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    Stray Beads FAQ by Ber_Zophus

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 09/01/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Author: Ber'Zophus
    E-mail: berzophus, at, sympatico.ca
    Creation Date: April 25, 2008
    Version: 1.01
    * 1.01 Update - Corrected some confusing patches, spelling, and provided a
    couple alternate ways to get bead #2 and #76.
    This guide was created for the purposes of finding all the stray beads.
    Locations, and the items/abilities necessary to get them are all provided.
    This guide is good for both the Wii and PS2 versions of the game.
    This is spoiler-free. The reward for getting all 100 beads is only spoiled at
    the very end of this FAQ. Hence, if you're curious what collecting all 100
    does, read the very last section of this file. I otherwise won't spoil it, but
    like the game says, it's quite the reward.
    Note that not a SINGLE stray bead can be missed. If you have access to the
    world, and the prerequisites, you can get to any of the stray beads in the
    world at any time (...except after the point of no return, and the game even
    tells you when that is).
    Directions like North, South, East, and West are relative to the orientation of
    the overworld map, north being up.
    I list the stray bead number as it appears in the in-game list, the area you
    find it in, which stray bead that is in that area, and the abilities/items/
    other prerequisites necessary to get it.
    Note that I only list required abilities if it's possible to be in that area
    without it. For example, some require the Cherry Bomb technique, but you can't
    even get into Agata without it, so after that point in the game you're
    guaranteed to have it. I strictly list prerequisites for ones that aren't
    possible to get the first time around (like Kamiki's 2/3 and 3/3).
    Some are in buried chests that need to be dug up. I signify such chests with
    the [Buried] tag. At nighttime, these chests will visibly glow, making them
    much easier to find, so use the Crescent (Dusk) technique to help. But note
    that pretty much every single buried chest with a stray bead actually pokes out
    of the ground just a little bit, some more than others, making them possible to
    find in the daytime. Really, though, unless you know exactly where to look,
    this won't be of much help. And why would you be reading this FAQ if you knew
    where to look?
    #1 - Cave of Nagi 1/1
    After you get the Astral Pouch, in the next area, look for a wide-open chest
    right over the river.
    #2 - Kamiki Village 1/3
    *Update* Thanks to everyone's e-mails about this. I've got a few differnt ways
    now, which should help out. My solution was much tougher than these, so it's
    gone. But here's a couple new ones to try:
    Thanks to Steven Seeley for this one:
    In the same general clearing with Komuso (the guy with the straw mask on his
    head) are some rafters. (These rafters hold up the top platform as it turns
    out). By the rafters is a large rock. Wall-jump off this rock and carefully
    land on the rafter. From there, it's a careful hop over to the right rafter and
    the chest with the bead.
    Also you can try this, first suggested to me by Ryan Hopkins:
    In the same general clearing, you can jump and carefully position the camera to
    see the chest. Then, just power slash it. With luck (literal luck) the bead
    will pop out of the chest and fall straight to the ground. It might not, but
    generally will.
    #3 - Kamiki Village 2/3 [Buried] {Water Lily}
    On the island beyond the one that has the Solar Fragment (it's the
    north-western most island in Kamiki.) It's just a little left and behind the
    clover, and almost completely buried. Nightime really helps.
    #4 - Kamiki Village 3/3 {Vine}
    By the waterfall, look up. You can see some Konohana blossoms up there. Vine up
    the path from flower to flower, and you'll get to an in-view chest.
    #5 - Shinshu Field 1/6 [Buried]
    In the Shrine Valley (the area leading to the Moon Temple), there's a slightly
    raised area by the southern beach which has 2 dead cherry blossoms on it. There
    are 3 patches of grass, and right in between the patches is an underground
    #6 - Shinshu Field 2/6 [Buried]
    Just behind the Dojo are three patches of grass and a barely visible
    underground chest in the middle of them.
    #7 - Shinshu Field 3/6 [Buried]
    On the hill just south of the Guardian Sapling is three patches of grass and a
    visible underground chest.
    #8 - Shinshu Field 4/6 [Buried]
    Where the Nameless Man's Kiln is, behind it in the corner close to Hana valley
    is three patches of grass. There's a visible underground chest here.
    #9 - Shinshu Field 5/6 (Tama) {Cherry Bomb 3}
    You can get Cherry Bomb 2 in N. Ryoshima Coast: Look to the 3rd island
    counter-clockwise starting from the one with Cat Call tower. Bomb the ground,
    jump in, and donate 120,000 yen to the spring. Greedy spring.
    You get Cherry Bomb 3 in Kamui: There's a Konohana blossom right by the
    Guardian Sapling. Vine up there, cherry bomb the wall, and use two cherry bombs
    on the large crack in the ground. In there, donate 300,000 yen to get Cherry
    Bomb 3. Really greedy spring. Course I'd pay $3000 for the ability to make
    just 1 bomb out of ink.
    As for the bead, just return to Tama in Shinshu Field (the bombmaker's house,
    who gave you Cherry Bomb 1), talk to him, then do Cherry Bomb 2 and then 3.
    Explosive fun = stray bead.
    #10 - Shinshu Field 6/6 (Nameless Man) {After...Wep'Keer?}
    You can start this during the Satomi Warriors quest but can't finish it until
    quite late in the game. Find the Nameless Man, who's the guy at the Kiln. Talk
    to him, and he'll give you a Vase. Take this vase to one of the 5 statues in
    the area to get a little praise (see just below for the location of all the
    statues). You can then return to the Nameless Man a couple more times for more
    vases. He'll only give you 3 for now, though.
    After the Kamiki Festival you can get the fourth. But I'm not sure of the exact
    timing of the fifth, only that it's really, really late in the game. Possibly
    after the Spirit Gate, not sure, only know for sure you can do it after
    Here's the locations of all the statues:
    - Close to the merchant
    - On the path leading from the Kiln up the hill, it's behind a blown-up crack
      right beside the Kabegami (cat) statue
    - On the path from Kamiki to Agata, the one that leads by the Dojo
    - In the Shrine Valley (where the lake is, the path to the Moon Cave), it's on
      the northern shore
    - The path to the Moon Cave (Only appears after Kamiki Festival)
    #11 - Hana Valley 1/1 [Buried]
    After the campfire and through the tunnel, it's buried just to the left close
    to a tree. Tough to find in the day unless you know where to look.
    #12 - Agata Forest 1/6
    A treasure chest in plain site in Madame Fawn (the fortune teller)'s House. Her
    house is the one in the cave.
    #13 - Agata Forest 2/6 [Buried]
    Just behind Karude (the hunter)'s house, it's an underground chest that you can
    barely see.
    #14 - Agata Forest 3/6 [Buried]
    Close to Tsuta Ruins, there's a ledge with a bombable crack (which has nothing
    to do with the stray bead). Near the edge of that ledge is an almost
    completely-buried chest.
    #15 - Agata Forest 4/6 {Vine}
    Where Karude is standing, look east and up into the trees. You should see a
    Konohana blossom above a narrow branch. Vine up there, and the stray bead is
    just sitting there.
    #16 - Agata Forest 5/6 {Vine}
    Where Hitoshio Spring is (north-west area), look way up above the tree trunk.
    You can Vine up to the Konohana blossom, and a waiting chest.
    #17 - Agata Forest 6/6 {Waterspout or Galestorm}
    By Madame Fawn (the fortune teller)'s house are 3 burning chests. User either
    Waterspout or Galestorm on the centre one for the bead.
    #18 - Tsuta Ruins 1/3
    Right after the room with the collapsing bridge, carefully jump from the top
    bridge to the lower platform. Jump from there to the next-lower platform. Just
    behind the 3 breakable statues is a weird-looking wall. Blow up this wall,
    bloom the treasure-bud behind it, and voila.
    #19 - Tsuta Ruins 2/3
    Right after you revive the waterfall, go ahead and jump off it (the waterfall
    that was by the clay statues spewing poison, not the big one that leads to the
    giant lobby basin). Immediately turn around, and right behind the waterfall is
    a small alcove. Blow up the crack in the wall, and bloom the treasure bud
    behind it.
    #20 - Tsuta Ruins 3/3 {Vine}
    Once you get Vine, head back to the room with the stone ball, and the first
    Bud Ogre. Look up: there's a Konohana Blossom on a small path up there. Use
    Vine to get up, then walk north the end of a path and Bloom the treasure bud
    for the stray bead (South leads to a clover, btw).
    #21 - Taka Pass 1/6
    In the cave where you fought Waka the second time, look in the very bright
    water. To the right you'll notice a small patch of bubbles coming out of one
    section. There is a hidden underwater chest right at this spot, so power slash
    over that exact area.
    #22 - Taka Pass 2/6 [Buried]
    A little to the west of The Cutter's house is a big rock. Behind that, there's
    a completely underground chest.
    #23 - Taka Pass 3/6 [Buried]
    In the general area of Bingo, the treasure hunter, close to the path, there's
    a buried chest, but this one is fairly easy to see.
    #24 - Taka Pass 4/6 {Galestorm}
    Close to the Mermaid Pond, you'll find a leaf pile (along the southern wall).
    Use your Galestorm power to uncover the chest then dig it up.
    #25 - Taka Pass 5/6 {Galestorm...Or waterspout technically.}
    Head through the cave, and use Galestorm on the second burning chest (which is
    near the exit).
    While you're not supposed to be able to get this without Galestorm, Waterspout
    is enough. There's a pool of water by the chest before this one, and it's
    possible to get the chest with the bead and the pool of water on your drawing
    tablet at the same time. Just slowly walk towards the chest from the edge of
    the puddle so that the chest pops into view. Then, turn so that the chest is
    at the very edge of the left side of the screen. That should be enough to see
    the water on the very right edge of your screen, and hence you can put it out
    with Waterspout without needing Galestorm.
    #26 - Taka Pass 6/6 {Digging Champ}
    Head to just east of where the Treasure Hunter, Bingo, is. You'll see a
    diggable spot there. In here is a chest with the stray bead.
    #27 - Kusa Village 1/3 [Buried]
    By Princess Fuse' house, if you hug the left wall, there's a small patch of
    green in front of the tree. Buried here, completely underground, is a chest.
    #28 - Kusa Village 2/3 [Buried]
    In the center of Mr. Bamboo's house in a completely-underground chest.
    #29 - Kusa Village 3/3 {Galestorm}
    Head up into the rafters of town (the path from the start to Princess Fuse's
    house, you can see the rafters in view, just use the Konohana blossom to get up
    there). Continue to the end of the rafters where the "carp streamers"
    (windsocks) are. Use Galestorm to blow to the left, and you can jump on them to
    get to the far chests. The left chest has the Stray Bead.
    #30 - Sasa Sanctuary 1/3 [Buried]
    Right before the big gate, there's a small patch of land to the left in front
    of a bamboo-see-saw thing. It's buried completely underground here.
    #31 - Sasa Sanctuary 2/3
    The upper-left room on the second floor has a weird statue-thing with a missing
    eye. Use the brush to fill in the missing eye, and a stray bead is yours.
    #32 - Sasa Sanctuary 3/3 [Buried]
    At the end of the sanctuary in the bamboo fields, go to the very final alcove
    with the hares in it. It's completely underground here (along with another
    buried chest that has a Golden Peach).
    #33 - Gale Shrine 1/3
    When you hit the big room with the elevator, stay off the elevator, and draw a
    cherry bomb over the centre of it. The elevator will shoot straight up without
    you on it. You can now enter the elevator shaft to a hidden area. One of the
    chests here has a stray bead.
    #34 - Gale Shrine 2/3 {Galestorm}
    On the second floor in a burning chest.
    #35 - Gale Shrine 3/3 (Princess Fuse) {Beat Oni Island}
    After Oni Island, return to Gale Shrine, and check out the first area north off
    the path. You'll find Princess Fuse and the Satomi Warriors. You need to defeat
    them all in a series of battles. First pits you against 4 dogs at once, the
    next 3, and the final only one. All of them are greatly toughened, especially
    Tei (the last), who despite being alone is still difficult. Defeat them all for
    the bead.
    #36 - City Checkpoint 1/5 [Buried]
    At the very southern edge along the shore, you can see a chest just poking out
    above ground.
    #37 - City Checkpoint 2/5
    In a burning chest down by the shore.
    #38 - City Checkpoint 3/5 [Buried]
    Once you blow up the entire city checkpoint (jes!), use Greenspout to restore
    at least the southern area. When the area is back to wildlife, check just a
    little west of where the horses are, beyond the rock, and you can see a chest
    peaking out of the ground.
    #39 - City Chekpoint 4/5 {Inkfinity Stone, likely}
    Stand on the drawbridge, about the center, and face south. Look way up, and you
    will see an upside-down Konohana blossom. There's actually a path of a lot of
    these; you simply have to vine from one blossom to the next. The last one will
    have you drop to a high-up pillar with the chest in plain site. There's quite a
    few blossoms, so you're going to need a lot of ink pots, the Golden Ink Pot, or
    an Inkfinity stone.
    #40 - City Checkpoint 5/5 {Water Tablet} [Buried]
    You can buy the Water Tablet from the Emperor (in Sei-an City) for 100 demon
    fangs, but only after you've beaten Oni Island. Equip it, and jump off the City
    Checkpoint bridge. Head north to the very end and it'll be waiting on that
    island. The chest is underground, but you can see it. (You need the water
    tablet: the current is too strong to swim or use a Lily Pad on.)
    #41 - Ryoshima Coast 1/5
    Swim over to the sunken ship. You can get onto it. Work your way up to the very
    top of it, and the stray bead is in the left of the 2 chests.
    #42 - Ryoshima Coast 2/5, Animal Lover
    When you clear the devil gate on the hill by Sei-an city, some Hares will
    return. You may notice a black and white one among them (note this one actually
    can be fed separately from the others). Grab this one (bite it), and head
    towards the Animal Lover (he's just over the cliff on the beach). He'll give
    you a stray bead.
    #43 - Ryoshima Coast 3/5 {Digging Champ}
    Just outside the dojo, you'll see a chest just below the ground on the rocky
    patch. With Digging Champ mastered from the dojo, it's as good as yours.
    #44 - Ryoshima Coast 4/5 {Digging Champ}
    The first of the infamous "Spider Gates". Head to the northeast corner of
    Ryoshima. Right by where the cows are is a diggable spot (where light glows
    from underground). Dig it up and jump in. You first have to clear out the
    optional boss, the Bandit Spider, which is almost identical to the Spider
    Queen from the Tsuta Ruins. You'll get a chest with a Sun Fragment for beating
    Return to the area again, and you'll notice a lone Devil Gate. Take it on, and
    you'll fight a large number of previous enemies that have been toughened up a
    lot. Defeat a gate, and another gate will appear with harder enemies. There's
    10 of these gates in total and you can't leave the area until they're all
    defeated. (If you do, you have to restart with the 1st gate). After the 10th
    (10 Black Imps if you're curious), the chest with the stray bead is yours.
    #45 - Ryoshima Coast 5/5 (Hayazo) {Beat Oni Island?}
    Hayazo is the mail-guy running around (like Ida in Shinshu). You need to race
    him twice. Speak to him and race him. You need only headbut him to win, there's
    no time limit. But you can't race him a second time until after Oni Island (I
    think...). After that, he'll give you the bead.
    #46 - Sei-an (C. Qtr.) 1/5
    Head west and jump right into the empty canal. It's a chest in the
    south-western most section of the canal.
    #47 - Sei-an (C. Qtr.) 2/5 [Buried]
    In Mr. Flower's house, behind the screens, you can just barely see a chest
    poking out of the ground.
    #48 - Sei-an (C. Qtr.) 3/5 (City Dweller) {City must be restored}
    First, purchase the Charcoal from the Merchant. Then, find the little girl
    drawing on the sidewalk. Give her the charcoal. She'll mention that she has an
    idea for a design. Talk to her again, and you'll read her mind and see it. (Ah,
    the power to see what shapes people are thinking off....that's godhood!) It's a
    Star symbol.
    Now find the Kimono shop. Talk to the designer in the back room (Mr. Chic, ooh
    la la), who will give you the opportunity to draw the next design. Draw the
    star. If you drew it right, he'll say "That pattern almost seems as if it could
    make something happen". If he doesn't, just retry. Now, return to the little
    girl, you'll get some praise, and she'll give you another design.
    Finish off, in this manner, all her designs to get the stray bead. They are: A
    Star, A Heart, a V, 4 Circles (a clover), and the Heaven kanji.
    If you're having trouble drawing, just remember to use Z to draw for any
    straight lines, but I didn't have any problems.
    #49 - Sei-an (C. Qts.) 4/5 (Abe) {Thunderbolt}
    Gah, these all take a lot of work...
    You don't need Thunderbolt to start this, but you do need it to finish. You can
    start after Sei-an is restored.
    Use Inferno to light all the big torches in town (starting from the only lit
    one in the northern area). You can use the little torches to make the path
    easier (and in fact, should light up as many of the small torches as you can...
    read on)
    Then, make it night, and talk to the guard in the south-eastern area. He'll
    mention he's trying to catch the thief, Hayazo, and he's somewhere around
    there. You can power slash one of two rocks Hayazo is always in; the rock
    right next to the guard, and one just west.
    Now, you have to race down Hayazo, while carefully using the right brush
    technique on each of the mini-Hayazo's. Be sure to get them in the order
    they're shown. The Brown one is Power Slash, the Red one Inferno, and the Blue
    one Waterspout. Defeat him, and you'll get the Glass Watch. Return that to the
    man walking around the Save Point for some praise (he's in a Blue Kimono).
    Now, face Hayazo again (just power slash the other rock...he'll be in there).
    Chase him down again (defeating 3 this time), and he'll give you back the
    Millet Dumplings. Return that to the child (Momotaro) in front of the Kimono
    Store (he's only there in the daytime) for more praise.
    Make it night, and face Hayazo again (he'll be hiding in the first rock again).
    Defeat the 4 mini-Hayazo's, and he'll give you the Chrysanthemum Hairpin back.
    Return that to the man sitting in the bar (at night) for yet more praise.
    Now race Hayazo for the fifth and final time. One of them will be Yellow this
    time, which needs Thunderbolt to defeat. That ghost in front of the Kimono shop
    is your lightning source. Or, if you happen to have Thunderstorm and the 5th
    one is the lightning one, you could use that too. He'll give you a Tao mask.
    Behind where the guard is (the one looking for Hayazo) is a pond. Draw water
    into the pond from the canals, and you can then draw a stream up out of the
    pond. It'll take you all the way up to a floating house. Inside is Abe. Just
    talk to him, give him the mask, stray bead is yours.
    #50 - Sei-an (C. Qts.) 5/5 (Camellia) {Beat Oni Island}
    This one takes a lot of work too, and you can't finish it until after Oni
    Island. First, find Camille and Camellia by the sacred tree of Kamiki. Give
    Camellia a headbutt. She'll move to Sei-An. Now that's influence.
    Return to Queen Himiko's Palace. You'll see the Funeral Stones there. Use
    Waterspout on all the stones (at once), this will give you the Deluge technique
    Now find Camille and Camellia in Sei-an C. Qts., just beside the Kimono shop.
    Talk to them. At request, sprout a tree (just dot the ground). Talk to them
    again, then, at request, sprout a tree, then immediately draw Deluge.
    Immediately. (It's the only way to trigger it). Then talk to Camellia to get
    the stray bead.
    #51 - Sei-an City (A. Qtr.) 1/6 [Buried]
    Cross the bridge going north and turn to the right. You'll see three small
    patches of grass and an underground chest just peaking above ground between
    #52 - Sei-an City (A. Qtr.) 2/6 (Komuso)
    This one takes work. Komuso is that guy with the weird mask who doesn't play
    the flute very well. You'll meet him 3 times in the game, and each time he
    draws you into a fight.
    The first time is in Kamiki, and you can do it at the start of the game. Beat
    the 3 green imps quickly (maybe <10 seconds). Next time is in Kusa Village, and
    you'd be wise to take that one on once the curse is lifted. It's 2 red imps and
    2 dead fishes, I think it's 20 seconds for this.
    The last time is here in Sei-An. It's a Crow Tengu and Ubume. Around 25 seconds
    should do it, and the stray bead is yours.
    #53 - Sei-an City (A. Qtr.) 3/6 {City must be restored}
    Head back to the big bridge separating the two quarters of Sei-an. From the
    center, jump off the east side. Head just a little northeast, and you should
    see a chest way underwater. Slash the chest, and the stray bead will slowly
    float to the surface.
    #54 - Sei-an City (A. Qtr.) 4/6 {Veil of Mist}
    Head into Queen Himiko's Palace Grounds, and take the left path around back. At
    the end is a lone, and obvious chest with the stray bead in it.
    #55 - Sei-an City (A. Qtr.) 5/6 {Veil of Mist}
    Now head into Queen Himiko's Palace. In the first area (with the elevator),
    just head around back. It's in an obvious chest.
    #56 - Sei-an City (A. Qtr.) 6/6 {Beat Oni Island}
    This one also involves a lot of work.
    Find Ida, the mailman, close to the Nameless Man's Kiln. Give him a Traveler's
    Charm (assuming you haven't done this hours ago). Then, after Taka Pass is
    opened, track him down in Shinshu and offer a race. Just catch up to him and
    headbut him to win.
    After the Kamiki Festival, you can race him again. Do so.
    Finally, after you beat Oni island, race him one last time. He'll give you the
    Gimmick Gear.
    Return to Sei-An City (A. Qtr.). See the clock tower? On the western-side of it
    is a Kabegami statue, so use Catwalk to get to the top. Inside, get the
    Thunderstorm power and use it on the chest. Thar be your stray bead.
    #57 - Sunken Ship 1/2
    After the area with the cannon, progress into the next room with the small
    hallway. There's an upper platform in here you can see, and a wide-open chest
    is on it.
    #58 - Sunken Ship 2/2
    Pretty hard to miss if you're thorough. In the final room in the ship, the
    treasure room, it's in one of those chests.
    #59 - Imperial Palace 1/1 [Buried]
    You get it after the city is restored (it's not a part of the "dungeon"). One
    of many completely-underground treasures in the Emperor's Garden. This one
    specifically is the left-most one close to the Emperor's general quarters.
    #60 - N. Ryoshima Coast 1/7 [Buried]
    To the left of the broken steps (near the start of the area), right beside the
    plant, is an underground chest you can see.
    #61 - N. Ryoshima Coast 2/7 [Buried]
    On the plateau with the gold water and Yoichi, the archer, you can see a
    buried chest just to the east of the cows.
    #62 - N. Ryoshima Coast 3/7 [Buried]
    There are many islands in the area, and on the western-most island, on the
    plateau section, is 3 patches of grass. The chest is here, but completely
    #63 - N. Ryoshima Coast 4/7 {Digging Champ}
    Just to the south of that platform is a diggable spot to a secret area. It's in
    a chest in here.
    #64 - N. Ryoshima Coast 5/7 {Mist Warp}
    You buy Mist Warp from the Emperor in Sei-an for 80 demon fangs. Use Mist Warp
    from the save point in this area, to the other save point in this area. You'll
    get on top of the cliff, to a waiting chest.
    #65 - N. Ryoshima Coast 6/7 {Digging Champ, Beat Oni Island}
    This is Spider Gate #2 (see bead number 44 for more details on the spider
    gates). On the island just north of the western-most island is a diggable spot.
    You can take on the Bandit Spider here immediately, but you need to beat Oni
    Island before you can take on the gates.
    #66 - N. Ryoshima Coast 7/7 (Urashima) {Get the Fox Rods}
    After you get the Fox Rods and are brought back to the Dragon Palace, the
    Dragon's Garden now has a spot of dead land. Use greenspout to restore it,
    which gives you the "Treasure Box". Give this to Urashima, who is the picked-on
    fat kid in N. Ryoshima. [Pfft, fatty doesn't have feelings.]
    #67 - Catcall Tower 1/3
    In a chest on the 7th landing of the tower. You can tell it's the right floor
    as it is the only one that doesn't give you the safety platform after you cross
    #68 - Catcall Tower 2/3 {Catwalk??}
    This only appears after you climb the tower a second time. While I haven't
    tested it, I believe the trigger is simply that you need Catwalk, and you need
    to climb the tower a second time. When you hit the top a second time, a chest
    should appear (the game will show you it appearing. There's actually two chests
    that appear, one has a mermaid coin.)
    #69 - Catcall Tower 3/3 {Catwalk}
    On the ground, use Catwalk to climb one of the small towers. It's in a chest at
    the top (specifically, the tower on the north-east side)
    #70 - Dragon Palace 1/4
    Inside the Dragon Palace, behind the stairs, you can see a crack. Bomb that,
    and it's in a chest in this area.
    #71 - Dragon Palace 2/4
    In the Soothing Spring area, take a look at the large drum-like platforms. One
    of them is broken. Use Rejuvenation to repair it, then jump to the top. The
    chest is waiting up there.
    #72 - Dragon Palace 3/4
    In the Water Dragon's Garden, just look for a platform you can double-jump to.
    It's in the clam.
    #73 - Dragon Palace 4/4 (Otohime) {Beat Oni Island}
    Just talk to Otohime, the Draconian queen, after you've finished Oni Island.
    #74 - Kamui 1/6 [Buried]
    Almost completely underground, in front of the dojo, check in the same area
    where the snowmen are.
    #75 - Kamui 2/6
    North from Wali's house, just before the split, look for a cave (it's not on
    the map). In the cave, when you get to the bottomless pit, take the right path.
    It's in a frozen chest (behind the bear).
    #76 - Kamui 3/6
    Head up the path to Wep'keer, jump off to the right where you can see the
    clover patch. Jump down again to the icy river. It's right there in a wide-open
    #77 - Kamui 4/6 [Buried]
    Buried underground in a spot just beside the mermaid pond.
    #78 - Kamui 5/6 {Digging Champ}
    In the southern-most island on the river is a diggable spot. It's down there,
    just beat Blockhead Grande with his 8 weak points first.
    This gives people a lot of grief. Remebering those 8 points quickly is really
    Personally, my trick is just...luck. Wait for a pattern that's easy to
    remember. Especially where the first four are easy to remember. Then it doesn't
    feel like you have to remember quite as much.
    Here's more suggestions:
    If you're really good at writing quickly while not looking, make yourself a 4x4
    grid on paper, and just write down the spots as they appear. May look like a
    jumbled mess when you're done, but still it should give you an indication of
    at least of where they are relative to one another, and hopefully enough of an
    edge to succeed.
    Jarred provided a couple too (thanks Jarred):
    First, try just grabbing a second person. Remembering 4 isn't too tough, so if
    one person remembers the first four, and the other remembers the other four,
    you can get it.
    Or, if you're really desperate, you can also try simply recording it with a
    video camera and playing it back. Hey, whatever works I say.
    #79 - Kamui 6/6 {Digging Champ, Beat the Spirit Gate}
    Dreaded Spider Gate #3. See bead number 44 for information on the gates. You
    can take on the gates only after you finish the Spitit Gate. These are very
    hard fights, involving Waka, Rao, both, and finally finishing with 3 Nagis.
    If you're having troubles, just take this on as late as possible so you have
    the best weapons, and you've upgraded all your abilities as much as you can.
    Don't forget to use items! You can carry a ton of Holy Bones so don't fear
    using them to get your health back. Use a Golden Peach if you've lost your
    Astral Pouch. Use the Sake to increase your attack/defence. Use an Inkfinity
    Stone and whip our your strong brush strokes. Use the Slips. Use everything!
    Lots of people consider these fights harder than the final boss, so don't fear
    going all out!
    #80 - Wep'keer 1/4 [Buried]
    Up the stairs, close to the entrance, right by the cranes, is a buried chest,
    almost completely underground.
    #81 - Wep'keer 2/4
    Head to the east side of town, which goes down into a valley. It's in a
    wide-open chest right behind where the bear is.
    #82 - Wep'keer 3/4 [Buried]
    Head up the west side of town. Beside Kai's house, near the cliff wall where
    the 3 sheep are is a buried chest, but you can see it poke above ground.
    #83 - Wep'keer 4/4 [Buried] {Speak to Kai & Kemu}
    Head into the Snowball Playground. At the very end of it is a underground
    chest you can see.
    #84 - Kamui (Ezofuji) 1/4
    Head to the east of Laochi Lake. You can reach the platform from the konohana
    blossom. Use the burning chest to melt the frozen chest, and the bead is yours.
    #85 - Kamui (Ezofuji) 2/4 [Buried]
    Take the path to bead 86, 3/4. From there, go to the next konohana blossom.
    Look back, and you can vine to another blossom. Jump to the platform. From
    there, just run up to the top. There's a clover and an underground chest with
    the bead.
    #86 - Kamui (Ezofuji) 3/4 [Buried]
    Follow the path to the top of the mountain. Looking east, you can see a
    konohana blossom. Vine to that, jump to the platform below. There's two clovers
    and an underground chest with the bead.
    #87 - Kamui (Ezofuji) 4/4 {Mist Warp}
    You can get Mist Warp by buying it from the Emperor for 80 demon fangs. Once
    you have this area open, just mist warp to it. (If this is your first time here
    and you haven't left Wep'Keer yet, talk to Kai by the entrance of Wep'Keer
    first. You have to before you're allowed to warp anywhere.). Mist Warp will
    take you into that rocky area, the only way in there, and it's in the middle
    #88 - Yosphet 1/3
    It's in the second section. When you pass the poison lake to reach the next
    open area with those evil trees, just follow Kai and she'll run you past it.
    It's a wide open chest. (This is the area just before the split.)
    #89 - Yosphet 2/3 [Buried]
    In the third section, at the split, take the wrong way. It's an underground
    chest at the end of this path, but you can see it.
    #90 - Yosphet 3/3 (Kai) {After the Spirit Gate}
    After you've finished the Spirit Gate, you'll find Kai at the entrance to
    Yosphet. This time, instead of leading, she races you. Before trying this, take
    the time to get rid of all the cursed trees. It make it much easier. Win and
    you'll get the stray bead.
    #91 - Ponc'tan 1/3
    In front of the shop, look way up to the leaf at the left. You can vine up to a
    blossom there. Then, look south to the entrance. You can vine over to that
    large lily pad. It's in a chest here.
    #92 - Ponc'tan 2/3
    Walk to the large lily pad on the western-most point. From there, you can vine
    to the lily pad further west. Follow the path of lily pads north, past the
    lake. Vine to the lily pad to the east, and it's in a chest here.
    #93 - Ponc'tan 3/3 (Ishaku) {Beat Wawku}
    Simply talk to him (you know, Issun-Senior? He's in the second-floor house in
    the centre of the map) again after you've beaten the Wawku Shrine.
    #94 - Inner Yosphet 1/3
    In the first section, it's pretty hard to miss. After the icy path up the hill
    with the snowballs, you'll find it in a chest right along the path.
    #95 - Inner Yosphet 2/3
    In the second section, at the split, take the wrong way. It's in an obvious
    chest at the end.
    #96 - Inner Yosphet 3/3
    In the third section, where the catwalk walls are, jump along the rightside
    wall to where the chest is. It has a stray bead.
    #97 - Wawku Shrine 1/3 [Buried]
    At the entrance, with the cannons, use Veil of Mist to slow down the canon
    balls, and Power Slash to deflect them back into the cannons, destroying them.
    You can dig up treasures where the cannons were, and the left-one will give you
    a stray bead.
    #98 - Wawku Shrine 2/3 {Blizzard}
    Right after you get blizzard, return to the area with the crazy fast-moving
    spiders. Look to the right, and you'll see a small ledge. Freeze the
    ground-spider that's running back and forth so that he's close to that ledge.
    Then, carefully time a freeze of the spider moving up and down near the
    platform, try to get him at the halfway point. That should give you enough room
    to jump from the first spider to the second, then to the platform that has the
    stray-bead chest.
    #99 - Wawku Shrine 3/3 {Blizzard}
    Back in the general area, use Blizzard to now get to the platform. Freeze the
    next spider you see, and from him you can double-jump up to a small platform
    with a chest with your bead waiting.
    #100 - Ark of Yamato 1/1
    Win. Be victorious. Smite the evilest of evils. However you powerslash it, you
    need only beat the game to get this. (Be sure to save!)
    So what does getting all 100 give you? Well, that's where the spoiler comes in.
    If you don't want this spoiled, don't read any further.
    Your efforts for collecting all 100 stray beads is an incredible accessory
    called the String of Beads, which gives you ridiculous uber-god powers to your
    already god-like powers. Wearing this, you're invincible (while it looks like
    you take damage, you don't), your weapons are 10 times stronger, and you have
    infinite ink. It is an accessory, hence, you have the option to equip it or
    dequip it (if you find it just too cheap) and it will take up an accesory slot.
    It really turns the entire game into a joke: you can defeat most enemies in a
    single hit, bosses in a handful. Hey, that's what you get when you mess with
    the REAL Amaterasu/Shiranui. Really, this is just for messing-around fun, as
    clearly all aspects of "challenge" blow out the window. But did that stop you
    from using iddqd and idkfa?
    In Closing....Credits, Disclaimer, blah blah blah...
    DISCLAIMER: You may NOT use this FAQ for any profit what-so-ever, including
    magazines, game guides, commercial web pages that charges fees, etc. This FAQ
    is meant for personal use only. You may put this document on your own web page
    provided you guarantee that it has not been modified in any way what-so-ever
    and gives clear credit to me, the author, Ber'Zophus. You may use this as a
    basis for creating your own faq, just give me, the author, Ber'Zophus, credit.
    If there's any mistakes, please e-mail me and let me know.
    [And sorry if I don't respond....nothing personal, I'm just really busy. I
    do read everything.]
    Special thanks go to Clover Studio, for making the best game I've
    ever played. Any chance that Seeds/PlatinumGames can get the rights to Okami
    back? Sigh....
    I also want to thank Capcom for giving this great game not only a second chance
    in Okami on the Wii, but a third in Okamiden. Can we get an next-gen HD Okami 2
    please? Pretty pretty please? I've already bought Okami twice; I don't own a DS
    and will likely get Okamiden whenever it shows up.
    Come to think of it, is the potential glory of an Okami 2 worth the chance
    that PlatinumGames will almost certainly not be behind it? Unless somehow the
    universe aligns to point to me, I sacrifice my luck for life, and Capcom goes
    to them for a sequel... it's tough to say.
    And on that note, should there even be an Okami 2 anyway? This one is pretty
    much perfect; any additional one may cheapen this. Well, in my opinion, the
    game is so great that even if they make a sequal and it (oh great god
    Amaterasu make it not so) sucks, I can still be happy and have solace with
    Okami 1. Just like a bad sequel to a great movie. (I'm looking at you Matrix.
    But just because the sequels suck doesn't have to make the first suck. It's
    still great on its own.)
    To me, it's worth the risk. They could make a second that fixes my incredibly
    minor gripes with this one to be absolutely perfect. (Needs more challenge,
    less hand-holding. A more involved combat system would be cool, but this
    worked quite well. Full Japanese dialog would be very cool, but I kinda think
    it would reduce the charm the characters currently have and I wouldn't want to
    sacrifice story to fit all that audio in. Not to mention obvious benefits like
    And longer. Yes, longer. Please don't listen to ADHD-ridden internet thugs who
    think 3 hours is the perfect length for a game and somehow have the nerve to
    complain that they have "limited free time" as if gaming somehow was work. I
    have limited free time too yet somehow finished this, and used my amazing
    magical "memory" powers to remember what I did one gaming session to the next.
    [And for the record, I love the story to bits. I never skip any dialog,
    including the introduction.]
    I had almost zero hope for Okami 2 back when I wrote this FAQ, but with the
    very recent announcement of Okamiden on the DS, my hope rises ever so slightly.
    (Okamiden was announced literally today as I write this, so who knows if it's
    even coming to North America).
    I'm quite curious to see how Capcom is going to do it. Will they manage to keep
    all the charm of the original, without the original team behind it? Or will it
    just feel like a cheap sequel? Certainly, as I note above, I think it's
    absolutely worth the risk. If anything, if this thing succeeds, maybe, just
    maybe, Capcom will give it another go on the Wii/PS3/Xbox/Hell-I-don't-care-
    Sadly, though, even if it's a hit, it may ironically make Okami 2 less likely.
    Okami's sales were only barely ok, nothing stellar. If Okamiden suceeds,
    future titles might be DS only. It's such a shame: Okami works fine on both
    the PS2 and the Wii....and it went mostly ignored.
    Twilight Princess, still good as it is, is pale and weak in comparison to this,
    and no matter how much I complain to people that this is TP, only far better,
    and your love of TP can easily transfer to this, they won't even borrow my copy
    let alone buy it. Hence TP outsells Okami hundreds of times to one. Combine
    that with morons on the internet giving the game a whole hour's chance and
    ratting on things that make no sense, and Capcom likely won't make it. Not
    profitable. :(
    That's really the reason why it's sad. Why do that when games like Halo, GTA,
    and every sports game yearly rehash outsell Okami's life in hours? People's
    dollars speak loud and clear: they want rehashes of the same crap again and
    again, no new stuff. Games like Okami are incredible rarities that seem to be
    fighting a losing war these days.
    I get hope when I see games like Shadow of the Colossus, and the new one from
    Team Ico. SotC sold well, and it proves that someone out there is listening to
    those of us who want our games to be an experience; not just a pointless
    timewaster, but a real, moving and gripping experience that draws you in.
    Please, not every game needs a space marine and guns. Please.
    If anything, I'm hopeful as the first & original gamer crowd raised on Atari's
    and Nintendo's grows up, they'll start to realize these gruff-space-marine-in-
    grey-brown-shooter-#37 games are boring and derivative and speak volumes with
    money. ...Or maybe they'll be replaced by younger gamers who can't get enough
    shooter #37, drool over the screenshots of shooter #38 (now with realistic
    physics-powered blood splatters), and go "Okami-what-now?"
    sigh....I can't rant enough about this.....
    If you've seen the name Ber'Zophus poking around the internet, it's me. I'm
    the one on ScoreHero, I'm the one with those animal photos on Flickr, I
    comment on Gawker, I'm the one that wrote ZophusX,
    http://zophusx.byethost11.com/, and I'm the BerZophus gamertag on Xbox.
    Hope you enjoyed the FAQ. And by the fact you've read to here, thanks for
    listening to my rant. Please help spread the glory of Amaterasu far and wide.
    - Ber'Zophus

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