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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Bravepower

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 07/16/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Monster Hunter Tri is a game which is full of many details which often go
    unnoticed by players. Some of the tips in this guide are mentioned in places
    which can be easily glossed over, such as in the game's manual or in-game
    dialog. Other things are totally unmentioned and have been gleaned from playing
    through the game or from helpful players.
    The goal behind this guide is to collect useful or obscure game information in
    one place, and to answer questions which are often raised by players. It also
    serves as a reference for new players who don't know some of the game's
    intricacies or social "do"s and "do-not"s.
    I primarily play bowguns so I cannot offer any tips on using melee weapons. If
    you have any weapon tips you would like to share that aren't explained in the
    game or that most people don't know, please drop me a line and I will add it to
    this guide.
    You can search for different sections of this guide using the labels in square
    brackets [XXX] and curly braces {XXX} shown in the table of contents. In most
    web browsers and text editors you can press Ctrl+F on your keyboard to do a
    text search.
    1.      TABLE OF CONTENTS                                               [TOC]
            1.      TABLE OF CONTENTS                                       [TOC]
            2.      VERSION HISTORY                                         [VER]
            3.      FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                              [FAQ]
                    How long should I spend offline?                {QOFF}
                    How do I rank up further?                       {QRNK}
                    How do I add friends online?                    {QFRN}
                    How do you type fast online?                    {QTYP}
                    How do I get Wii Speak working?                 {QSPK}
                    What are the question marks in the menus?       {QQMK}
                    How can I have a meal in the city?              {QMEL}
                    How does Capture Guru work?                     {QCPG}
                    Hunt, Capture, Slay, Repel differences?         {QQST}
                    What is the Recruiting server?                  {QRCR}
                    Why doesn't anyone help me with my urgent?      {QURG}
                    Why do people think Auto-Guard is for noobs?    {QATG}
                    How can I pause the game?                       {QPAU}
                    How can I quickly get Kelbi Horns?              {QKBH}
                    How do I get Super-Sized Dung?                  {QSSD}
                    How do I make Goldenfish Bait?                  {QGFB}
                    How do I get Honey fast?                        {QHNY}
                    How do I get Thunderbugs fast?                  {QTDB}
                    What is this Desire Sensor I hear of?           {QDSR}
                    What's so great about 10-person cities?         {QTPC}
            4.      HINTS & TIPS                                            [TIP]
                    BBQing & Meat                                   {BBQ}
                    Bowgun Combat                                   {GUN}
                    Carving & Gathering                             {CRV}
                    Chat Whispers                                   {WSP}
                    Combining Items/Combo Books                     {CMB}
                    Custom Armor Colors                             {COL}
                    Custom Shout-Outs                               {SHO}
                    Escaping Status Effects                         {EST}
                    Diminishing Return                              {DIM}
                    Felynes, Melynxes & Stolen Items                {LYN}
                    Gate Chat                                       {GCT}
                    Gate Search                                     {GSC}
                    Gathering Materials From Neopterons             {NPT}
                    Inflicting Status Effects                       {IST}
                    Keyboard Commands                               {KBC}
                    Memo List                                       {MEM}
                    Monster List                                    {MLS}
                    Pinging the Map                                 {PNG}
                    Quest Search                                    {QSC}
                    Quest Rewards                                   {QRW}
                    Rage Mode                                       {RGE}
                    Rathian/Rathalos In D. Island                   {RTH}
                    Selling Items From the Item Box                 {SLL}
                    Shortcuts                                       {SHC}
                    Skills                                          {SKL}
                    Skipping Cutscenes and Videos                   {SCN}
                    Skipping NPC Dialog                             {SDL}
                    Torches                                         {TCH}
                    Trader Schedule                                 {TRS}
                    Trading Items                                   {TRD}
                    Tracking Monsters                               {TRK}
                    Underwater Manuevering                          {UND}
                    Zooming In the Map                              {ZOM}
            5.      TACTICS & STRATEGIES                                    [TAC]
                    Dung, Flash, Sonic and Smoke Bombs              {BMB}
                    Status Tactics                                  {STT}
                    Sleep Bombing                                   {SBM}
                    Support                                         {SUP}
                    Tanking                                         {TNK}
            6.      CHALLENGES                                              [CLG]
            7.      CREDITS, CONTACT & LEGAL                                [CRD]
    2.      VERSION HISTORY                                                 [VER]
            - July 16, 2010 -
    Corrections in many areas of the FAQ. Thanks for all of your input! Removed the
    Arena Mode section as a whole FAQ should be dedicated to that. Also allowing
    Neoseeker to host this guide.
    Credit for this update goes to:
    - GameFAQs MH3 board: Beck225, omgwtflolbbl, apolloflameowns, xiao1985,
    - Email: Kris "Kazar Sanaga" Livermore
    I will get around to organizing the information in this guide by category
    instead of alphabetically at a later date. :)
            - June 9, 2010 -
    Began working on this Monster Hunter Tri FAQ. I have been using the Classic
    Controller 2 control setting, so let me know if there are any unmentioned
    differences in the controls schemes for the Wii Remote + Nunchuck and Classic
    Controller 1 options.
    3.      FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                      [FAQ]
    Q:      How much should I play offline before going online? {QOFF}
            It is generally agreed that you should at least finish the two-star
            quests (be sure to slay and capture the Great Jaggi) before going
            online. This will ensure you know enough about the game to play it
            without asking questions during combat.
            I personally recommend fighting the Qurupeco and Royal Ludroth offline
            so you have some experience with the other beginning monsters.
    Q:      I can't gain any more ranks. How do I rank up further? {QRNK}
            You have hit the HRP cap for your Hunter Rank, and you must complete
            the urgent quest given to you before you can continue. These exist to
            prevent people from gaining ranks by repeatedly doing easy quests.
    Q:      How do I add friends online? {QFRN}
            In order to add someone to your friend list, you must send them a
            message with Add Friend set to "Yes". Note that uf you receive a friend
            request from someone and you wish for them to see when you're online,
            you must reply back and get them to add you in return.
            There are multiple ways to add people to your friend list:
            - Face them in the city (a red arrow must be hovering over their head)
              and press A. Then select "Send Message", and ensure that Add Friend
              is set to "Yes" when you send.
            - Do a Player Search in the menu for that person's name or ID, then
              send them a message with Add Friend set to "Yes".
    Q:      How does everyone type so fast online? {QTYP}
            They are using keyboards. Simply plug in any USB keyboard into the back
            of your Wii and it will work. (It works with the Internet Channel too!)
            USB keyboards come cheap these days, so get one if you haven't already.
            I suggest using a wireless keyboard so you don't have to sit so close
            to your TV.
            You can also use the shout-outs available from the menu to say pre-set
            things quickly.
    Q:      How do I get Wii Speak working with Monster Hunter Tri? {QSPK}
            Make sure you have Wii Speak enabled in the Options menu.
            You have to add your friends using the Wii Speak channel before you can
            hear and chat to them in Monster Hunter Tri. Yes, this means that
            anyone without Wii Speak cannot hear you. This means you cannot speak
            to any random people using voice chat.
            To think we lost 10-person cities because of this.
    Q:      What are all these question marks I see in the menus? {QQMK}
            You can view more information about anything in the menus marked with a
            big question mark. This includes armor skills, kitchen skills and
            forging materials. Simply hold the B button on the Wii Remote and aim
            the cursor at the marked item.
    Q:      How can I have a meal in the online city? {QMEL}
            You can have a meal by sitting down at any of the tables once you join
            a city. This only works if you haven't yet joined a quest.
            You can find out what the kitchen skills do by holding B on the Wii
            Remote and pointing at them on-screen.
    Q:      How does Capture Guru work? {QCPG}
            Capture Guru lets you know when a monster is weak enough to capture. To
            use it, you must keep the enemy painted. When it can be captured, the
            paint symbol on the map will flash white.
            The skill can also be used to let you know when a monster is near
            death. This can be helpful during very long monster fights, although
            you may prefer more useful skills.
    Q:      What's the difference between "Hunt", "Capture", "Slay" and "Repel"?
            "Hunt" means you can either kill or capture the monster to successfully
            complete the quest.
            "Capture" means you must capture the monster. If it dies, the quest is
            "Slay" means you must kill the monster. This only appears for certain
            special quests.
            "Repel" means you must damage the monster enough for it to flee. This
            only appears for certain special quests.
    Q:      What is the Recruiting server? {QRCR}
            This is probably the best server you can choose, especially in high
            rank. In Recruiting, you can specify the HR limit of the room, your
            goal and what you're seeking. This gives a heck of a lot more control
            over the sorts of quests you'll undertake.
            If you're farming Uragaan Rubies, you could create this room:
            HR Limit: High
            Goal: Uragaan
            Seeking: Gathering Rare Materials
            With this setup, only HR 31+ people can join the room, and they will
            know that you want to focus on hunting Uragaan for rare materials.
    Q:      Why do people not want to help me with my urgent quest? {QURG}
            People will often turn you down if you join an existing room asking for
            help with your urgent quest. It is rude to barge in and hijack the
            quest board. If you want help with your urgent, I suggest going to the
            Recruiting server and setting up a room with the appropriate info.
            For example:
            HR Limit: None
            Goal: 1* Urgent Quest
            Seeking: Everyone welcome!
    Q:      Why does everyone think Auto-Guard is for noobs? {QATG}
            Auto-Guard is only useful if you aren't blocking when you should be.
            When you have enough experience in the game, you should know when to
            guard enemy attacks. Once you can guard every hit, this skill is
            useless. Furthermore, an Auto-Guard + 10 charm is given to you early in
            offline mode, so it implies that you haven't played the game for very
            Auto-Guard is also triggered when your teammates attack you, so it can
            drain your stamina unnecessarily.
            Auto-Guard also doesn't work with long swords, switch axes, hammers and
            Simply put, your skill points which can be put to better use on other
            skills. Auto-Guard really only exists as a helper skill for new
    Q:      How can I pause the game? {QPAU}
            You can pause the game in offline mode by pressing the Home button on
            the Wii Remote or Classic Controller. This cannot be done online.
    Q:      How can I quickly get Kelbi Horns? {QKBH}
            The chance of gathering Kelbi Horns is increased by knocking them out.
            Sword & shield users can do this by bashing them with their shield.
            Great Sword users can do a sword kick-slap to knock them out.
            Hammer users also have a high chance of knocking Kelbi out.
            Lance users can do a shield bash to knock them out. (Testing needed)
    Q:      Where can I get Super-Sized Dung? {QSSD}
            You must go into Moga Woods when the Village Chief's Son's forecast
            says Herbivores Breeding. You must slay a giant Aptonoth (it'll be much
            bigger than normal). When you return to the village, talk to the
            Village Chief's Son and select "Hunt Report". Super-Sized Dung will
            appear in the Hunt Report item box. You can get multiple Super-Sized
            Dungs by slaying multiple giant Aptonoths. They will respawn over time.
    Q:      How do I make Goldenfish Bait? {QGFB}
            You must combine Snakebee Larva and Fireflies. Snakebee Larva are
            gatherable at honeycombs - there are many in Moga Woods areas 2 and 3.
            You can trade with the Argosy Captain for Fireflies.
    Q:      I don't have enough Honey! How can I get more? {QHNY}
            Instead of gathering from beehives every quest, you can get the farms
            in the village to generate Honey for you. You must play far enough to
            receive the honey box villager's request. When you complete this, you
            will be able to cultivate honey.
    Q:      I don't have enough Thunderbugs! How can I get more? {QTDB}
            Unfortunately, Thunderbugs cannot be cultivated. Most of the time you
            will have to gather them using your Bug Nets.
            Sometimes Thunderbugs are available from the Pint-Sized Peddler in the
            online city. See the Trader Schedule {TRS} for more information.
    Q:      What's this about a Desire Sensor I keep hearing about? {QDSR}
            The Desire Sensor is a popular joke among online gaming communities
            which states that the game detects which items you want and then makes
            them really hard to get. This is just a joke and is untrue.
    Q:      What's so great about 10-person cities anyway? {QTPC}
            Joining rooms would be much easier, especially in the Recruiting
            server when you're looking for something specific.
            You'll never be threatened by lower-rank people joining, taking up a
            player slot and refusing to leave.
            You can have multiple quests going on in one city - so the quest board
            is actually useful.
            Putting passwords and memos on quests could be actually useful.
            The "quest_members" whisper option is actually useful.
            Player interactions would generally be more lively and dynamic. Pretty
            much no one uses the gate chat, even though it works across all gates
            in the server.
    4.      HINTS & TIPS                                                    [TIP]
            BBQing & Meat {BBQ}
    There are two ways you can tell when the meat is well-cooked.
    You can listen to the musical jingle and memorise roughly when the meat is
    ready through trial-and-error. Using the single spit, this is around half a
    second after the jingle stops.
    You can also keep an eye on the meat's coloration. The meat will turn darker
    the longer it stays on the spit. When it darkens twice (the bone appears brown)
    it is well-done.
    Well-Done Steaks can be combined with Hot and Cool Drinks to create Hot Meat
    and Chilled Meat. These steaks can be used to replace keeping Hot and Cool
    Drinks in your inventory since they have the same effect.
    Dash Juice can be combined using Rare Steaks and Catalysts.
            Bowgun Combat {GUN}
    This section includes some general tips for bowgun combat.
    Light weight-class bowguns offer the ability to sidehop after firing. This has
    a fast recovery time and allows you to fire again in quick succession.
    Medium weight-class bowguns allow you to roll away after firing.
    Heavy weight-class bowguns are the least maneuverable and do not let you evade
    immediately after firing.
    If you have a shield on your gun's barrel, when it is out and you are not
    firing or reloading, it will automatically block frontal attacks.
    If you can tell a monster is about to roar, you should quickly reload your gun.
    Your character will cancel out of the reload animation when they cover their
    ears, but the gun will be fully reloaded. There is no extra delay for canceling
    out of a reload in this manner. This effectively decreases reload time to zero.
    One of the most reliable ways to target opponents is by using first-person aim
    mode. You can quickly switch between third-person (movement) and first-person
    modes by pressing R on the Classic Controller. This also works with the
    ballistae during the Ceadeus and Jhen Mohran quests.
    When in first-person mode, you can zoom in your view by pressing directions on
    the Classic Controller's directional pad.
    You can also hold the first-person aim button to go into quick aim mode. This
    allows you to move and aim at the same time.
    In first-person mode you can aim up and down, making it possible to hit flying
    enemies or enemies on walls or ceilings. If an enemy is KO'd or knocked over
    when flying, on a wall or the ceiling it will fall down to the ground.
            Carving & Gathering {CRV}
    It is possible to carve and gather slightly faster by crouching down first.
    This is particularly useful for monsters with more than three carves, such as
    Uragaan and Jhen Mohran.
            Chat Whispers {WSP}
    You can send whispers to other players in the same city by pressing the Tab key
    on your keyboard, the ZR button on the Classic Controller, or the 1 button on
    the Wii Remote. Press it multiple times to cycle through the players' names.
    If you are in a quest, you can chat to people in the lobby by whispering to
    The "quest_members" name appears in the city if you have joined a quest. This
    sends the message only to people who have joined the same quest as you. This
    really has no useful effect in the NA and EU versions of MH3 - however, the JP
    version allows up to 10 players per city so this is actually useful there.
            Combining Items/Combo Books {CMB}
    Items can be combined in your item box by selecting Manage Items in the item
    box menu.
    You can view a list of the combination recipes you have discovered by going to
    your Hunter's Notes (- and R using the Classic Controller) and selecting Combo
    If you need to combine a lot of the same item, you can hold the A button down
    instead of repeatedly pressing it. This is useful when using Speed Combos
    during combat.
    Speed Combos are available in the menu if you need to combine items during
    combat. This is particularly useful for gunners who can benefit from combining
    more ammunition on the fly.
    Combo Books boost your combination rates. There are a total of 5 books which
    can give a maximum combination rate boost of 45%. Higher-numbered Combo Books
    require the lower-numbered volumes to work. The effect of the books are as
    Combo Book 1: +5%
    Combo Book 2: +5%
    Combo Book 3: +10%
    Combo Book 4: +10%
    Combo Book 5: +15%
    If you are combining items in your item box, you can leave the Combo Books in
    the box.
            Custom Armor Colors {COL}
    After defeating your first Lagiacrus, the Symbol Color option will be unlocked.
    You can change the Symbol Color by going to the item box in your room or in the
    armorer in Loc Lac and choosing Change Appearance. The Symbol Color changes the
    color of some parts of your armor, usually smaller parts such as the armor
    lining or decorations. You are given the option of red, blue or white.
    Customizable pigmentation is available for high-rank armor sets. These are
    obtainable by upgrading low-rank armor to a higher rarity, or by default on
    high-rank armor sets available above HR 31. You can customize the colors of
    individual armor pieces using 12 color swatches. After defeating Alatreon, you
    can use the color picker to change it to any color. This is also available in
    the Change Appearance menu in your item box.
            Custom Shout-Outs {SHO}
    You can customize the shout-outs available to anything you want. Simply open
    the menu and select Shout-Outs to edit them.
            Diminishing Return {DIM}
    Status effects and traps have diminishing returns when used repeatedly.
    When an enemy has been affected by a status, its status counter (see Status
    Effects) is reset to a higher value each time. This means it takes longer to
    inflict statuses the more you use them.
    Every time an enemy is affected by a Pitfall Trap or a Shock Trap, it gains
    resistance to that trap type. The next time it is affected, it will not last
    for as long. If a trap type is used 4 times, the monster may only be held for a
    couple of seconds before breaking free.
            Escaping Status Effects {EST}
    Fireblight can be removed by rolling 3 or 4 times. Rolling in water will
    instantly extinguish the flames.
    You can speed up your escape from sleep, mud/snow, KO and paralysis by mashing
    buttons, rotating the control sticks and/or waving the Wii Remote.
    When pinned by a monster, mashing buttons, rotating the control sticks and/or
    waving the Wii Remote will help you free yourself faster. Tossing a Dung Bomb
    at the monster will instantly free you as well.
    Kicking a teammate will remove sleep, drowsiness, and mud/snow status from
    Using an attack that would normally send a teammate flying will free them from
            Felynes, Melynxes & Stolen Items {LYN}
    The white cats, Felynes, are passive and will not attack you unless they are
    hit (by you or another enemy).
    Felynes and Melynxes will attack any allies or enemies which have been hit by
    a Felvine Bomb.
    The black cats, Melynxes, are aggressive and will steal items from you when
    they hit you. You can get the stolen items back once it is killed (however
    instead of visually dying, the cat will jump into the ground). If you don't
    manage to kill it, you can also get the items back at Felyne Statues. These
    show a yellow question mark when you face them.
    Melynxes will not steal items above a certain rarity.
    If you keep Felvine in your inventory, Melynxes will steal that first instead
    of your other items.
            Gate Chat {GCT}
    You can chat with anyone who is in the same server and hasn't joined a city yet
    by typing while in the city gate. This is a useful way if you want to find
    team members or to socialize with more than four people.
    Gate chat will be sent to everyone listed in the Gate Search list. (See below.)
            Gate Search {GSC}
    The Gate Search option (available by going to the menu and selecting Player
    Search > Gate Search) displays a list of all players who are in the server who
    haven't yet joined a city.
    If you need a fourth player and there is someone who is around your level, you
    could try asking them if they want to join through a message.
    Please don't pester people using this functionality, however.
            Gathering Materials From Neopterons {NPT}
    Neopterons are the exoskeletal bug-like creatures in Monster Hunter. Monster
    Hunter Tri has two types: Bnahabras and Altaroths. You will notice that
    Neopterons are likely to disintegrate when killed due to their brittle
    exoskeletons. This can make gathering materials from them long and frustrating.
    The best way to kill them without causing them to disintegrate is to cause the
    poison status on them. Simply poison them and wait for them to die.
    Bowgunners are the best at killing Neopterons thanks to Poison S, which deals
    minimal physical damage while still causing the poison status.
    A weak Sword & Shield with poison is also a good option for killing Neopterons.
    Low-rank Neopteron quests provide you with Poison Smoke Bombs to help you
    gather from these monsters.
            Inflicting Status Effects {IST}
    Hidden counters are used to determine when an enemy will be affected by
    statuses. Each status attack which connects will reduce that status's counter
    by a certain amount. When the counter reaches zero, the enemy will be affected
    by the status. This means that every status attack counts towards causing
    It is necessary to continually attack enemies with the same status type until
    it is inflicted, as the status counters recover over time.
    For more detailed information about status effects, go to STATOL in Lord
    Grahf's MH3 Damage Formula FAQ:
            Keyboard Commands {KBC}
    If you have plugged a USB keyboard into your Wii, you can use some hotkeys as
    shortcuts for different actions.
    Ctrl + F1-F12: Use the corresponding shout-outs in the Shout-Outs menu.
    Shift + F1-F12: Use the corresponding gestures in the Gestures menu.
            Memo Pad {MEM}
    The Memo Pad can be accessed from your Hunter's Notes in the menu. It is used
    to keep track of items that you want. When an item is on the Memo List, if you
    gather or carve it a different sound will play.
    Items can be added to the Memo Pad from the forging/upgrading screens and the
    Villager Request screen.
    You can add items to your Memo Pad by following these steps:
    1. Hold B on the Wii Remote to activate the cursor.
    2. Point the reticule at the desired item and hold A to grab it.
    3. Drag the reticule to the book at the bottom-right of the screen and
       release A.
    Once an item has been added to the Memo Pad it remains there until you choose
    to remove it. In the Memo Pad you can view information about the item,
    - Item name
    - Amount needed
    - Amount owned (includes bags and item box)
    - Item description
            Monster List {MLS}
    The Monster List can be accessed from your Hunter's Notes in the menu. It is
    empty by default, and you can add new monsters using your Wii Remote using the
    following steps:
    1. Get the monster you want to add in visual range.
    2. Open the Hunter Notes. (- and R on the Classic Controller)
    3. Hold B on the Wii Remote to activate the cursor.
    4. Point the cursor at the monster and hold A to grab it.
    5. Drag the cursor to the book at the bottom-right of the screen and
       release A.
    Once a monster has been added to the Monster List it remains there permanently.
    In the Monster List you can view information about them, including:
    - Monster name
    - Monster icon
    - Number killed
    - Number captured
    - Longest hunted
    - Shortest hunted
    - General description
            Pinging the Map {PNG}
    You can alert your teammates to your location by pinging the map. Press - and
    then + on the Classic Controller to send a ping.
    This can be used to let your teammates know that the monster you're hunting is
    in the same area as you.
    Pinging the map can also be used to help your team sync your attacks. For
    example, if you've agreed to sleep bomb the enemy, you can let your teammates
    know when to stop attacking by pinging the map. You should discuss this with
    them beforehand so they know what the signal means.
    In offline mode, you can activate Cha-Cha's mask abilities by pinging the map.
            Quest Search {QSC}
    The Advanced Search board at the city gate searches for rooms in all city gates
    within the server. This is generally more useful than looking at the available
    cities in your current gate.
            Quest Rewards {QRW}
    When sending items to the item box, remember to press the Send To Box button
    before exiting the screen.
    You can quickly sell the remaining items in your Quest Rewards box by pressing
    the B button at the Quest Rewards screen. It will always prompt you for
    confirmation before selling everything.
            Rage Mode {RGE}
    Enraged monsters are more dangerous than normal. They move faster, deal more
    damage, and may even have more moves. They are also not affected by Flash Bombs
    and Sonic Bombs while enraged.
    When monsters enter rage mode, they will roar or scream. Different monsters
    have different visual cues which let you know they are enraged. Often they will
    blow puffs of steam or black smoke from their nostrils. When in the dark, their
    eyes will change color to yellow or red.
            Rathian/Rathalos In D. Island {RTH}
    It is possible to fight Rathian and Rathalos only in area 8 (the wyvern's nest)
    when hunting them in the Deserted Island/Moga Woods map. If they fly away or
    are not in that area, simply pick up a Wyvern Egg from the nest in the middle
    of the area and hold it for a while. Rathian/Rathalos will fly back to the
    nest. This occurs because Rathian and Rathalos will attempt to follow anyone
    holding Wyvern Eggs.
            Selling Items From the Item Box {SLL}
    Items can be sold directly from your item box by going to Manage Items and
    choosing Sell Items.
            Shortcuts {SHC}
    Some maps have shortcuts from the Base Camp:
    - In Desert Island, swim into the underwater hole to reach area 9.
    - In Sandy Plains, jump into the well to reach area 7.
    - In Flooded Forest, dive in to the deep water to the north to reach area 6.
    In Flooded Forest, from the upper level of Area 8, jump off the cliff edge in
    the south near the Area 1 entrance to reach the water area. Climb the vines to
    go back up.
    In Desert Island, climb the vines at Area 11 to reach the Wyvern Nest, Area 8.
            Skills {SKL}
    You can view descriptions of Skills by holding B on the Wii Remote and aiming
    the cursor at the skill name on-screen. The description tells you what the
    skill does and how many skill points are required for the skills to take
    Skills do not take effect until enough skill points have been accumulated on
    your equipment. For example, having Attack + 9 will not cause you to get
    the Attack Up (S) skill, while Attack + 10 will. The same occurs for negative
    skills: having Attack - 9 will not give you Attack Down (S), while Attack - 10
    The Status Attack Down and Status Attack Up skills also affect the Tranq status.
    If you have Status Attack Down, it may take an extra Tranq Bomb to capture the
            Skipping Cutscenes and Videos {SCN}
    You can skip cutscenes (such as the monster intro videos) and fixed camera
    angles (such as when the monster dies, using the Dragonator and when fishing
    Gobul out) by pressing +.
    In order to skip the Jhen Mohran intro cutscene, all players must press +.
    Otherwise anyone who skips the video will have to wait on the loading screen
    while the other players watch it.
    The Alatreon intro cutscene can only be skipped by the person who posted the
            Skipping NPC Dialog {SDL}
    You can skip unnecessary NPC dialogue by pressing the B button. If the dialog
    box has a red border, it is important and cannot be skipped in this manner.
            Torches {TCH}
    Torches can only be obtained from the supply box at the camp area, or in area
    1 of Moga Woods.
    Sword and Shield users have the advantage of being able to hold lit torches
    while having their weapon drawn. No other weapon class can do this.
    Certain enemies are afraid of fire and will keep away from people holding
    torches, such as Jaggis, Baggis and Giggis.
    Bnahabras (the flying bugs) will move closer to people holding torches, and
    will fly more steadily around them. This can make them easier to hit.
    When holding a lit torch, you can use items, gather, mine and light cave
    torches without putting the torch away by pressing R+A on the Classic
    Note that you run slightly slower while holding a torch.
            Trader Schedule {TRS}
    The traders in Loc Lac, the online city, follow a schedule for when they have
    special offers. The schedule repeats every 11 days, as follows:
    1.  Half-Off
    2.  -
    3.  Captain Tool - sells Raw Meat and Bomb Casings
    4.  -
    5.  Trading Lady - sells the Prize Gold Sword furnishing
    6.  -
    7.  Pint-Sized Peddler - sells Thunderbugs and Wyvern Claws
    8.  -
    9.  Trading Lady
    10. -
    11. -
            Trading Items {TRD}
    You can trade items with other players in the item menu. Simply select the item
    and then select "Give". This can be done in the city or during quests.
    You can only trade items that are of rarity 1 to 3. Items RARE4 and above
    cannot be traded.
    Gunners can use extra ammunition of their teammates carry the ammo or
    combination materials for them.
            Tracking Monsters {TRK}
    There are three ways of tracking monsters. They all cause a pink circular icon
    to show up on the map where the monster is. It is recommended you take a Map
    from the quest supply box so that you can tell exactly which area the monsters
    are in.
    The most common way of tracking monsters is to throw Paintballs or fire Paint S
    at the monster. The paint icon will stay up for a long period of time before
    Large painted monsters appear as a large pink dot on the map. Small painted
    monsters show up as a smaller yellow dot.
    You can use a Psychoserum to cause all large monsters to show up on the map for
    a short period of time.
    The Felyne skill "Felyne Oracle" acts like an automatic Psychoserum. At the
    start of the quest, all monsters will appear on the map for a short period of
    time. It is recommended that you quickly pick up a Map from the supply box
    before the icons disappear.
    You can also use the Detect or Auto-Tracker skills. Detect acts like a
    permanent Psychoserum. Auto-Tracker is like Detect but gives you the extra
    ability of telling the monsters' general shapes and the direction they are
    facing. The Hunter's armor set is a cheap low-rank armor set which gives both
    the Auto-Tracker and Map skills.
            Underwater Manuevering {UND}
    You can evade up or down by pressing the ZL and ZR buttons respectively. You
    can continue swimming in these directions at no extra stamina cost by holding
    these buttons.
    With a Sword & Shield equipped, you can immediately evade up or down by holding
    up or down on the left analog stick after an attack.
            Zooming In the Map {ZOO}
    The map can be zoomed in pressing - and then Y on the Classic Controller. The
    zoomed-in version shows only the area you are currently in.
    If you are using Capture Guru and cannot see the monster's icon on the map
    because your allies' icons are covering it, zooming in the map will make it
    more visible.
    x.      TACTICS & STRATEGIES                                            [TAC]
            Pitfall and Shock Traps {TRP}
            Dung, Flash, Sonic and Smoke Bombs {BMB}
            DUNG BOMBS
    Causes a vile stench where it lands. The Dung Bomb must hit an enemy for it to
    Use Dung Bombs if you want to ward off monsters. For example, if Qurupeco calls
    in a Rathian, you can toss a Dung Bomb at the Rathian and it may fly away to a
    different area.
    Dung Bombs can also be useful if you or an ally is pinned down by a large
    monster. Toss the Dung Bomb at the monster and it will release its captive.
            FLASH BOMBS
    Flash Bombs can stun enemies with a bright flash. They must explode within the
    enemy's visual range for them to work. Generally it is a better idea to toss
    them backwards than towards the monster.
    Flash Bombs do not work on Gobul.
    It is not recommended to spam Flash Bombs repeatedly as this will disorient
    your fellow teammates.
            SONIC BOMBS
    Causes a high-frequency sound when thrown. Has a different effect on different
    Sonic Bombs interrupt Leviathans such as Royal Ludroth while underwater, and
    can cause them to drop items. (Confirmation needed for Lagiacrus and other
    Sonic Bombs cause a pitfall effect on underground monsters (such as Gobul,
    Diablos or Agnaktor). Simply throw the Sonic Bomb when the enemy is underground
    and it will rise up out of the ground. This does not work if the monster is
    You can use Sonic Bombs to cancel out Qurupeco's calls.
            SMOKE BOMBS
    Creates a large cloud of smoke where it explodes. If an enemy hasn't seen you
    yet, you can toss a Smoke Bomb to prevent it from seeing you as quickly.
    One possible tactic is tossing a Smoke Bomb before combat, laying down a
    Poisoned/Tinged/Drugged Meat and watching the monster eat it from safety.
    Creates a small poison cloud at your feet. Any monsters which touch the cloud
    will be poisoned. This weapon is very short-ranged so use it carefully.
            Status Tactics {STT}
    Status Tactics can be an effective way to take down difficult enemies. It is
    suggested that 2 or more people in your team focus on status effects for
    maximum effectiveness (the more people the better). See {IST} for more
    information on inflicting status effects.
    During the time an enemy is affected by a status, any further status attacks
    will not have an effect - e.g. if an enemy is poisoned, hitting it with further
    Poison Bombs will not cause it to become poisoned again faster. You should
    focus on attacks or other statuses while it is affected.
    To get maximum effectiveness, make sure you have the Status Attack Up skill.
    Status effects have diminishing returns when used repeatedly. When an enemy has
    been affected by a status, its status counter is reset to a higher value each
    time. This means it takes longer to inflict statuses the more you use them.
    Reduces the enemy's health over time. Purple bubbles rise out of its head.
    - Bring Poisoned Meat (see Exhaust below).
    - Blademasters can bring poison weapons.
    - Gunners can bring Poison S Lv1 and Lv2. Huskberries, Bone Husk S and
      Toadstools can be used to combine more ammunition.
    Causes the enemy to stay motionless for a short time, giving you the
    opportunity to heal up or attack. Yellow electricity zaps over its body.
    - Bring Tinged Meat (see Exhaust below).
    - Blademasters can bring paralysis weapons.
    - Gunners can bring Para S Lv1 and Lv2. Huskberries, Bone Husk S and
      Parashrooms can be used to combine more ammunition.
    Causes the enemy to be immobile for a period of time. Stars circle around its
    head. Generally caused by blunt impacts to the opponent's head.
    Any connecting attack which inflicts the KO/Stun status will produce a visible
    shockwave upon impact.
    - Blademasters can equip the Punishing Draw armor skill to stun opponents with
      draw attacks.
    - Hammer users specialize in causing the KO status. They must attack the
      enemy's head to cause KO.
    - Greatsword users can use the slap attack to stun opponents.
    - Sword & Shield users can shield bash to stun opponents.
    - Lance users can shield bash to stun opponents.
    - Gunners can cause stun opponents by aiming Exhaust S or Crag S at their head.
            FLASH BOMB
    Causes the enemy to be dazzled. It will attack blindly and at random. May
    cause monsters' attack patterns to be more unpredictable. Stars will circle
    around its head, similar to the KO status. Flash bombs, however, cause a
    different status effect from KO.
    Flash bombs must be thrown within the enemy's line of sight. Generally there
    is a better chance of success if you throw the bomb away from the enemy rather
    than towards it.
    Causes the enemy to fall asleep. It falls over, with blue bubbles rising out of
    its head. The battle music also stops playing when this happens.
    The first hit which connects with the enemy when it is sleeping deals double
    damage. Thus, it is a good idea to wake the enemy with a strong attack like a
    charged Great Sword attack, or through sleep bombing (see Sleep Bombing below).
    The sleep status can also be used to escape from difficult monsters, or for a
    short timeout for the team to heal up.
    - Bring Drugged Meat (see Exhaust below).
    - Blademasters can bring sleep weapons.
    - Gunners can bring Sleep S Lv1 and Lv2. Huskberries, Bone Husk S, Sleep Herbs
      and Sleepyfish can be used to combine more ammunition.
    Causes the enemy to slow down its movements. It may fall over when attacking or
    be knocked over more easily. Drool will visibly fall out of its mouth. The
    effect is intended to be similar to when a player's stamina bar has dropped to
    a low level.
    Exhaust is caused by any KO attack (see KO/Stun above) aimed at any part of the
    enemy's body apart from its head. Generally this includes blunt attacks and
    gunners' Exhaust S ammunition. It can also happen if the monster wears itself
    out from doing many attacks over time.
    Any connecting attack which inflicts the Exhaust status will produce a visible
    shockwave upon impact.
    - Hammer users can attack the monster's body to cause Exhaust.
    - Greatsword users can use the slap attack to Exhaust opponents.
    - Sword & Shield users can shield bash to Exhaust opponents.
    - Lance users can shield bash to Exhaust opponents.
    - Gunners can cause Exhaust opponents using Exhaust S or Crag S.
    Fatigued monsters will stay trapped in Pitfall Traps for a longer period of
    If a fatigued enemy goes into rage mode, it will no longer be fatigued once it
    has calmed down.
    The enemy may eventually move to another area to feast. It will regain its
    stamina while eating. Try to interrupt its meal. Deviljho will regain stamina
    with every bite it takes when it pins a player down.
    When an opponent is fatigued, try laying down a Poisoned Meat, Tinged Meat or
    Drugged Meat to cause a status effect on the opponent when it eats.
    - Gunners can bring Exhaust S. Bone Husk S and Dung can be used to combine
      more ammunition.
            Sleep Bombing {SBM}
    Sleep Bombing is a special status tactic that involves the use of Barrel Bombs.
    It can cause major damage to enemies, and can even be used to focus damage on
    particular enemy parts to break them.
    Alatreon has been taken down in 45 seconds using the bombing tactic:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i140KCB_D5M (END-GAME SPOILER WARNING)
    The benefit of sleep bombing is that the first attack which touches the enemy
    while it is sleeping does double damage. In order to maximize your damage
    output, place Large Barrel Bomb+ (LBB+) near the enemy, and make sure the
    detonating hit does not connect with the opponent.
    To detonate the bombs, you can use:
    - A timed Small Barrel Bomb. Place it far away so that its explosion does not
      connect with the sleeping monster.
    - A hammer's superpound outranges the LBB+'s explosion range and can be used
      from a safe distance.
    - A lance's shield poke can be used to detonate the bombs safely.
    - A shot from a bowgun. Aim the shot so that it doesn't hit the sleeping
      monster. The shot doesn't have to connect with the bombs to detonate them -
      it only needs to be near them.
    - A tossed Stone. Make sure the Stone doesn't hit the enemy first, or it will
      cause a grand total of 2 damage to it thanks to the damage bonus.
    - Last resort: a kick. Just for kicks.
    It is important to discuss this strategy with your teammates to make sure
    everyone is prepared to sleep bomb the monster.
    For sleep status:
            Blademasters can bring sleep weapons and Drugged Meat.
            Gunners can bring Sleep S Lv1 and Lv2. Huskberries, Bone Husk S, Sleep
            Herbs and Sleepyfish can be combined for more ammunition.
            You can use the Status Attack Up and Felyne Specialist skills to
            increase the number of times you can inflict the sleep status.
    For bombing:
            Blademasters can bring Barrel Bomb S, Barrel Bomb S+, Barrel Bomb L,
            Barrel Bomb L+, Scatterfish, Small Barrels and Large Barrels.
            Gunners can also use Crag S and Clust S to deal extra explosive damage
            - but only while the enemy isn't asleep.
            You can use the Bombardier and Felyne Pyro skills to increase your
            bomb damage further.
    When the monster falls asleep, the battle music stops. This is when everyone
    should stop attacking and switch to their Barrel Bombs. Each player places down
    as many bombs as possible at whatever part of the monster you want to damage.
    The bombs are then detonated using a timed bomb, a bowgun shot or, if all else
    fails, a hit or kick.
            Support {SUP}
    It is possible to play a support role in the game using various item
    Horns will affect everyone who can hear them - this means that anyone in the
    same area will receive the effects of the horn. Horns can be used multiple
    times, but there is a chance the horn will break with each use. This chance can
    be lowered with the Felyne Hornblower kitchen skill. The following horns can be
    bought or combined:
            - Hunting Horn: Draws enemy attention to you. Works across map zones.
            - Healing Horn: Restores a small amount of health to allies.
            - Antidote Horn: Removes poison from allies.
            - Demon Horn: Raises ally attack power.
            - Armor Horn: Raises ally defense.
    Lifepowder heals the entire party, much like a Healing Horn.
    Gunners can make use of Recov S Lv1 and Lv2 to heal allies. Recov S Lv1 heals
    30 health, while Recov S Lv2 heals 50 health. You can use the Tropeco Gun
    barrel to rapid-fire Recov S Lv1 for a total recovery of 90 health. Support
    gunners should bring at least 20 Huskberries, 10 Herbs and 10 Potions so that
    they can combine Recov S during combat. Do not worry about healing monsters
    which are near your teammates - the amount they are healed by Recov S is
    Gunners can also use Demon S Lv1 and Lv2 to raise ally attack power, and Armor
    S Lv1 and Lv2 to raise ally defense. These only need to be brought if dealing
    with a particularly hard enemy, or if the team doesn't have attack or defense
    boosts from their meals.
            Tanking {TNK}
    It is possible (though not recommended) to "tank" in Monster Hunter 3. The goal
    of this character setup is to draw enemy attacks so that your allies have an
    easier time fighting and surviving. This works particularly well if you have
    a high-rank character and you are fighting low-rank enemies. This is more of a
    novelty character setup than an actually reliable way of playing the game,
    In order to create a tank setup, you must have an armor set with very high
    defense, good ability to evade, good armor skills and good kitchen skills.
    It is recommended that you use a shielded weapon such as a lance to aid in
    blocking enemy attacks.
    Skills which raise your defense, evasion or stamina reduction when blocking
    are useful when tanking. You should make use of the negative skill Taunt
    (Sense - 10) to draw enemy attention more often.
    6.      CHALLENGES                                                      [CLG]
    This section is for challenges which players can set themselves to have some
    extra fun while playing Monster Hunter Tri. This can involve using certain
    equipment sets or strategies to take down specific enemies.
    If you have any suggestions for challenges, please e-mail me. My contact
    details are in the contact section below.
    - This section will be fleshed out at a later date. -
    7.      CREDITS, CONTACT & LEGAL                                        [CRD]
    [ Version 1.03 - Last updated July 16, 2010 ]
    This guide was made by Bravepower, AKA HolyMackerel. My Monster Hunter Tri
    character name is Revas, my Hunter ID is LC8M4F. Please don't add me because of
    this FAQ. My MH3 friend list is already full enough. :)
    Credit goes to the various threads around the internet asking for help and
    giving answers on different topics about the game and other players who have
    answered my questions. You can read these pages for more info and discussion.
    "things that took you way too long to figure out."
    "The "Stuff you should know about MHTri" Thread - Version 1.0"
    "Useful info v1.2 [Stuff you should know, things that took time to figure out]"
    If you have any feedback or information you think belongs in this guide, please
    e-mail me: phoenixfire49 \ at \ hotmail \ dot \ com
    I will not directly reply to any questions or comments which you send. If your
    question is significant, I will add it to this guide with an answer. Any info
    or corrections to this guide are welcome and appreciated.
    Copyright (C) 2010 Bravepower
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
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