Help me understand Awakening please?

  1. Okay, I get how to Awaken a weapons stored power, but I'm still a little fuzzy on it. Getting Lagi+ Armor or another one auto awakens it, but if I take off that armor, does that mean the skill goes dormant? I'm still really really new to Monster Hunter (Level 3 quests offline) so it'd be nice to get some help, especially since I'm using a SA as my primary weapon.

    User Info: Kialish35

    Kialish35 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. "Awaken" is an armor skill, if you have it weapons without an element will gain their dormant element, if you dont have the awaken skill then the element wont be activated, since youre new to monster hunter and asking this im guessing you don't know how skills work.. so here goes:

    Each individual piece of armor adds skill points, when you have +10 points on a skill, the skill will activate

    You can check what skill points you have and for what skill by opening your menu and going on the stats screen then going to the second page, youll see a screen of names and numbers those are the skills and skill points.

    To add extra skill points to an armor set you use decorations which you forge at the black smith and attach them to slots on the armor piece if available, this will allow you to create custom armor sets with custom skills.

    So Basically you dont NEED to be wearing lagiacrus+ or escadora armor to gain the awaken skill, you can use decorations to add skill points to an armor set you're using (try mix and matching then adding gems accordingly you could get some awesome combos) to get awaken bear in mind awaken requires a +15 to activate

    and some advice at the end, you should learn to use other weapons types and not just SA, because in low rank (HR30 and below) and offline you cannot access any of the decent switch axe trees.

    I recommend you check out the damage formula and just in general the guides on the FAQs page theres a lot of hidden game mechanic in monster hunter

    Lastly you shouldn't be worrying about getting the awaken skill anytime soon, as you're a loooong ways off, you can only obtain materials for the lagi+ armor at HR40 and above online so thats still a long ways away.

    User Info: harmony10

    harmony10 (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. If you have 10+ of any skill, you activate that skill. This can be either thru armor or armor gems (decorations). Awaken actually requires 15+ points. If you take off Lagi armor, then you will lose the skill, unless you have enough gems inserted in the other armor to reach 15.

    First, you probably need to consult a weapon chart. For example, the only 2 axes in the game that benefit from awaken are the the Bone Axe line and Rough Edge line. So if you're a SA user, you can probably avoid awaken altogether.

    As for the explanation: any weapon that has an element indicator "grayed-out" means that you need awaken in order to "unlock" that specific elemental damage for that specific weapon. In my opinion, Awaken is a complete waste of time and skills. Instead, find a weapon that has the element that you want without the need for Awaken. Some weapons require awaken, but most don't. There's always an alternative weapon out there somewhere. The best weapons in the game are designed to be used in conjunction with Sharpness+1, not Awaken.

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    sygnify - 6 years ago 0 0

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