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    FAQ by BlueEye

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/02/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                       H O U S E   O F   T H E   D E A D   2
    	                     version 1.0
                              January 2nd, 2000
                       h o u s e   o f   t h e   d e a d   2
     i. Disclaimer   
     ii. Version Information  
     iii. Items Guide
     iv. Boss Guide
     v. Training Guide
     vi. Credits
    i. Disclaimer
     This FAQ is for private and personal use only.  It can only be
     reproduced electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be
     altered as long as this disclaimer and the above copyright notice
     appears in full.  This FAQ is not to be used for profitable/promotional
     purposes; this includes being used by publishers of magazines, guides,
     books, etc. or being incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY way.
     This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Blue Eye <BlueEye006@aol.com>.
     All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged that are not specifically
     mentioned in this FAQ.  Please give credit where it is due.
     The newest version of this FAQ can always be found at 
     ii. Version Information
     1.0 - Creation of this FAQ. I plan on updating it when I discover more
           items or I find out the last two training missions.
     iii. Items Guide
     Items can be obtained by beating the Boss or Training missions, beating the 
    game, and (the easiest) finding them in the game. There are a ton of them, and 
    most of them are very great to use, like Infinite Credits, while others aren't, 
    like Primitive Meat. You can only choose which ones to use in Original Mode, for 
    in Arcade mode, they are instantaneously added to your game)
     Here is the list of each item and what they do. Beware! This list is 
     Machine Gun - The same as the normal gun, only goes extremely fast.
     Power Up 1.2 - Bullets are 20% stronger
     Power Up 1.5 - Bullets are 50% stronger
     Power Up 2.0 - Bullets are 100% stronger
     Chamber +2 - Adds two bullets to every round (before you have to reload again)
     Chamber +4 - Adds four bullets to every round (before you have to reload again) 
     Chamber +8 - Adds eight bullets to every round (before you have to reload 
     Custom Air Gun - Has 12 bullets to a round, and I believe it is a little 
    stronger than the normal gun
     Life +2 - Adds two life to every continue
     Life +5 - Adds five life to every continue
     Credit +2 - Adds two credits (Cannot be paired with another Credit upgrade)
     Credit +5 - Adds five credits (Cannot be paired with another Credit upgrade)
     Credit +10 - Adds ten credits (Cannot be paired with another Credit upgrade)
     Credit Infinite - Never run out of credits
     Primitive Meat - These make all humans (not zombies) Donkey Kong-like, with big 
    hands and big feet
     Goldman Costume - Makes you look identical to Goldman, doesn't affect gameplay 
    at all. (Cannot be obtained in the game, you must beat it)
     Civilian Costume - Makes you look identical to a civilian, Grandma, doesn't 
    affect gameplay at all.
     Double Score - Gives you 100% more points for everything you do.
     iv. Boss Guide
     Level 1 - Judgement
     You must shoot the purple demon flying all over the screen. The big guy will 
    take minimum 
     damage, but if you hit the little guy, he takes a lot of damage, and he backs 
    up. Try to hit the 
     Demon before the big guy hits you.
     Level 2 - Hierophant
     This guy can appear in two places. If he is on the highway-type bridge, you 
    have it easier. If 
     he is on the rockety bridge, watch out for when he dives into the water for the 
    first time. You
     must hit this guy in the heart. He opens up his ribcage for some reason (To 
    breathe?) and it 
     gives you an open shot. If he is in the highway-type bridge, then he won't dive 
    into the water 
     to attack you with piranhas. If you are on the rockety bridge, he will.
     Level 3 - Tower
     This Hydra-type boss appears in two places also. There isn't much of a 
    difference though. To 
     kill this guy, you have to shoot it's mouths. When they open them to attack 
    you, go for the kill.
     Each of the four orange ones will die with 3-4 hits, but the blue one won't 
    attack yet. When you
     kill the last orange one, the blue one falls, then escapes. Here is where it 
    differs. One place
     will be water, and the other will be sand. I suggest you do this. Hit the left 
    trigger button to 
     center your cursor. Then just blast away no matter what. If you are on the 
    sand, there is a 
     possibility that he might hit you once, and that's it.
     Level 4 - Strength
     This chainsaw wielding boss isn't as tough as he wishes he was. Hit him in the 
    head when he 
     isn't busy protecting himself with the chainsaw. If he tries to attack you, 
    give him a headshot
     that he won't forget. This guy only appears in one place.
     Level 5 - Magician
     This guy is tough! You have to hit him in the pulsating areas. He will throw 
    fireballs at you, 
     which you can deflect. The fact that he is tough is because he is extremely 
    fast and he'll dodge 
     everything you throw at him! You also have to beat the first 2 bosses before 
    this guy, and the 
     3rd boss after. They are the same as the first encounter, but the only 
    difference in the third 
     boss, is that the blue one dies like the orange.
     Level 6 - Emperor
     The final battle. Hit this guy in the red spot on his chest. After you get him 
    to about half 
     health, he will start recreating bosses. You only have to hit them once in the 
    same fashion as 
     you did to kill them before. He will attack you with the Purple Demon, 
    Hierophant, a snake, and 
     the chainsaw guy. When he turns invisible, just keep blasting away at him.
     v. Training Guide
     These all must be completed to get all of the power ups in the Original Mode.
     Save the Civilians - Must go through part of a level without killing a 
    civilian. I don't see any change in difficulty. Maybe the enemies go faster?
     30 bullets, 2 lives - Must go through part of a level with only 30 bullets and 
    2 lives. The enemies get tougher as you get a higher difficulty.
     Barrel Hunter - You have a certain amount of time to shoot the barrels. The 
    barrels get stronger as you increase the difficulty. 
     Golden Frog - You have 1 shot to shoot a frog. The catch is, the frog is 
    jumping, and your in a moving boat. You also have a time limit depending on the 
     1st Boss Kill - You have to defeat Kuarl, the first boss, without the little 
    purple demon, before he attacks you. He gets a little faster as the difficulty 
     Running Enemies - You have to shoot all of the enemies that appear in the 
    doorway. There are also civilians which you may not shoot. This one is very 
     The Distance Shooter - You have to shoot all of the zombies from a distance. 
    The time limit declines as the difficulty gets higher.
     Driving Zombies - You have to eliminate all of the zombies clinging to the 
    cars. Some cars swerve and some do 360s.
     (I am aware that there are two more Training Missions, if anyone would help me 
    out and tell me them, I would be grateful)
     vi. Credits
     This FAQ was created solely by Blue Eye. The e-mail address may be 
     found at the Disclaimer section of this FAQ. 

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