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    Lance Guide by DaBurke

    Version: 1.25 | Updated: 06/07/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                                        Lance Guide
    Created By: Dan Burke (DaBurke)
    Version Number: 1.25
    Created: 6/4/2010
    Copyright: Dan Burke
    June 4, 2010: I decide to start a lance guide.
    June 5, 2010: Finished the Boss strategies and finished up all the rest.
    June 7, 2010: Added a few new sections.
    June 10, 2010: Made some grammar corrections to the guide and added credits.
                                     Table of Contents
    1-1  Introductions                                                     (indc)
    1-2  Weapon Information                                                (wepn)
    1-3  Pros and Cons of Lancer                                           (prcn)
    1-4  Controls                                                          (cntr)
    2-1  General Weapon Tips                                               (glwt)
    2-2  Basics of Team play                                               (botp)
    3-1  Great Jaggi, Great Baggi                                          (gjgb)
    3-2  Qurupeco                                                          (qrpo)
    3-3  Royal Ludroth                                                     (ryll)
    3-4  Barroth                                                           (barh)
    3-5  Gobul                                                             (gobl)
    3-6  Rathian                                                           (rian)
    3-7  Gigginox                                                          (gnox)
    3-8  Barioth                                                           (baih)
    3-9  Lagiacrus                                                         (lagc)
    3-10 Rathalos                                                          (rlos)
    3-11 Diablos                                                           (dlos)
    3-12 Uragaan                                                           (urga)
    3-13 Agnaktor                                                          (agkt)
    3-14 Ceadeus                                                           (ceds)
    3-15 Jhen Mohran                                                       (jnmn)
    3-16 DevilJho                                                          (djho)
    3-17 Alatreon                                                          (alon)
    4-1  Weapon Tree recommendations                                       (wrec)
    4-2  Armor Skills                                                      (askl)
    4-3  Good lancer Armor sets                                            (glas)
    4-4  Armor Combinations                                                (acom)
    4-5  Closing Statements                                                (clst)
    4-6  Credits                                                           (crts)
                                        Introductions                      (indc)
    I would like to start by saying that Monster Hunter Tri was my first game of 
    the series. This is not a guide about me however, so I will get to the 
    important information. If you have any questions about something I've written,
    suggestions, or any comments in general, please E-mail me at the following 
    I will try to respond to emails as they come asap, but there are days where 
    I do not check my emails due to shortage of time, or because I simply forgot 
    to. Either way, with that aside, I hope you find this guide useful.
                                      Weapon Information                   (wepn)
    The lance has been the answer to most topics about which weapon is best against
    what monster, and is considered by many to be the best weapon in Monster 
    Hunter Tri. The lance at first glance seems to be a very defense based weapon, 
    with little opportunity to attack, since you move so slow. While it may have 
    the best defensive capabilities in the game, it is also one of the best 
    offensive weapon as well. It may be the best all around weapon in the game, 
    but it is also believed to be the hardest melee weapon to master and use 
                                    Pros and Cons of Lancer                (prcn)
    |             Pros             |
    |-Easy to pick up and use      |
    |-Best defensive weapon        |
    |-Strong offensive pressure    |
    |-Very good under water        |
    |-Makes many bosses easy       |
    |-Great at inflicting status   |
    |             Cons             |
    |-Tough to counter effectively |
    |-Hard to master               |
    |-hard to avoid teammates hits |
    |-Can burn through stamina     |
                                            Controls                       (cntr)
    |      Attack     |    Wii Remote    |     Classic 1     |     Classic 2      |
    |      Block      |         Z        |         R         |          R         |
    |      Step       |         B        |         b         |          b         |
    |   Dash attack   |        (-)       |        (+)        |          x         |
    |      Sheath     |       (+)/1      |         y         |         a/y        |
    |   Mid-Thrust    |   Horizontal+A   |         x         |   Right Stick Up   |
    |   High-Thrust   |   Left Twist+A   |         a         |  Right Stick Down  |
    |      Sweep      |  Right Twist+A   |        x+a        | Right Stick Right  |
    |     Counter     |    Vertical+A    |        R+a        |  Right Stick Left  |
    |    Block Draw   |       Z+(-)      |        R+x        |         R+x        |
    |  Block Advance  |     Move+Z+A     |     Move+R+x      | Move+R+R Stick up  |
    |  Shield Attack  | Block Advance+A  |  Block Advance+x  |   BA+R Stick up    |
    | Finishing Blow  | Dash+Mid Thrust  |      Dash+x       |  Dash+R Stick up   |
    |   Quick Halt    |      Dash+B      |      Dash+b       |       Dash+b       |
                                     General Weapon Tips                   (glwt)
    So you have read through the guide so far, and have picked a control style to 
    use, or maybe you haven't, so lets help you decide. The wii remote and 
    nunchuck is likely to be very uncomfortable to people who are veterans to the 
    series, but is a good option if you do not want to spend the money on a Classic
    Controller. Many people feel it is the weakest of the control choices, but 
    others have become comfortable with using it. Our other options are Clasic 
    Controler style 1 and Classic Controller style 2. What you may not know about 
    these two control styles, is that they each have something that the other does 
    With CC1, the camera moves much easier, and your hands are in a comfortable 
    position while playing. You may be thinking, "of course my hands are in a 
    comfortable position, why wouldn't they be?" Well you see, CC2 forces you to 
    use the "claw" hand position to use it effectively. This is where you put your
    left middle finger on L, pointer finger on the D-pad, and thumb on the left 
    stick, almost resembling a claw.
    You may be wondering, why would you want to go through the trouble of putting
    your hands through this sort of pain. Well you see, as I mentioned before, 
    each control style has it's own limitations. In CC1, you can not counter from
    a standing point. In CC2, you can not counter from a blocking state. A number
    of people feel the pros in 2 outweighs the cons, and decide to put their
    hands through the agony of having to claw. Personally, use whatever type you 
    want, it doesn't really matter in the end.
    The basics of lancing are very simple actually. You try to hit the enemy's 
    weakest point, that usually being the head or stomach. You have your
    mid thrusts and high thrusts to accomplish this task. You main combos will
    simply be a combination of those two attacks, and either a side step or a 
    counter to quickly continue the string. There will always be times though,
    where you will only be able to get one or two attacks in before you must 
    step or counter to avoid getting hit.
    Unlike half the weapons in this game, elements actually are good on lances.
    So try to have a good lance of every element to use depending on the monster.
    Something that should be noted is attacks are not the only things that can be
    countered. Things ranging from roars, quakes, and wind can also be countered.
    An advanced technique that I myself use, which I call step dashing, utilizes
    the skill evade up. This increases the distance of steps by about twice the 
    original distance. This distance makes it a very effective way to close 
    distance between you and your enemy, and easily find a better position to be
    in when attacking. This can also be done without evade up, but isn't nearly 
    as effective, nor is it worth the stamina it takes.
                                  Basics of Team play                      (botp)
    Now lets get on to actual weapon tactics. As a lance user, your main join is 
    attacking the head along with the hammer user if there is one. You have this 
    job because it is very easy to pinpoint the head with your various heights of
    attacks. Just be sure to step back out of the hammer's range when he or she is
    about to superpound so you don't get knocked back. 
    If there is more than one lancer, one should be attacking the head, and the
    others should focus on cutting parts along with other cutters. The lancer 
    with the strongest weapon should focus on the head, as that is usually the 
    monster's weakest target zone.
    Another optional role of lancers is status. The paralyze lances are very 
    useful for full parties, because this simply allows the party as a whole to 
    go all out on a monster that doesn't stand still, such as Deviljho, or 
    I want to make a note about the dash attack while I'm on the topic of status.
    The dash attack can used to close distance between a monster and you, but it
    also has many other uses. The dash does a quarter of the normal damage dealt
    from normal thrusts, but does half the normal status damage compared to
    normal thrusts. This makes the dash attack a valuable source of inflicting
    status quickly on a monster. Dashing is also very useful on a limping monster.
    You can easily inflict enough damage to make it stagger and allow some free
    hits from your allies.
    Let's move on to countering now. This lance technique is looked as the sole 
    reason as to why lance is the single best weapon in Monster Hunter Tri.
    In order to counter effectively though, you must first know enemy patterns
    and tells in order to predict when you must counter. This takes time, and 
    can not be learned by reading a guide. Also note that there are times where
    countering is not the most effective thing to do, and your best bet is simply
    to dodge away from the attack.
    One last thing I'd like to note is a trick people call sleep bombing. This 
    is most commonly used to get Skypiercers and webbing from Alatreon. In order
    to sleep bomb, you usually must have a sleep weapon, Great azure being the 
    obvious best and only real choice for lances. You should also have a set with
    bombardier, and try to get the Felyne Pyro skill. These boost the damage of 
    bombs and bombardier has an added effect of boosting bomb crafting to 100%. 
    Be sure to bring materials for at least Large Barrel Bombs, but preferably 
    those, and Large Barrel Bomb+.
                           Great Jaggi, Great Baggi                        (gjgb)
    Weakest to: Fire on the head
    Great Jaggi and Great Baggi are basically the same exact monster, with the 
    attacked attack of sleep spit on Baggi. These bosses are the easiest you will 
    come across. The basically shove their faces into the lance, which allows very
    easy head shots. Close up, these bird wyverns can't do too much at all, just 
    be careful of their body slam when they are close to you. If you are facing 
    them,  counter it, if not sidestep away from it. When they are somewhat far 
    from you, there will almost always try to body slam you. Simply counter this 
    attack, and keep up with the high thrusts, repositioning as needed. These 
    bosses really don't need a guide, seeing as their minions are actually more 
    annoying than the bosses themselves.
                                     Qurupeco                              (qrpo)
    Weakest to: Ice on the head
    Qurupeco is the second monster you fight in the game's single player. That 
    being said, he isn't much harder than Great Jaggi. He is very simple when
    he isn't in rage mode. He will stand there taking the hits, so try to attack
    his back so he turns into your attacks. You should get 3 attacks in before he
    is facing you. When he turns towards you, get ready to counter because he will
    usually run at you, or tail swing. He is very simple outside of rage mode, and
    not much tougher in rage mode. When he gets low on health, he will try to do a
    dance to recover some HP, this means you get free hits, so don't hesitate. 
    Same goes for all of his calls.
    While in rage mode, he is somewhat faster and more aggressive, but this almost
    makes him easier because he is so predictable. Same thing as before, attack 
    his back until he turns towards you, then counter. He will almost always try
    to to run you down, and countering will make it so you take no damage. Chances
    are he will repeat this about 3 times. When he hits his flints together
    a few times, he is about to charge you with fire charge. He usually tries 
    attacking 2 times with this, sometimes 3 in rage mode. Dodging this is as 
    simple as walking in a small circle around him, allowing you to keep your 
    lance unsheathed.
    By far his most dangerous and unpredictable attack is his single flint back 
    step. Unless you fight him a lot, it is very hard to see this attack coming,
    so just be ready for when he looks like he is about to use his flints, and 
    try to side step it.
                                  Royal Ludroth                            (ryll)
    Weakest to: Fire on the mane
    Royal Ludroth is your first underwater battle and you should feel right at
    home. Underwater battles are the lance's forte. On land, ludroth is pretty 
    predictable. If you are attacking the mane for the most damage, the only real
    attacks to worry about are the roll, and the curl up attack. Both of these 
    attacks are easy to see coming, and therefore, easy to counter. He will turn
    to you though, so you have to worry about his charges. These can be annoying
    at times when he does them a lot. Just try your best to learn the attacks and
    see the tells they have, like ludroth lowering his head to jump charge. When
    in rage mode, he just gets annoying from constant jump charges. You can easily
    counter these jumps and hit his tail for some damage. His claw swipe does 
    little damage, and is very hard to avoid, so don't really worry about it
    at all. Just be sure not to run into the geysers of ice that remain on land
    after they are shot out. These cause water blight ans will cause you stamina
    to increase at a slower rate.
    In water, this guy is even more of a joke. Again, attack from the side to hit
    his mane, and he will usually try to claw swipe you after a hit or two. You
    can counter these for continuous damage. The only real attacks he has are
    underwater charges that are easily blockable.
                                     Barroth                               (barh)
    Weakest to: Water on body (Muddy), fire on Body (Clean)
    Barroth is the first "wall" this game throws at you. Many newbies have a lot
    of trouble with this guy. Now please don't send me emails saying, he was not
    hard at all, he was easy. Some people do have an easier time with him than
    others, some just can't seem to understand him.
    First thing you should know as a lancer, and Barroth being the first monster
    that roars and makes you cover your ears, is that you can counter most roars
    in the game. This allows free attacks without the need of the Earplugs skill.
    As a lancer, his only real attack that should throw you off is his tail whip.
    His bite should not hit you since you should be under him usually, and his
    charge is laughable as a lancer. His main attack is a charge, so we will
    start with this. This charge is counterable. And doing so will put you pretty
    close to Barroth. A back step should easily put you in range to attack his
    belly. So do this. Don't sun away from his charge, embrace it. When he does
    his mud shake, just block and try to move under him using advances. Do not
    try to counter this because you could just as easily get hit by another one
    right after that counter. Also, when he slowly walks up to you and slams his
    face into the ground, don't counter that either, as the mud can easily hit
    you after the counter. Just block it and re-position afterward.
    Barroth in particular should not give you much trouble when you are using a
    lance. Only thing is unless you have blue sharpness, avoid the head at all
    costs. The bounce caused can easily put you in a bad position for one of his
    When Barroth is out of stamina, he will go to a place with ants, and eat
    them. Make sure he doesn't get to eat, as he will stay low on stamina until
    he reaches his 10% hp mark. Until then, he will stand still a lot, and his
    charge will be slow enough to walk away from them.
                                      Gobul                                (gobl)
    Weakest to: Thunder on back
    Gobul is another boss that is extremely easy to beat with a lance. Lets start
    with the most common side quest, one that most people don't know what to do 
    about. Frogs can most commonly found to the left of the exit from area 2 to 4.
    Once you have one, get in front of the tree next to the water, until you get
    to a place you can use your frog. Then it's simply a matter of fishing Gobul
    up. This puts him on his back for a good amount of time for tons of free hits.
    Now then, as a lancer, you have no real reason to attack him if he is 
    sleeping, so use a sonic bomb to throw him out and get a bunch of free hits.
    You can do this whenever he goes under the sand and not in rage mode with his
    back puffed out. Most of his attacks are slow enough to see coming and counter
    in time. Just don't get too greedy and attack to much. 
    When he is in rage mode, your attacks will bounce off his spikes, so begin
    attacking his second weakest point, the stomach. This is a pretty safe place
    to attack, as his main attack to knock you away is a roll. The big tell for
    this is when he moves his head up. You can counter this to receive no damage,
    but will probably miss the attack. If he tilts his body a bit, be ready to
    counter his side roll, his most dangerous attack.
    When he pokes his head out and starts  trying to swallow everything around
    him, you can get a few free hits on his back, but be careful, as he will back
    slam you ads he comes up. Try to stay away from his tail, as he can swing it
    out of nowhere and paralyze you, proceeding to combo you right after.
                                     Rathian                               (Rian)
    Weakest to: Dragon on the head
    This boss is the first intimidating boss you will see. You probably seen him
    on the Quropeco mission. You may or may not have also been hit by her fireball
    during that time. If you have, then you know how painful her fireballs can be.
    You should also know how predictable they are, and that fireballs equal free
    hits to the head.
    He attacks are all very easy to avoid as a lancer, except for one, her poison
    tail flip. If you are anything like I was, you will try to counter her when
    she is in front of you about to charge you, but instead, she will tail flip
    you. You look at her like an idiot charging your lance as she is readying to
    tail whip you as soon as your counter is done. The best way to deal with this
    is learn the timing for charges, and do a fast counter for it. If it is a 
    bite, you countered it, if it is a charge, you countered it. If it is a tail
    flip, you won't counter it, but you will have enough time to side step out of
    its range. Keep your lance out though, and get ready to poke her tail once or
    twice, then counter to counter the wind that she will throw if she lands.
    Her only other real attack is her tail spin. Which is very slow, and easy to
    counter. Just be careful of her wind because she can combo you with it. When
    she begins to back up though, be ready to either guard or hold counter to
    avoid eating a large fire blast to the ground.
    In rage mode, she is a little bit faster when turning and she triple charges
    a lot. Just be sure to count how many times she charges and be ready to
    attack on the third charge when she falls over.
    When she runs out of stamina, she will fly away to a close area that has
    food, and she will eat. Try not to let her do this, by cutting her off when
    she has her pray. Her head is right there for the poking when she eats, so
    poke away. Her fireballs will also be blanks when she has no stamina, so
    don't worry about getting hit by them. 
    A note to put in is, if you are fighting her on D. island, and can not
    find her, go to 8 and pick up an egg. She will eventually go to where the
    you are with the egg.
                                    Gigginox                               (gnox)
    Weakest to: Fire on the stomach
    Welcome to the most annoying monster in Monster Hunter Tri, along with
    Rathalos, but he doesn't come till later. Basically, a lot of this fight, you
    will be unable to do anything. Whether you are stunned by his constant roars,
    or are simply waiting for him to come down from the ceiling, you will be
    standing around a lot.
    For a lancer, her most annoying attack is the body slam. The normal one is no
    problem at all, but her poison one is only blockable with guard up. You can
    try to backstep away from it, but her range is absolutely absurd. I actually
    don't recommend being near the head at all during this fight. The head barely
    takes more damage, and is very open to many unpredictable attacks such as the
    tackle and head swings. The wings are the safest place to be, as you can
    backstep away from he body slams, and avoid he charges and backflips. The
    wings also are big enough to not bother your teammates when you fight her
    online. The tail is also a safe place to be for the most part.
    Her rage mode is not much different from hr normal mode. A common strategy
    people use online is to allow Gigginox to eat one person while she's on the
    ceiling to get some free hits in. While she is on the wall, she vulnerable to
    high thrusts, and can even be knocked off with a few of them, If you keep 
    close enough to the wall while she on it, you are safe from her jump as well.
    This battle mostly tests your patience, not as much your skill.
                                    Barioth                                 (biah
    Weakest to: Fire on the head
    The single most bad ass monster in Monster Hunter Tri. This beast is fast, 
    and I mean very fast. He can be on the other side of the map, and be right in
    front of you a second later. Outside of rage mode he isn't that bad. He has a
    number of openings after his charge. As a lancer online, you should try at all
    costs to shield advance the ice blast if your teammates are nearby, just in 
    case they get hit by it's massive range.
    Your first priority should be to break both wings, this slows him down a great
    deal, and makes him less of a thread, which isn't saying much however. In my
    opinion, you should never stand in front of Barioth, as he can attack you out
    of nowhere with absolutely no signs. After you break the wings, aim for the 
    tail, as it has massive range and can easily knock you away with one swipe.
    When he is in rage mode, his eyes will glow read with anger, and will become
    a freight train. If you are not careful, he can, and will combo you and kill
    you, and there will be nothing you can do about it. When he is in rage mode,
    his single charge is usually followed by a second charge in a random 
    direction. So be aware in case you think it's safe to attack him after a 
    By far, Bari's most fearsome attack is his jumps. He will hunch down a bit,
    and jump from right to left catching a lot of hunters off guard by it's
    seemingly random direction. He will also jump on the wall, knocking you 
    away with wind and jump off the wall spinning before you can even move
    again, so try to be extra careful when near a wall.
    When Barioth runs out of stamina, do not stand in front of him attacking
    unless you are willing to take a hit. His dash has absolutely no tells to
    it, and will hit you. Stay on the wings or the back end to be safe from
    his attacks.
    A lot of this battle will be recognizing his tells and simply knowing
    what he will do so you can avoid him. That is how every boss works, but 
    him especially.
                                  Lagiacrus                                (lagc)
    Weakest to: Fire on the Body
    I don't think I can stress enough how easy battle are in water as a lancer. 
    One thing you must know about this battle though, is never counter him 
    underwater. Almost all of his attacks are coupled with a current that will 
    slow your stamina recovery rate. You will counter the attack itself, but 
    still take the blight. So just don't counter unless it's a last resort.
    I'll start on land since that's where you first meet him offline. He is 
    basically a huge Royal Ludroth, and most of his attacks are shared between 
    them. His only annoying attack is his charge forward and when his arms hit 
    you. Aside from that, just stay to his side and counter when he is about to 
    spin, or hip check you. I really shouldn't have to write anything on this 
    Soon after you fight him on land, and on every mission aside from the repel,
     you will have to fight him in water. I'll start with his basic attacks. 
    If you are next to him, poke his stomach for the most damage. Be ready to 
    counter him after a hit or two and you'll counter his claw swipe. Attacking 
    his head is also a very safe place to hit because his only real attacks are 
    hip checks, which are obvious, a forward bite, and his tail swipe that causes
    water blight.
    When he begins to charge his back for a shock, simply backstep a few times 
    to avoid it. Take extra steps for the big charge shock, as a few smaller 
    shocks will go pretty far from his back, and could hit you if you aren't 
    far enough. He will probably charge a lot, but you can easily block these 
    and be completely ok. You can also block the lighting balls, so take that 
    time to shield advance and follow up with a mid-Thrust. Nothing really 
    tough about this boss when you have a lance.
                                   Rathalos                                (rlos)
    Weakest to: Dragon on the head
    Let me start by saying that I hate fighting him. He is in the air probably 75%
     of the battle, and has a few attacks that can be really annoying. As with 
    Rathian, try your best to learn to counter the wind, and his roars to make 
    this fight more bearable. The thing with Rathalos though, is he is very 
    vulnerable under his feet when he flies. Hit him enough on the feet, and he
    comes flying down hard. This is when you get your free hits in.
    I have to note a few attacks that Rathalos has that can be potentially 
    dangerous. First, when he roars, you better either counter it, or be away 
    from him, because if you are not, there is a good chance that you will eat 
    a fireball when he is done, and it doesn't taste good. Second, when he flies 
    high in the air, pay attention to if he follows your movement. If he does, 
    be ready to either block, or superman dive to avoid his homing poison claw.
    Aside from that, he is very similar to his counterpart, the Rathian. As he
    comes down from the sky, he is pretty vulnerable to attacks if you learn the
    timing to countering his wind pressures, so make sure to take full advantage
    of that.
    This battle could either be a long boring one, or a short fun one depending
    on how Rathalos decided to spend his minutes with you and your team. Similar
    to Rathian as well, he shoots blank fireballs when out of stamina, and will
    stand there taking hits.
    Also similar to Rathian, if you fight him on D. island and lost him, go to
    8, pick up and egg, and wait till he comes to you.
                                   Diablos                                (dblos)
    Weakest to: Ice on the stomach
    Ok, I will take back what I said about Barioth being the most bad ass monster
    in the game, Diablos takes that prize. He is also one of the most feared
    monsters in the game because of his intimidating looks and roar. Not only does
    he look hard, but he is hard. There is really no reason to try and counter
    most of his attacks, because almost all of your counters will miss, and he
    will be ready to attack again in no time at all.
    Make sure to bring sonic bombs for when he goes underground when he isn't in
    his rage mode. This will act as a if he stuck in a pitfall trap. Don't try to
    use them while he is in rage mode, or you will probably eat a charge.
    His main attacks above land are his big hip check, his swipe, tail whips, and
    charges. His tail swings are pretty predictable, and easily counterable, but
    this is about all that can be countered effectively. His hip check will
    usually put you in front of him, but you can try to counter it as it's 
    usually your only option, no harm done in try after all. Never try to counter
    his swipes though, as it will usually put you in a bad position if he does 
    another swipe.
    When he goes underground while in rage mode, just block the whole time 
    facing where he will be. If he comes after you, back step once or twice 
    after he comes up and you could get a few hits in. Overall though, his side
    is a pretty safe place to be, along with underneath him. Some of his attacks
    do have dumb hit boxes though, and shouldn't hit you, But they do. This boss
    is better to play a little more defensively because his attacks hurt, and as
    always, don't get greedy with hits, as you will pay if you try it with Blos.
                                   Uragaan                                 (urga)
    Weakest to: Ice on the stomach
    For uragaan, my first recommendation is to use the evade up armor skill if it
    is available. Without it, his sleep and fire smoke is pretty tough to avoid
    in time. If you don't have it, be a little careful when you are just wailing
    away at him. Most of this battle will be him moving away from your attacks
    with the occasional tail whip thrown in. As a lance user, his more dangerous
    attack, being his roll, is nothing to you since you can just block it. Just
    keep an eye on him rolling  and face him when he comes for you.
    Aside from that, keep poking at his stub right where his tail meets his body.
    That is almost always a safe place to be, and his his weak spot. His only
    dangerous attack from here is his smoke screen.
    The main annoying attacks are his huge tail swing, and his big chin slap.
    The little chin slaps are easy to avoid and give you free so take full
    advantage of them. His tail has a ton of hp, so don't be surprised if you
    kill him before you cut his tail. Stay away from his face, as you will 
    bounce, and also do little damage because of the chin's low cut damage 
    Aside from his smokes, this boss is pretty easy for lancers. Just 
    remember to stay away from the little rocks he throws out, as the become
     bombs if he rolls over them, or chin slaps near them, they will explode.
    You can't really effectively counter anything but his tail swipe if you are
    in the right position for it, but there isn't much to counter here if I
    remember correctly.
                                   Agnaktor                                (agkt)
    Weakest to: Water on the Chest
    Agnaktor is basically Lagiacrus on land with a few extra tricks. The most
    notable new features is his two lasers and the fact that he can burrow
    underground. The rest of his attacks are literally a carbon copy of Lagiacrus.
    As with Lagi, it's safest to be on his sides, and be ready to counter his easy
    to see tail curl. He also can hit you with a hip check similar to Lagiacrus.
    His lasers are very simple to see coming. When Agnaktor clips his beak 
    together a few times, sidestep out of the way and get a few free hits on his
    face or chest. This first laser is a simple straight line and is very easy
    to avoid. 
    His second laser is a bit more annoying, as it can catch you off guard.
    Agnaktor will burrow underground and poke half his body out in a standing
    position. After this, he will click his beak a few time very fast, and a
    laser will shoot from in front of him, and circle all around his body. There
    are two ways to avoid this, either get as far away as possible, or get right
    under him and attack him. You can not block his lasers unless you have guard
    up, and it is pretty tough to normal dodge roll out of the way.
    When he goes underground, he isn't a problem, because you can block all of
    his attacks by standing still and blocking. As for what to counter, basically
    any hip check, or beak slam if you know you will not get hit by another slam
    before you can guard or counter again. If you did good on Lagiacrus on land,
    you should be just fine against this molten monstrosity.
                                    Ceadeus                                (ceds)
    Weakest to: Dragon/Lightning on the Beard
    This guy is about as easy as it gets. He is basically a rail boss, meaning he
    follows a specific pattern for pretty much everything he does. For the first
    half of the battle, you want to be attacking his beard. Just stab stab stab
    counter. You will have to back step quite a bit, but it doesn't make the
    battle any harder. It safest to attack the beard from the side, and attack 2
    or 3 times, them move over as he moves to avoid being hit by his fins.
    If you don't do enough damage by the time he gets to the first open arena 
    area, he will normally fight you a bit until you do enough damage, This 
    first part should not take long if you at least try to hit him. If you end
    up hitting him enough, he will break the rocks to the right at the end of
    the tunnel instead of the left.
    At the next part, you want to poke him enough to make him go into rage mode.
    When he does, fly up to the orange area and get ready to hit him with the
    dragonator as he swims by it. Then repeat hitting him again, and using the
    dragonator when it is ready again. Before long, the mission will end, and
    you will have successfully repelled the Ceadeus. You can take up the 
    mission again if you choose and he will keep all of his hp lost from the 
    round before.
    A note, when you start the mission again, or die, follow the rocks to the
    top right of the tent, and there will be a place you can jump into the
    water from. This jump will put you right in front of area 3.
                                  Jhen Mohran                              (jnmn)
    Weakest to: Dragon/Ice on weak spots
    The reason I say weak spots is because Jhen Mohran is a scripted battle 
    similar to Ceadeus. Your goal is to protect the boat while either causing 
    Jhen to repel when there is one minute left, or kill him. 
    The boat has many defenses to help you with this task. The first is the 
    hunting gong, which when struck, will cause Jhen to shutter back. This is
    to be used when Jhen is about to strike the boat from the sides. There is 
    also a balista binder in chest as you start the quest. You must have this 
    selected in your item pallet in order for it to be used, as well with 
    normal balista ammo. The final defense you have is the dragonator. Use this
    before Jhen strikes the boat from the front. There is an odd timing on the 
    dragonator, so use it about five(5) seconds before he hits the boat. 
    Now, yo should start by taking some balista ammo from the front of the 
    boat, and shoot Jhen until he is right next to the boat. If you have a 
    strong enough weapon, you will do more damage than the boat weapons when
    you attack the blue section on the skin. After a bit longer, Jhen will 
    allow you to jump on his fins and climb on to his back. Do this work as
    a team to break both of the spinal cavities for some good damage on him.
    Usually after he swims back down after this attack, he will ram the boat
    with his tusks, so use the gong before he can do so. Then just continue
    the fight as normal, jumping on the tusks and back again to finish breaking
    the spinal cavities.
    Once about 16 minutes remain on the clock, you will enter phase two of the
    battle. Start by collecting balista ammo, and shooting him. Keep this up
    for basically the rest of the fight while protecting the ship from his
    various attacks. If you have a strong enough weapon, you can attack the
    arms to break them, and then his belly. The trick to attacking the belly is
    simple. Attack his belly until you see his arms move, then hold a counter.
    This will hurt him, push you back for more hits on him, and keep you at good
    health. Just remember to get away when he starts to puff his belly, as he
    will either swipe his belly, or belly flop.
    Try to designate one person for ship defenses as well, that way, you don't
    have 2 people running everything and using the binder and gong at the same
    time. In phase two, remember you still have the dragonator from before, it's
    just turned to the side of the boat to hit him. This battle should not be
    hard if you have somewhat competent teammates.
                                     Deviljho                              (djho)
    Weakest to: Dragon on the stomach
    You've probably seen this guy before in a high rank Qurupeco hunt. He is
    nasty, and will eat anything he sees, including his own tail if you cut it
    off. He is in rage mode a good amount of the fight, and any attack from him
    will hurt pretty bad. His most dangerous attack is the jumping bite, as it
    takes a lot of hp, gives him stamina, and the only real way to get him off
    in time is to dung bomb him, so be sure to bring some with you.
    Try to have the skill evade up so you can cover more ground and actually be
    safe a lot of the fight. The safest place to be is under belly, as his only
    real dangerous attack is the stomp, and the step back dragon breath. Jho does
    not have that many safe openings though. You could think it's ok to attack
    one minute then you end up losing a chunk of health due to a random bite or
    tail swing.
    When Jho goes into rage mode, his belly becomes inflamed and it takes much
    more damage than usual. Take full advantage of this, as there aren't too many
    attacks that can hit you from here. Having evade up here is useful because
    you can usually go under him in one or two hops and continue poking away at
    His only real dangerous attack for you is his rapid bites, as the tail can
    actually hit you if you are unlucky. Most of his attacks can be effectively
    countered, so take full advantage over that. If he decides to shoot dragon
    breath, and are unsure of where to block, just block facing his head. Evade
    up can also help you to go behind him during a breath and get some hits in.
    Overall, Jho isn't particularly a hard boss, just a long boss if you don't
    have good teammates, which I find is usually the case of course. Just always
    try to attack from the side or back, and stay away from his front, and you
    should be just fine.
                                     Alatreon                              (alon)
    Weakest to: Dragon on the head
    So you have been playing this game, and you'll always notice the rooms called
    Alatreon (skilled players only). You always wonder, how hard can a monster be?
    So you work hard to get your hr to 50 so you can fight this beast.
    The Glittering Black Dragon, is the hardest monster in Monster Hunter Tri.
    This does not particularly mean he is extremely hard though. The first time
    you fight him, you probably are going to die a bit because you don't know 
    what to expect, so before you go online and fight him with people, fight him
    a bit to see his attacks and what he is capable of.
    Once you feel relatively comfortable fighting him, feel free to give it a try
    with other people. Even if you die once or twice, as long as you are learning,
    you are going to be ok. He isn't honestly all that hard once you get his
    attacks down. To a lancer his only two threatening attacks are the jumping
    fire blast, and the dragon claw. Both of these attacks can be better avoided
    by using evade up again. Don't try to block the fire ball itself unless you
    are running guard up, though you can block the explosion from the actual
    impact, so be sure to do that even if you don't think you will get hit, as
    it has a huge range. When he does a standing fireball, be sure to get the
    hits on the head for some nice damage.
    His dragon claw is a little more annoying though, just any time you get a
    few attacks in on his chest, be ready to counter or dodge. He will either
    do a harmless turn and let you get more hits in, or he will dragon claw you.
    Better to be safe then sorry until you are able to recognize it efficiently.
    His other attacks are pretty harmless, such as his hop back and charge ahead
    attack, which you shouldn't even be in range of if you are attacking the 
    After a bit, Alatreon will get bored being on the ground and start flying.
    The best thing to do is time a flash bomb when he is doing the lightning
    strikes to the ground, since usually he goes in only two directions when he
    does it. You can also use it as soon as he starts flying, since he hovers
    in the direction he is facing when he begins to start flying.
    In the air, Alatreon has a few attacks, none of which are really dangerous.
    His most annoying is the Lightning strikes as he can combo you with them
    and potentially kill you, but you shouldn't really be near his range. You
    are usually safe high-Thrusting his feet from below, as most of his attacks
    will be in front of you, or just cause you to get hit by wind. Don't be
    scared of his ice tail when you are under him, because you will be safe if
    you are at least somewhat under him.
    When he is in the air, he can fly high in the sky and shoot ice breath. 
    Take this time to sharpen or eat something. About 50 icicles are about to
    fall from the sky, so be ready. The trick to avoiding this attack is to 
    simply watch the floor. The falling ice will make shadows where it is going
    to fall. He will land at one of two spots depending on what side he goes to,
    so remember those spots and get ready to attack when he comes down.
    A few things to note, there are two climbable walls, one on each side of 
    the map. If you get Alatreon to charge these, his head will get stuck so 
    you can get free hits on him. If you are still new to fighting him, I 
    recommend you bring 10 potions, 10 mega potions, 10 honey, and steaks, as 
    this will be a long fight usually.
    There are ways to shorten this, and the tactic widely used by players is
    something called sleep bombing. This is when everybody brings sleep 
    weapons, Great Azure in your case if you are lancing. You must also bring
    large barrel bombs, a few large barrel bomb+s, and materials to make at 
    least large barrel bombs. Most people use a combination of a few armor 
    pieces and the Uragaan+ set for bombardier, and you should try to get the 
    felyne pyro skill. The point of this is to sleep him, plant bombs near his
    head, wings or both depending on the party's preference, and kill him 
    quickly while breaking valuable parts for rare materials.
                              Weapon Recommendations                       (wrec)
    The best and most important weapons for any lancer to have are the weapons with
    High attack and element:
    -Sabertooth (G)
    -Amphirite (P)
    -Banderlance "Byakko"
    -Alatreon Gleam.
    Along with these, I recommend getting good status lances as well:
    -Gobululuka Muuraaka
    -Great Azure
    I do not feel it is necessary to write out how to make these, as there is a 
    lance weapon tree guide on the site. These are the lances to aim for, so get 
                                   Armor Skills                            (askl)
    So you picked up lancer, and you aren't exactly sure what armor sklills to go 
    for. There are so many skills out there, which are most important to have?
    Which skills are more needed than others? I'll list the really useful armor 
    skills you should have on. You should try for atlast two of the following 
    skills on a single set.
    Guard+2 -      This is the single most important skill any lance user should 
                   have. Without it, lancing loses it's effective ness by being 
                   unable to counter, and being knocked back every time you block.
    Evasion -      Evade is always nice to have. Not every attack thrown at 
                   you can be countered or blocked, especially if you are 
                   about to get hit by an attack that hits from the back or 
                   back sides. Evade ensures you will be safe by simply side 
                   stepping these problem attacks.
    Constitution - This is a skill that is very useful, or not so useful 
                   depending on your lancing style. A defensive lancer will 
                   find this much more useful than a more offensive lancer. I 
                   personally do not use this skill, as I never really run out 
                   of stamina, and find evasion itself to be much more useful.
    Evade Up -     I find this skill to be extremely useful. It not only 
                   increases the distance of your rolls, but you steps as well.
                   This skill is extremely good for positioning yourself so you 
                   are on a monster's weakest point. It's also the best way to 
                   dodge attacks that you normally can not dodge away from in 
    Sharpness+1 -  You can not go wrong with sharpness+1 ever. The extra damage
                   is very nice to have for almost any weapon out there. It may
                   not be as useful as guard+2 or evade, but it's still very
    Razor Sharp -  Being a lancer, you are going to have to sharpen a lot. This
                   skill havles the rate that you lose sharpness, so instead of
                   having to sharpen 3 times in a quest, you only have to 
                   sharpen once or twice.
    Element Atk -  Also not the best skill to have, but it's not bad to have at
                   all if you are a lancer. This skill gives a nice bonus to 
                   the overall attack of you lancer provided you use the right
                   element on a monster, and you use them in the most effective
                   weak spots.
    Status Atk -   This skill is also nice to have for a support lancer. Couple
                   this skill with a paralyze or sleep lance and you will be
                   an asset to the party you are in. Overall, it's a good skill,
                   but like a few others, it's not needed like a few other 
                   skills are.
                              Good Lancer Armor Sets                       (glas)
    Now that you know what armor skills are best to have for a lancer. You are 
    still not sure what armors to get yet though. There are so many to choose 
    from, what should you start with? I'll listthe armors in the order than you 
    see the monsters in single player and online.
    Quropeco set -   This armor set is from the second monster in the game, and is
                     actually good. It sports Evasion+1, which helps a lot as a
                     lancer early in the game.
    Gigginox set -   This is the next set that you should go for as a lancer.
                     Sporting Constitution+2, Status Attack Up, and Negate Poison.
                     The only downside to this set is that you have to fight Giggi
                     a lot for maws. To really take use of this set, you should
                     make the second paralyze lance you can make, which you need
                     an extra fearsom maw for. It's definitely worth it though.
                     Try to gem evade or guard if you have a charm of either.
    Lagiacrus set -  One of the best low rank armor sets in the game. If you want
                     to be a damaging lancer, use this set coupled with elemental
                     lances. This set has two good armor skills that a lancer
                     should carry, Elemental Attack Up, and Razor Sharp. It also
                     carries Olympic Swimmer, which is nice to have for under
                     water fights. This set also has enough slots for either 
                     Guard+1 or evasion+1.
    Agnaktor set -   This is the set you should have your sights on in low rank.
                     In my personal opinion, it is the best low rank armor set in
                     the game for lancers. This set is the only low rank set that
                     carries Guard+2, and guard boost isn't a bad skill to have.
                     If you have a decent evade charm, try gemming Evasion+1.
    Jaggi+ set -     I only reccomend this set because the defense boost from low
                     rank armor to high rank is very large. If you are still 
                     sporting low rank gear when you get to high rank, you are 
                     probably going to die quite a bit. Attack up (M) isn't too
                     bad, and you can always gem on another good skill.
    Gigginox+ set -  Same as the low rank set basically. It has pretty much the
                     same skills, and again, only really useful if you plan on
                     using status effect lances such as sleep or paralyze.
                     It's skills are better than Jaggi+, so I still recommend
                     picking it up to replace jaggi. Gem out health-10 and
                     gem in evadsion or guard as before.
    Barioth+ set -   Not too hard to make, comes with Evasion+2, and Evade Up.
                     I see no reason not to get this set. You can always try to
                     gem in guard+1 if you really need a bit of standing ground
                     when blocking, but this set is very good for manuevering
                     to a monster's weak point, and getting out just as fast
                     when you need to.
    Agnaktor+ Set -  This is pretty much going to be the base of you endgame
                     lance sets. It has great skills such as Guard+2 and Razor
                     Sharp. The armor itself also has a total of nine slots
                     to easily add an extra skill such as constituion+2, 
                     Evasion+2, or both at +1 with a decent charm. You pick 
                     what skill you feel you need the most to go along with this
                     set, but it should be the last set you will need.
                                Armor Combinations                         (acom)
    Please, If you have any armor combinations that you feel are effective for 
    lances, feel free to send them to my email: KuroShinnen@Gmail.com
    Please follow my format given below, and if a set is either impossible, not 
    necessary, or simply a bad set, I will not accept it. I will obviously give 
    credit where credit is due, I will use your email unless you add a name to
    use somewhere in the email. Again, please follow the format below. Any
    needed notes for the set can be added below the charm.
    "Super Guard" by: DaBurke
    Skills: Guard+2, Constitution+2, Flaming Aura, Razor Sharp, Short Sprinter
    Any Weapon
    Agnaktor Helm+
    Agnaktor Mail+ (Constitution+1)
    Agnaktor Vembraces+ (Constitution+3)(Constitution+1)
    Agnaktor Flauds+ (Constitution+3)(Constitution+1)
    Agnaktor Greaves+ (Constitution+3)
    Constitution+3 Charm
    "Quick Guard" by: DaBurke
    Skills: Guard+2, Evasion+2, Flaming Aura, Razor Sharp
    1 Slotted Weapon (Stamina+1)
    Agnaktor Helm+
    Agnaktor Mail+ (Evade+1)
    Agnaktor Vembraces+ (Evade+3)(Evade+1)
    Agnaktor Flauds+ (Evade+3)(Evade+1)
    Agnaktor Greaves+ (Evasion+3)
    Evasion+3 Charm
    "Evasion Set" by: DaBurke
    Skills: Guard+2, Evasion+1, Evade up
    1 Slotted Weapon (Evade Dist+1)
    Agnaktor Helm+
    Agnaktor Mail+ (Evade+1)
    Barioth Vembraces+ (Evade Dist+1)
    Barioth Flauds+ (Evade Dist+4)
    Barioth Greaves+
    Guard+5 charm
                               Closing Statements                          (clst)
    I actually had a lot of fun making this guide. I hope to hear you emails about
    more tips you may have for lances, opinions on the guide, suggestions, and 
    armor combination contributions. As stated above, this is a guide created by
    me for use of GameFAQs alone. This guide may not be hosted under any other
    site, or under any other person's name. Thank you, and good luck hunting.
                                     Credits                               (crts)
    Capcom - For making this game
    Protopethunter - For looking over the guide and making corrections to it.

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