Wii Game Save File (Japan)

Save Game File05/27/096akado1685K
FILE CODE: R4ZJ - Game completed with everything that can be unlocked
Save Game File04/20/09Malek861685K
Game code: R4ZJ. Completed on Normal and Hard, 200 ghosts found, several items and upgrades unlocked, all missions completed at least once
Save Game File08/23/08meng-huo1685K
Introduce in: R4ZJ. History mode finished, luigi costume unlocked, more stuff unlocked, 169 ghosts seen, 42 dolls seen.
Save Game File08/23/10BenJa_KuMo1685K
R4JZ - Completed in Nightmare mode, with 233 ghost captured, all Extra items unlocked, extrem hack on characters, more info in Readme!
Save Game File03/25/10SMuffinMan1685K
R4ZJ - Game completed once on normal mode, various costumes including Luigi unlocked, partially through hard mode

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