What is better gunner or blade master?

  1. I need to chose ( I think ill chose the bowgun.

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    gabo123890 - 7 years ago

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  1. Blade

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  1. It depends on how you want to play, generally Blademaster is the better choice, as you dont have to buy, create or take ammo/bullets with you. If you want to be able to stand back and fight from a distance then go for Gunner. since i've started playing which was the first game i've clocked about 1000 hours of blademaster but it's ur choice...
    Hope i helped

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  2. It all depend on your taste if you a raw power lover then you will love hammer or GS it's blade master but if you prefer do easy kill you will love gunner and you DON'T have to make ammo it's very optional to very hard boss. Usually i always able to kill boss without making more ammo.

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  3. It depends on whether you'd prefer to play purely on Single Player or purely on Multiplayer.
    A gunner can hold on his or her own, but not as effectively as a professional gunner would. Unless you have a sibling who won't mind playing split screen with you as a blademaster, then it might work. Gunners have more of a support role when used at a prestigous level.
    Blademasters are more for hack and smashing up close. Since most monsters come toward you anyway, they'll perform more better than a gunner in a one on one battle. But Blademasters put themselves right in front of the enemy, making them vulnerable to unbelievable grunt.
    In terms of online, they should be mixed. I reckon an ideal team would be 2 Lancers for walling, a gunner for support tactics, a Long Sword or Switch Axe for quick and heavy damage. Keep in mind that with three people with long weapons striking the one monster, they are more than likely to whack each other, perhaps being the bane of one another. And Gunners don't have to worry about that.

    So basically, Blademaster is a must for Single Player, but go Gunner in Multiplayer, unless there is another who is already a Gunner and looks a lot stronger than you, in which case switch to either a Lance or Switch Axe or Long Sword.

    Lancers forever!!!

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  4. I playing solo but i'm a pro gunner :D
    Just do what you want. You a gamer dude not a politician. No need to think hard for having fun just do be what you want to be, that the most important

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  5. Im, just going to say it.
    Blademaster is the way to go, Blade master armor has twice the defense of gunner armor, the weapons do way more damage, and element blade weapons are better than shot in most cases.
    You can get through the game as a gunner but you have to do a lot of dodging because when your offline your the only target the monster has.
    You need to do a lot of reloading, I have armor that gives me capacity up and my bullet clip still sucks.
    Just go blade, it is incredibly easier if you start out learning it.

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  6. Honestly it all depends on whether you wanna be up close and personal (blademaster) or shooting from the sidelines. (gunner) I personally go with blademaster simply because of raw damage and better defense. I wont say that the gunner sucks because on MHFU I had a bow, and armor set for taking down plesioths. If you wanna do more damage in a limited amount of time then go with the blademaster. If you want to do a little damage but not worry about tail slaps, getting stepped on, getting bit, or getting horned to death (stupid diablos) by staying away from the monster, then go with the gunner. Best of luck to you on that one.

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  7. Bowman is better than Blade (IF YOU ARE PRO AT IT)
    Blade is very easy to use, and also more... Interesting. (No, you don't just swing around a blunt object, hoping to kill something.)

    Think about it like this: If you were to have the best Bowman in the world fight the best Blademaster, the Bowman would win. (They're generally smarter.)

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  8. Ok i made a newbie char a while ago and hes 20, i have a 60, i used him as a bowgun and it's pretty fun, but it does get annoying, you have to buy/make ammo which sometimes can be a hastle, and you have to make 3 parts to ur wep, again annoying, and they say res for gunners is smart... no raw def is trust me... they are fun and a very good weapon if u know what to do, but sometimes they can be a pain in the ass, also its somewhat annoying when you cant "snipe" as thats what i thought bowguns were for.... but yes definitely a fun, good, and effective weapon, but the hardest if you ask me

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  9. Blade go with the hammer Hope I Assisted u..

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