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    Menu Translation Guide by shingenmochi

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/13/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    System: Wii
    Version: 1.0
    By: shingenmochi
    This guide is for beginner monster hunters who need a bit of help with the
    game's Japanese menus and getting started. This is taken from the gaming section
    of my "tabi/asobi" blog at: http://tabiasobi.blogspot.com. Data
    will be based on the beginning of the game, though I may update or add certain
    menus (e.g. Arena info, for example is not included yet) depending on my
    progress through Monster Hunter 3.
    On a side note, I'm using this game for Japanese reading practice so I'm also
    doing a literal transcription of the in-game conversations between characters so
    I can re-read it whenever I want. I was thinking of doing
    a separate full translation FAQ based on that but playing this game and
    transcribing everything takes so much time that I didn't want to start something
    only to leave people in this site hanging in case I get sidetracked and couldn't
    finish it. But if you're still interested in what I've got so far, here's the
    link to my Monster Hunter 3 translations, which will be updated in bits and
    In the interest of full disclosure, I'm certainly no Monster Hunter 3 expert,
    nor do I play online (I swore off online play cold turkey after developing sleep
    deprivation playing Phantasy Star Universe. That's what happens when
    folks with limited free time try to squeeze in a MMORPG in their schedule.) As
    such, I recommend directing any questions related to in-depth strategy or
    network play to the many capable denizens of the Gamefaqs boards. Now
    on to the guide. This guide is divided into:
    From the opening screen: Press A
    1. ゲームスタート (Start Game)
    At the risk of stating the painfully obvious, this is where you start a new game
    or load a previous one. This is also where you create a new character.
    2. 闘技場で遊ぶ (Arena Play)
    Play at the arena with created characters. This allows local 2P multiplayer
    using characters either from a Wii save file or downloaded to the Wiimote.
    3. ギャラリー (Gallery)
    Check all the monster-licious movies that you have unlocked.
    SCREEN 2A: From the Start Game (001) screen
    You will be prompted to pick a file to use. Noted that you can have up to 3
    characters in one file. Once you pick a file, you will see three options:
    1. ゲームを始める (Begin game)
    2. 名前を変える (Change file name)
    3. 初期化する (Format file. NOTE: This will erase characters in a previously
    created file! That would either be stunningly sad or freaking hilarious
    depending on whether it happens to you or someone else.)
    SCREEN 2A-1: From the "Begin game" option, you will open up 3 options in
    English, which are quite self-explanatory:
    1. NEW GAME
    3. OPTIONS
    Selecting new game takes you to the 『キャラクター作成』or Character creation
    screen. The options here are pretty easy to figure out but I'm listing them
    below anyway to satisfy my obsessive compulsive tendencies:
    名前: Name your character, unless you want to be the second coming of Fred
    Dryer. The 『大』 button is for switching to caps. Right below the 『名前』tab
    a circle button for "switching teams" so to speak, i.e. changing genders. You
    know you want to (not that there's anything wrong with that).
    肌の色: Skin color. Witness the United Colors of Benetton in all its splendor.
    インナ: Undergarments. More Under Armour than Victoria's Secret.
    インナ色: Undergarment color. If you ever wanted to hunt in pink undies, now's
    your chance...
    顔: Face. Why, hello there good-looking. Or maybe not.
    目の色: Eye color. Fans of possessed, white-eyed victims and that strange Limp
    Bizkit dude with the black contacts will be so pleased.
    顔オパーツ: Facial, um, art. Yo, let me tell you how I got this scar.
    髪型: Hairstyle. Pick a 'do for your big, bad hunter. Don't worry fans of
    effeminate-looking Japanese guys who would be massacred by monsters in real
    life. Capcom thought of you, too.
    髪の色: Hair color. If you want to pick pink hair to go with that pink underwear
    you chose earlier in the undergarment tab, well, this is the place to do it,
    ボイス: Voice. May I suggest a wimpy boy voice to go with a tough-looking
    character sporting a scar?
    *Once you're done creating your cool character, you'll see another gorgeous and
    also mildly traumatic scene with dudes showing you their packages. I think I
    just went blind. From here, you can jump to the QUICK START guide at the end of
    this FAQ.
    Captain Obvious here again. This is for folks who already created a file.
    村へ行く (Go to village)
    Also known as "Single Mode." "But I have a girlfriend!" you say. Sure you do.
    Anywho, this is the game's Offline Mode for solo artists, folks with no friends,
    or broke students who can't afford to pay Capcom Japan that monthly online fee.
    Network Mode. For folks who like to "get bee-zay" (What is this "bee-zay" that
    you speak of, shingenmochi? Is it edible?). If you pick this, do keep in mind
    that Capcom's lawyers would like to have a word with you ... or two ... or
    three. Ah, the perils of talking to strangers online.
    Note that pressing the "C" button with any of the following resets options to
    their original settings.
    1. モニター設定 (Monitor settings)
    》 スクリーンサイズ (Screen size)
    Size matters. At least that's what late-night infomercials want you to believe.
    This allows you to change screen size to either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio.
    》 明るさ (Brightness)
    Adjust your screen's brightness settings. 'Cause you're a star. Just please
    don't tell me you're "in a rock band" or that you "gave all your fat clothes to
    your fat friends." Apparently, getting a Bowflex turns you into an insufferable
    2. サウンド設定 (Sound settings)
    》BGM 音量 (BGM volume)
    Adjust volume for that dramatic background music you hear. For Frodo!!!
    》SE 音量 (SE volume)
    Adjust volume for sound effects. Dying is so much more impressive when you
    shriek like you mean it.
    3. ゲームの環境設定 (Game environment settings)
    Basically, pick the 『通常』or the "Normal" option on the left if you don't mind
    seeing blood in the game. Otherwise, pick 『ひかえめ』 or "Limited/restrained"
    spare your virgin eyes of all that violence.
    4. コントロラー設定 (Controller settings)
    》 フリースタイル操作 (Freestyle method)
    Uses the Wiimote/nunchuck combination
    》 クラシック操作1 (Classic method 1)
    Uses Classic Controller pad buttons
    》 クラシック操作2 (Classic method 2)
    Uses Classic Controller analogue stick
    5. ゲーム設定
    》簡易ロード設定 (Simplified loading mode)
    Simplifies character select screen to shorten load times when you turn on the
    game. Everyone wants instant gratification these days.
    After talking to the elder at the start of the game, you will get your own room,
    which is located just to the top right of your starting location.
    You have several options from here:
    - SAVING
    You can save in your room by clicking on the bed and picking the first option.
    You can also sleep and go to the next day by picking the second option.
    Incidentally, that normally got you in trouble in Sakura Taisen games. Sleeping
    is not available during the daytime. Expect a complaint from the People for the
    Ethical Treatment of Vampires.
    - ITEM BOX
    Clicking at the red item box in your room will open up several options. Note
    that you could do the following commands at any time within this menu:
    Analog stick: Rotate you character
    C button: Opens up the "C menu." From the C menu you can:
    - Rotate your character by holding the analog stick left or right.
    - Move the screen up or down by holding the analog stick up or down.
    - Zoom in with the "+" button and zoom out with the "-" button.
    - Make your weapon appear or disappear with the "1" button.
    - Get out of the C menu by pressing the C button again.
    Now on to the 7 options from the Item Box menu:
    1) アイテムをしまう
    Store items in either your regular Item Box 『アイテムBOX』 or your Gunner Pouch
    2) アイテムを取り出す
    Take out items from either your Item Box or your Gunner Pouch.
    3) アイテムの調合や売却
    Item combining or selling. From here, you will have 3 options:
    『BOX内調合』 Combine items in box. Use this to create new items from the
    materials you possess.
    『入れ替え』 Arrange items. You can manually move stuff around by highlighting
    item and clicking on the slot you want to move it to.
    『売る』 Sell items.
    NOTE: In all three options, you can press the "1" button to automatically
    organize your stuff or hold the "Z" button to activate your pointer. Pressing
    the "+" or "-" button lets you switch pages.
    4) 装備の変更や売却
    Change or sell equipment. From here, you will have 3 options yet again.
    『装備する』 Change equipment
    『入れ替え』 Arrange items.
    『売る』 Sell items.
    5) 身だしなみを整える
    Change appearance. From here, you will have 4 options:
    『インナーを着替える』 Change your undergarments. Just like your mama used to
    『インナーの色を変える』 Change your undies colors. You know, like, just in
    case you
    regret that decision to pick pink earlier.
    『髪型を変える』 Change hairstyle. The solution to a bad hair day.
    『髪の色を変える』 Change hairstyle color. All the rebel cool minus the
    6) 装備のマイセット
    Create and save your equipped armor sets. From here, you'll have 4 options:
    『装備する』 Equip armor set. Pick from the armor sets or combos that you have
    registered (up to 20 sets possible).
    『装備を登録する』 Register an armor set.
    『入れ替え』 Change or switch pages where armor sets are recorded.
    『登録装備を削除する』 Erase registered armor set.
    7) ボウガンのマイセット
    Create a Bowgun equipment set. From here, you will also get the same 4 options
    from the armor set menu above.
    Talking to the cat in your room allows you to access your decorations and data
    from your Arena exploits. You will have 2 options:
    1) インテリア
    Change your interior decorations. 『設置する』allows you to set items in the
    while 『回収する』 allows you to take back items that are already
    on display.
    2) 闘技場データの取得
    Acquire Arena data. 『本体データ』 will access data from your Wii while
    will access data from your Wiimote.
    To the left of your starting point is the 『雑貨屋』or General Store. Talking to
    the lady brings up the following options:
    1) 買う
    Buy items. Choices at the start of the game are listed below. For the sake of
    uniformity, I tried to match the item names and definitions to my Monster Hunter
    Freedom game as best as I could (except for the harpoon):
    『薬草』Herb (20z)
    『げどく草』Antidote Herb (20z)
    『砥石』Whetstone (30z)
    『漁獲モリ』Fishing harpoon (140z)
    『ボロピッケル』Old Pickaxe (60z)
    『ピッケル』Iron Pickaxe (160z)
    『ボロ虫あみ』Old Bugnet (30z)
    『虫あみ』Bugnet (80z)
    『釣りバッタ』 Cricket (10z)
    『釣りミミズ』Worm (20z)
    『小タル』Small Barrel (80z)
    『大タル』Large Barrel (210z)
    『小タル爆弾』Sm Barrel - Bomb (156z)
    『トラップツール』Trap Tool (200z)
    『角笛』Flute (480z)
    『双眼鏡』Binoculars (50z)
    『カラの実』Huskberry (2z)
    『LV2 通常弾』Normal S Lv2 (3z)
    『貫通弾』Pierce S Lv1 (14z)
    『散弾』Pellet S Lv1 (12z)
    『 徹甲榴弾』Crag S Lv1 (41z)
    『水中弾』Water S Lv1 (17z)
    2) 売る
    Sell items like the prehistoric capitalist that you are.
    3) 買ってBOXに送る
    Buy and send item to your box.
    1) 買う
    Buy armaments. Clicking this gives you two options:
    『武器』 Buy weapon. Your initial choices are limited to:
    - 大剣 (Great Sword)
    Remember, the bigger the sword, the smaller the, um, never mind.
    [アイアンソード] Iron Sword {Buster Sword?} (1000z)
    [ボーンブレイド] Bone Blade (960z)
    - 片手剣 (Sword and Shield)
    [ハンターナイフ] Hunter's Dagger (960z)
    [ボーンククリ] Bone Kukuri {Bone Kris?} (860z)
    - ハンマー (Hammer)
    [アイアンハンマー] Iron Hammer {War Hammer?} (1060z)
    [ボーンハンマー] Bone Hammer {Bone Club?} (1040z)
    - ランス (Lance)
    [アイアンランス] Iron Lance (1100z)
    [ボーンランス] Bone Lance {Longhorn?} (1080z)
    -ボウガン (Bowgun)
    [ライトボウガン] (3200Z)
    [ミドルボウガン] Middle Bowgun (3800z)
    [ヘブィボウガン] Heavy Bowgun (4600z)
    『防具』 Buy armor. Your initial choices are limited to:
    - 頭パーツ (Helmet)
    [レザーヘッド] Leather Helm (300z)
    [チェーンヘッド] Chain Helm (400z)
    - 胴パーツ (Plate)
    [レザーベスト] Leather Armor (300z)
    [チェーンベスト] Chainmail (400z)
    - 腕パーツ (Gauntlets)
    [レザーグラブ] Leather Vambraces (300z)
    [チェーングラブ] Chain Vambraces (400z)
    - 腰パーツ (Waist)
    [レザーベルト] Leather Belt (300z)
    [チェーンベルト] Chain Belt (400z)
    - 脚パーツ (Leggings)
    [レザーパンツ] Leather Leggings (300z)
    [チェーンパンツ] Chain Leggings (400z)
    NOTE: Pressing the "C" button when viewing the weapon and armor menu at the shop
    will bring up the 『情報モード』or information mode screen. Your 4 options for
    weapons are:
    - 基本情報
    Basic info. Shows attack strength, element if any, affinity, number of slots for
    attaching decorations, and sharpness level (this one would be the multi-colored
    - 比較情報
    Comparative info. Same as basic info but in comparison to another item.
    - プレビュー
    Shows a preview of what the weapon looks like.
    - スキルー覧
    Shows the weapon's available skills.
    Your 4 options for armor are:
    - 基本情報
    Basic info. Shows defense power, level, number of slots for attaching
    decorations, and resistance or vulnerability to fire, water, ice, thunder and
    - 比較情報
    Comparative info. Same as basic info but in comparison to another item.
    - プレビュー
    Shows a preview of what your character will look like wearing the stuff.
    - スキルー覧
    Shows the armor's available skills.
    2) 売る
    Sell weapons. Scratch that itch you have for arms trafficking.
    You can access this menu by pressing the "2" button while on the field.
    The basic menu. You will have the following 6 options:
    1) アイテムポーチ (Item pouch)
    Check your items through this option.
    2) 調合 (Combine)
    This allows you to combine items in the field manually. You can actually try
    this right off the bat by going to the field and harvesting an herb 『薬草』 and
    a blue mushroom 『アオキノコ』. Combine both to make a potion.
    3) マイセット調合 (Combination set)
    Combine items by setting and using preset recipes.
    4) ハンターノート
    A collection of background info. Your choices include:
    - メモ帳 (Memo booklet)
    - モンスターリスト (Monster list)
    - 調合リスト (Combination list)
    - ハンターの心得 (Hunter's knowledge)
    This fourth option is like a Hunter's encyclopedia filled with all sorts of info
    from explaining controls to weapon usage. There's just so much, though, that I
    won't be tackling it for now. One thing you might want to
    check are the controls for the various weapons. To do that pick the first option
    『基本&操作情報』 followed by the second option after that 『武器ことの操作』
    then the weapon of your choice.
    5) アクション (Actions)
    A preset list of actions on the field like waving, sitting, and generally acting
    like an idiot.
    6) 村に戻る (Return to village)
    Information menu. You can check the following options.
    1) クエスト確認 (Check quest details)
    2) ステータス (Check your status)
    3) 装備詳細 (Equipment detail)
    4) 勲章確認 (Check merits)
    5) モガの村情報 (Moga Village info)
    6) オプション (Options)
    - Here you can change your screen displays, volume, camera settings, etc.
    Welcome to Moga Village. To celebrate your arrival as the town's new hunter,
    Mother Nature decides to whip up a nice little earthquake. You know in the old
    days, that would've been enough for people to accuse you of being an harbinger
    of pestilence. Then again, this apparently isn't the first time that this has
    happened. At least that's what the village elder tells you.
    The elder first talks about how the land and sea's bountiful resources have made
    it possible for the village to exist. He also talks up the benefits of staying
    in the village and how nice all the people here are. But there also seems to be
    trouble in paradise. For starters, a powerful monster named the Lagiacruz is
    making life tough for villagers and also attacking their fishing vessels. Then
    there's the matter of the recent earthquakes, which seem to be emanating from
    the sea floor.
    To address the village's problems, specifically the threat from the Lagiacruz,
    the elder has decided to seek the services of a hunter. Hey, that's you! To
    boost your spirits, he mentions how people on the village believe that the
    Lagiacruz can't be defeated by mere human hands. Time to quit... But wait. The
    elder says that while the Lagiacruz is certainly a formidable monster, it is
    also a living creature. That means that just like humans, it also needs to eat
    and is susceptible to fatigue. Yay, count us in again. Let's do this, chief!
    Unfortunately, Mr. Chief Elder says he's too old to be chasing monsters so he'll
    leave the risky adventuring to young go-getters such as yourself. I think I
    should've renamed my hunter "Bait."
    Once he's done with his little speech, the elder gives Bait, er, you 1,500z as a
    little pocket money. Incidentally, 1,500z is exactly how much it costs to get
    the full leather armor set. The elder asks you to find his son. That would be
    the guy who visually ambushed you by flashing you his hot little undies during
    the opening movie. I got one word for you: psychotherapy.
    Anywho, the chief also mentions that the living quarters to your immediate right
    are now yours to use. Enter your room and click on the bed if you want to save.
    You can also talk to the cat to decorate your room with a free toadstool lamp if
    you wish. Cribs, here we come.
    Before you set out to find the Fabulous Flasher, you can check out the General
    Store to the lower left or the Weapon Shop to the upper right. Once you're set,
    leave the village through the eastern exit to reach the field. Your target,
    Flasher Boy, is at the camp just off of Area 2, probably mooning the Lagiacruz
    or something. Now we know why the monster seems so ticked off.
    Along the way, the chief will teach you some of the controls. Either the guy's
    wearing one of those annoying Bluetooth earpieces or he's freaking psychic.
    Here's a quick rundown, which is more than what the elder tells you at this
    Direction stick: Move
    Z Button: Hold to dash. This is is also used to block when weapons such as the
    basic sword, great sword or lance are unsheathed.
    C Button: Hold to scroll through your inventory on the lower right. Tap to reset
    the camera in the direction your character is facing.
    Note: Shaking the nunchuck when directly above a slain monster will make your
    character carve it.
    A button: Attack when weapon is unsheathed. Carve when weapon is sheathed and
    standing on top of slain monster. Harvest herbs, mushrooms, etc. Use item when
    "C button" is held. Your all around action button.
    B button: Duck when weapon is sheathed. Roll when running or when weapon is
    unsheathed. Backstep when lance is unsheathed.
    Minus (-) button: Kick when weapon is sheathed or using great sword. Alternate
    attack for weapon such as basic sword or lance.
    Plus (+) button: Sheath/Unsheath sword.
    1 button: Use item.
    2 button: Bring up menu.
    D-Pad: Move camera.
    Note: Shaking the Wiimote is another way to attack.
    Once you're done fooling around with the controls, go ahead and explore the 3
    areas. Keep you eyes peeled for the tell tale signs of harvesting points. You
    should be able to harvest some herbs, shrooms, honey, insect husks, etc.
    Eventually, you'll run into a pack of monsters and you'll need to slay one of
    them so you can harvest some raw meat for El Flasher. Aim for one of the bigger
    monsters as attacking the little ones will earn the ire of one of the parents.
    They will ram your calf-abusing derriere. Being the softy that I am, I just can
    never get used to attacking peaceful monsters. That and being flashed by virtual
    Speaking of which ... with raw meat in tow, meet The Flash at the base camp.
    He's apparently doing repairs on the camp since it was damaged by the quake.
    Once you hand him the meat, leave and go back to the village before he gets any
    ideas and decides to flash you again. Your first mission is now over.
    Well, that's it for the very basic basics. Now go forth and hunt down some

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