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    Money Making Guide by Relle

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    Monster Hunter Tri
    Easy Money Guide
    by Relle
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Tier 1* Quests
    3. Tier 2* Quests
    4. Tier 3* Quests
    5. Getting Filthy Rich
    6. Acknowledgements and Copyright Info
     1. Introduction
    Strapped for cash? Can't gather enough resources? Have no fear, I shall attempt
    to help you turn your village into a well-oiled enterprise. Unfortunately, you
    can't become rich right away. You'll have to do some quests offline to really
    get the good stuff. This is because you'll need to use the farm, which can only
    be upgraded as you progress through the offline quests. Online won't do it.
    However, having online capabilities makes it that much easier to become filthy
    rich, so if you can, don't neglect your online quests.
     2. Tier 1* Quests
    First up, start up your game and create your character. Done? Good. Progress
    through the various tutorials till you're introduced to your farm. It won't be
    useful for a while, so just use it to grow herbs for healing or turning into
    potions in the future. Naturally you can do whatever quests you prefer if you
    need to farm materials and whatnot, but for the purposes of this guide, I'll
    assume you take the fast track. That means doing key quests that will unlock
    your Urgent! quest and subsequently unlock the next tier of quests, while
    ignoring every other quest on the list.
    At some point you'll unlock your first fishing vessel. Send it out to gather
    fish if you're low on resources, as it will usually get enough to make a profit
    on the 30p you pay. If you have plenty of resources from hunting in Moga Forest
    or converting items, send it out to search for treasure. You have a possibility
    of getting a steel egg, which sells for 1000z. Good money early on. Note that
    if you get an Incomplete Crown item, don't sell it! Once you upgrade your boats,
    you can send them to a new area where they can find a Crown Gemstone which,
    when combined with the aforementioned crown, will complete it and the resulting
    product will sell for 6000z.
    1* Key Quests
    1. Harvest Shroom
    2. Farm Aid
    3. Guts: It's What's for Dinner
    Urgent! No Love for Ludroth
    The first Urgent! quest is a piece of cake. Ludroth are ordinary monsters. Just
    kill six. After this you'll have the option of creating an insect box to farm
    insects. All you need is monster fluid, which can be found in the Sandy Plains
    from Giggi (little gray worms). Note that you can also get it from Altaroth
    (the big bugs), but you have to wait for them to eat and swell up, and it's a
    lot easier to just smash worms. Your mileage may vary.
    With the insect box and at this stage of the game, the best way to make money
    is with Godbugs. These are found all over the Deserted Island. However, Godbugs
    take 100 resources PER CYCLE to produce, so you may have to hunt in Moga Forest
    to boost your reserves. This is not the most efficient money-making method. You
    can also farm Might Seeds if you happen to find some, but those cost 80p per
    cycle and don't make as much as Godbugs. Continuing on...
     3. Tier 2* Quests
    2* Key Quests
    1. Big Game Hunting
    2. Who's the Boss?
    3. No Love for Ludroth
    Urgent! Shakalaka Savior!
    This Urgent! is still pretty easy as long as you have a decent weapon that can
    kill Jaggis fast enough. Shaka can hold his own and he heals when appearing in
    a new area, so as long as you don't just watch him fight, you'll be done with
    it in no time. Make sure to take Shaka along on your travels. He's a
    distraction for bosses, at the very least, and he can help in other ways.
    Note: once you complete Big Game Hunting, you can upgrade your herb farming
    capability so that you can set the felynes to work in cycles of 5 rather than 3.
    Herb Farm 1st Upgrade Required Materials: Dung, Super-sized Dung
    Dung is easy to get. Go to Moga Forest or D. Island in a quest and go to area 8.
    There's a dung pile you can dig through for copious amounts of poo. Super-sized
    dung, on the other hand, is a reward from hunting in the Moga Forest. You'll
    have to check the Moga forecast, and if it says "herbivores breeding," you can
    find a super-sized Aptonoth (the dinosaur-looking herbivores). You'll know
    which one it is because it's really, really big. Sort of hard to miss. Go into
    Moga, kill the big beastie and return. You should get super-sized dung from
    your hunting rewards.
     4.  Tier 3* Quests
    3* Key Quests
    1. Playing With Fire
    2. Save Our Boat
    3. Leading the Charge
    Urgent! Accident Investigation
    All of these involve taking down a boss creature. Gobul is the most difficult
    of them (or he was when I was playing), primarily because he likes to hang out
    in water. If you can get the quest in the first place, you should have the
    skills and equipment necessary to defeat him. Since this is a money-making
    guide and not a boss guide, I'll simply say check youtube for a video of the
    fight if you need help.
     5. Getting Filthy Rich
    If you can take out Gobul, you're mostly done with offline quests as far as
    your village's money-making capability is concerned. You just need to complete
    the two Tundra-centric quests, Lost in Blue and Leader of the Icepack, and the
    game will let you upgrade your herb farm to its highest level.  While you're in
    the Tundra, try to pick up some Stormsender Seeds.  These are only found in the
    Tundra area, and they'll be your main money-making crop.
    The last upgrade to your herb farm only requires one new item, a Catalyst. To
    get these, simply combine Bitterbug and Honey.  That's it, you're done!  Time
    to farm Stormsender Seeds!
    Unlike Might Seeds, Stormsenders only take 20 resources per cycle to farm, and
    they sell for 130z apiece, only 10 less than Might Seeds, making them a highly
    efficient crop. Make sure to use dung to fertilize them, going back to Moga
    Forest for more as needed. This will make you thousands of zenny per 10 cycles.
    Now, this is only one half of your village enterprise. The other half is the
    boats. At this point you should have all three boats, and if you traded for the
    items necessary to upgrade them already, great. If not, read on.
    To upgrade your boats so that they can visit new areas and get better hauls,
    you'll have to complete a rare trade with the captain of the Argosy. For said
    rare trades, you'll need rare commodities, which are obtained through killing
    the boss monsters in Moga Forest. The easiest way to get the 1* commodities is
    it just hunt Great Jaggi. You'll receive the commodities in your hunt rewards.
    You can up the odds if you hunt on a day where the forecast calls for abundant
    commodities. The 1* commodity can be used to trade for the Captain Plus item,
    which automatically upgrades your first fishing boat. If you don't see the
    Captain Plus item in the rare trade list, send the Argosy to the Farmer Realm
    and just wait for it to come back.
    Next up, start hunting Qurupeco and R. Ludroth in the Moga Forest. You'll
    receive 2* commodities from downing them. Killing them only gives a chance of
    getting the rare commodity, but capturing guarentees it. Get at least three so
    you can trade for the Captain Max and Redspear/Blackspear Plus, the former of
    which comes from the Wyvernian Hub and the latter is in the Farmer Realm.  You
    can also continue with the offline quests and take down Rathian once she appears
    in Moga Forest, who will give you 3* commodities as a reward, which can be
    traded to upgrade the Redspear to its highest level.  Maxing the Blackspear boat
    can only be done with 4* commodities, which can be acquired once Rathalos and
    Lagiacrus appear in Moga Forest.
    At this point you can easily create a fully sustainable economy.  The following
    steps should be followed if you don't have online access, for whatever reason.
    Step 1 - Send the Captain's fishing boat to the third tier treasure area.
    You'll receive steel and silver eggs, and sometimes gold, which sell for 1000,
    5000 and 10,000z respectively.
    Step 2 - Send the Redspear/Blackspear boats to fish in the second tier area.
    You should bring back enough to support your resource costs, and if not you can
    always hunt in Moga Forest or trade with the captain of the Argosy for Fish
    Finder items, which will boost your haul. Same with Treasure Trackers for the
    Captain's boat.
    Step 3 - Have the Felynes farm Stormsender Seeds ad infinitum.
    Step 4a - Go into Moga Forest for at least two minutes to change day into night.
    Check your boats/farm, sleep, repeat.  This is the easy (and fast) way.
    Step 4b - Farm R. Ludroth by doing either the capture quest (3*, A Royal Pain)
    or heading into Moga Forest. Sell the items you get from the rewards (don't sell
    the quality sponge, it's used for crafting). This makes you even more money, but
    it also takes more time/effort. 4a you can do while watching a movie or
    something. Your choice.
    Now you can just let the money come rolling in. Your village will make
    make a very respectable amount of cash for either no or very little effort.
    However, the absolute best method requires online.  This simplifies things
    greatly, as all you have to do with the boats is send them to the highest level
    treasure area they have access to.  How do you gain resources, you ask? 
    In any given city (which you can make yourself) you'll find vendors who sell
    all manner of things.  Like in offline, their inventory expands as you gain
    access to higher tiers of quests.  For this method to work you'll have to get
    up to 3* online quests.  Here's the key quests so you can save a little time:
    1* Key Quests
    1. Sunken Treasures
    2. Help the "Hunter"
    3. Playing with Fire
    4. No Guts, No Glory
    5. The Fisherman's Tale
    Urgent! Leading the Charge
    2* Key Quests
    1. Bug Hunt
    2. Flooded Forest Extermination
    3. Scene of the Crime
    4. The Merchant's Mission
    5. The Butler's Great Baggi
    Urgent! The Fisherman's Fiend
    After reaching the 3* quests, find the vendor straight ahead from where you
    enter the city (that is, after you've joined or created a city, not when you
    first go online).  The vendor there will sell popfish.  You can buy stacks of
    99 for about 3700z, then go offline and convert them into 1485 resources per
    stack.  An investment of 40,000z or so will get you over 15,000 resources,
    more than enough to burn through.  Don't worry if that sounds like a big cash
    investment, ten cycles of seeds with dung as a fertilizer will net you over
    30,000z, not counting what you pull in from the boats from their treasure hunts.
    One 10-cycle farming binge only takes 600 resources, so you'll make the money
    back well before you have to buy more fish.
    Once you're into the 5* online quests, farming the high-rank volcano via the
    'Roll the Uroktar' quest will net you a good deal of high-level ore, charms and
    rust/ancient shards.  The ancient shards, if they don't turn into a worn weapon,
    will sell for 9800z per, and if you're farming for a particular charm, you're
    more than likely to have stacks of ore left over before you find it, as some are
    are absurdly rare.  You can sell ore and unwanted shard weapons for more than
    enough money to craft the game's top tier equipment.
     5.  Acknowledgements and Copyright Info
    And there you have it! Thanks must be given to the various users on the boards
    who posted this information well before I arrived. I just decided to collect
    it all and put it all in one FAQ so everyone could learn how to get easy money.
    This file is Copyright (c)2010 to its respective author, namely myself.
    All rights reserved.
    This file may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission.  Use of this guide on any web site
    other than those listed below, or as a part of any public display is strictly
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Sites allowed to use this FAQ:
    If you find this FAQ on www.cheatcc.com, it has been stolen by the webmaster
    there and is being used in violation of intellectual copyright laws and more
    importantly, against my wishes.  Simply, www.cheatcc.com and its respective
    webmaster does not have my permission to use this FAQ on his website.  Ever.
    To contact me for permission to use my FAQ on your website, e-mail me here:

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