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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Skygor_II

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    Spore Hero Walkthrough
    Nintendo Wii
    By Skygor
    January 2010
    I. Introduction
        A. Abstract
        B. Bullet Summary
        C. Story
    II. Gameplay
        A. Controls
        B. Items
        C. Tips
        D. Other Features
    III. Walkthrough
        A. Mushroom Valley
        B. Ancient Grounds
        C. Moonlit Walkway
        D. Ancient Grounds (II)
        E. Moonlit Cavers
        G. Ancient Grounds (III)
        H. Mushroom Valley (II)
        I. Mushroom Grove
        J. Item Roundup
        K. Creature Beach
    IV. Conclusion
        A. To Do List, Maybe
        B. Version History
        C. Legal Stuff
    I.  Introduction
         A.  Abstract
    The purpose of this guide is to cover playing the game Spore Hero for the Wii.
    Due to its explorative nature the specific locations of every item or object
    will not be included unless demand requires it.
        B.  Bullet Summary
    Spore Hero is a fun little Action Adventure game with a pinch of Metroidvania
    for the Wii.  It deals only with the Creature phase and has no Real Time
    Strategy elements.  If you like EVO: Search for Eden or Graffiti Kingdom this
    is an ideal game.
    This game does not feature WiFi.
        C.  Story
    Somewhere in the Sporeverse a planet blows up.  (I'm looking at you Player.)
    Various meteors shower from it and last on not so blown up planet.  From one of
    them emerge you, the Hero!  Unfortunately another meteor lands with a not so
    nice Villain.  What will befall this new world with these two alien species?
    II.  Gameplay
        A.  Controls
    Walk                Control Stick
    Swim                Control Stick, req. Swim 1
    Swim Fast           Wiggle Wiimote
    Jump                A Button
    Break Wall          Wiggle Wiimote at prompt, req. Charge 1
    Double Jump         A Button twice, req. Jump 1
    Glide               Hold A Button while in air, req. Glide 1
    Interact            B Button
    Talk, Battle        Control Pad during Interaction
    Select              Point Wiimote
    Center Camera       C Button
    Move Camera         Control Pad
    First Person View   Hold C Button
    Map Screen          (+) Button
    Move                Control Stick
    Bite                B Button, Bite 3 pierces Blocking
    Strike/Kick         Wiggle Wiimote
    Jump                A Button
    Block               Z Button, Armor 3 stuns Bite, Strike, Kick
    Super Attack        Hold B & Wiggle Wiimote, Strike 3 pierces Blocking
    Side Step           A Button & Control Stick
    Jump Kick           Wiggle Wiimote while in air, req. Kick 2
    Charge              Wiggle Nunchuk, req.  Charge 1
    Spit                Hold B + Wiggle Nunchuk, Wiggle to keep spitting
                            req. Spit 1
    Heal                Hold C, req. Regeneration 1
    Air Dive            Wiggle Nunchuk while in air, req. Glide 1
        B.  Items
    Blue Meteors        Break these to add more parts to you creature.
    Red Meteors         Destroy these to help other Creatures.
    Bone Mound          Dig these up for Creature or Idol Parts.
    Healing Fruit       Heals a bit of health.
    Quest Object        Various objects for quest purposes.
        C.  Tips
    * Use arms for tails and necks.
    * Use the Sporepedia to "remember" old designs.
    * Search for items top down i.e. highest platforms to the lower.
    * Beat the Combat Master for very strong Parts.
    * Kick and give fruit to everyone, in that order.
    * More often than not the largest tribe member is the exception for quests.
        D.  Other Features
    The Sporeopedia allows the player to create up to 15 creatures using all parts.
    These creatures will appear in Battle Mode.  This is mostly for the pure
    enjoyment of creature design.  This game does not use have Internet
    communication, so these creatures aren't shared between different Wii consoles.
    Battle Mode allows the player to battle creatures in best out of three matches.
    Player 1 vs. CPU and Player 1 vs. Player 2 are available with three difficulty
    modes.  Five premade creatures, the five Story Mode creatures, and the
    Sporepedia creatures are available for play.
    III.  Walkthrough
        A.  Mushroom Valley
    Welcome to the world Hero.  First waggle the Wiimote a couple of times to break
    out of your egg.  Then follow Meejee, the "Blue-Guy".  (Species in this guide
    will be referred to by descriptive names.)  After finding out that you cannot
    eat without a Mouth head back to the nest and press B.
    While in the creature editor add a mouth then exit.  (A this point there are
    only four bodies to change.  After this all body shapes will be unlocked.  You
    cannot manipulate the spine or adjust the girth of Hero's body.  You cannot
    stretch individual parts, e.g.  mouths, only change their size, position, or
    orientation.  If you want tails or necks use arms creatively.  Five arms will
    be unlocked when you get your first hand.)
    Talk to Meejee again to receive a Bite 1 mouth and finish the quest.  Parts
    throughout the game are given at random.  The exception is that some quests
    give parts of the same -ability- e.g. any Kick 2 foot.
    From here on the game is free roam with the exception of some plot quests.
    Break as many Blue Meteors, dig up Bone Piles, and pick up as much Fruit--press
    B when Health isn't at full--while Hero explores.  Since there is so much to
    collect and nothing is too hard, complete lists will not be included.  However
    tallies for Area Objectives -will- be included at the end of their sections.
    In any case don't fret too much since there will be a bit of back tracking.
    From the first Nest walk to the base of the hill and talk to Espee and battle
    him.  He's pretty easy, just bite and swat.  Note you can side dodge by jumping
    "up" or "down".  Once you beat him, he'll give you a Strike 1 hand (which
    unlocks 5 other arms.)
    Walk up the slope to the right of Espee and be detoured by Meejee.  Turn around
    and talk to the Big Chief.  After Villain makes his entrance Kick the Red
    Meteor to dust to restore Big Chief.  Talk to him and learn how to change your
    name.  (You can change your name by click on it while editing Hero.)
    Afterwards he'll give you an Idol Foot.
    From the first nest walk to the base of the hill, turn around and pass through
    the cave.  When you get out make a right and talk to the two Blue-Guys.
    To prank the Babbit walk to his burrow to scare him back there.  Knock down a
    bunch of Fruit then walk away.  Wait and let the Babbit eat.  When his stomach
    won't expand anymore approach him.  He'll run away and get stuck in his hole.
    Finish this off by talking to Fuzmik and Mordok.
    Kick the Babbit to free him.  Afterwards he may give you a fruit that will put
    you to sleep if you eat it.
    Keep following the path from the Babbit past the cave to find Bakkara the
    Spikee bashing the wall.  Talk to him and join his race.  The race is pretty
    simple, in fact it will complete itself automatically.  (Well Bakkara did say
    "join" and not "beat".)  Afterward's he'll give you a Charge 1 horn that allows
    you break down walls.  Try looking by the river again.
    Walk up the slope where Big Chief is and enter the valley.  Talk to Beast the
    giant creature in it.  After finding out his problem talk to Beauty who is
    nearby and win her Dance.
    Dancing is simple.  Just match the control motions in time of the beat.  Your
    arms should be moving like throwing Rock, Paper Scissors.  The exception is
    wiggling the Nunchuk which should be wiggled regardless of beat.  Most likely
    she'll give you Hero's first Regeneration 1 part.
    With Beauty satisfied talk to Beast and rearrange his body.  All you need to do
    is remove his flowers and pony tail, then have enough "scary" parts to outweigh
    his "cute" parts.  If you add enough spike balls, horns, and dragon wings, you
    don't even need to change his parts or color.
    Once Beast is tough enough Beauty will accept him and give you a part.  Sadly
    you cannot change Beast again.
    Climb up the hill from where Beast is and talk to Meejee.  Break apart the Red
    Meteor to restore the Spikees to their senses.
    Talk to Nokansee the largest Spikee to start his challenge.  When you have
    beaten him and his two companions, you will be able to use their nest.  The
    trick to beating Spikees is just to keep away.  When he charges, jump over him
    or side dodge and counter attack.
    After claiming the Spikee nest talk to Nokansee and find out that Walakak is
    missing.  You can find him by Beauty's little "house".  (He might be in the
    cave right under the Spikee Nest.  I'm not sure if Walakak hides in random
    places.  In any case you -can- ride from the Pollen Patch inside this cave to
    the Pollen Flower that is by Beast if you don't waste time.)
    After finding Walakak talk to Nokansee again.  At this point another Spikee
    named Alistaa appears to the right of Beauty's "house".
    From the Spikee Nest follow the ledge to see a Spikee on another ledge.  You
    cannot reach it for a while, but if you walk off the ledge Hero will land a
    platform he couldn't reach otherwise.
    This is earlier than the game shows but it'll save you time.  First is Smack,
    so kick every creature you come across.  This may trigger a battle so win to
    get a prize.  If not keep kicking the creature until he talks three times.  If
    he doesn't give you an item at this time he never will.
    Next is the Snack.  Press B on the icon of the orange Healing Fruit--yes I know
    the creatures all call them Moon Fruits--below the Blue Meteor level to pick it
    up.  (You can pick up fruit by "eating" them when Health is max or by pressing
    B instead of A.)  Then press B when pointing at a Creature to give him the
    Fruit.  You should see his name in order to do it successfully.
    Action      Name        Specie          Location
    Kick        Littly      Blue-Guy        Blue-Guy Nest
    Give        "*          "               "
    Fight       Espee       "               "
    Fight       Antzy       "               "
    Fight       Babbit      Unique          Babbit Hole
    Fight       Fuzmik      Blue-Guy        "
    Fight       Mordok      "               "
    Fight       Bakkara     Spikee          Beast Valley
    Dance       Beauty      Unique          "
    Kick        "           "               "
    Kick        Beast       "               "
    Fight       Nokansee    Spikee          Spikee Nest
    Fight       Poknog      "               "
    Fight       Kweep       "               "
    Give        Walakak     "               "
    Fight       Alista      "               Beast Valley
    * same as above.
    Blue Meteor     18/22
    Red Meteor      2/3
    Bones           12/16
    Battles         11/12
    ?               6/7
        B.  Ancient Grounds
    From the Spikee Nest (in Mushroom Valley)  follow Weejee into the Ancient
    Grounds.  Down the path by the giant statue is Sage.  Talk to him and give the
    Guardian Idol a pair of feet.  In return Sage will give you Swim 1 fins.  (Now
    all those idol parts you may have been getting make sense.)
    The Ancient Grounds serve as a hub to the rest of the areas, so there isn't
    much to do.  Many items -are- out of reach for now, and you cannot challenge a
    master until you have experienced their art in game.  For now just put on the
    fins and explore the river and field.  When you are ready enter the cave by
    It is possible to beat Sage if you have a Bite 3 and some Armor.  Just side
    dodge and counter attack.
    Walk up the tower ramp and beat the Dance Master five times.  She's pretty
    easy.  Since the dances are always the same per "level" just keep trying if you
    lose.  Note that there is no such thing as a Dance skill or Part to raise
    Next to the Cave by the wall (which you can never break down) is the Combat
    Master.  The fact that you have to beat him 15 times is probably to compensate
    for the other Masters (probably).  He's very challenging and increases his
    skill with each battle.  If he gets too frustrating just try again latter,
    since you will revisit the Ancient Grounds often.
    1:  Just dodge and counter attack.
    2:  Same as above.  Note that Super Attacks are easier if you B & Waggle,
            rather than charge and Waggle.
    3:  He now charges.  So bait him by Regenerating, jump/dodge, and counter.
    4:  Adds a jump kick, but just bait and counter like before.
    5:  He now Spits.  Keep close this time and be offensive.
    Action      Name            Specie          Location
    Fight       Sage            Blue-Guy        Statue
    Give        "               "               "
    Dance       Dance Master    Unique          Tower
    Kick        "               "               "
    Give        "               "               "
    Fight       Combat Master   "               Cave
    Give        "               "               "
    Blue Meteor     17/25
    Red Meteor      0/0
    Battles         4/6
    Bones           3/6
    ?               9/11
        C.  Moonlit Walkway
    As you enter the cave Zarkhator crashes the show.  (So that's his name.)
    Accept his challenge and beat him to a pulp.  Bite, swipe, and dodge as needed.
    If you sparred with the Combat Master he will be very easy.
    Once Zarkhator is vanquished destroy his meteor then kill his critters.
    As you enter the main cavern Grub the Sept-Singer asks for some Moon Fruit.
    Back track to the purple tree knock the purple Moon Fruit from it.  If you pick
    it up all of your orange -Health- (Moon) Fruit are dropped.  To prevent this,
    just press and hold A to pick up the Moon Fruit.  It'll remain in your hand and
    not in your inventory.  So with Moon Fruit (in hand) walk back to Grub and give
    it to him.
    After feeding Grub, he informs you that the Yeti is frozen and needs his three
    friends to free him.  You have to get them individually so avoid Smack and
    Snack with his tribe until they return.
    In the meanwhile explore the main cavern.  More than likely you'll just fall
    off the ledge, so just follow the path to climb back up.  There is a breakable
    wall on the bank that leads to that unreachable platform one the slope back up.
    When you are done, head to the tunnel at the head of the river.
    Upon entering the lower cavern two Sept-Singer plead for help.  Destroy the Red
    Meteor to save Sardok and Gridik.
    Return to the cavern entrance to find Gridik also hungry.  Feed a Healing Fruit
    to the little Fruit-Thief to put him to sleep.  Then grab the purple Moon
    Fruit--press and hold the A button to not lose your Healing Fruit--and give it
    to Gridik who'll return home.
    If you battle the Fruit-Thief fight up close to interrupt his spitting.
    Swim to the end of the cavern and talk with the two Rock-Beasts.  Fight Slaparf
    and Garbould to let you pass.  (I don't blame them for complaining about the
    music.)  They aren't too hard but time your attacks to avoid their blocking.
    Afterwards challenge Zinglid to Singing.  Just hold the Wiimote up, down, or
    level as depicted and press A when Zinglid sings.  The first four notes repeat
    between the "breaks."  Like Dancing there isn't a Sing stat or Parts, and the
    battle is always the same if you fail.  Once beaten he'll return to the nest.
    With the lower cavern completely explored head back to the entrance by the
    river head.  You'll meet Sardok who's afraid of the Tuber Tongues.  Just kick
    the closest ones to move him along.  Eventually he'll go the rest by himself.
    When you have rescued all three Sept-Singers climb all the way back to their
    nest.  (Head down river and follow the ledge up.)  At the nest practice Singing
    with Grub, then joint the quartet to shatter the crystal.
    Once the Yeti is released, some meteors crash the part.  Break them and the
    critters.  Talk to the Yeti then head to the Moon Fruit tree by the entrance.
    Feed the new Fruit-Thief some Healing Fruit, and then give the Moon Fruit to
    Yeti for an Idol Mouth.
    Now is a good time to challenge the Sept-Singer and Fruit-Thief.  When done
    return to the Ancient Grounds.
    Action  Name        Specie          Location
    Kick    Grub        Sept-Singer     Sept-Singer Nest
    Fight   Talan       Fruit-Thief     Walkway Entrance
    Give    "           "               "
    Fight   Fitzzle     "               Lower Cavern
    Give    "           "               "
    Fight   Slaparf     Rock-Beast      "
    Fight   Garbould    "               "
    Sing    Zinglid     Sept-Singer     "
    Sing    Grub        "               Sept-Singer Nest
    Sing    Sardok      "               "
    Sing    Gridik      "               "
    Kick    Yeti        Unique          "
    Give    "           "               "
    Blue Meteor     12/16
    Red Meteor      5/5
    Bones           9/12
    Battles         7/7
    ?               7/13
        D.  Ancient Grounds (II)
    Talk to Sage again and place an idol Mouth on the statue.  He'll give you Glide
    1 wings which open up two areas.  Hero can either explore that ledge by the
    Spikees nest in the Mushroom Valley or use the vents in the Moonlight Walkway.
    In either case there aren't many new items without Double Jump from a Kick 3
    foot, which you may or may not have at this time.  For simplicity and to keep
    the story intact, head for the Moonlit Walkway.
    If you haven't beaten Sage try him now.
    Having learned to Sing, you can challenge the Singing Master that is across the
    pond.  Like Dancing this should be too hard.  During the fourth and fifth
    match, just sing strait and not wait for the Master to change pitch.
    If you haven't beaten the Combat Master now is a good time.
     6:  Blocks now stun attacks.  Just dodge and counter attack.
     7:  Now uses Super Attacks.  Spit or just constantly dodge and counter.
     8:  Uses level 4 Bite.  Dodge backwards and spit to counter.
     9:  Constantly defends.  Use Spit and Super Attack often.
    10:  Uses level 4 Spit.  Keep close with Super Attacks and Charge.
    If Hero makes it this far he can finish the last 5 matches using the parts from
    the Combat Master.  He is only limited by his Blue Meteor level.  Whatever you
    do, combat for the rest of the game is very easy if you use these parts.
    Blue Meteor     20/25
    Red Meteor      0/0
    Battles         5/6
    Bones           4/6     (No Double Jump)
    ?               9/11
        E.  Moonlit Walkway (II)
    Head to the Sept-Singer best and use your new wings to explore the platforms
    beyond it.  Hold Jump to rise on the air vent.  Follow the tunnel to the next
    cavern with a Fruit-Thief and Patman.  Explore for goodies, but note that the
    furthest platform can only be reached with Glide 2.
    When done, follow the tunnel past another air vent--above the Rock-Beasts--to
    reach the Moonlit Caverns.
    Listen to Patman's riddle and evolve him appropriately.  Give him big eyes, big
    ears, and a pairs of wings.  Note that all body shapes are unlocked for him!
    Give    Patman      Unique          Patman Cave
    Fight   Ritzil      Fruit-Thief     "
    Give    "           "               "
    Blue Meteor     16/16
    Red Meteor      5/5
    Bones           11/12
    Battles         7/7
    ?               10/13
    F.  Moonlit Caverns
    Right away Smurlop the Kazamiope "Cave-Bear" warns Hero about the Red Meteors.
    After a little demo of their regeneration power, break both of the rocks.
    Afterwards follow him down the main tunnel to the Kazamiope Nest.
    OK, the Moonlit Caverns can be confusing so is the general layout.  Stand on
    the home Nest.  The ramp that Smurlop is standing on leads to -both- exits.
    (That air vent in the beginning leads to the Ancient Grounds.)  The purple side
    is the Kazamiope area and is a dead end.  The blue side leads deeper in cave
    which is linear since it follows the river.
    As before all the Red Meteors have to be broken before they grow back.  Use the
    vent near the Cave-Bear nest to reach the upper ledges.  Follow them to reach
    the other side with the giant purple Crystal Tree.  Use the vent there to reach
    the Red Meteor on the upper ledge.  Break that Red Meteor and follow the red
    trail and break the other ones in order.  You will have to use the vent by the
    Crystal Tree to get back across.
    Even though you free them from their stupor, the Cave-Bears challenge you for
    their Nest privileges.  They are pretty easy.  Just attack a couple of times to
    make them go on the defensive, then Charge or Spit while they over block.
    How many Creatures does it take to change a light bulb? Two, Smurlop to tell
    you, and you to do it.  Talk to Smurlop to have him point out the Crystal Tree.
    It's that giant bright purple thing that reaches to the ceiling.  Kick it three
    times and pick up the Crystal Plugs.  Sadly you must pick them up.  Head back
    to the Nest and use them on the withered lamp trees.  They are hard to see, so
    just go by anything that glows purple on -this- platform.
    By now you should have a Kick 3 foot which enables the Double Jump.  Head back
    to the entrance via Smurlop's ramp and take the vent back to the Ancient
    Grounds.  There are a couple of bone piles that you don't need to wait for.
    So it turns out that one of the tribe is responsible for the black out.  Talk
    to the Cave-Bear that is on the platform with the Crystal Tree.  Then take the
    vent to the platform above him and enter the cave.  Turns out that Zarkhator is
    duping the guy.  Knock some sense into him, then break the Red Meteor.
    Afterwards tell Smurlop what you found out.  What you didn't write they guy's
    name down?  It's "Corshty."
    This area is now complete so head down the blue tunnel.
    Down the river are a couple of Cave-Bears whom you have battled.  Take the
    nearby vent to the upper platform and talk with Boldyrok to start his race.
    The race plays the same as before, but is longer and with more rocks.  Use
    Double Jump and Glide to pass all rocks except the ones that bounce very high.
    From the Race swim further into the tunnel and enter to the cave on the right.
    (Ignore those creatures on the bank further up.)  Inside the cave is Goglu.
    Just give him some wings and the perfectly round body to restore his flying
    abilities.  So sad you can't mess around with him more.
    From Goglu's cave, take the air vent up to Goglu's dome with the second Red
    Meteor chain.  Next to each Red Meteor piece is a crazed Grawak "Yoda-Frog"
    which you must beat before breaking the Red Meteor.  Yoda-Frogs play
    defensively and spit.  Just Charge and Spit when they over block, or dodge and
    Super Strike to defeat them.
    First ignore the nearby Meteor that Goglu is next to.  Instead swim down the
    tunnel--not the waterfall--to another cave.  Break that Red Meteor and walk up
    the ramp back to the Dome.  The cave is pretty dark so it is may be hard to see
    the ramp.  The ramp ends in a drop so be careful not to fall off.  Jump the
    platforms to the ledge and break the Red Meteor there.  Then jump to the top of
    the dome with the Tuber Tongues and break the Red Meteor there.  Finally fall
    down to the river and break the Red Meteor by Goglu.
    When you are done explore this little area, swim down the waterfall to return
    to the main tunnel.
    Further down the tunnel from Goglu's Cave are the Rikko and the Grawak "Yoda-
    Frog" nest.  After listening to his plight, kick is friends off the ledge.
    When they have regained their senses they'll perform the Grawak Stomp to
    shatter the Crystal around the Red Meteor.  Critter monsters will spawn but
    don't kill them or break the Meteor for now.
    Nearby the Grawak Nest are a breakable wall and an air vent.  Charge the wall
    to open a shortcut to the Cave-Bear nest.  Afterwards ride up the vent to meet
    the Loskikies "Cow-Bugs".  Beat them all up to for their nest privileges.
    Cow-Bugs like to Charge and Air Dash a lot.  Just dodge and counter.  The Air
    Dash needs slightly different timing so don't be caught off guard.
    Nearby the Loskikie Nest is a breakable wall.  Ram it and head to the Yoda-Frog
    nest.  Break the Red Meteor to the Yoda-Frog nest, then head back to the Cow-
    Bug Nest.  Break the Red Meteor that was behind the wall and return to the Cow-
    Bug Nest.  Jump over to the ledge with the very large Red Meteor and break it,
    then fall to down to the river.  Follow the red light and use the air vent to
    reach the final Red Meteor.  You may need to break another wall if you haven't
    Note that trying to dig up bones when there are Critter monsters around is
    With all the Red Meteors destroyed head to Smurlop to receive an Idol Eye.
    Also since everything is done Smurlop can finally participate in Smack & Snack.
    Exit the Cave by walking up the ramp Smurlop is on.  Take the air vent to reach
    the Ancient Grounds.
    Action  Name        Specie      Location
    Fight   Cozi        Cave-Bear   Cave-Bear Nest
    Fight   Effy        "           "
    Fight   Durkro      "           "
    Fight   Conshty     "           "
    Give    "           "           Crystal Tree
    Fight   Boldyrok    Cave-Bear   Race
    Fight   Piradz      Yoda-Frog   Meteor
    Fight   Goglu       "           "
    Give    "           "           "
    Fight   Sporz       "           "
    Fight   Rikiko      "           Yoda-Frog Nest
    Fight   Vorkov      "           "
    Fight   Bougry      "           "
    Fight   Bikro       Cow-Bug     Cow-Bug Nest
    Give    "           "           "
    Fight   Kuko        "           "
    Give    "           "           "
    Fight   Kadru       "           "
    Fight   Smurlop*    Cave-Bear   Cave-Bear Nest
    Give    "           "           "
    *Smurlop only interacts after all Red Meteors are gone.
    Blue Meteor     31/34
    Red Meteor      16/16
    Bones           25/27
    Battles         11/11
    ?               7/7
        G.  Ancient Grounds (III)
    The Guardian Idol Again
    Place an idol Eye on the statue then head to the Mushroom Valley.
    If you haven't already, explore the Grounds with Glide and Double Jump.  Most
    notable are the ledge across the pond that needs Double Jump.  Although it is
    possible to talk to the creature above the Dance Master, it isn't worth the
    By now Hero is fully capable of finishing all 15 fights with the Combat Master.
    So here are just basic tips.
    * Level 3 Bite can break blocking.
    * Level 3 Armor can stun basic attacks.
    * Charge and Super Attack can be interrupted with a bite.
    * Charge can be side dodge or jumped over completely.  (No Double Jump needed.)
    * Spit can be run underneath with a Charge.
    * Regeneration can be used to bait.
    * The closer you are to the enemy the less reaction they have if you Charge,
    Air Dash, or Spit.
    Blue Meteor     20/25
    Red Meteor      0/0
    Battles         5/6
    Bones           6/6
    ?               9/11
        H.  Mushroom Valley (II)
    To the left of the Spikee nest is Munchy on another ledge.  Use your wings to
    glide over and complete the quest.  He'll give you a Kick 3 foot that enables
    the Double Jump.  (You may not have it if you decided to go this route first.)
    With Glide and Double Jump you can hop on the mushrooms in Beast's valley and
    by the Babbit to get some unreachable bone piles.
    In any case follow the path from Munchy to another Red Meteor.  Save Pikee from
    it and explore the nearby cave.  Afterwards follow the left path to reach the
    Mushroom Grove.
    Fight   Munchy      Spikee      Ledge
    Fight   Pikee       "           "
    Give    "           "           "
    Blue Meteor     22/22
    Red Meteor      3/3
    Bones           16/16
    Battles         12/12
    ?               7/7
    I.  Mushroom Grove
    After seeing a sinister Kikirat "Gun-Rat" from the shadows follow the walkway
    to the yellow Fly Plant.  Kikirisu will the demonstrate how to get past it.
    Follow his example and kick the yellow Stink-Bug Hive.  With scent in tow feed
    it to the Fly Plant to open it up.  Past the plant, Kikirisu will point out the
    Red Meteors and a funny looking creature then asks you to get rid of them.
    If you fall off the ledge at the beginning you'll find a free nest.  By the
    waterfall is a Varakoz "Deer-Man" that won't let you pass until the king
    returns.  Ignore him for now.
    Note that somewhere in the Grove are a Swim 2 fins.  These will allow you to
    swim up the faster currents near the waterfalls.
    Before heading down to that weird creature, make a left to find the Gun-Rat
    Nest.  As usual beat them up to avoid the long trip from the river mouth.  Gun-
    Rats like to Spit and Regenerate, so keep close and interrupt their attacks.
    However they counter attack frequently so jump backwards after a chain or block
    if you have Armor 3.
    There is a Fly Plant nearby that cannot be opened from this side and breakable
    wall further down from their nest.
    Hop down to the weird creature by the Sacred Tree and break up the Red Meteor.
    Yacque will wake up and ask you to find the rest of his tribe.  Each member is
    dazed by a Red Meteor so as usually you will have to beat them up, and then
    smash the Red Meteors before they grow back.
    Varakoz "Deer-Men" like to Spit and Super Attack.  Block their Spit and counter
    attack.  Jump or block after two hits, since they like to counter attack as
    In the meanwhile just cross the river.  Don't forget to look inside the log
    As you walk next to the Red Meteor across the river, Zagray will riddle about
    Fly Plants.  Basically Fly Plants only eat the same colored Stink-Bugs.  Head
    down the river and use the two Pollen Flowers.  One will launch you to a bone
    pile.  If you look across the river you can see a platform beyond the same
    Pollen Flowers that can only be reached by falling.  The other Pollen Flower
    will launch you into a hollow tree stump with the proper blue Stink-Bugs.  Use
    it to get out, then to open the original Fly Plant.
    In the area opened by the Fly Plant are the two other Deer-Men.  The Pollen
    Flower takes a little practice to reach and leads to goodies.  (Jump, don't
    run, and glide as little as possible to shave off time.)  The Green Fly Plant
    is opened by mixing Yellow and Blue Stink-Bugs.  The yellow one is by the
    uppermost Red Meteor and the blue one is below.  Like Pollen Plants you have to
    be fast, but the timer for the scent is renewed once you have mixed Green.
    When you are done exploring, break up the Red Meteors in quick order to prevent
    regrowth.  Start with the uppermost one by the waterfall, then the one on the
    ledge below.  Next take out the one by the riverbank with all the critters.
    Swim over and get the large one by Yacque, and finally follow the trail to the
    one by the Gun-Rat Nest.
    With the Red Meteors gone the Deer-Men return to Yacque only to not recognize
    him.  (They know you from breaking the Red Meteors safely.)  Yacque will then
    take you to the northern valley to deal with the Red Meteors there.
    In the upper valley is a nest and Yacque.  Hop over to the Red Meteor and break
    it apart.  Grab the nearby yellow Stink-Bug, then mix them with the blue ones
    on the lower ledge.  Open up the green Fly Plant and break up the Red Meteor
    straight ahead.  Afterwards return to Yacque.
    On the way to the bridge is Myara the Cylotorns "Cy-Dancer" guarding his
    treasure cave.  Beat him in dancing to claim the goodies.  The dancing is
    simple, with couple of mid rhythm switching.
    On the way to the bridge that creepy Gun-Rat offers a fruit.  Eating it just
    knocks you out and returns you to the Nest.  (You cannot feed it to other
    creatures.)  The green Fly Plant nearby leads to the ledge in the first valley
    that was reachable by the tricky Pollen Plant.  Past the rotten fruit is Yacque
    and bridge keeper Orok.  Beat him in dancing to open the full lakeside.
    Near the second Sacred Tree is Barkar.  Defeat him in dancing to get passage to
    the original Gun-Rat nest.  He isn't hard, just watch out for the impromptu
    Nunchuk wiggles.
    After exploring the lakeside, break apart the Red Meteors.  First break the one
    by the Pollen Patch -without- stepping in the Pollen Patch.  When it is broken
    -then- step into the patch and run strait to the Pollen Flower on the far side
    of the Sacred Tree.  Break the Red Meteor that the Flower spits you towards.
    Then follow the trail and break the meteor inside the Waterfall.  Finally run
    back and break the large meteor underneath the tree.
    When the (new) Deer-Men come to their senses they block Yacque once again.
    Beat up two of them to let Yacque pass.
    If you haven't opened the green Fly Plant by the Sacred Tree, do so now.  Use
    the Pollen Plant to jump to the yellow Stink-Bug Hive.  Grab the scent, jump on
    the mushroom below, then jump to the ground level.  Do -not- Double Jump or
    Glide as this is slower.  Quickly grab the blue Stink-Bug scent and open up the
    green Fly Plant.
    Inside the cave are lots of goodies and a statue.  Examine the statue then talk
    to Yacque and evolve him.  He needs to be yellow, have antlers, the horse
    mouth, and chest plates.  If everything is in place and still nothing, then try
    a different color of yellow.
    Once restored Yacque will give Hero an idol Hand.
    With the king returned, Galak can leave his post at the water exit.  He is at
    the very bottom of the river if you haven't found him yet.  This will lead to
    the Ancient Grounds.
    Before you go Smack and Snack Yacque (Jack!), the Cy-Dancers, the Deer-Men at -
    both- Sacred Trees, and the Gun-Rat by the hollow tree stump.
    Action      Name        Specie      Location
    Fight       Kikirisu    Gun-Rat     Gun-Rat Nest
    Fight       Kossu       "           "
    Fight       Ziwgli      "           "
    Fight       Zagry       "           River
    Fight       Baggaz      Deer-Man    Meteor
    Fight       "           "           "
    Fight       Korzo       "           "
    Dance       Myara       Cy-Dancer   Treasure Cave
    Kick        "           "           "
    Dance       Orok        "           Bridge
    Kick        "           "           "
    Dance       Barkar      "           Cave
    Kick        "           "           "
    Fight       Jorkog      Varakoz     Sacred Tree 2
    Give        "           "           "
    Fight       Koawouk     "           "
    Fight       Bogaa       "           "
    Kick        Yacque      "           "
    Give        "           "           "
    Give        Myara       Cy-Dancer   Treasure Cave
    Give        Zagray      Gun-Rat     River
    Give        Korzon      Deer-Man    Sacred Tree 1
    Give        Galak       "           Waterfall Exit
    Blue Meteor 33/33
    Red Meteor 11/11
    Bones 23/23
    Battle 9/9
    ? 9/9
        J.  Item Roundup
     Talk to Sage again to put the hands on the idol.  He then gives you Glide 2
    wings and rambles about where the final idol part is.  But first to the Caves!
    Head to the Sept-Singers Nest and feed them.  After that use the nearby drafts
    to reach Patman's cave.  Use the draft there to reach the final bone pile near
    the Tongue Tuber.  It may take a couple of tries.  Finally follow the tunnel to
    the Moonlit Cavern.
    Head to the Cow-Bug Nest and jump over to the platform where the giant Red
    Meteor used to be.  From there you can reach some newer platforms with goodies
    on them.
    Afterwards head to the top Goglu's Dome where the Tongue Tubers are.  From
    there you can reach another new platform to collect the last goods.
    With everything completed for the Mushroom Valley, Grove, Moonlit Walkway, and
    Caves head back to the Ancient Grounds.  Sage says that the last idol Part is
    somewhere high.  It is on very top of the tower where the Dance Master is.  To
    get there, cross the pond and Double Jump to the ledge.  Follow the path and
    ledges to get to the tower.  Speak with the Pose Master to receive an Idol
    Speak with Sage again and place the last piece.  There should be a Mouth,
    Hands, Feet, Eye(s), and Weapon(s).  With the Idol complete it wakes up and
    promptly smashes the wall behind the Combat Master.  Better follow it.
    K.  Creature Beach
    So it turns out that Zarkhator is going to kill the planet by destroying its
    literal heart.  Odd how he waits to attack now considering he landed at
    Creature Beach.  Defeat the two "Bug-Guards" and break the Red Meteors to get
    the Claw of Courage.  Use the Claw on the Idol to have it smash the gate.  If
    you are having trouble make sure that you can see the Idol's name and stat--by
    its feet--before you let go of the item.
    The Bug-Guards attack quickly and Air Dash.  Use normal battle tactics for
    At the beach Smooshmish approaches Hero and says that the Long Beaks "Long
    Beaks" hold the Feather of Charm.
    First head to the north beach--turn left--and defeat the Bug-Guard there.
    (Explore that section a bit to learn of the location of the Pollen Patch and
    Now walk to the south side of the beach to begin the chain of Red Meteors.
    Break the south beach Red Meteor with all the critters, then the large one in
    the middle.  Next the north beach one with the bug.  Use the Pollen Flower to
    jump to the north island, and take out the island Red Meteors in order.
    Having regained their sanity the Long-Beaks want Pearls before they'll talk to
    you.  The Pearls are in giant clams shells that need to be kicked.  There is
    one at the north beach, and one on the South Island.  Luckily you can use the
    Item trick to carry the Pearl and swim.
    With Pearl in hand the Long-Beaks want to Pose.  Posing is the hardest of the
    battles if you don't have a steady hand.  Just hold the Wiimote and Nunchuk
    like show and tilt them as needed to regain balance.  If things aren't going
    well make sure that the Wiimote and Nunchuk are directly facing you and not
    your palms.
    The Long Beaks can be tricky to kick so aim directly for their posteriors.
    Now having learned how to Pose, you can return to the Ancient Grounds and
    battle the Pose Master at the top of the tower.  (Though at this point of the
    game you will probably just get Blue Meteor energy.)  Posing is the same as
    before, but the 4th battle switches the positions very frequently.
    When you have won the two Long Beak pose matches use the Pollen Patch and Plant
    by the south island to head to Smooshmish's island.  (Be sure to get the bone
    pile behind the far Pollen Flower.)  It turns out that Smooshmish had the
    Feather of Charm all along.  Pick it up and give it to the Idol at the squid
    With the mouth opened Zarkhator shows up to gloat a bit.  Beat him up as usual.
    If Hero is having a hard time, start to equip parts specifically for battle
    instead of looks.
    Afterwards enter the mouth and follow the Path.  At the end Zarkhator
    challenges you to a race to the Heart.  The only rocks that can be safely
    Glided over are the plain rolling ones.  Also the rocks change their pattern
    midcourse.  If you are having a hard time start wiggling the Wiimote before you
    crash into a rock to shorten the down time.
    When you win the race to the -Brain- grab the Ancient Brain and give it to the
    Idol outside of the creature.  It turns out that the Idol is not the guardian
    but Hero is.  The Idol will give you the Spore-o-Mega which you must equip in
    order to proceed.  With the Spore-o-Mega on reenter the Creature and now take
    the unblocked path.  At the real Heart battle Zarkhator for the final conflict.
    Use the same battle tactics but make use of the Spore-o-Mega when it is
    charged.  Since Zarkhator over blocks the Spore-o-Mega follow it immediately
    with a Charge.  When you knock down Zarkhator break up the Blue Meteors then
    the Red Ones while avoiding the Critters.  Battle and break one more time to
    ultimately defeat Zarkhator ... by evolving him!
    The game doesn't care what you do to Zarkhator.  You can even leave him as is
    and everyone will laugh him away.  However you can only do this once so enjoy
    it while you can.
    After the credits Hero will be at the Ancient Grounds free to explore the
    planet.  You can change the Idol's appearance at the Ground or talk to him at
    the Beach.  Otherwise you are free to collect any parts you haven't or
    challenge the existing creatures to battle.  Commemorate your hero by adding
    him to the Sporepedia.
    * Play with purely aesthetic creatures.
    * Swap the Moonlit Caverns and Mushroom Grove order.
    * Complete quests and gather parts after beating the game.
    Fight   Chukoko         Bug-Guard   Entrance
    Fight   Chulolo         "           "
    Fight   Mikacrok        "           North Beach
    Kick    Kawakan         Long Beak   Island
    Give    Kawakan         "           "
    Kick    Pookaya         "           "
    Kick    Blawaa          "           "
    Give    Mikacrok        Bug-Guard   North Beach
    Pose    Kawkaa          Long Beach  Island
    Pose    Pokkaya         "           "
    Kick    Smooshmish      Unique      Large Island
    Give    "               "           "
    IV.  Conclusion
        A.  To Do List, Maybe
    * Spelling and grammar.
    * Complete parts list.
    * Compiled Encounter List
        B.  Version History
    1.00  2010/01/21
    First Version
    1.01  2010/01/22
    Minor formatting.
        C.  Legal Stuff
    This Guide is COPYRIGHT 2010 David Paul Gorski a.k.a. Skygor.  It may be
    distributed and posted on web sites as long as the following are held:  it
    remains unchanged, I receive credit for the guide, it is not sold for profit
    etc.  In basic simple terms, don't be jerks or plagiarists.

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