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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BakaOrochi

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    The House of the Dead 2
    Dreamcast FAQ/Mini-Walkthrough
    Version 1.3
    First-person shooting.  Light gun, optional (but recommended)
    Copyright 1999, 2000 by JuneHa Kim/BakaOrochi
    All Rights Reserved.
    Unauthorized reproduction of this FAQ in any shape or form is prohibited.
    Come on, it's not like it's HARD to e-mail me if you want to use any part of this FAQ, is it?
    If you want to use ANYTHING, even codes or whatnot from this, CONTACT ME
    FIRST.  This is my work, and not one bit of this is to be reproduced in any
    way, shape, or form.  Copyright laws protect this FAQ.  This is
    purely my own work, any other similarities to other FAQs are purely
    I do respect all other copyrights and if I have inadvertently infringed on
    any, please contact me immediately so that I may remedy the problem.
    FAQ History:
    -First release
    -Basically finished the Original Mode list
    -Rearranged the FAQ to make a little more sense
    -FINALLY!  Made some corrections and added a few stuff!
    -I finally beat HOTD 1 so some things in this FAQ may incorporate some of that...
    -Plus I did what I apparently forgot to do: Spelling and grammar check (oops!)
    -Added Weak spots.
    -Redid some information.
    1. What's the point of this FAQ?
    2. What the heck is "House of the Dead?"
    3. What is this "NAOMI" thing?  Is it a person?  Can I get to know her?
    4. What do I need to know about this game for DC?
    5. Do I need to purchase a light gun?
    6. Can you give me some tips/secrets?  I can't get through the game easily!
         6a. Known bugs
    7. Is there any difference between the Arcade version and the DC version?
         7a. What are these new modes?
         7b. How can I unlock more options?
         7c. What are some items from Original Mode?
         7d. Training mode FAQ
         7e. Boss mode FAQ
    8. Is there any part of the game you want to cover? (mini-walkthrough)
    9. My best times
    10. Closing notes/Thanks/Contact Information
    1. What's the point of this FAQ?
    Well, first off, I never saw a HOTD2 FAQ for Dreamcast, so I figured, why not?
    This isn't a thorough walkthrough.  It only quickly covers some of the main
    things to note in the game.  For more detailed walkthroughs, go to
    gamefaqs.com or another site that has full, detailed walkthroughs.
    2. What the heck is "House of the Dead?"
    The House of the Dead is a gun shooting game, whose game rules are similar to
    that of Area 51 (or Maximum Force).  You shoot off the screen to reload and if
    you shoot the wrong person, you lose a life.  Each life is indicated by a
    life torch.
    Defaults for both the arcade dipswitches and home are three lives, medium
    difficulty.  Maximum of five lives.  Every once in a while, when you save a
    hostage, they'll give you a life bonus.  If you save enough people in a
    level, you'll get another life bonus after you defeat the level.  Depending
    on what stage, you'll have to save different amounts of people (See section
    7).  Unfortunately, unlike the first one, you can't get anymore than 1 life
    bonus at the end of the level.
    One of the unique factors of this game was that depending on what you did (i.e.
    save certain hostages, shoot off locks), you'll go through a different route,
    fighting different zombies, even fighting the boss differently, making the
    game have a great replay value.
    HOTD 1 takes place in December 18 1998 at, I believe, a man named Dr. Curien's
    mansion or lab.  Basically, to make a long story short, Curien created a race
    of zombies and other undead creatures.  You basically have to go into "The
    House of the Dead" to save the scientists trapped inside and take out Curien
    and his secret weapon, the Magician (oops, I guess it's not so secret anymore
    ^_^).  The two main characters involved are agents from the AMS, G and Rogan.
    HOTD 2 takes place almost two years after HOTD 1.  G went to go investigate
    some more unnatural happenings created by Curien's "successor" Goldman.  Two
    more AMS agents, James and Gary were sent to meet G.  But they arrive to find
    that the whole city is infested with zombies, and that G was severely injured.
    The point is to go and destroy Goldman's plans of "purifying" the world of
    This game is in 3D polygons, based on Sega's NAOMI board.
    Oh, and if you're wondering what the name of the bosses are about (Hanged Man,
    Magician, Judgment, Tower, Emperor, etc.) they're based on the faces of Tarot
    3. What is this "NAOMI" thing?  Is it a person?  Can I get to know her?
    No, NAOMI is not a person.  In fact I don't know anyone named Naomi (other
    than in Metal Gear Solid).  NAOMI is the name of Sega's main board (I think?)
    that Sega uses to program their games, just like Capcom uses CPS1, CPS2, CPS3,
    and Namco has System 7.  The advantage to NAOMI is that it's relatively cheap
    to produce, but it's quite powerful.  It's also incorporated into the DC
    hardware.  In fact, I think that is what the DC hardware is based on...
    Several arcade games uses NAOMI boards: House of the Dead 2, Power Stone,
    Power Stone 2, Sega Bass Fishing, Dead or Alive 2, and Marvel VS Capcom 2.
    I'm not an expert in this field, I'm not even anywhere near a CS major, so if
    any of this information is wrong, feel free to contact me.
    4. What do I need to know about this game for DC?
    Well, it's not impossible to play without a gun.  But the gun's REALLY handy.
    Controlling a crosshair with a controller is a BIG pain...unless of course
    you're like me and have gotten used to it.  Plus you'll take the true arcade
    experience with you if you get a gun.
    You can use both the analog pad and the stick.  The game is also compatible with
    the fighting stick, go figure (most likely since both use analog).
    5. Do I need to purchase a light gun?
    Like I said, without the gun, it's a pain to get used to, since you'll have to
    struggle with accuracy with the crosshair: you may overshoot your target for
    example.  Plus, if you have two or three enemies on opposite sides of the
    screen, you may lose a life because you can't get your crosshair to move fast
    enough to the other side of the screen.  On top of that, it costs $30.
    But one big advantage that I found is VERY useful is the not only do you get
    rapid fire, it's also a TON easier to reload at the same time (read the next
    section, in case you don't know what I'm talking about).  This is pretty
    useful for bosses and sometimes in original mode as well.
    6. Can you give me some tips/secrets?  I can't get through the game easily!
    Rapid fire and reload:
    In the arcade, you could do rapid fire.  But reloading was an annoying
    setback.  But if you have a controller, you can hit both fire AND reload at
    the same time!  All you have to do is instead of jamming on one button, jam
    on both A and B or whatever you FIRE and RELOAD button is, and you'll have
    both rapid fire without having to worry about reloading!  This is excellent
    on bosses, especially Judgment, Hierophant, and Strength.
    To always display your score:
    At the FIRST title screen (where the camera pans the houses), press left, left,
    right, right, right, left, right, then start.  Your score will display when
    you play either arcade or original mode.
    In the arcade, after you insert coin(s), you press the triggers 
    (left and right triggers) left, left, right, right, right, left, right).
    How many civilians are there?
    1st stage=5  2nd=6  3rd=4  4th=3  5=0  6=0
    This number may differ depending on which route you go.  This is assuming all
    hostages are saved and the normal straight route is taken.
    Main difference between HOTD1 and HOTD2 in gameplay:
    Basically, in HOTD2, the zombies are harder to kill.  Plus once you hit them,
    they'll run at you, much faster.  Plus some zombies are now harder to hit their
    There are several ending to the game.  Supposedly it goes like this:
    Bad: Beat the game, over 80000 points, last digit ends in zero
    Normal: Beat the game, under 80000 points
    Good: Beat the game, over 80000 points
    Whenever you try shooting a zombie in the background, you'll usually need a
    couple shots.  But whether you kill them or not makes no real difference in
    the story.  Just extra points.  Same with the lights.
    Headshots are key in shooting games like this (even Time Crisis).  For the
    most part, they'll kill your enemy in fewer shots than any other shot.
    Don't forget: saving the hostages aren't ALWAYS helpful.  Sometimes, when you
    save a hostage, you'll go through a route that is more difficult.  Experiment
    around a bit, try not to save a hostage (don't shoot them though!  You'll lose
    a life!), and try the different routes.
    Also, in Original Mode, the different routes will sometimes get you better
    In Original Mode, shoot EVERYTHING!  Not only bosses and enemies, I'm talking
    about doors, windows, switches, EVERYTHING!  Sometimes, doors will reveal
    hidden items and barrels may carry new weapons.
    Original Mode again: Be careful!  When you use an item, YOU'LL LOSE IT!  NO
    MATTER WHETHER OR NOT YOU BEAT THE GAME!  If you die, you'll gain all items
    you got while you were playing but you'll lose all currently equipped items.
    Same thing if you beat the game.  Your best bet: DO NOT remove the VMS; if
    you know you'll lose or beat the game with a valuable item, RESET the game or
    open the lid.  As you can see, I learned this the hard way =/
    You will get Life 1/4 for Original Mode after you've beaten Boss mode in its
    Last tip for original mode, I mean it: When you use Bullets 1.5 or 2.0, you
    may get different items to pop up (most of the time, it's better).
    --->Unconfirmed tips<---
    Here are some tips that I've been told, but have not confirmed.
    From Ira Preibisch:
    When you use the shotgun, in chapter one when you see two zombies on street
    shoot them, then 3 other zombies jump down onto street from the overhead
    bridge after they hit the ground you can shoot them but make sure one of your
    shots hits the door that's directly too your left, the camera will shift to
    the doorway where an old lady will either hand you, [most of the time another
    shotgun], [every 10 times you shoot the door she will give you a grenade
    launcher], sometimes she will hand you a machine gun, or bullet blow.
            6a. Known bugs
    To my knowledge, there really aren't many bugs.  I only know that the DC
    version may hang up or have missing sprites now and then (happened to me in
    the intro).
    7. Is there any difference between the Arcade version and the DC version?
    Graphics, it's a perfect translation.  Since DC and the arcade both work off
    the NAOMI board, there's no need for "porting" as done with other
    arcade-->home games.  Basically, to put it simply, both the arcade and DC use
    the same technology.  Therefore, when you translate the game to DC from
    arcade, you'll get a perfect translation.
    The sounds and music are exactly the same as well, just a bit remixed.  The
    major differences are the extra modes in the DC version and loading times.
            7a. What are these new modes?
    These new modes include a Training Mode, a Boss Mode, and an Original Mode.
            7b. How can I unlock more options?
    Basically, complete everything.
    -Complete the training mode in its entirety will unlock Boss Mode.
    -Complete all bosses in Boss mode and you'll get Free Play option.
    -Fully complete Boss Mode you'll get Life 1/4 item for Original mode.
    -Complete Original Mode once and you'll get the "Red" blood option in the
    Options menu.
            7c. What are some items from Original Mode?
    I divided them into categories...hopefully it makes sense.  Some items cannot
    be combined (i.e. different guns and chamber effect items or using two of the
    same or similar items like 1.2 and 1.5 bullets at the same time).
    Bullets (determines the strength of the bullet):
    -1.2 (weakest bullet, barely useful)
    -2.0 (Strongest bullet, effects all enemies)
    -Bullet Blow (kill zombies almost instantly, no real effect on bosses I think)
    Chamber effect (How many bullets your gun can hold before you need to reload):
    -+2 Chamber
    -+4 Chamber
    -+8 Chamber
    -Infinite chamber (Never reload again!)
    -Machine Gun
    -Grenade Launcher (I have yet to see this)
    -Air Gun
    -Toy Gun (Fun, but no practical uses)
    Costumes (change the appearance of Gary or James!):
    -Bruno (I have no idea where this guy's from)
    -Civilian (usually an old lady)
    -Goldman (gained after beating the game)
    -Rogan (In a room on the right before Emperor)
    -+2 Credit
    -+5 Credit
    -+10 Credit
    -Infinite credits (Free play!)
    -+2 life
    -+5 life
    -Double Score (useful for getting the better ending)
    -Life 1/4 (Enemies have 1/4 their life)
    -First Aid Kit (Gives a Life Up! in every barrel)
    Fun stuff (totally miscellaneous items):
    -Bass lure (Shoots out lures with your bullets!  Makes a noise when hits a
    wall of the floor.  Pretty much otherwise useless)
    -Primitive meat (All civilians have huge limbs and head.  Useless but fun)
    -Rotten meat (Makes zombies have HUGE noggins; never miss a head shot again!)
    -UFO?? (Makes a UFO appear in the sky randomly.  Useless, but fun to see)
            7d. Training mode FAQ
    When you start, only one training is available to you.  You won't go on to the
    next one until you've completed the previous one.  Some later ones will not
    unlock until you've FULLY completed the previous ones.  You have 5 levels of
    difficulty: 1-5 (duh).  The difficulty will go up as you complete the highest
    available difficulty.  If you feel you need more practice with a certain level
    of difficulty even though you've completed it, you can adjust the difficulty
    setting by pressing up or down on the training scenario.  But you can't adjust
    the difficulty setting any higher than the highest level you've completed.
    The training scenarios are as follows:
    *Training 1: Rescue all civilians!
    Save all civilians from the zombies.  Watch the last one: He's fast.
    *Training 2: Destroy all enemies within 30 shots!
    You have 30 bullets and 2 life torches.  You run out of either, you lose.  As
    difficulty rises, your enemies become harder.
    Training 3: Destroy all barrels in the time limit.
    Self-explanatory.  As difficulty rises, time limit decreases.  Watch for the
    barrels on the boat and the hard-to-see ones in the backgrounds.  Also, make
    sure you FULLY destroy the barrels, not just shoot them and leave them
    standing with a hole in the middle.
    Training 4: Get the golden frog with a single shot.
    You have one shot.  There is on jumping golden frog in the distance.  You
    have a time limit and you're on a moving bouncing boat.  Could it get any
    harder?  Also, the frog's position changes every time you play it.  As
    difficulty increases, your time limit decreases.  A LOT.
    Training 5: Destroy the boss from Chapter 1 using rapid fire.
    Shoot the snot out of Kuarl with rapid fire before he gets to you.  With a
    controller, it shouldn't be too hard.
    Training 6: Shoot all enemies that appear!
    This is tricky.  Different enemies will appear, from zombies, to revenants,
    to slugs, to bats, to even leaping masked men, which are the trickiest.  But
    be careful: three civilians are jumbled in the mess too.  One walks, one
    crawls, and one runs.  Shoot them and you fail.  As difficulty increases,
    enemies become stronger.
    Training 7: Destroy all enemies in the distance within the time limit.
    You know those zombies in the distance?  Well, you'll have about 15 of them.
    And you'll have to kill them all within the time limit.  As difficulty
    increases, time limit decreases.
    Training 8: Destroy all enemies clinging to the car!
    Remember the zombies stuck on the first civilian's car in the second chapter?
    Same thing, except there are about 10 cars with zombies stuck on them.  They'll
    come out left, right, alternating.  When the cars reach the center, they'll
    do some pattern, then take off.  You miss a zombie, you fail.  As difficulty
    increases, zombies become stronger.
    Training 9: Find the enemy hiding among the civilians!
    Probably the most frustrating one.  You're given about 8 scenarios, with
    different amounts of characters doing different things or in different
    positions.  Occasionally, there will be a zombies among them doing the same
    thing.  You have to quickly identify which is the zombie, and kill it before
    your time limit expires.  Time limit expires or you shoot the wrong person,
    you fail.  As difficulty increases, time limit decreases.
    Training 10: Keep the coin in the air.
    The most POINTLESS training scenario.  There will be a flipping coin.  Every
    time you shoot it, it'll pop up.  But depending on where you shoot it, the
    coin will bounce up in a different direction.  i.e. you shoot the left side
    of the coin, it'll bounce up to the right.  As difficulty increases, time
    limit increases.
    When one scenario is fully completed, stars will be in red.
    *-Denotes modes available in the demo version.
            7d. Boss mode FAQ
    Boss mode basically makes you kill all bosses in all scenarios.  You need
    to defeat each boss once to move on to the next one.  After defeating Magician,
    Emperor and "Fight All" will appear.  As difficulty increases, the bosses become
    faster.  The bosses, in case you don't want to read the FAQ are as follows:
    Hierophant A (On Sunset Bridge)
    Hierophant B (On wharf)
    Tower A (In water)
    Tower B (In sand)
    Strength A (Starting from left)
    Strength B (Starting from right)
    Fight all (In condescending order)
    Read the Mini-walkthrough on how to defeat them.
    When one boss is fully completed, stars will be in red.
    8. Is there any part of the game you want to cover? (a mini walkthrough/FAQ)
    All quotes without a name are either by Gary or James or both.  Sometimes,
    quotes are combined.
    "We're meeting G over there...What?"
    Judgment: "I've already taken care of G, this is only the beginning.  You're
    next!  Get him!"
    First chapter: A Prelude
    Don't worry about Judgment now.  You'll fight him later.  As for the people
    inside the building, they're all dead.  Even the first civilian after you see
    G is unsavable.  He's supposed to die.  However, depending on whether or not
    you save the next two people can determine whether you'll take the easier
    route or the harder route on the first stage.  If one of them dies, you'll go
    the harder way.  Not only will you have red faster worms, you'll also have to
    face an ugly chainsaw zombie, who's somewhat hard to kill.  If you do save
    both hostages, watch for the boxes behind the well behind the second hostage,
    inside the right box is a life up.  Proceed with the stage.  BTW-with those
    annoying little guys that jump on you with the masks; best and safest way
    to kill them (IMHO of course) is to let them jump on you.  The minute they do,
    shoot them off (not in their faces obviously).  But you need to do it quick
    before they slash you.  Anyway, this stage is pretty self explanatory.  The
    last civilian hanging from the bridge has a life up.  First shoot the barrel
    the zombie's holding because if you don't kill the zombie fast enough, he'll
    smack the girl with the barrel.  You shoot the barrel but the zombie doesn't
    die, the girl will still live.  After that, the girl will think she's safe,
    but a zombie will suddenly bust out from the door to the right.  Shoot the
    zombie to get the life up.  Then comes Judgment.
    Judgment: "Seems like my advice had no effect.  Suffer like G did. Go Kuarl!"
    Judgment Type 28:
    Kuarl's weak spot: Judgment
    Judgment's weak spot: anywhere
    A REALLY stupid boss with a bad voice actor.  The first part of him is simple.
    If you shoot the body (Kuarl), supposedly nothing is supposed to happen.  But
    lo and behold, he does take a little bit of damage.  If you're fast enough,
    it'll do some decent damage and you can shoot Judgment when he gets in the
    way.  However, if you're no so fast with the trigger, the best time to shoot
    Judgment himself is to wait until he says "Go Kuarl!"  He'll be at the
    top of the screen right where the energy bar is.  But you'll have to be fast
    to shoot him, or he'll hide and you'll get hit by Kuarl.  After he loses 2/3
    of his energy, Kuarl will fall over and you'll have to kill Judgment himself.
    This is a pain since Judgment's fast.  For this, you'll need to get a clear
    shot; usually it'll be right before he hits you.  Unfortunately.  BTW-10 points
    per shot at Kuarl's body, even when he gets fixed up.  0 points for his sackcloth
    (what are you trying to shoot at anyway?  What if someone shot YOU there?).
    Judgment: "Sir Go-l-d..."
    Amy: "James!  Gary!"
    "Amy!  Harry!"
    Amy: "Thank God you're alright!"
    "What the hell's going on in this city?"
    Harry: "Don't know, but it's very similar to the 1998 Curien case."
    "That case?!?"
    Harry: "Go and prevent the confusion in the city."
    Harry: "Let's meet at Sunset Bridge."
    Amy: "We're counting on you."
    "Leave it to me."
    Original Mode notes:
    Shoot the chandelier right in the beginning building, you'll get an item.
    Shoot the bucket on the well at the second savable hostage, you'll get a nice
    goody!  Sometimes.  Also, after you kill the worms, there will be two barrels
    before the camera pans to the knife-throwing zombie in the building.  Shoot
    those and occasionally an item will come out of the barrels.
    Goldman: "Dogs of the AMS...Time they made a move."
    Civilian: "No~  Help me!"
    "Need to hurry...What?!?"
    Second chapter: Muddy
    This stage has MANY parts to it, so I won't go through it.  But watch the
    birds (owls?), they're kind of tricky to kill.  Also, make sure you shoot all
    barrels.  If you want to go through the easy passage, look for the key next to
    the dead man, and shoot that.  Depending on which path you take, you may fight
    Hierophant on the wharf or the Sunset Bridge.  If you go through the house,
    you may find worms crawling under a rug.  You can shoot the worms under the rug
    if you want (you should, since they jump at you pretty quick once they crawl out
    from under it).
    "Amy!  Harry!"
    Harry: "I was looking for you!"
    "What's going on here?  The state of this city is too much!"
    Harry: "Well, it's about that.  It seems like Goldman..."
    "Wait!  We'll talk later!"
    Hierophant Type B 05:
    Weak spot: Chest cavity
    Fighting him on the wharf is easier.  Why?  Because if you fight him on the
    bridge, three things.  One: He can jump into the water, in which he can summon
    a lot more piranhas at you.  Two: it's harder to hit his weak spot in the water,
    and Three: on the bridge, he'll jump from the left, center, and the right.  On
    the wharf, he won't go in the water.  If he jumps, it will always be straight 
    at you from the center.  Plus he'll summon the fish right where he is.  His 
    weak spot can be hard to hit since he opens and closes his weak spot.  If you're
    on Sunset Bridge, when he's low on energy, he'll jump off the bridge, and he'll
    randomly jump up and attack you from the left or the right.  Hint: James or Gary
    will say "left" or "right" for those with slow reflexes or didn't see where
    Hierophant popped up from.
    "Don't care who it is, no one's going to get away with this!"
    Original Mode notes:
    Saving people may get you new items.  Also, make sure you shoot the barrels.
    There are at least two doors I know that you can shoot open.  The first one is
    next to the car that the first civilian stops the car at, assuming you save
    him.  Shoot the door on the van behind him before he thanks you.  The next is
    a little tricky.  Before the first two masked claw-bearing midgets come out,
    you have to shoot the door in the background.  A man will give you an item.
    Goldman: "It's been awhile hasn't it?  My friends from the AMS.  It's me,
    Harry: "Well, in the 1998 Curien case, guess who was behind it.  It was
    Goldman. He's the head one of the most eminent financial group and an expert
    on the Genome theory.  We have to stop him."
    Third chapter: Darkness
    Again, this stage has different parts to it, so I can't make a full FAQ on
    this.  There are barrels EVERYWHERE, some have life ups, so don't forget to
    go after those.  If you get to go through the water gate, it's usually easier.
    Again, watch for zombies and fish popping up from the water.  Depending on
    which way you go, depends on how you'll fight Tower.
    Civilian: "My friends went inside.  But they're not back yet.  I told them not
    to go."
    Civilian: "Help...Noooooooo!"
    "What is it?!?"
    Tower Type 8000:
    Weak spot: Mouth
    Kind of a lame boss, but he is a bit tricky.  You can shoot his (her) mouth
    whenever it's open, not only when it's charging up or when it's about to bite,
    but ANYTIME it's open.  The center never bites, so don't worry.  Once that's
    done, the blue worm will ditch the other four and like I said depending on
    how you played the level will determine whether or not you fight him on sand
    or water.  Fighting on sand is a bit harder since there are more obstacles
    plus you only can target half of Tower's head.  But he does the same thing
    otherwise.  Make sure you shoot the mouth when it's open like before.
    "It's me."
    Amy: "James!  Gary!  Come quickly!  We're in...Ahh!"
    "Amy!  What happened Amy?"
    Original Mode notes:
    Saving certain people on boats may flash an item.  For example, if you save
    one guy from a revenant (those ugly black skeleton-like guys), an item,
    usually 2.0 bullets, will jump up for a second.  Also, in another occasion,
    if you save a guy; Amy will get Goldman's phone call.  Right after, on the boat
    for a second, will sometimes be an item.  Make sure you shoot ALL boxes and
    save different people for different items.
    "Everything's set.  All we have to do is wait."
    "What happened to Amy and Harry?  Have to hurry."
    Fourth chapter: Despair
    Woe is me.  Amy and Harry are kidnapped.  How careless of them.
    Another stage with many parts.  Depending on which way you go, the amount of
    hostages you can save will differ.  Watch for the lizard men; their weakness
    is the head, which is hard to find.  You'll have to shoot him several times.
    Fighting Strength will depend on the path you take.  However, this time around,
    it's not a big factor.  It just determines whether or not he runs around more
    and his patterns of where he'll sneak around.
    "Is this the Coliseum?"
    Goldman: "Hmm hmm hmm.  People of the AMS, I am Goldman.  I don't care if you
    people try to get in my way or not.  In time, you'll find out who's right.
    Hmm hmm hmm hmm.  This is a present from me to you.  Look at your left
    "Amy~! Harry~!"
    Goldman: "Well friends, I look forward to meeting you people again."
    Strength Type 205:
    Weak spot: Head
    This is a harder boss since his head's the weak point...and his head's tiny.
    Plus he jerks around a lot.  There's no real tips I can give, other than watch
    for when he pops up above you, to the left or to the right.  Usually the best
    time to hit him is when he's about to strike and his chainsaw is overhead.
    And shoot the knife that he'll throw at you.
    "Amy, Harry, are you alright?"
    Amy: "I'm all right.  But Harry's..."
    Harry: "The car's parked in the city square...The top floor...building at
    point A0063.  He's there...  Go!"
    "Thanks Harry."
    "Goldman, I'll get you!"
    Original Mode notes:
    Not much here.  Shoot the boxes behind the hostages, and watch for hidden
    boxes.  Sometimes a random person will pop up and give you a free item!
    Sometimes, you'll find items behind locked cell door; shoot the locks to open
    Goldman: "Our Emperor shall awaken soon.  Hurry friends."
    "Point A0063 is just ahead.  It's too quiet..."
    Fifth chapter: Dawn
    No hostages, just a sort of mini-stage with a boss.  Watch for guys popping up
    out of nowhere while you're driving.  Also watch for the zombies who, before
    they die, will make something come out of their chests, which will injure you.
    Head shots will do the trick.  There is a truck with oil barrels next to it.
    Shoot the oil barrels for a life up.  You'll have to fight Judgment again,
    who is the exact same from the first time.
    "It can't be..."
    Judgment: "Sir Goldman has given me a second chance.  Don't even think you
    can get past me.  Go Kuarl!"
    "Remember, there's no such thing as a second chance."
    Then you'll have to fight Hierophant, who's a bit different.  He's easier
    because he doesn't jump down from the bridge, and he doesn't summon those
    piranhas.  But he still jumps from the center straight at you.  Use the same
    tactics for beating him.
    "Too bad.  You're better off that way."
    "I won't let you have it your own way any more!"
    After all the hubbub, you'll face Magician.
    "So this is Goldman's headquarters...what???"
    "Can't be!  You're..."
    Magician: "...I've been waiting for this time to come.  You have no future.
    Either I will get you, or the Emperor will.  Either way, your fate is in
    our hands."
    Magician Type 0:
    Weak spot: All open black spots (Right leg, left thigh, left arm, right forearm,
    sides of his hips)
    Same thing as the first HOTD, but MUCH faster.  Just make sure you shoot his weak
    spots (those ugly black limbs) before he hits you.  He'll first try throwing
    fireballs.  If you can hit him twice, he'll starting charging around the
    screen, trying to smack you.  If you weaken him enough, he goes up and charges
    for and nice fireball shower.  Shoot his weak spots as fast as you can.  This
    is when he's most vulnerable.  If you can't shoot him fast enough, try to
    dispel his fireballs by shooting at them (which can be pretty difficult).
    "Only man himself can control his fate.  You're nothing!"
    "You're the only one who's going to be defeated, Magician!"
    Original Mode notes:
    Shoot car doors open!  Also, in the car next to the oil barrels, behind the
    zombies is an item.  Also, occasionally before you get into the car, an item
    will be on the ground behind the four zombies.  Watch for any items in the car
    that the zombies drive.  Also: occasionally there will be an item on the
    bridge RIGHT before Hierophant makes his entrance.  Just shoot the center of
    the road ahead of you, it's hard to see and hard to get.
    Goldman: "At last you've come...friends.  The door of fate shall open..."
    Final Chapter: Original Sin
    The enemies are harder.  Head shots are still effective, but it will take
    usually 2-5 shots to kill the enemies here.  They look prettier though ^_^.
    There really isn't much here, just watch for the two boxes that you'll have a
    small chance to shoot and get.  One of them has a life up.  You'll have to
    fight Tower again.  But this time, all five heads attack.  At least you don't
    have to fight the blue worm solo.  Watch for the enemies that materialize out
    of nowhere and from the walls.  You get to face Goldman, the horrible voice
    actor (with some shady Asian accent), and his pet, the Emperor.
    Goldman: "I've been waiting for you, friends"
    "Do you know what you're doing?"
    Goldman: "I'm fully aware of what I'm doing!  Can't you see?  Man committed a
    sin, disturbing the life cycle of nature.  The original sin that man is
    responsible to: to preserve the life cycle.  I have made a creature to rule
    over mankind!  This is the final battle!  Show yourself, our new ruler, the
    Emperor: "I am...I am...I am the one who rules over nature, I shall rule and
    hate mankind.  I am the Emperor!"
    Emperor Type alpha:
    Weak spot: "unknown" (yeah right, isn't it obvious?) Glowing rotating orb
    Well, here's one case where having a DC controller will be a slight
    disadvantage for the first part.  He'll either throw his "balls" one by one
    at you and you need to shoot them to avoid getting hurt, or he'll throw all
    of them at you at once.  During this time, you need to shoot his weak point,
    the purple ball (isn't that dumb?  G wrote that the Emperor's weakness was
    unknown.  Hmmm...then I have to wonder what the purple ball could be?).  But
    the ball is tiny, and you'll have lots of opportunities to shoot at it, so
    don't try to aim for it all the time and disregard the Emperor's ball attacks.
    Best time to shoot him is while he's getting ready to attack you and at the
    beginning of his attacks (don't shoot him when he's about to hit you!  Unless
    he's morphed into one of the previous bosses).  After a short while, he'll 
    morph into any of the previous bosses (except Magician) and will hit you.  
    Basically, just remember the weak spots and shoot for it, which is easier said
    than done.  The hardest is probably Tower.  I've actually found a sweet spot,
    which I'll let you find yourself ^_^.  After you've got him down to less than
    half energy, he'll do some weird thing and turn into a floating energy field.
    Basically, it's the purple balls with those other balls flying around it REALLY
    fast.  It looks simple; shoot the purple ball.  But it's hard.  Try to get a
    couple good shots in when the balls slow down.  Only a couple shots will keep
    the Emperor from hitting you.
    Emperor: "I am...I am..."
    Goldman: "Friends, it is not over yet."
    "Is that all you have to say?"
    Goldman: "In time...a successor will come.  Farewell, friends."
    "Is it really over?  Did we do the right thing?"
    "Don't know, but we have to find the answer by ourselves."
    "I don't care if a successor comes or not, I'll go on fighting.  As long as
    we have the will to live.  Goodbye Goldman."
    *Depending on what your performance was, whether you got over 100000 points
    or not*
    Ending 1:
    "James!  Gary!  G and Harry are all right!  Let's leave the rest to them!  On
    we go, to our next battle!"
    "As long as we have the will to live..."
    "Until the answer is found..."
    Ending 2:
    "Thank you!"
    *I haven't confirmed myself how to get this third ending, but I've seen it,
    thanks to Justin Sison for sending me the clip and everyone else on their
    descriptions!  I think this ending comes about if you didn't continue and another
    The third ending is similar to one of the endings in HOTD1.  If you haven't
    seen that ending, I'm going to spoil it for you right now.
    In HOTD1, after you've gone through the credits and through the Mansion,
    after you've seen your car and turn around towards the mansion, instead of
    the freeze frame, you start walking back towards the mansion.  When you open the
    front doors, Sophie is there, but a zombie.  You'll hear "SOPHIE!" the screen
    freezes and you hear a gunshot with the word END at the bottom of the screen.
    Similarly, in HOTD2, after you've gone through Goldman's building, after you've
    opened the second door to the outside, you'll see Goldman as a zombie standing
    outside facing you.  You'll hear "GOLDMAN!" screen fades out, and you hear a
    gunshot with the word "END" at the middle of the screen.
    Original Mode notes:
    Those two boxes: I think the first one has an item in it, but it's REALLY hard
    to get.  Also, seldom, in the little circle area in front of the elevators,
    there will be an item I believe.  In the elevator is usually an item, usually
    2.0 bullets or Bullet Blow.  Also, when you get to the side rooms before the
    emperor, shoot the boxes next to one of the last rooms to go in.  Either a
    person will come out of the left door or you will get two items in the right
    If you saved every hostage in all situations, just like HotD1, you'll get an
    extra room before you face Emperor with tons of goodies (points, Life Up!)
    9. My best scores/times
    Here's a gist of the highest times and scores I've achieved.  With this FAQ,
    other FAQs, and some skill, you should be able to well exceed my scores.
    Arcade:62177 points
    Original:142704 points
    Judgment: 29s15
    Hierophant A:55s61
    Hierophant B:22s13
    Tower A:52s66
    Tower B:56s98
    Strength A:48s93
    Strength B:43s86
    Fight all:7m25s98
    10. Closing notes/Thanks/Contact Information
    Despite the voice acting and the civilian killing, this is actually a fun game
    with a good soundtrack.  This game brings a lot of good challenges and has a
    great replay value.  I've played this game many times, but STILL haven't found
    several areas.  Man, I need a gun for this game, my right arm is killing me...
    Thanks to...
    Sega for making such a kick arse game
    GameFAQs for the opportunity to create this.
    The guys at GameShark.com, never thought this FAQ would look...good!  ^_^
    Dan C. for getting me into HOTD in the first place...it's a change from TC =P
    UIC, CyberStation, Diversions, and Super Just Games for letting me waste
    countless tokens on those blasted gun games (except Lethal Enforcers, yuck).
    Namco.  My accuracy has never been better without Time Crisis ^_^
    Chris Dault for the Hydro Thunder quirk and ending tips =P
    Ira Preibisch for the, uh, tips on the gun and original mode
    Justin Sison for sending me those lovely clips ^_^
    And everyone who's e-mailed me about the third ending
    Copyrights...(every game I mentioned thus far, just to be safe)
    House of the Dead, House of the Dead 2 and all characters
    are copyrights of the AM1 team and Sega.
    Power Stone, Power Stone 2 and Marvel VS Capcom 2 is copyright of Capcom.
    Dead or Alive 2 is copyright of Tecmo.
    Time Crisis is copyright of Namco.
    Naomi Hunter (?) is representative of Metal Gear Solid, copyright of Konami.
    If you need to contact me for any reason or just leave a comment, feel free
    to drop an e-mail at BakaOrochi@hotmail.com
    PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME QUESTIONS LIKE "HOW DO I DO _your problem here_???"
    BTW-I'm not a girl, so don't think about sending love letter.  Also spam will
    be ignored and taken up with your ISP or mail server (yes, there are laws
    against that too).
    This FAQ can be located http://www.geocities.com/bakaorochi

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