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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Zuake6561

    Version: 1.32 | Updated: 07/24/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     ___   ___
    |   | |   |      O O      {        }        S S S    |----------
    |   | |   |    O     O    {        }      S          |
    |    -    |   O       O   {        }     S           |_____
    |    _    |   O       O   {        }      S S S      |
    |   | |   |    O     O     {      }             S    |
    |   | |   |      O O         ~~~~         S S S      |__________
     ---   ---
    ,-----      __________          A         DDDD          . . . .
    |      )    | _______|         / \        D    D      .         .
    |       )   | |__             /   \       D      D            .
    |       )   | ___|           /     \      D      D          .
    |       )   | |______       /-------\     D      D        .
    |      )    |________|     /         \    D    D        .
    `-----      EEEEEEEEEE    /           \   DDDD        . . . . . .
    Dreamcast Version
    Version 1.32
    By Kyle Dent 
    A.K.A. Zuake6561
     1.The making of this FAQ
     2.The story (MY version!)
     4.The enemies
     5.Game modes
     6.Items at your disposal
     8.Secrets and Cheats (SPOILER!)
     9.20 things I noticed
    1. The making of this FAQ
    15 June 2004
    I began making this, starting with the enemies section.
    16 June 2004
    I made the credits section. Couldn’t forget that, could I?
    Completed story section
    20 June 2004
    Typed entire items section
    Made ASCII Art at the end
    Finished secrets and cheats section (I could still use submissions from you!)
    Started basics section after realizing I had not done so up to now
    21 June 2004
    Did mode section
    Finishing up
    Conversion to WordPad
    23 June 2004
    24 June 2004
    Deleted the 79 digit ruler. Whoops!
    Created title art
    25 June 2004
    Removed a bad cheat
    Corrected some minor problems
    26 June 2004
    Deleted new digit ruler. My bad again.
    More corrections made
    27 June 2004
    New enemy discovered
    28 June 2004
    Made "Stuff I noticed" section
    Corrections and the usual
    Started walkthrough
    29 June 2004
    Finally realized just how many errors I had
    30 June 2004
    More "Stuff I noticed"
    1 July 2004
    Walkthrough done
    2 July 2004
    Complete editing
    Finished 20 things section
    3 July 2004
    Somehow STILL had errors...
    22 July 2004
    After a long "break", some kind person named Jason White found a factual
    error; corrected of course
    24 July 2004
    It's 3 AM and I found some typos! So what, it's summer!
    2. The story (MY version!)
         The two men were coming up on the street. The street sign indicated
    they were going on Seymour Avenue. Good. Gary said, "I’ll look for the
    library." James slowed down a bit, looking out the window for the library as
         "Must be further up," said James. And then there was silence for awhile.
    Gary decided to break it.
         "What are we going to do at this meeting?"
         James replied, "We're going to investigate Goldman’s recent activity."
         "Ah, what's he done now...?"
         It began December 18, 1998. A mad scientist named John Curien had
    finally finished his production of zombies and fiends. His intent was to
    destroy mankind. He was a radical genome expert who believed than man had
    destroyed nature. Curien was not taken seriously until that day, when the AMS
    had dispatched two agents, "Rogan" and "G". The agents encountered many more
    enemies than expected. In the end, Curien was killed by his own creation, his
    most prized project: the Magician. The case was solved, but it was not over.
    A wealthy financial owner named Hugh Goldman had financed the disposal of
    Curien’s work. Goldman was ironically a human genome researcher as well. This
    brought uncertainty to the AMS (American Misbehavior Society), the agency which
    had eliminated Dr. Curien. They began to look into his files and records.
    Nothing seemed especially extraordinary about him except for his vast riches.
    Yet the AMS was still unconvinced he wasn’t up to something. They assigned six
    agents to investigate further: Rogan, G, James, Gary, Harry, and Amy.
         These agents were perfect for the job. Rogan and G were both experienced
    agents. Thomas Rogan had a sense of humor that often was beneficial to his
    fellow agents while George "G" Abbot was determined and hard to distract.
    James Taylor had an amazing calmness about him that made him great in serious
    situations. Gary Stewart was the youngest agent. He was less experienced but
    all the same effortful in his assignments. Harry Harris was the cautious one,
    keeping many secrets even from his agent friends. And Amy Crystal always
    watched out for the others, making sure that they wouldn’t be harmed if at
    all possible. No wonder the AMS chose these six as the primary investigators.
         Today is February 26, 2000. G had called for a meeting at the Glasgow
    Library to get ready to hear the results of Goldman’s new research. Goldman
    was going to announce the outcome of his studies at the Glasgow City Hall, a
    block away from the library. The AMS was hoping to end the investigation
         "We’re meeting G over there," said James when he spotted the library. G
    was supposed to be waiting inside. Suddenly, a creature flew right in front
    of the car, causing James to swerve to a stop. "What?" he exclaimed.
         "I’ve already taken care to G. This is only the beginning. You’re next!"
    said the gargoyle that nearly caused James to crash into a building. He flew
    up to the top of the library. He said from there, "Get them!" And that’s
    exactly when James and Gary drew their pistols, for that’s when they noticed
    that the people the gargoyle was talking to weren’t really people at all.
    They were zombies! It’s a good thing Rogan told them to have their guns
    3. Basics
    Was I just willing to cut you loose without teaching you how to get started?
    NO! It’s a jungle out there, and you need to know the simple stuff first
    before you can learn anything from this guide. House of the Dead 2 is not
    very complicated; pretty much anyone that can tell an 'A' from a 'B' could
    play. However, it’s the techniques that make you cool. Take a look:
    --What is The House of the Dead 2?--
    The House of the Dead Series is made by Sega and AM1. It originally
    started as an arcade light-gun game. However, Sega had converted House of the
    Dead 1 to the Saturn and #2 to the Dreamcast. But the Dreamcast only one of
    the systems that this awesome game was fit for.
    The object of the game is to kill zombies that have taken over Glasgow,
    Scotland. Along the way, civilians are being held hostage. They need to be
    rescued successfully. Who you save directly affects the "route" you take
    through Glasgow. There are myriads of paths you can take. In the end, it all
    leads to one major boss. House of the Dead 2 is divided into six chapters.
    They are:
    Chapter One: A Prelude
    Chapter Two: Muddy
    Chapter Three: Darkness
    Chapter Four: Despair
    Chapter Five: Dawn
    The Final Chapter: Original Sin
    Each chapter will have certain enemies that naturally get harder to kill as
    you go on. Each chapter also has a boss at the end.
    Your gun, the IMI .50 Desert Eagle, is a very powerful handgun that can
    punch through most body armor. This firepower is especially needed for a 
    zombie-fragging mission like this. A downside to the Desert Eagle is that it
    has a limited six-round magazine. Fortunately, you have unlimited ammo.
    The health concept in House of the Dead 2 is the same as that for 
    credit-coin arcade games. Original Mode starts out with five credits with
    three life markers per credit. You can adjust the life in Arcade Mode from
    one credit up to nine, with anywhere from one life to five per credit. Every
    zombie and every boss does one-life damage per every attack. How they attack
    is what separates them, and so does their own life.
    The only action button during game play is the fire button. Every 
    element that can be activated in the game must be shot. It’s simple. Items 
    are also picked up by shooting them.
    That covers the explanation. Good luck, agent!
    Controls                In-Game                 Menu
    A                       Fire                    Enter
    B                       Reload/skip             Cancel
    X                       Speed up aiming         N/A
    Y                       N/A                     N/A
    L                       Center crosshair        N/A				
    R                       Reload                  N/A
    Start                   Start, pause, continue  Enter
    D-pad                   Move crosshair          Select
    Analog stick            Move crosshair          Select
    * A + B + X + Y + Start will bring you to title screen at any time
    --On-screen panels--
    Remaining magazine................How many shots you have before you must
    Remaining life in current credit..How many hits you can take before using
                                      another credit
    Remaining credits.................How many credits you have before you die,
                                      only when using another credit unless in
    Crosshair.........................Where your shots will be placed 
    Score meter, if activated.........How many total points you have throughout
                                      the game, also at the end of most chapters
                                      along with total accuracy and civilians
                                      rescued in that chapter
    Boss life meter...................How much life the boss has left
    -A and B fast fire-
    Try pressing A and B to speed up rate of fire. Also works with A and R.
    -Shoot from the inside out-
    Always shoot at the closest enemy.
    -Constantly center crosshair-
    That’s right. You can’t afford to lose your crosshair.
    -Constantly reload-
    It’s easy to forget to reload after six shots, so reload whenever possible.
    -Container breaking-
    Several things can be found in barrels, boxes, pots, and oil drums. Shoot at
    them. Even if there is no item there, you get points for the container.
    -Weak point = target-
    See the enemies section.
    -Never shoot civilians-
    You can tell ahead of time when you are approaching a civilian because they
    will cry out as you come closer. If you want to go another route that
    requires a civilian loss, let the zombies do the work. Besides, it’s a high
    price to pay if you shoot someone - one life and a big hunk of points,
    sometimes even certain items because you will be forced to switch routes.
    -Move up in difficulty slowly-
    Start out on very easy, move to easy, then medium, then hard, and finally to
    very hard. Get the hang of each setting so you can build to it.
    4. The enemies
    Goldman has produced many zombies, monsters, etc. in an effort to destroy
    humanity. Some of the models were re-created as a result of the Curien
    incident. Others were made new by Goldman. You will need to pay attention to
    their weaknesses because they are all unique.
    --Common enemies--
    1- Weak, stupid, do you get the point?
    2- Not very good but do be careful.
    3- Quite good but not great.
    4- Serious threat; use extreme caution.
    5- Ultimate killer.
    Description: David is a shirtless zombie that can be seen just about
    anywhere. He is the weakest of the humanistic zombies, but he can still
    take some damage.
    Attack: Bite, kick
    Class: 2
    Weak point: Head
    Comments: David is slower than most enemies, but if he survives the first
    blow, he’ll charge at you. Take him down with a head shot to play it safe.
    Description: Similar to David, Andrew is a humanoid-zombie with a distinctive
    jean shirt. He is less common than David, however.
    Attack: Punch, kick
    Class: 2
    Weak point: Head
    Comments: They get really pissed off when wounded. Is that enough said?
    Description: Ebitan comes in three varieties. Green Ebitan is the most
    common. Black Ebitan is less often seen and is slightly stronger. Brown Ebitan
    is the least frequent, but the most deadly due to its sudden leap.
    Attack: Bite, punch
    Class: 3
    Weak point: Head
    Comments: Rotting, ugly, and slow. Think of the sewer monster and basically
    that is the Ebitan. The Black Ebitan is known to live even when his head is
    partially missing. Eww!
    Description: Kageo is a mummified zombie. He seems frail, yet he can attack
    Attack: Punch, head butt (without arms)
    Class: 2
    Weak point: Head
    Comments: Found usually in the dark. Even though Kageo is stronger than he
    looks, he is not very resistant to damage.
    Description: Some of the Kageo’s that Goldman made have lost their legs.
    Regardless of their impairment, they are just as determined to destroy you.
    Attack: Bite
    Class: 1
    Weak point: Head
    Comments: You can easily destroy Halfkageo with one or two shots.
    Description: After realizing that Kageo was too easily destroyed, Goldman
    modeled Ken. Ken has an iron faceplate, iron claws, and iron boots to maintain
    his posture. This is what makes him so deadly because his head is protected.
    Attack: Claws
    Class: 4
    Weak point: Head (Punch through the faceplate!)
    Comments: You can destroy Ken two ways. The best way is to aim for the chest.
    However, his faceplate can only stop one bullet, so go for the head if you
    think you can do it. Either way will require multiple shots.
    Description: Bob is the fattest zombie by far, and he uses it to his
    advantage. He is highly resistant to shots. If that’s not enough, he can
    throw barrels and oil drums for a ranged attack.
    Attack: Head butt, container throw, belly slam
    Class: 5
    Weak point: Head
    Comments: He takes a lot of hits to go down. Go for the head if at all
    Description: Randy is basically Ken in the form of a monkey. He can climb
    walls and ceilings. Randy can also attack swiftly and jump away quickly for
    another shot.
    Attack: Scratch
    Class: 3
    Weak point: Head
    Comments: They come in pairs. While one climbs, the other attacks. If you
    concentrate on the attacker, you should be alright.
    Description: Two axes and a flannel shirt are Johnny’s trademarks. He not
    only can slice you up close but also throw his axes at you from afar.
    Attack: Axe throw, slice, kick
    Class: 3
    Weak point: Head
    Comments: Johnny can make the perfect ambush so keep your eyes open. And when
    he is close enough for slashing, he will partially protect his face with his
    Description: Identical in stats to Johnny but different in appearance. Harry
    is more difficult to find though, as he is not always found in every route.
    The only difference is that he is never known to kick.
    Attack: Axe throw, slice
    Class: 3
    Weak point: Head
    Comments: As mentioned, he is a rare dude.
    Description: Mickey is one of the smallest zombies you will find. He is an
    expert with knives and roof jumping. Unlike Johnny, Mickey has more than the
    two knives he holds.
    Attack: Knife throw, slice
    Class: 4
    Weak point: Head
    Comments: For defense, he strafes in a zigzag pattern. It is extremely tough
    to hit Mickey at all.
    Description: An improvement of the Curien’s saw man, Max is tall and fast.
    With two chainsaws at hand, he is a formidable enemy. 
    Attack: Chainsaw slice
    Class: 3
    Weak point: Head
    Comments: Sometimes it’s easier to shoot Max in the chest.
    Description: Gregory is truly a troublemaker. If carrying a huge sword
    doesn’t prove he’s deadly, then his dashing speed is a dead giveaway
    (no pun intended). Gregory is also greatly resistant to bullets.
    Attack: Sword slash
    Class: 4
    Weak point: Head
    Comments: That sword of his is so big that it’s tough to shoot his head.
    By the way, where did he get those ugly clothes?
    Description: Larry is half-Johnny, half-Mickey. He throws two funny-looking
    knives at once. As soon as those are gone, he uses his fists.
    Attack: Twin knife throw, punch
    Class: 4
    Weak point: Head
    Comments: Listen for a trotting sound. That would be Larry alright.
    Description: A rabid crocodile that has an amazing ability to do flips in
    mid-air. Croc goes down easily but usually gets up several times before dying.
    Attack: Tail slash
    Class: 3
    Weak point: Head, back
    Comments: Just blast away like crazy.
    Description: Richard’s muscles bulge so much that they actually ripped off
    his arm skin! If that’s not warning enough, look at his face. He’s quite
    Attack: Punch
    Class: 4
    Weak point: Head
    Comments: Unfortunately, he doesn’t like to be alone. Richard is also the
    best driver of all the zombies (You’ll see what I mean).
    Description: Steve is the same as Richard except for the fact that he has a
    whole face. Obviously, Steve and Richard have been at the gym for way longer
    than the other enemies.
    Attack: Punch
    Class: 4
    Weak point: Head
    Comments: He seems to have an orange sailor hat, so I call him Captain Steve
    sometimes. Aaargh, stuff him with lead, matey!
    Description: Peter is never alone. He has been infested with a worm that
    leaps out of his chest when Peter is wounded. It only takes one shot to kill
    Peter, but unless it was a really good shot, the worm will latch on to you
    and bite.
    Attack: Bite, worm bite
    Class: 2
    Weak point: Head
    Comments: One shot kills the worm. If only poor Peter had known that...
    Description: Murrer is a creepy little snake-like zombie that has some really
    sharp teeth. He’s a one-shot kill but he often has others with him. They also
    come in different flavors.
    Attack: Bite
    Class: 1
    Weak point: Body
    Comments: Try shooting them when they jump for you.
    Description: The term "Batty" has two meanings here. Of course, Batty is a
    bloodsucking bat that flies. It also can describe how he flies about. Talk
    about Batty!
    Attack: Bite
    Class: 1
    Weak point: Body
    Comments: Hard to hit, easy to kill, and groups of them. You might as well
    fire randomly until they get close enough to aim at.
    Description: Owl is a bird that flies more graceful than Batty. Owl often
    changes direction to confuse you. It takes one shot to kill.
    Attack: Bite
    Class: 2
    Weak point: Body
    Comments: Look out! Usually Owls come in pairs, but not always.
    Description: When you get one Fish, you really get three. They leap from the
    water and bite their enemies. Each one will come from the opposite side the
    previous one did.
    Attack: Bite
    Class: 2
    Weak point: Body
    Comments: Really, they’re not as tough once you get used to them.
    Description: Frogs are rare. They’re also very stupid and weak. But they
    still do damage if you’re not careful.
    Attack: Bite
    Class: 1
    Weak point: Body
    Comments: If there really were frog princes, it must have been before the gun
    was invented. 
    Description: Fred is an improved version of Andrew. He has metal plates and
    can mysteriously appear in front of walls and doors.
    Attack: Punch
    Class: 3
    Weak point: Head
    Comments: Fred is a specialty of Goldman. He can’t be damaged while still
    partially invisible. By the time he is visible, you’ll have little time to
    react. And check out Fred's brain while you are aiming at it. Freaky!
    Description: An upgraded version of Max, Luke is metal and holds two pulse
    blades. He is almost impossible to destroy without taking damage first.
    Attack: Blade slash
    Class: 5
    Weak point: Head
    Comments: You have even less time to react than with Fred. This is what makes
    Luke so deadly.
    Description: Kyle is like Mickey except a lot better. He carries two neon
    crescent blades and never runs out of them. Like Fred, Kyle has the ability
    to teleport.
    Attack: Blade throw, bite
    Class: 5
    Weak point: Head
    Comments: One Kyle is bad enough, but they never like to be alone. In fact,
    they like to come in threes. While one throws a blade or bites, the other two
    come closer. Kyle can take a hell of a lot of fire before perishing.
    Apart from the normal zombie production, Goldman is undergoing secret
    projects in order to make the toughest of his legions. The result: bosses.
    Goldman has managed to maintain six. In most cases, only the weak point can
    take damage. Good luck.
    Judgment Type 28*
    Description: Judgment is really consisted of two of Curien’s bosses, only
    modified to make them even deadlier. A small purple gargoyle has control of a
    large headless knight with a giant halberd in hand. The knight is called
    Kuarl, and he is almost bulletproof. Kuarl protects the gargoyle in return
    for orders to attack. The gargoyle, while controlling Kuarl, flies as quickly
    was possible to avoid damage. If he is hit enough, he will lose control of
    Kuarl. Then he will charge his enemies with a head butt at high speeds. This
    is a last resort.
    Weak point: Gargoyle (Anywhere)
    Attack: Halberd strike, head butt
    Damage: 12 shots (Gargoyle), 168 shots (Kuarl) + 3 on Gargoyle
    Strategy: Keep shooting at Kuarl. You will likely hit the gargoyle as he
    passes by. If not, you must hit him as he summons Kuarl. He will be flying
    above. Repeat until Kuarl falls. When the gargoyle comes at you, shoot him.
    It only takes three shots.
    Hierophant Type B 05*
    Description: Another variation of one of Curien’s creations, the Hierophant
    has become the boss of the water. His weapon is a trident similar to the one
    the Greek sea god Poseidon was believed to have carried. The Hierophant has
    become very proficient with his trident, and also very trusted by the zombie
    fish. When created, a fissure was accidentally created in the chest, exposing
    the Hierophant’s heart. He can’t control when his loose skin opens.
    Weak point: Heart
    Attack: Trident jab, summon fish, leap-crash stab
    Damage: 12 shots; 6 shots to summoning, 6-8 shots to jumps
    Strategy: The secret is going for the heart at all times. At first, the
    Hierophant will try to charge you head-on with his heart exposed. Four shots
    later, he begins to alternately strafe, still with heart exposed. Take two
    shots more. When you have got to the summoning fish point, keep going for the
    heart until the fish are close enough to shoot. When he starts to jump, shoot
    towards the middle of the top of the screen. Hopefully you hit him in time.
    If not, go for the heart as the Hierophant seems to brag. Repeat as
    necessary. Sometimes he will jump underwater and jump from there to the left or
    right. It should be no big deal. That is only if you are at the Sunset Bridge.
    Tower Type 8000**
    Description: The Tower is a completely new design by Goldman. The Tower is
    actually five dragon-snakes, the middle one blue and the others brownish. The
    middle one is the leader. As the four other dragon-snakes attack (one at a
    time), the leader does not. When they are destroyed, the leader escapes to
    the largest open area he can find. From there, he will attack. He is harder
    to slay than the rest, for he takes the combined health of the subordinate
    towers. Sometimes he will join the other towers if he cannot escape.
    Weak point: Head, when charging
    Attack: Charge & chomp, (leader) slither charge bite
    Damage: 3 shots for each small tower, 12 shots for the leader
    Strategy: Don’t fret about which tower will attack. The camera view will
    narrow it down to two.  Usually one attacks at any given time, but if you
    place several shots without taking damage, two adjacent towers will charge.
    This is the hardest to stop. Finally, after fading the four, the leader will
    escape to a back area. His attack is the same, except it includes movement.
    You must place two shots on the head to prevent his attack. Do this six 
    times, and he will be killed.
    Strength Type 205
    Description: One of Curien’s zombies was a fat man with a chainsaw. The
    zombie was too slow to be of any use. But Goldman took this idea and ran
    with it. Not only did he create Max, but also another, even bigger and
    stronger saw man. This huge model was even more resistant to bullets than
    the previous bosses, even though he had an obvious weak point. Therefore, he
    was named Strength. He carried one huge chainsaw and two throwing axes; one
    on the belt and the other on the left shoulder. On top of that, Strength can
    run fast at his opponents.
    Weak point: Head
    Attack: Saw slice, axe throws
    Damage: 16 shots
    Strategy: Aim high. When he brings up the chainsaw, go for the head. To
    prevent him from throwing the axes, shoot his head when he falls back. Also,
    when he jumps off the wall, try the best you can to hit before he lands and
    shreds you. At the end, Strength will go berserk from all the damage he has
    taken. Go for the head before he comes up to you.
    Magician Type 0
    Description: Magician was thought to have been destroyed in the Curien
    incident, but Goldman must have salvaged the plans to create him. This
    Magician has been partially decayed and disfigured. His ability to generate
    plasma orbs has not been lost, however. His attacks are in repeating stages. 
    Weak point: Right shin, abdomen, right forearm, upper-left arm, right side of
    Attack: Double orb, dashing swoop, supercharge throw
    Damage: 48 shots; 8 shots per double orb stage, 4 shots per dashing swoop
    stage (repeat 8/4 shots again), 24 shots for supercharge throw
    Strategy: In double orb mode, shoot at the right leg or abdomen. Place as
    many shots as possible. Make sure to shoot away the orbs as well. When moving
    on to dashing swoop mode, go for the abdomen, arms, or face. Since you can
    only make one shot per swoop, you must get four good shots. Once done,
    repeat double orb and dashing swoop modes again. Now on the supercharge
    throw, just keep firing up at the leg until the Magician throws all the orbs
    down. Then shoot away only the lighter orbs because the darker ones will miss.
    Go for the leg again. Keep doing this until finally the Magician is destroyed.
    If you destroy him while orbs are falling, they will also be destroyed.
    Emperor Type Alpha
    Description: The apex of Goldman’s creations. The final boss. The toughest
    enemy you will ever encounter. This would be the Emperor. He was designed by
    Goldman to be the destroyer of men. And he wants to start with you. The
    Emperor has orbs that follow him that he uses as an attack. Once gone, he
    results to boss emulation. After that, he morphs into the emergency form of
    spinning orbs. The Emperor is the most complex of all bosses.
    Weak point: Heart
    Attack: Orb throw, Emperor’s sword, boss emulation, orb bash
    Damage: 54 shots; 18 to emulation stage, 36 to total orb stage
    Strategy: Fire at the heart as much as possible. Once past the initial orb
    stage, get ready for boss emulation. The Emperor will remodel the Judgment
    gargoyle flying at you, the Hierophant attempting a leap-crash stab, a Tower
    charging at you, and the Strength coming in for a slash. You usually will be
    aiming high. Try to fire at the heart between emulations. Once down to the
    final orb stage, fire at the heart when it is glowing with spikes. If you can
    hit it enough times in one run, it can’t attack you. Do this until the
    Emperor is faded. That wasn’t too tough, huh?
    * Re-appears in Chapter Five, reduced damage to 10 shots
    ** Re-appears in the Final Chapter, reduced damage to 10 total shots
    5. Game modes
    You can play four different modes in House of the Dead 2. I recommend trying
    all of them out.
    --Arcade Mode--
    This is just like the old days of House of the Dead 2. You can adjust life
    and credits in Options.
    --Original Mode--
    Use items and power-ups to spice up the game! You start with five credits of
    three life markers. See items section for more.
    --Training Mode--
    Improve your skills here at Training. Play these ten missions, in order:
    1. Hostage Rescue- Save the civilians!
    2. Five-Magazine Kill House- You have 30 bullets. Kill all the zombies!
    3. Barrel Blaster- Destroy all the barrels in the given time!
    4. Golden Frog Single Shot Accuracy- Shoot the Golden Frog with one shot!
    5. Kuarl’s Charge- Take down Kuarl with rapid fire!
    6. Reaction Hallway- Destroy the zombies that appear! Watch out for civilians!
    7. Sniper Shots- Gun down all the David’s in the distance within the allotted
    8. Drive-by Shooting- Shoot off all the zombies latched onto the windshields of
       the cars!
    9. Zombie Picking- Distinguish enemies from civilians in a line-up! Be quick
       but don't shoot civilians!
    10.Golden Coin Bouncer- Shoot the coin to keep it in the air until the timer
    I have ranked each mission in order of difficulty (for me), hardest on top.
    Drive-by Shooting- Too easy to mess up!
    Reaction Hallway- Be REALLY quick but not TOO quick. A tough thing to do.
    Barrel Blaster- If you miss one at all, you're screwed!
    Golden Coin Bouncer- Not severely hard, but decently challenging.
    Zombie Picking- Sometimes luck, other times a quick eye, usually both.
    Five-Magazine Kill House- Heads up!
    Hostage Rescue- Nothing very funky.
    Kuarl's Charge- Use A+B/A+R like crazy for 162 shots. Sounds harder than it is.
    Sniper Shots- Plenty of time as long as you use it wisely.
    Golden Frog Single-Shot Accuracy- Requires common sense and luck. By far the
                                      shortest mission.
    --Boss Mode--
    Destroy all six bosses in the fastest time! With the "Fight All" option, you
    can get a total time for all the bosses. Good luck!
    The Hierophant, Tower, and Strength have two "forms". Both forms must be beat.
    Go for best scores in Arcade and Original Mode and best times in Boss Mode!
    Change game properties, set controls, and test SFX (sound effects) and BGM
    (background music)!
    6. Items at your disposal
    One of the advantages of Original Mode is being allowed to have power-ups.
    Solo players can use two power-ups, and if two people team up together, each
    player can have one. Each time you play Original Mode you will find items to
    put in the trunk for later use. To get them, all you have to do is shoot
    them. Oftentimes they are hiding or contained somewhere. You’ll have to be on
    the lookout for the things below:
    --Original mode items--
    Note: Some items "decay" after they have been picked up multiple times. For
    example, you may find an unlimited credit token for the first time in a
    certain spot. Perhaps next time or the time after, you will find in the same
    spot a credit +10. Several times later, it will be +5, and after countless
    times +2. The decay will always revert instantly to the original item after
    The Benelli M2 Tactical 12-Gauge Shotgun fires three pellets with each shell.
    Only one will actually be accurate but you may get two or three hits.
    Maximum magazine: 2.
    The Heckler & Koch M6 Machinegun fires six rounds at quick intervals each
    time the trigger is pulled. Maximum magazine: 6. 
    -Grenade Launcher-
    The grenade rounds fired from the M-81 Grenade Launcher are extremely
    powerful. However, they have minimal splash damage for a more concentrated
    blow. Maximum magazine: 3.
    -Power-up x1.2-
    This handgun bullet is 120% as powerful as the standard round.
    -Power-up x1.5-
    This handgun bullet is 150% as powerful as the standard round.
    -Power-up x2.0-
    This handgun bullet is 200% as powerful as the standard round.
    -Bullet Blow-
    This handgun bullet is potent enough to kill normal enemies in one shot.
    It is about 250% as powerful as the standard round.
    -Chamber +2-
    This allows the handgun to hold eight rounds.
    -Chamber +4-
    This allows the handgun to hold ten rounds.
    -Chamber +8-
    This allows the handgun to hold 14 rounds.
    -Unlimited Chamber-
    This allows the handgun to hold infinite rounds.
    -Custom Air Gun-
    Although it seems less powerful than the handgun due to the lighter compressed
    air pellets, the custom air gun has a larger magazine than the standard
    handgun. Maximum magazine: 12.
    -Toy Gun-
    As ironic as it seems, the toy gun is just as effective as the handgun
    (except it comes with an annoying battery-powered sound). It also comes with
    5 extra credits. Maximum magazine: 6.
    -Bass Lure-
    Fishing for zombies, are you? Try the bass lure. It really does nothing
    except replace your bullets with bait.
    -Life +2-
    Two extra hits per credit are added. You cannot hold more than five lives
    per credit with this.
    -Life +5-
    Five extra hits per credit are added. You cannot hold more than nine lives
    per credit with this, just like a cat but with plenty more credits.
    -Credit +2-
    Two extra quarters are put in the arcade (hypothetically speaking), making
    seven total credits.
    -Credit +5-
    Five extra quarters are put in the arcade (hypothetically speaking), making
    ten total credits.
    -Credit +10-
    Ten extra quarters are put in the arcade (hypothetically speaking), making a
    dozen total credits.
    -Unlimited Credit-
    What would you do if you could play free at the arcade? This item gives you
    infinite credits so you can’t die! However, if you want, you still may
    forfeit, but why would you want to?
    -Primitive Meat-
    Consuming this gives all humans in the game big heads, hands, and feet.
    -Rotten Meat-
    Using this gives zombies larger, more hollow heads for easier shots.
    Costumes will change the appearance of James and/or Gary but not their
    voices (too bad). Varieties include: Amy, Harry, G, Rogan, Goldman, Bruno
    (another AMS agent), and different civilians.
    By using this, you reduce the health of all zombies by 75%.
    -First Aid Kit-
    When active, the med kit places life-ups in every container. It will also
    remove items that were originally contained.
    This item will send an Unidentified Flying Object into the air. If it is hit,
    it will add points to your score.
    -Double Score-
    This helping hand doubles your entire score. Believe me, score DOES matter...
    --Arcade mode items--
    Note: All Arcade items are also in Original Mode.
    Life-up-adds one life to your credit. You can only have five per credit
    (or nine with Life +5).
    Gold Coin..............100 points
    Necklace...............250 points
    Gem....................500 points
    Golden Frog............1000 points
    7. Walkthrough
    Just a few hints before I go on: This walkthrough covers only one route, and
    that route is the one where all civilians are saved. Remember, there are
    numerous routes you may take, so feel free to experiment. Also, I am telling
    the story through James, but only the script changes with Gary. This is also in
    Arcade Mode so there are no hidden items. But IF you want to do it alone, DO
    --Chapter One: A Prelude--
    "We're meeting G over there...(gargoyle comes)What?"
    "I've already taken care of G. This is only the beginning. You're next!
    (gargoyle ascends) Get him!"
    At first, two David's come at you. Shoot their heads, no problem, go on. Try to
    go for the David's in the background. James says, "Please be safe G!" You enter
    the library. There stands David and Andrew. Go for David first. Once they are
    dead, you examine under a desk, where a person has died. "How could anyone do
    this?" James says. Just then, a David pops up from behind a chair. Take him
    down and move on. You will find behind another desk an Andrew waiting on the
    floor. Another is on the other side. They start to run at you. Kill them and
    go on. You then stumble across G, and he is wounded. "G!" James exclaims.
    "James, I tried. Don't underestimate the enemy. James, take this!" He hands you
    a file that says "G's File, TOP SECRET." Just then, the door suddenly breaks
    open, and a Johnny and a David coming in fast. Go for Johnny's head and then go
    for David. G then says, "Harry and Amy are coming to back us up, Hurry, Go!"
    "Thanks G," James says as he exits the library into the courtyard. There you
    see a man get attacked by Johnny. You cannot save him. But do kill Johnny
    before he can get to you, and you may also hit David in the background. Going
    on, you see a woman being chased by Andrew. Shoot him before he hits the lady
    (he does not hit ON her) and she will say, "Please, help him!" You see she is
    pointing to the well, where a man is about to be whacked by another Andrew. Do
    not shoot too many times or you will kill the civilian. Once Andrew is faded,
    a David will come from the left and another Andrew from the right. Go for David
    first. Shoot quickly! Do the same with Andrew. The man will now say to you,
    "Thanks. You can get outside that way." He points to the portal behind him and
    you go through. You turn to the right to see a man crawling, trying to escape
    from David. Your view is blocked by a column, so you need to react quickly when
    David gets into shooting range. The man is rescued (did you...?) and you look
    ahead again and see another Johnny and David pair. Do the same thing you did
    and continue. A vent opens and eight Murrers pop out. Blast away as quick as
    you can. James notices blood is on the ground. "G's bloodstains." he notices.
    You then are directed upward to Johnny, who is ready to throw his axes. Shoot
    him, if needed, blast off his axes. You proceed to find two Green Ebitans
    coming from the side of the bridge, one at a time. Only one or two shots take
    them down. Going on, a child busts out of a door to escape two Johnny's. Don't
    hit the kid on accident. Place lots of body shots and move up. Two Randy's pop
    out of the grate. It is important to try to shoot their heads. This may take
    some time, but you may also shoot their butt if they latch onto you. Keep
    taking them down until they finally die. Move on to the bridge. Here two
    David's await you. As they are killed, another David jumps from the overhang.
    He dies, and another David and Andrew jump off. They are pretty close, so try
    to kill them before they land. Moving on, you see a woman dangling above a
    trash bin as an Andrew stands over her with a barrel in his hands. Either place
    some shots at his head or shoot away the barrel. Once the woman falls to
    safety, watch out! David tears down a boarded door and charges her. A few shots
    will do the trick. She says thank you and gives you an extra life. You go under
    the bridge and stand before two burning cars. The gargoyle comes to meet you
    here. "Seems like my advice had no effect. Suffer, like G did." Here's where
    super-strong Kuarl swings his axe and throws the cars to the side. James
    quickly looks at G's Glasgow file. It shows six bosses an their weak points.
    You realize this is Judgment Type 28 standing before you. (See bosses section)
    You defeat Judgment, and as the gargoyle falls, he says "Sir Gold..." and dies
    next to Kuarl. Just then, Amy and Harry come from behind. "James!" Amy yells
    out to you. "Amy! Harry!" says James. "Thank God you're alright!" she says.
    "What the hell's going on in this city?" say James. Harry answers, "Don't know,
    but it's very similar to the 1998 Curien case." "That case...?" replies James.
    "James, go and prevent the confusion in the city," Harry says calmly. "OK."
    "Let's meet at the Sunset Bridge. We're counting on you, James." The screen
    goes red. James says, "No more fooling around." The end of Chapter One. How did
    you do?
    --Chapter Two: Muddy--
    "Dogs of the AMS, time they made a move..."
    Chapter Two starts out with a driver being attacked by three David's. He
    manages to hit off two of them but one still remains stuck to the windshield.
    Hurry and shoot David off. Then before you begin to go upstairs, a van will be
    opened and a David and Andrew will come after you. Enough said. Go on and meet
    two David's and Johnny on top of the van. Shoot David on the left, then Johnny,
    and then the other David. You now move on to the alley. As you look up, Mickey
    will be jumping of the roof. Now is the most critical time to shoot him; he is
    defenseless! Hopefully he dies as he hits the ground or else you will have to
    shoot away his knives as he throws. Then, after he dies, two Randy's bust out
    of a window. Remember to shoot the head from afar and the butt when they jump
    on you. You move on and find two Owls coming for you. Their patterns are easy
    to predict. One shot each does the trick. Next, a man seems to be yelling for
    help as two David's pound on the door. They start to come for you. No problem,
    shoot them and lo and behold, you rescued someone. The next person is not as
    lucky. Another man falls off a balcony, being hit by an axe. "What?" Then you
    see Johnny up top. Try to get him before he throws his first axe. He is dead
    and you exit the alley, but an Owl comes at you. Be quick or you can easily get
    hit. As he fades, you go downstairs. Jumping from an alcove, two Mickey's greet
    you. This time you have no early strike. As the first knife is thrown, shoot it
    and try to damage one of them. Another thrown, shoot it down. Don't let either
    one come close enough to slice you. With many shots, they die and you come up
    to a gate where a guy died with the key at hand. Shoot the key and you will
    enter. You may decide not to, but I cannot cover that way. Coming in, Bob has a
    barrel in his hands, and he throws it at you. Destroy it before you are hit.
    Bob now runs at you. Great chance to get a head shot! Once he dies, a boy runs
    out of a bar (his dad works there) with another Bob chasing him. It is almost
    impossible to save the kid if you don't get Bob's head. The kid, if rescued,
    will say "My dad's still inside." James says, "Don't worry. I'll get him out."
    You enter the tavern and two Kageo's come at you. Their heads are an easy
    target. You now hear the father banging on a door. You whisk around and find a
    locked door. Hurry and shoot off the lock. Then the dad will be free, but you
    must kill the Kageo behind him. When he is finally safe, he says "My son!" and
    James says "He's waiting outside." Good job! James now looks at the TV above. A
    news chopper is zooming in on the Sunset Bridge where the Hierophant stands
    over several dead people. You then proceed through the door. There are four
    Murrers in the room but you only see one. The other three are lumps under the
    rug. Shoot the lumps and the other Murrer and then you move on. But the air
    vent opens, and two Halfkageo's fall onto the floor. You shoot them in the head
    no problem since they look up at you. You now exit the tavern to an outside
    fountain. A man is there, being pursued by a David with a Bob as a guard. Don't
    follow the inside-out rule here. Go for David! Then quickly switch to Bob
    before he gets you. Did you do it right? Go downstairs to the water area. A
    boat with two Black Ebitans and another Bob comes at you. Shoot as much as you
    can at them. The survivors jump onto the walk where you are. This is likely to
    only be Bob. Take him down! Go for the Ebitans first if they land. Now you go
    on to see a man being chased by Johnny. It's best you go low on him so you
    don't shoot the man by accident. He comes to you, thinking it is over but it's
    not. Max busts through some nearby doors. He does not seem to threaten the man,
    but you must kill him. Then the man give you a life-up and tells you the Sunset
    Bridge is just ahead. You begin to head that way, when suddenly another Johnny
    hacks a window open and attempts to throw axes at you. Anticipate! He's really
    easy since he's not blocked by anything. Shoot him down and go under. The walk
    has been crumbling, leaving cracks where water has come up through. Fish will
    suddenly jump up at you. Again, anticipate! There will be three of them. Going
    around the corner now, two Green Ebitans pop up, in front of two Black Ebitans.
    Going for heads is key here, especially with the Green ones. As you begin to go
    up some more stairs, you notice two oil drums are coming towards you! Shoot
    each one twice. Once they are gone, you climb up just as two Bob's rush at you.
    Go for the closer one first, and be sure to shoot both their heads! You must
    really anticipate here! Finally, you are at the bridge. Four David's turn
    around to meet you. Go closest to furthest. After they die, you hear Harry say,
    "James!" He comes over to Amy and Harry. "Amy! Harry! The chaos in this city's
    increasing!" Harry says, "Well, it's about that. It seems like Goldman..." Just
    then a scream is heard. "Wait! We'll talk later!" James says and runs over to
    the bridge. As people run to get to your side of the bridge, it suddenly
    collapses in the middle, and the Hierophant leaps out from under the water.
    Looking at G's file, you discover Hierophant, Type B 05 (see boss section).
    As you defeat him, he falls back into the water, floating. James then jumps
    into the back of Harry's boat as the screen is reddened. James says, "Don't
    care who it is, no one's gonna get away with this." The end of Chapter Two.
    How did it go?
    --Chapter Three: Darkness--
    "It's been awhile, hasn't it? My fiends from the AMS, it's me, Goldman."
    Harry goes on to James about what he discovered, "Well, the 1998 Curien case.
    Guess who was behind it? It was Goldman. He's the head of one of the most
    eminent financial groups and an expert on the genome theory. We have to stop
    him. James, back me up!"
    You start as two Green Ebitans come up from the water. Since you are looking
    down on them, you should hit their heads easily. Going on, you pass under a
    bridge. David hangs on, ready to kick you in the face. Be ready to shoot him
    off. Harry will ask, "All you alright, James?" You reply, "Yeah, I'm hanging
    on." You cruise along. Look to the far right as Johnny awaits you from a deck.
    You are given plenty of time to react. As he dies, two Owls come from the sky,
    very far away. Again, watch how they fly. It is likely you will need to wait as
    they are very hard to hit at this distance. You turn to your right and see a
    man in the water as two Green Ebitans swim for him. Head shots are key here. He
    is rescued and you go on. Look out! Brown Ebitan leaps for you, taking you by
    surprise. One shot will ward him off but it must be really quick! As you come
    closer to another overpass, Bob holds an oil drum. You do not need to kill him
    but do destroy the drum. After that, two Green Ebitans surface from behind. You
    have less time to get them than the first ambush. Following them will be three
    Fish. Good shots, of course, are required. Beyond the bridge is a water gate
    worker trapped on a boat with a Green Ebitan. Time your shot good or either you
    will kill the man or the Ebitan will. After you save him, Amy get a call on her
    cell phone. "It seems that Goldman left a message for us." (How did he know her
    number?) "What? From Goldman?" James asks. "Well, he says he'll be waiting at
    the coliseum on the north side of the city." "The coliseum?" asks Harry. "It
    might be a trap, but let's go on." As you go on, Amy spots something over to
    the right. "James, over there!" A door suddenly buckles and reveals Johnny,
    Richard, and Andrew. If they get too close, you cannot se their heads. Johnny
    throws an axe. Block it and kill him. Then go for whoever comes the closest.
    Andrew will be behind them so don't let your guard down, and even when he dies,
    another attack comes to your left side. Another Bob, followed by another
    Richard come at you quickly. Again, their heads are too high up at a certain
    point. Fire as rapidly as you can. Once they die, Harry pulls out and goes down
    the path again. "James, over there!" says Amy again. This time, it's a civilian
    situation. David traps a woman against a column far from where you stand. You
    must hurry or otherwise lose her. So you rescue her and Harry says, "Let's
    hurry!" And that is what you do. Another Johnny is standing on a side area. He
    will react quickly, and so must you. You kill him and go on to the tunnel. A
    swarm of Batty's zoom out. Go for as many as you can, just keep in mind they
    will not attack you. You enter the tunnel, and another swarm comes. These guys
    will hurt you, so watch out. You enter the passage, and to the right three
    Kageo's await you. You have some time to kill maybe one or two before they will
    come at you. Harry lets you off the boat here. "James, you go from the
    underground passage. We'll go this way." "OK." Amy says, "I'll call you when
    something happens." You continue towards the sewer area. A young man falls to
    the ground, two Kageo's desperate to punch his lights out. Don't react too soon
    or you will shoot the guy. The Kageo's die easily, and now he says, "Thanks. My
    friends went inside. But they're not back yet. I told them not to go." You are
    about to enter the sewer. An older man comes out running for his life. He
    shouts for help but is suddenly grabbed back into the sewer. You follow. A
    screeching sound is heard. You see these dragon-snake thingies with two guys in
    their mouths, one of which was just grabbed. The beasts throw them savagely
    about. Immediately you full out the boss file. Tower, Type 8000, stands before
    you. (See boss section.) As you defeat the leader, you emerge from the water,
    and your cell phone rings. You answer it. "James." he says. It was Amy. "James,
    come quickly! Something terrible is happening! Ahhh!" You see Harry in the
    background, shooting at something  while Amy is on the phone. She drops the
    phone and the red screen comes. "Amy? What happened, Amy?" The end of Chapter
    Three. How was that?
    --Chapter Four: Despair--
    "Everything's set. All we need to do is wait..."
    "What happened to Amy and Harry?" James puzzles. "Have to hurry."
    Coming into the first room, three Kageo's, well separated, leap onto the
    ground. Kill the middle one if at all possible. Each Kageo will try to swat at
    you separately. Few shots are needed. Now you go upstairs to meet the long-
    awaited Ken, followed by another Kageo. Ken comes first. You'll kind Kageo much
    easier since Ken is nearby. Once they fade, listen for trotting under the
    waterfall. Larry comes right in front of you. Kill him immediately! It's quite
    tough to block both his knives. Behind him as he dies, a few Batty's come out
    of the middle arch. This set poses little threat. You now go under a level, and
    you now see Kageo holding a man hostage. Ken guards him and comes at you. You
    must go for Kageo's leg. One shot brings him down. Hurry and blast away Ken and
    the civilian will give you a life-up while mentioning how he had run from the
    coliseum. As he leaves, two Crocs fall to the ground. Shoot them, doesn't have
    to be their heads but it would save time. After they are completely dead,
    center your crosshair. Do NOT move it! You will now go up to find a man holding
    on with a Kageo pulling on him in an air duct. Shoot exactly in the center and
    you will always hit Kageo. That rescues the person. You now go into a door.
    Two Crocs crawl on an overhead pipe. They will definitely be hard to hit.
    Before they attack you, they must dangle without being hit first. You should
    act quick before you are slashed. If alive, they will fall into a ditch where
    they cannot get up. After they are put away, Gregory will be sprinting at you,
    followed by the faithful companion Kageo. Gregory comes first. His sword is so
    big that it is also a great shield. Go low if you must but do feel free to go
    for his head. Kageo, well, is just Kageo. As they fall, two more Crocs come
    down on the ground. Do the same thing as before. Now you go to another door.
    Two Ken's and Kageo await you. Remember, inside-out is the key. You then go on
    to the stairs. Several Batty's flap about towards you. You should be okay with
    them without being hit. Going upstairs, you find one more hostage. A miner is
    being cornered by Kageo while Gregory gets up-close to you. Kageo is the first
    priority. Gregory then should still not be a threat. If in Original Mode, the
    miner gives you an item. As you go towards the coliseum stairs, more enemies
    come down. Two Larry's and Kageo. Don't freak out. Larry's come first. Block
    knives if necessary. Kageo, well, again, goodbye! (He was the last one. Darn!)
    You have now reached the coliseum. You go up the stairs. Goldman is shown on
    the board. "(Throat laugh) People of the AMS, I am Goldman. I don't care if you
    people try to get in our way or not. In time, you will find out who is right.
    (Another funky laugh) This is a present from me to you. Look at your right."
    An underground cage comes up, holding Strength, Type 205, and Amy and Harry.
    James shouts to them. "Well friends, I look forward to meeting you people
    again." Goldman goes off. Suddenly, walls arise from the ground. The cage is
    opened, an out comes Strength. (see bosses section) At the end of the wall
    maze, he falls over and dies. James rushes over to Amy and Harry. "Amy, Harry,
    are you alright?" Amy replies, 'I'm alright, but Harry's..." James interrupts,
    "No...!" "James," says a wounded Harry. He throws you his car keys. "The car's
    parked in the city square, the top floor, building at point A0063. He's there.
    Go, James!" "Thanks Harry," James says nonchalantly. "Goldman, I'm not gonna
    let you get away with this!" he says as the red end-level screen comes up. The
    end of Chapter Four. Are you victorious, gladiator? (Coliseum, fighting...
    get it?)
    --Chapter Five: Dawn--
    "Our Emperor shall awaken soon. Hurry, friends."
    You go through a gate at the start. "Point A0063 is just ahead." As you pass
    through the alley, you will notice "It's too quiet." Then, a garage door opens
    and Richard and two Steve's come at you. They are stronger than most other
    enemies, and also a lot quicker than some. Richard leads the attack. Shoot
    wisely. Steve and Steve behind will be even harder. As you fade them, you face
    the other side up ahead more. There, Peter awaits you. You might want to shoot
    his head because that worm is annoying. As he (and the worm if separated) dies,
    another Steve duo busts out of the back of the nearby van. Repeat previous step
    and it is easy. You leave the alley, only to be cornered by another Peter. Head
    shot is easier as he is closer. As soon as he is all dead, four David's will be
    in the back. You can't get all four, but maybe one or, if lucky, two. By now,
    Harry's car is right there. But it's not over yet! To the left awaits Larry and
    two Steve's. Larry must be taken down quickly. Then both Steve's will come at
    you. Again, shoot wisely. Now the road is clear. You drive under a bridge, and
    as you come in, the infamous purple Judgment gargoyle crashes into your
    windshield. Man, he has a thing for getting in your way, huh? But wasn't he
    dead? He says, "Sir Goldman has given me a second chance. Don't even think you
    can get past me. Go Kuarl!" That's when the battle starts. Remember how to do
    this? His damage had reduced to ten hits instead of 12. Finally, as he falls to
    the ground, you say, "Remember, there's no such thing as a second chance." You
    start up the car again and go on. You are driving on the bridge. A car comes
    adjacent to you. On the hood stands Steve. His head is out of range. You have
    to fire, fire, fire! It gets worse yet. The car pulls up closer. Two Steve's
    face you, except heads are visible. This is probably the hardest attack to
    avoid yet. Notice Richard in the driver seat. And once you kill both Steve's or
    you get hit, he suddenly loses control and crashes into the side. Boom! The car
    explodes. You face ahead again. Two new enemies jump onto the windshield. They
    go by the name Kyle. Go for the right side first, then shoot the left one. You
    do not necessarily need to kill both of them, but it helps. As you drive on,
    the bridge breaks, and the Hierophant, slightly hospitalized, leaps up to meet
    you. The fight begins. He is ten shots, and you can do a lot more combo-shot
    damage. He will not summon any Fish. They all died the last time. After five
    shots, he goes for leaps. After every one, he does the little boast, and his
    heart exposed as well. Easy enough. Once defeated, he falls back into the water
    and you say, "Too bad, you're better off that way!" You drive to the right of
    the fissure. You come up to a roadblock of zombies. There are six in all,
    consisting of Richard's and Steve's. Get a head start on them by firing as you
    are further away. It helps tremendously. As the six die, two Peter's open the
    right van's back doors. Any shot will do, as long as the worms don't pester
    you. You drive on, past two flaming cars. Another Kyle pair jumps onto you.
    Finish the right one off and then shoot the left one at least once. They die or
    jump off. You charge into the gate that protect Goldman's building. You come to
    a stop and get out. "Prepare yourself, Goldman," you say. Now, the last line of
    outer defense stands before you. Richard's on the outside, Peter's on the
    inside. Go right to left, but do NOT immediately kill both Peter's. The other
    Richard cannot attack while Peter struggles in front of you. Go for Richard at
    this time. As Peter releases his worm, shoot it off and they are all dead. You
    now stand in front of Goldman's HQ. In an instant, an explosion from a high
    level rips out. Some enemy ascends to meet you. You see him and say, "Can't be,
    you're..." The enemy, the Magician Type 0, cuts you off. "I've been for this
    time to come. You have no future. Either I get you or the Emperor will. Either
    way, your fate is in our hands." You take a second to look at the file. Then
    the battle begins. (see bosses section) When the Magician is defeated, he gets
    all fiery and suddenly rises up and...kablooey! He's dead, and this time for
    real. The screen becomes red. "Only man himself can control his fate. You're
    nothing!" James says. The end of Chapter Five. Was that fun or what?
    --Final Chapter: Original Sin--
    "At last you've come, friends. The door of fate shall open," says Goldman as he
    opens the door. A strange machine is shown in the room...
    Get ready right away. You enter the main door to meet three Fred's. Your
    judgment is crucial in determining the closest Fred. On top of that, go for
    heads! As they die, you enter the lobby. "It's like they're inviting me in,"
    you say, looking up. As you are about to go, something starts appearing all of
    a sudden, followed by two more things. Kyle! As soon as the first becomes fully
    visible, shoot! Take him down at all costs! Move to the next and then the last.
    Continue to do this quickly because if one throws a blade, it throws off your
    timing. Kill all three and proceed to the elevator. The door opens, but it's
    not empty. Luke, followed by another Luke, and then Fred come at you slowly.
    Go on down the line. They are shot dead, and now the lift is clear. You get in
    and go to floor 50. The door opens quickly, and two Luke's come for you, this
    time at full speeds. If you don't shoot their heads, one will surely slash you.
    You go on and two more Kyle's appear on the roof. Since it is a linear attack,
    and also only two, you can concentrate much easier. They die and you go on. In
    front of the door appears three Fred's. The middle one is the closest. After
    that, it's your choice. You enter after they die, and another Fred appears in
    front of the next door. Fade him and move on. Luke will spot you immediately so
    again you must get his head. He dies, and you round the corner. Two Fred's
    appear from the wall you face. Go to the right, fade that Fred, and center your
    crosshair and shoot the left Fred. You pass through two doors, unopposed. But
    as you examine the lab you have entered, you see zombie models in big test
    tubes. You cry out, "What is this place?" Going on, you hear the screech of
    Tower. You come up to them, ready to fight. Again, ten shots are needed. But
    this time the leader will join in since he has nowhere to go. Two shots each,
    and you go through the door, victorious again. Watching the wall, three Fred's
    appear, and they give you less time to attack. But all the same, they die. In
    the hall, a Kyle appears on the roof and two more on each wall. This gets hard.
    Go for the one on the roof, and try your best to get his head. Blades will
    likely be flying at you. Block quickly and shoot at either side. Don't let them
    too close to you or they will latch on and bite you. Keep batting them back by
    constant shots. As they finally die, two doors on opposite side open together.
    Two Luke's come out. This is also tough. Heads are the only way to avoid damage
    again. As they die, you look to the right. If you saved each civilian, you get
    the bonus room! Lives-up, golden frogs, gold coins, etc. You can easily get all
    of them since the camera slowly views each item up close. Now you go though the
    door, up some stairs, and into another door. Look whose office you're in now.
    Goldman's! He sits in his chair, saying, "I've been waiting for you, friends."
    James yells, "Goldman! Do you know what you're doing?" He answers, "I'm fully
    aware of what I'm doing, can't you see? Man committed a sin: disturbing the
    life cycle of nature, the original sin man was responsible to, to protect the
    life cycle. I have made a creature to rule over mankind." He stands. "This is
    the final battle! Show yourself, our new ruler, the Emperor!" The floor raises
    to the top, where that strange machine sits. Suddenly, lightning strikes it
    and out comes the Emperor. He says, "I am...I am...I am the one who rules over
    mankind. I shall destroy...and hate...mankind. I am the Emperor!" Emperor, Type
    Alpha, I might add. This time your file does not help you, but the bosses
    section will above. After a long, hard fight, you defeat the Emperor. He goes
    haywire and says, "I am...I am..." and then throws himself way up into the sky
    and then, kablooey! Goldman somehow stands before you now. "Goldman!" He says,
    "Friends, it is not over yet." "It that all you have to say?" "In time, a
    successor will come. Farewell, friends." With that, he falls off the top of the
    building and falls to his death. Then James says, "It's finally over. Goldman,
    I don't care if a successor comes or not. I'll go on fighting. As long as we
    have the will to live. Good bye, Goldman." James leaves the building while the
    credits show. As you leave, Rogan calls you (if you got 80000 points). "James."
    "Rogan!" "G and Harry are all right. On we go, to our next battle." "As long as
    we have the will to live..." The end. Great game, wasn't it? Was your score
    good? Congratulations!
    8. Secrets and Cheats
    If you have read all the above sections and still have a hard time playing,
    this section is for you! All of us have those games that we can’t play worth a
    damn, right? Even if you are proficient at The House of the Dead 2, you may
    want to take a look at this stuff anyway.
     1.Get 100,000 points in Original Mode and you will get a bonus room in
       the final chapter containing an unlimited credit and a Rogan costume.
     2.Save all the townspeople you find and get a bonus room with several arcade
       items and three lives-up.
     3.Beat Original mode and you will unlock the red blood option. Complete each
       difficulty in all ten Training modes and get all items. Defeat the first
       five bosses on each difficulty and the Emperor and Fight All at least once
       to get a bullet blow and unlimited credit. Also all items available when
       bosses are all defeated with all difficulties.
     4.Shooting cats and mice will lead to bonus areas.
     5.In Chapter Four, if you go the stairs route, shoot the rock to the left
       and watch as the stairs open and underneath is an item.
     6.In Chapter Two and Chapter Five, shoot the back doors of the vans and
       inside each will be an item. One in Chapter Five will not open but behind
       the two Steve’s will be an item.
     7.If you have equipped a power-up x2.0, a shotgun, or a grenade launcher,
       you can shoot doors open to reveal civilians who will give you items.
       This trick doesn't work on every door, and other times only a certain
       power-up can be used to breach a door.
     8.In the Final Chapter, a bullet power-up will be sitting in the elevator
       behind the zombies’ legs.
     9.In the Fifth Chapter, a chamber increase item will be sitting in the road
       over where the Hierophant pops out - get it quickly!
    10.In the First Chapter, shoot the chandelier and an item will fall out.
       Shoot it!
    11.In the First Chapter, the bucket over the well contains an item. Make sure
       you rescue the man and shoot the bucket before he directs you to the back.
       If successful, you will look in the well and be able to take your prize.
    12.Beating Original Mode each time will give you a Goldman costume. It is
       automatically added; you do not need to shoot it.
    13.Pressing the triggers L, L, R, R, R, L, R and Start* at the main menu
       will activate a score meter at the top left of the screen. (Appears as 0)
       This is only for Japanese version. For score meter for US version, use the
       D-pad and press left x2, right x3, left and right.
    If you have any other cheats or hints that I don’t have listed, please e-mail
    me! I need all I can get!
    9. 20 things I noticed
    You know, there's a lot of things in House of the Dead 2 that we often miss. I
    have found a few and placed them in their own section. Perhaps I even miss some
    stuff even though I've beat the game 30-some times. If you have any more you
    have seen, please contact me!
     1.In the preview movie, Amy's car is on fire. But when James and/or Gary left
       it, it was still fine. Was Goldman playing with matches again?
     2.In Chapter Two, if you go through the clock tower, you may notice that the
       control tower has a panel that says "The door of fate shall open." That's
       exactly what Goldman says before the Final Chapter. Damn you, Goldman!
     3.Amy and Harry have bad shots. Look at the two Ebitans in Chapter Two near
       the end if you go the wharf passage.
     4.The area in Chapter Three is completely flooded. Why are people swimming,
       of all times, during a zombie crisis?!
     5.The dead prisoners in Chapter Four (which you may not see according to the
       route you take) could have escaped because the key was in the lock.
     6.Stength must always be defeated in the same hall. No matter how may times he
       is hit, he will complete two wall breaks, two wall jumps, and on one
       occasion he will use another hall to corner you. Don't rush him!
     7.Kuarl makes a noise but has no head.
     8.You can shoot open the van doors behind the Hierophant in Chapter Five while
       you are fighting him.
     9.David has a goofy glass eye.
    10.Goldman refers to James and/or Gary as friends. What the...? And then in
       Chapter Four, he calls them "you people." So much of a friend you are!
    11.In Training #8 and sometimes Chapter Two the cars have no drivers. Zombie
       cars...is there ANYWHERE safe?!
    12.Gary has bad voice acting.
    13.Goldman can't sit on a chair correctly.
    14.Training #9 is funny! You can see David practicing yoga, Kageo pretending to
       plead for his life, and Andrew dancing. Zombies can be nice sometimes!
    15.Ken - Mask, Claws, Boots = Kageo
    16.G and Harry don't bleed.
    17.The last hostage, the miner, will often give you a machinegun when you
       rescue him. Make ME do all your dirty work, huh? It helps if you pull the
    18.Goldman's voice screws up at the end when he says "friends", "life cycle",
       and "mankind" (2nd "life cycle"). And also the Emperor can't say "the"
    19.Best guns for bosses:
            Judgment: Grenade Launcher (LOTS of damage!)
            Hierophant: Machinegun (Can get SIX hits!)
            Tower: Power-ups (1.5 or 2.0 preferably)
            Strength: Shotgun (Easier hits)
            Magician and Emperor: Your choice
    20.There are three different endings:
            <80000 points, not divisible by 10- Amy, Harry, G, and some saved
                                                civilians thank you as you emerge.
            80000 or more points--------------- Thomas Rogan awaits you. He
                                                mentions something about "our next
                                                battle." Perfect ending for a
                                                sequel to come.
            <80000 points and divisible by 10-- Goldman has become a zombie and you
                                                come out to find him. Bang!
    10. Credits 
    The House of the Dead 2 FAQ: Dreamcast Version copyright 2004, Kyle Dent.
    That’s right, so don’t mess with it.
    Thanks to all the people at Sega for a great game and a great system!
    Also thanks to Game FAQ and other House of the Dead 2 FAQ authors
    Thakns to anyone who has read this, especially if you have found errors!
    Reproduction of this manual is allowed under the following conditions:
    -This text is not altered (not including changing font)
    -Credit is given to the author
    -It cannot be sold for profit without consent of author
    If you see anything that needs corrected, or you would like this FAQ on your
    website, e-mail me at:
    House of the Dead 2 Copyright 1999. All rights reserved.
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