How do I beat Ceadeus (what weapon sholud i use)?

  1. I have a bolt switch axe and a thunder clap a rath hammer a red wing, should i get items to make a lagiacrus lance? i cant get any dragon stuff so thats out of the question

    User Info: mcbeasty

    mcbeasty - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    Ok. I keep on using a switch axe(red brezkeik and volt axe yello) and it's decent but not getting the job done. im hearing thunderclap. should i use it? I had one and sold it:(.
    Plz respond

    User Info: all_fer_huntin

    all_fer_huntin - 5 years ago

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  1. Just finished the quest with 15 minutes left and only one dragonator use. If you attack him from around the area of his fin with a LS, your will not be hit by his tail, head wobble, or quick snakey-movement-rush. You can also parry away from his "hydro pump" and quickly resume attacking. When you do your super samurai rush with the LS you will also be able to avoid lots of getting hit situations.

    User Info: Roy66021

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  1. Thunderclap(or thunderclap+) and full lagiacrus armor will destroy ceadeus.

    User Info: pkmndudeman

    pkmndudeman (Expert) - 7 years ago 2 2
  2. Use any weapon you're good with, a lance is a good idea because just him moving can hurt you. He's weakest to Thunder, Dragon and Fire(note: he's mostly weak to fire on his beard). The best armor for Ceadeus is Lagiacrus(Olympic Swimmer, Element Atk Up, Razor Sharp, Status Atk Down with +10 Water resistance).

    User Info: AllHailShadow13

    AllHailShadow13 (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 1
  3. Use full lagi for the skills and resistance, and use a thunder weapon. It does equal damage on the un-destroyed beard, and more damage on everything else. Fire does next to nothing on the rest of his body. I know that lances destroy ceadeus, especially with the dashing attack. Fire isnt a good thing to use.

    User Info: hjlewis91

    hjlewis91 (Expert) - 7 years ago 1 0
  4. ThunderClap+ or Heavens thunder if you can get it is the way to go. I usually am able to kill it right before times up. For quicker farming you can not kill him when you know you're about to and avoid everything he does. Start the next quest with him and he'll be killed within the first 5 minutes. Reset the Wii if you don't get what you want.

    Good luck

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  5. @AllHailShadow13

    fire? lol no. thunder or dragon, but if you havent played online go with thunder(even if you have an ancient weapon) the reason you should use LS is because of the spirit combo, in red it can do a LOT of damage.

    User Info: pkmndudeman

    pkmndudeman (Expert) - 7 years ago 2 1
  6. pkmndudeman, although Thunder and Dragon are better, Fire is still an option. It does good damage on his beard and even more damage on his bread after you break it. And any weapon can do a LOT of damage if you use it right(even a SnS).

    User Info: AllHailShadow13

    AllHailShadow13 (Expert) - 7 years ago 1 1
  7. Ceadeus hitzone and Element damage(numbers in -s are Fire, in =s are Water, in <>s are Thunder, in []s are Ice, and in {}s are Dragon) :
    Face -5- =0= <20> [5] {25}
    Horns -10- =0= <25> [0] {35}
    Beard -10- =0= <10> [0] {20}
    Destroyed Beard -15- =0= <5> [0] {15}
    Hood -5- =0= <15> [5] {20}
    Stomach -5- =0= <15> [0] {30}
    Fin -5- =0= <20> [0] {20}
    Tail -10- =0= <25> [5] {20}

    As you can see, Thunder and Dragon are the best but Fire is an option. Not the best option, but if you don't have Thunder or Dragon you can use Fire for ok damage.

    User Info: AllHailShadow13

    AllHailShadow13 (Expert) - 7 years ago 1 0
  8. SA suck under water as do GS's. go with your thunderclap. Honestly he is really easy and you don't really have to prepare that much. Just bring a lot of airweed and beat the Cea out of him.

    User Info: acebk2m

    acebk2m - 7 years ago 2 1
  9. The way I kill it wouldnt be open to you at this point but what I used offline was full lagi with the rusted lance upgraded as high as I could go offline only. Bring at least 2 barrel bomb large+ to drop in the area his beard broke. Drop em durin that animation. The next time you should use the supply barrel bOmbs to use while he is immobile for the first aproximently 45 second when you reach the final zone. Might pills rock. Good luck!

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  10. Oh. If rusted isnt an option use lagi lance. Sorry for answering twice!

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  11. This shouldn't even be a question. Look at a monsters armor in the forgery to determine its weaknesses, it's as simple as that. For the best damage dealing weapon/armor combo, wear Deviljho armor with an onslaught jewel attached (+5 attack). There, you already have atk up L by only using one armor's 3 slots. Throw in a hungerless jewel and you won't lose stamina faster than normal. Use Dark Claw "Demise". Hold the power charm and power talon (power charm combined with a deviljho talon) for high attack boost. Dark Claw "Demise" with all of this will have the attack of 709 and dragon element 470. Use a demondrug (or megademondrug if you're feeling wasteful) and your attack is even higher. If you use the dragonator twice and successfully Ceadus will be dead before the 10 minute marker has been reached, or near. I suppose you can use Ceadus armor to do it, but I don't think he roars enough to warrant it.

    User Info: Roy66021

    Roy66021 - 6 years ago 1 0
  12. As for the barrel bombs, use them first thing in the quest. Swim ahead of Ceadus and angle your position to compensate for the downward sloped way he swims in the first part. Just get a little bit in front of him and use your camera to look behind you. He pauses quickly, and you can place both bombs. He'll either be paused where you set them, or will swim towards them slowly. If you're using a LongSword, you can use quickdraw on the barrels to make sure his horns are hit. Using dragonator only once after usually breaks off a horn.

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  13. As per the original question, Pkmndudeman is right.

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  14. I beat ceadeus with wyvern blade fire soooo fire is an option.
    Wants ta kill it now...Thunderclap?

    User Info: all_fer_huntin

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  15. Use the thunder clap, Guan Dao if you play online or undertaker
    I repelled it with wyvern blade fire but I recommend you undertaker or guan Dao

    User Info: dragon_ballz457

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  16. It doesn't matter but I would reccomend long sword thunderclap and lagi armor all you need to do is land a few decent hits on him, and in area 3 use the dragonator (twice for a quick kill) it is around the top of the map.

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  17. Use bone kris and lagi armour it gliches and you can kill him in 5mins

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  18. Ceadeus is one of the BIGGEST baby's in the game you can kill him with a bowgun in 10 minutes or I used a hammer to kill him it took me about 20 minutes I think close ranged weapons are not very great against him so if you use a hammer use the bone bludgeon +

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