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"Astonishing for a bargian bin title."

If your a Wii owner such as myself, then you probably have noticed that good titles are becoming scarce. Sure if your a respectable Wii owner, then you probably already have Smash Brothers, No More Heroes, Super Mario Galaxy, and anything else worth having for it. By now you probably bought Mad Word and either love it or hate it to death, and your probably anticipating Conduit, which to be released early this June. So what to do until then?

Whenever I'm facing a game system stall,and I'm low on cash at the same time, I often go exploring the dreaded bargain bins of Wal-Mart or Target. Usually the only crap worth buying in these piles are the gaming anthologies that may have 1 or 2 good classics in them, or games that peaked my curiosity when they first came out, but not to the point of buying them for over $40. As I was flipping through the $10 bin, 1 game seemed to grab my attention, Heavenly Guardian. After shelling out $10 to the cashier, I went off to try out my new game.

At first the game was kinda hard to break into. I ended up dying when I was only 30 seconds into it. After many times of picking myself up after defeat, I ultimately got used to the difficulty. The game sorta plays like a combination of Pocky & Rocky and 1943. Your basically shooting down ghost and demons with Ice, and you can collect power-ups such as spread-shot, homing, etc to add to your killing ability. The best part about these power-ups is they can be built up to become even more powerful.

The Game features nostalgic gameplay with crisp 2D graphics, and the musics not half bad either. The game is eight levels long, and even though it lacks a save feature, the game is short enough to where you can beat it in one dedicated day, and you gain a stage select after beating it anyway. The boss fights are sorta like Megaman's to where you can easily beat each one after figuring out their pattern. The games difficulty is above average, to where it should be enough to keep experienced games challenged and interested, but will probably drive off the more easy going crowd.

The best feature of this game would most definitely be the co-op mode. One player controls the main protagonist Sayuki, and the other controls her sister. You basically help each other get through the 8 stages of the game, and at the same time compete with each-other for a higher score. This game is perfect for people who like the team-work aspects of Crystal Chronicles, and the competition of Four Swords. Its also a good way to blow an afternoon with your best friend.

The game does suffer from a few flaws though. The number one issue is Aiming system. This is controlled by pointing the wiimote at the TV, and controlling the direction of the snowballs. This often gets in the way by activating when you don't want it to, and does little to help thanks to its poor motion detection. Thankfully you don't need the aiming feature to enjoy the game, and it can be turned off via the options menu. Some of the other flaws were minor such as the motion controlled special attack that sometimes activates by accident and the bland sound effects, but the ultimately don't do much to ruin the game experience.

As my final verdict, I give this game a 8/10. Its overall a great game for those who enjoy classic arcade games, and don't mind having a bit of challenge in it. This game is not for everyone such as casual gamers, younger kids, and people who don't care for traditional video games. However if you are like me and enjoy old-school gameplay, colorful visuals, an interactive co-op experience, and a 10 dollar price tag, then definitely give this game a go.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/14/09

Game Release: Heavenly Guardian (US, 04/22/08)

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