that fast?

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    Sky0 - 7 years ago
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    Thanks, but now I want rath marrow to upgrade my SnS, how would I do that, and how easy?

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  1. Avoid the tail whip at all costs. I'm not going to suggest a weapon, go with what you are the best with but fast weapons are better against her. Bring antidotes, AVOID THE FIREBALLS. Also bring potions and whetstones. The Rathian is weakest against thunder and dragon but you won't have any of those elements. Try getting armor with good fire resistance and good defense.

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  2. i use war mace then my armor is full ludroth armor.. hit rathian in the head always by using super pound.. then use EZ flash bomb and when rathian uses taunt use the triple pound.. when rathian is rage use the the danger run( the fastest run when u face a monster) then jump so when she scream u will not hear the voice.. oh i almost forgot.. create a decoration(grinder jewel) so u can sharp weapon easily.. tnx

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  3. I'd suggest something with lightning or that you can move fast with.
    Considering the range of your weapons it comes down a bit to your playstyle, if you prefer hit and run the gs and sa.

    Her basics:
    - Avoid being in front of her, her fireballs and fireblast can make you agonize.
    - If you sneak under her wings on the right spot you'll have a safe pass for some free hits while she does a tail sweep.
    - If she takes a step back run away like a little girl, her backflip is one of the worst things ever (even tailess she does that).
    - While she's on air my suggestion is keep a safe distance, she can backflip midair.
    - When she's ground if she runs towards you, if you dodge properly she'll walk past and open her rear for the fun.

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  4. A fast way to get rathian armor is to capture it. you more of the "less" rare items like scales and etc. if you do that way when it comes time to make armor you wont have to hunt another one because your short one piece. (Breaking everything on a rathian helps you get better carves if you kill it and an increased chance at getting rarer items like rathian plate

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  5. Rathian is very easy to beat, perhaps even easier than say Qurupeco. You will need to sever that tail to heavily reduce you chance of getting poisoned by a backflip, as well as carve it for a little extra.
    Damage the wings and head next. The more you wound her, the better your reward (except freehunt).
    When she hovers (not flying away) bring it down by striking the talons or throwing a flash bomb before her eyes.
    After all that, either use a standard kill or capture tactic.
    Items: Healing, Stamina Recovery, Firedouse berries, Antidotes or Herbal remedies, Stat boosters if you want (like Adamant Seeds).
    Stay away from the feet. Especially when fighting up close, these will hurt you unlike other monsters feet. You can stand next to a Barroth, but not a Rathian, but you probably shouldn't anyway.

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  6. Best way i get rath marrow is cut off its tail and carve your not going to get it your first time but its the easiest way i get it so if it helps

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  7. Get a great sword, cut tail and then break face

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    Rathian is a very easy monster to kill if you understand its movement patterns and stand at the right distance and angle. I usually never get killed by the Rathian but that is only with a long sword, great sword, sword and shield, and switch axe. The switch axe is easy to upgrade and the tough edge has a dragon vial for it, which is great for fighting Rathian. Long swords are great with the spirit gauge up because the final spin slash for the spirit combo ends with you sheathing your sword. Allowing you to run and also do a dive dodge. The great sword is very slow and will take some great timing to properly get in a few hits with out taking damage but it has a good reach and very high raw damage that is usefull for cutting off the tail, breaking the wings, and face. The charge attack is best for the wings and face. Pitfall traps are best used for the purpose of breaking the face. The ability to block is good for when you dont have time to sheath your weapon and a roll will not get you far enough out of the way. Blocking is faster then sheathing. Try to sheath your weapon after every attack or any oppertune time, such as when the Rathain is taunting or spins around and ends up not facing you. The first long sword has a paralize attribute which will help with getting the face, wings or tail while trapped. The switch axe is best used in greatsword form for Rathian only when you get a chance, like you would with a normal great sword. The tail is best cut by holding the Wii remote sideways and using A, so that you do a continual vertical up and vertical down swing to cut the tail off. Not playing right now, so you should experiment to make sure you have the continual vertical up and vertical down swings well practiced. You do not have to stand at the end of the tail were it actually cuts off to cut it off. Its best to stand a little bit below where it severs off but still not to close to the feet. This way you do not take petty damage from the tail. You will take petty damage from the when its moving wider then the Rathians main body, not just when the Rathian spins around. The same goes for the feet while its moving around in place and if you are to close to the feet when it lands. Try what every weapon you feel most comfortable with. Every weapon has its up and downs but the best weapon is the one that you feel most comfortable with and can time attacking and dodging best with. Nowing when to sheath and block (if applicable) is a key feature of any weapon and will maximize your monster hunting experiance. General rule is to always have your weapon sheath so that you can run and do a dive dodge. Dive dodge will prevent you from taking most damage from the Rathian. I do believe that the fire wall blast, dive dodge towards a fireball, and towards the Rathian when it charges will not save you. Rolling saves you from most petty damage but not actual attackes.

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    Now, on to the method of killing the Rathian. The main key to Rathian is that you never stand directly in front of the Rathian. This leads to being hit by every attack. Distance is also a very key factor actually. You must never stand too far or too close. To far leads to fire balls, which you will not be able to get in close enough to get any hits before the Rathian reacts to you. It also leads to being charged at and other long distance attacks that leave you to far to get a hit and could lead to you not killing the Rathian fast enough. Unless you are trying to use a potion or other item, then you do want your distance but never to close to the edge of an area. This will lead to being trapped in a corner and the Rathian will rush and fall along the edge and you will not be able to get far enough away from the edge to avoid being hit unless you have your weapon sheathed and excecute a well timed dive dodge. You will be vulnerable to a follow up attack if you try dodge diving after the Rathian as fallen down or suddenly stops to bite you. This could lead to having to dive dodge again and again and again, until you run out of stamina or get a break. The Rathian has a nasty tendancy to charge, fall, and charge again if you are still in front of the Rathian because you got hit. That will lead to a faint if you get stuck in this visciouse cycle of repeated attacks. The lack of having180 degrees of movement, due to being at the edge, leads to this, as well as the Rathian being so close to you still after attacking. Using an item from a distance is best timed by waiting for the Rathian to taunt, do a fireball (since you will not be ever facing the Rathian, you should be able to just run only a few feet to be more than a 45 degree angle from Rathian and be clear of the fireball. Rathian will turn her head to hit you, if you are with in 45 degrees off from the front of Rathian. Plus, Rathian also does a three fireball attack as well.), or is stunned/trapped and possable spinning around and will end up facing about 180 degrees from you. ( using an item when the Rathian is spinning requires quick action. If you do not have the item selected to be used by 1, then do not attempt to rotate to the desired item and use it. You could rotate to the item for future use though.) If you are always at Rathians about a 45 degree angle to the left or right, then the Rathian will treat you as in front of her and conduct normal attacks and not just keep turning to face you. This lets you have a head lead on dodging when the Rathian uses its attacks. If you are close and about to be bit, tell tell sign by the curve of the neck to an arch sideways towards you before the attack, you must roll either directly away or towards the Rathian *at a very slight angle* ( *if possable, due not force yourself to be at a slight angle. This only to not be directly infornt of the Rathian or directly under the feet.) If you try to dodge at a straight left or right, you will get hit since the bite is completely infront of the Rathian from one shoulder to the other. If you are attacking by the feet, you should be just outside of the feet to avoid petty foot movement damage.

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    If the Rathian steps are long, its probably going to do a spin and needs to be dodged by rolling towards the tail. Good timing is needed to not be hit. you will go under the tail and be behind the Rathian to get a few more hits. If you have a weapon the does a stabbing, downward attack, or any attack that your character will have your head down, close enough to be the same height as ducking, then you will not get hit by the tail when it does a spin. Assuming the you are to far to be not hit by the feet movement. Try to just always hit the Rathian close to the end of your weapons blade. This actually does more damage with most weapons. Where your blade lands affects damage. If you are as close as possable with a long sword or great axe, then you will be doing damage with the blade closest to the hilt and not be doing max damage. Too close to tip is usually bad too since not every attack does not have the same reach and with the Rathian moving, you will not land every swing. Try to move with the Rathian so that you are at the side as well. This helps when the Rathian takes a short single step and will charge. You will get hit you are even close to the feet usually. Best to roll outwards or if you are closer to the back of the feet, then just roll straight through the Rathian to behind it. When the Rathian is in the air you must be wary of not getting pinned, tail spin hit (leads to a strong poison), or a dive attack. It is best to get close to shadow. If the Rathian is just hovering, it will do a spin attack, not when it goes higher up in the air. Just look to see if the Rathian could hit you with its tail while in the air to know if it will be doing a spin attack. You can knock the Rathian down while it is hovering, hovering is also noted by dust/gust below the Rathian with every wing beat. Attacking while it is hovering is risky due to spin attacks, damage from it landing when you are to close, and a gust that will knock you back slightly and interrupt you for a few seconds, leaving you open to a spin attack. Remember, if you are doing an attack, then you will not be interrupted by the small gusts. Small gust are just the gusts from it hovering, landing, and the such. The gust attack that knocks you back and uses a fireball as it jumps back can not be blocked by attacking. This is ment to interrupt you and is stronger then normal gusts. If the Rathian screams, you can dive dodge to avoid being stunned or plan to move and dodge at the last moment so that you get max distance away. You have to use your own judgement, based on how close you are to Rathian and if you had your weapon out or not before the scream. You will still have your weapon out if you had it out before the scream. You can avoid a charge if you plan to roll towards and away at a 45 degree angle. If you are at a good distance, the Rathian will steer towards you. This means you should have it slightly steer to one side and then dodge in the opposite way towards it at the last moment. This makes Rathian veer away from you, opposed to still going the same way as you and not being to do a simple roll to get away. This dodge will take some time and best to simple dive dodge (if you already have your weapon sheathed) until you master it. Traps are always good to bring, plus extra materials for two more traps. Flash bombs work well. Dung bombs or exhaust shot make the traps work longer. Rathian, as all monsters, will become more tolerant to traps that are used often enough. Example, if the first shock trap lasted 20 seconds, the next will be around 18-19, the next 16-17, and after the third probably only 10 or less seconds. Pit fall traps are the same as well. It is possable for a Rathian to "learn" to avoid traps that are used more then 3 times too. Such as stop before a shock trap or pitfall trap and conduct a different attack right before the trap, fly, hover, or do the gust attack backwards with a fireball where it was standing.

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    I hope this helps any one fight a Rathian better. This helps just as well for a Rathalos too and most other monsters that have similiar movements, size, and attacks. The best to work on is timing. If you are standing at the right distance and angles to the Rathian, you will hardly ever get hit with good timing to dodge and attack. Gauge attacks well too. To not be to hasty and try for as many attacks as possable. This leads to not being able to dodge when needed, such as when the Rathian is short stepping towards you which means it is going to charge. If you are button mashing then you will most likely not be able to stop attacking in time to roll to the side or through Rathian to avoid the charge attack. Try just 2 or 3 attacks and ready to roll with the Rathian (IMPORTANT: you most usually always move in the oppisite direction of Rathian when dodging the tail or just stepping around to be facing the side of Rathian. If Rathian is spinning/full stepping in a counter-clockwise direction, you must either be dodging or moveing in a clockwise direction. This keeps you from ending up directly infront of Rathian.)

    decent armor and weapons are usually a must but top end weapons and gear are not needed. A weapon with a good amount of green sharpness is generally better then a weapon with a small amount of green sharpness. Bouncing off the wings and back when the Rathian is on the floor is a shame as it wastes critical time to get max damage and having to sharpen a weapon often is a waste of time against a larger monster such as Rathian. Rathian can be knocked down easier with weapons that have a finishing/charge attack when striking the mid part of the legs, closer to the feet. Great swords charge attack, switch axe elemental discharge special thing, and a long swords sweeping spirit attack and finishing spirit combo spin are examples of moves that help knocking the Rathian down. Will not help while the Rathian is at or still close to full health. Around half health is best and i think exhaustion helps too. (Noted when it is drooling, not exhaling some smoke/fire) The exhaling smoke/fire means it is raging and is best to focus more on dodging and only pop shots when a chance arrives, as to the fact that Rathian will be moving around very much and not standing still. Plus, a raging monster does a little bit extra damage from most direct attacks. The burn status can be nuetralized by rolling while over some water or jumping in an actual body of water.

    Have fun hunting Rathian and hope this helps every one!

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  12. I Got kezhu shock sword and full kutku armor but i still can't defeat it? Can ya help me?

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  13. Use your best hammer for her. Bring some traps, bombs, etc. Aim for her head mostly. What I do is I run circles around her and charge up to the 3rd charge. Once the 3rd charge is ready, wait until she starts to face you to release it - so you have a safe hit - and dodge right after. Good Luck.

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