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    Calendar of Events by GoddessGirl

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 04/26/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Harvest Moon:  Magical Melody
    Guide to:  Calendar of Events, Hours of Operation, & Tips (Version 1.5)
    Written by:  ZeldaCubeGamer & GoddessGirl
    Created on April 14, 2006
    Email: happy_harvesting at yahoo dot com
    Table of Contents
    I. 	Seasonal Calendar of Crops/Collectibles, Festivals, & Birthdays
    	I-A)  Spring
    	I-B)  Summer
    	I-C)  Fall
    	I-D)  Winter
    II.	Flower Bud Village	
    	II-A)  Townsfolk & Businesses from the start
    	II-B)  New Arrivals
    	II-C)  Business Hours of Operation
    	II-D)  Alphabetical Character List: Birthday/Adores/Likes/Hates
    III.	Tips	
    	III-A)  Power Berries & Your Health
    	III-B)  The Mines
    	III-C)  Animals
    	III-D)  Farming
    	III-E)  Miscellaneous Tips
    IIII.	The Boring Stuff
    	IIII-A)  Personal Comments
    	IIII-B)  Credit where credit is due
    	IIII-C)  Version History
    I. 	Seasonal Calendar of Crops/Collectibles, Festivals, & Birthdays
    I-A)  	Spring:
    Spring Crops & Collectibles:
    Strawberry:  Most profitable, but must first ship 50 Cabbage to unlock.
    Breadfruit: 7 days to grow & every few days thereafter. 
    Cabbages: 7 days to grow.  No regrowth. 
    Potatoes: 6 days to grow.  No regrowth. 
    Turnips: 4 days to grow.  No regrowth.
    Moondrop Flower Seed: 5 days to grow.  No regrowth.
    Green Herb Seed: 4 days to grow.  No regrowth. 
    You can find: Coral, Purple Herbs, Green Herbs, Moondrop Flowers, 
    Very Berry, Honey, Mushroom, & Toadstool.
    Spring Festivals & Birthdays:
    1) New Year Festival at Flower Bud Square between 6 a.m. & 6 p.m. 
    4) Theodore’s Birthday (the Mayor).  He adores Potato & can always be
    found inside his house between 6 a.m. & 9 p.m.
    6) Meryl's Birthday.  She adores Special Egg, Moon Balm, Good Cheese, likes
    Coral & Moondrop Flowers.  Find her in/out of Paradise Orchard.
    8) Egg Festival at Flower Bud Square between 6 a.m. & 6 p.m.  “Donate”
    an Egg by putting it in Flower Bud Square’s blue shipping bin.  The first
    year doesn’t require this of you, but from the 2nd year on the Festival will
    be canceled if you don’t put an Egg in that shipping bin.  You can buy an
    Egg from the Blue Sky Ranch if need be.
    11) Ronald’s Birthday.  He adores Very Berry Soda, Special Eggs, likes herbs,
    eggs, & runs the Paradise Orchard. He can be found in/out of his building , or
    at Duke’s Café after 9 p.m. 
    12) Henry's Birthday.  He adores HQ Carrots, likes MQ Carrot, & Fried Veggies.
    He stays at Doug’s Inn, but can be found around town & Sunny Lake.
    16) Basil's Birthday.  He adores Pontata Root, Herb Tea, likes all Herbs, & 
    flowers.  Basil wanders throughout town.
    17) Spring Horse Race at Flower Bud Square between 6 a.m.& 6 p.m.
    Win the 3rd category race to win a Power Berry (only once).
    20)  Nina's Birthday.  She adores Herb Tea, likes flowers & works at the
    Spring Farm 9am-6pm.
    23)  Flower Festival at Flower Bud Square between 6 a.m. & 6 p.m.
    Donate a flower in the blue shipping bin in Flower Bud Square no later than
    the day before or it will be cancelled. 
    27)  Lyla's Birthday.  She adores Very Berry Soda, Pinkcat Flower, likes
    other flowers & Mushroom.  Find her in "Hearty Lyla" from 9 a.m.-6 p.m.
    28)  Cow Festival at Flower Bud Square between  6 a.m.& 6 p.m. Can win
    a year of Fodder.
    30)  Alex's Birthday.  He adores Veggie Juice, HQ Turnips, Pickled Turnip,
    likes all Herbs & Toadstool.  He works in his Clinic (6 a.m. to 9 p.m.)
    I-B)  Summer
    Summer Crops & Collectibles:
    Corn:  9 days to grow & every few days thereafter.
    Cocoa:  9 days to grow & every few days thereafter.
    Tomato:  7 days to grow & every few days thereafter.
    Onion:  4 days to grow.  No regrowth.
    You can find: Coral, Pinkcat Flowers, Cayenne, Blueberry, Pink Herbs, 
    Oranges (a few trees West of the beach), Honey, Mushroom, & Toadstool. 
    Summer Birthdays & Festivals
    1)  Bob's Birthday.  He adores Silver Ore & can be found at Blue Sky Ranch
    in the afternoon.
    3)  Beach Festival at the Beach between 6 a.m. & 6 p.m.  Walk to the Western
    part of the beach & find the  Moonlight Beach Swimming Contest.
    First place wins a Power Berry.
    7) Bamboo Festival.  Meet at Flower Bud Square between 6 p.m. & 12 a.m.
    First thing in the morning you’ll be greeted by the “marriageable” person with
    the highest heart level & be invited to float bamboo boats filled with
    good intentions.
    8)  Gwen's Birthday.  She adores Special Cheese, HQ Carrot/Cabbage, & likes
    all Baked fish.  Gwen works at Doug’s Inn during the day & goes to Duke’s
    Café at night. 
    10)  Joe's Birthday.  He adores HQ Turnip, Tuna Steak, Salted R. Trout.  Joe
    can be found in Woody's Workshop early in the morning & wandering around
    town in search of a good fishing spot.
    14)  Hank's Birthday.  He adores HQ Turnip, likes fish, & can be found in
    Blue Sky Ranch.
    15)  Firefly Festival at the far Western part of Moonlight Beach between
    6 a.m. & Midnight.  “Donate” a Moonlight Ore in the Flower Bud Square
    shipping bin no later than the day before the Festival or it will be cancelled.
    18)  Ann's Birthday.  She adores Rare Ore & can be found in the Junk Shop
    or Moonlight Mine.
    21)  Woody's Birthday.  He adores HQ Turnip/Eggplant, Pickled Turnip, likes
    Branches & can be found in his shop.
    24)  Fireworks Festival at the far Western part of  Moonlight Beach
    between 6 a.m. & Midnight.  The last person you speak with will be the
    one to watch the Fireworks with you.
    25)  Tai's Birthday.  He adores Rare Ore & is inside his Blacksmith
    shop 6 a.m.-6 p.m.
    26)  Dan's Birthday.  He adores Clams, Soda, & can be found in & around the
    town & Ronald’s Paradise Orchard.
    29)  Sheep Festival at Flower Bud Square between 6 a.m.. & 6 p.m.
    You can win a year of fodder.
    I-C)  Fall
    Fall Crops & Collectibles:
    Bell Pepper: 5 days to grow & every few days thereafter.
    Eggplant: 6 days to grow & every few days thereafter.
    Sweet Potato: 6 days to grow & every few days thereafter. 
    Pumpkin: 8 days to grow.  No regrowth. 
    Carrot: 5 days to grow.  No regrowth.
    Spinach: 5 days to grow.  No regrowth. 
    Orange Herb: 4 days to grow.  No regrowth. 
    Mature Grape & Apple trees will give fruit this season if you've planted them.
    You can find:  Chestnuts, Orange Herb, Blue Mist Flower, Honey, Coral,
    Mushroom, & Toadstool.  If you have the Pig & it has 3 hearts then you might
    be able to find Truffles under the Mora Trees.
    Fall Festivals & Birthdays:
    2)  Louis' Birthday.  He adores Rare Ore, Moonlight Ore, likes Eggs, & hangs
    out in Flower Bud Square or Moonlight Mine on weekends without rain, drizzle,
    or snow.  Louis can be found inside the Junk Shop after it has expanded.
    3)  Michael's Birthday.  He adores Potato, HQ Onion, & can be found in the
    Junk Shop or hanging around outside the Spring Farm.
    7)  Doug's Birthday.  He adores Corn, HQ Carrot, & can be found inside his
    Inn between 9 a.m. & Midnight, or Duke's Café after Midnight.
    8)  Ellen's Birthday.  She adores HQ Breadfruit, Baked Yam, & likes flowers.
    She can be found in & around the Blue Sky Ranch & Carl's Café.
    9)  Moon Festival.  Meet at Flower Bud Square between 6 a.m. & 12 a.m.
    First thing in the morning you’ll be greeted by the “marriageable” person
    with the highest heart level & invited to see the full moon from Starry Hill.
    12)  Tim's Birthday. He likes Corn, Rare Ore, & Fried Veggies.  Find him in
    & around the Moonlight Mine.
    16)  Carl's Birthday.  He adores Sweet Potato, Apple, & Special Eggs.
    Carl can be found in Duke’s Café or his own Callaway Café (if already open). 
    17)  Fall Horse Races at Flower Bud Square between 6 a.m. & 6 p.m.
    Win the 3rd Category race & win a Power Berry (1 time only).
    20)  Gina's Birthday.  She adores HQ Bell Pepper, HQ Onion, & likes Coral.
    She can be found in the Sanatarium & Clinic.
    21)  Liz's Birthday.  She adores HQ Pumpkin, Stewed Yam, & works at the 
    Spring Farm between 9a.m.-6pm.  
    24)  Harvest Festival at Flower Bud Square between 6 a.m. & 6  p.m.
    Donate any crop in the Square’s blue shipping bin no later than the day
    before or the Festival will be cancelled.  
    27)  Ray's Birthday.  He adores any Yellowtail recipe, likes most fish.
    He can be found wandering the town in the perpetual search of King Fish. 
    29)  Katie's Birthday.  She adores HQ Sweet Potato/Breadfruit, Sp Milk/Egg.
    She can be found in Carl's Callaway Café between 9 a.m. & 6 p.m. 
    30)  Pumpkin Festival at Flower Bud Square between 6 a.m. & 6 p.m.  
    The Mayor will give you a Power Berry at the Festival if you put a Pumpkin
    in the town square.  Do so no later than the day before or it'll be cancelled.
    I-D)  Winter
    Winter Crops & Collectibles:
    The only items you can forage during Winter are Coral, Mushroom, & Toadstool.
    The best thing about Winter is that you can now reach the Lake Mine.  Visit
    Sunny Lake & you’ll discover it has frozen over.  Walk across it to discover
    an island with an entrance to the Lake Mine.  You’ll also discover how easy it
    is to make a ton of money!  
    Winter Festivals & Birthdays:
    2) Saibara's Birthday.  He adores Good Clay, HQ Turnip/Eggplant, Pickled Turnip,
    Stewed Eggplant, & likes Regular Eggs.  Find him inside or outside of his Shop
    between 6 a.m. & 6 p.m., or inside the Moonlight Mine.
    5)  Maria's Birthday.  She adores HQ Eggplant, Stewed Eggplant, HQ Turnip, &
    Pickled Turnip.  Find her in Flower Bud Library (9a.m.-6p.m.) & the Mayor’s
    house (6a.m.-9p.m.)
    7)  Chicken Festival at Flower Bud Square between 6 a.m. & 6 p.m.
    You can win a year of Fodder. 
    9) Dia's Birthday.  She adores Very Berry Jam, Blueberry, & likes Coral.
    Dia stays at the Sanatarium between 9 a.m. & 7 p.m. & the Clinic 7-9 p.m.
    10) Kurt's Birthday.  He adores Blue Mist Flower, Tomato Sandwich,  &
    likes Branches.  Kurt can be found in the early morning at Woody’s,
    but also visits the Sanatarium, & the Moonlight Mine.
    14) Thanksgiving Festival.  Anyone with 3 or more hearts will give you a
    piece of Cake.  Giving Cake on this day will raise their heart level, so
    just give it back to them!  Also give Cake to others to raise their hearts.
    16) Eve's Birthday.  She adores Ruby Ring, Sodas, HQ Strawberry, & likes
    Mushroom.  Eve works at Duke’s Café between 6 p.m. & 5 a.m.
    19) Fire Festival at Moonlight Beach between 6 a.m. & Midnight.
    Donate a Stake in the Flower Bud Square blue shipping bin no later than
    the day before the festival or it will be cancelled.  Any “marriageable”
    person (guy or girl) with the highest heart level will stand guard over the
    fire with you.
    20) Blue's Birthday.  Adores Good Milk, Yogurt, & Sp Egg/Milk/Butter/Ch.  He
    can be found at the Blue Sky Ranch (daytime) & Duke's Café at night.
    21) Terry's Birthday.  He adores Mushroom & can be found by the River
    above the Spring Farm. If Woody's Workshop has expanded then you may find
    Terry in the upper level.
    24) Starry Night Festival.  Meet at Flower Bud Square between 6 p.m. &
    12 a.m.   First thing in the morning you’ll be greeted by the “marriageable”
    person with the highest heart level & invited to see the stars together.
    25) Martha's Birthday.  She adores Good Cheese, HQ Breadfruit, & likes Coral.
    Find her at the Clinic between 6 a.m. & 9 p.m., & Callaway Café.
    28) Duke's Birthday.  He adores Potato & Very Berry Soda.  He works in his
    Moonlight Café between 6 p.m. & 5 a.m. 
    30) New Year's Festival.  Meet at Flower Bud Square between 6 p.m. &
    Midnight.  The Mayor will greet you at your door with a list of 3 people.
    Invite  the one you wish to share the view of the New Year’s Sunrise.  
    II.	Flower Bud Village
    This section will help you become familiar with:
    > The people living in Flower Bud Village from the start of your game.
    > The people who can move into your town
    > Business Hours of Operation
    I've included some TIPS; which will help get new people to move into & stay
    in your town.
    Talking to each person no less than every few days is crucial to maintaining
    & improving relationships.  Gifts that cause hearts to swirl overhead are best
    & raise heart levels fastest.  Gifts that cause "happy slashes" overhead are
    very good & raise heart levels fairly fast.  Gifts that don't cause any icon
    overhead will raise heart levels faster than only talking to them.  Just don't
    give a gift that causes a reddish cloud/angry icon overhead; which can lower
    their heart level!  Some Festivals don't require you to talk to every single
    person around, so be sure to do that anyway.
    Buying items from businesses that move into your town will help prevent their
    moving back out.
    How to see a character's "adores/like/hate" Icons)
    Anyone else have a hard time seeing a character's Icon expression when you
    give a gift? The stupid game-camera moves in for such a tight "close up" that
    the icons are often barely visible or totally cut off from the TV screen. I
    just discovered how to fix the problem! When you give someone a gift it takes
    a moment for the camera to "zoom in" on the two of you.  As soon as it does
    start hitting the "A" button repeatedly. Don't bother reading anything, but
    keep hitting "A" & the camera will "zoom out". If you do this quickly enough
    you'll "zoom out" in time to still see the icons over that persons head. 
    Many people will give you a gift or mail you a letter once you've raised their
    heart level to the required level (usually 2-3 hearts & 5-6 hearts).  You can
    see special "Rival Events" IF your "love rival" has at least 4 hearts & the
    "love interest" has less hearts.
    II-A)  Townsfolk & Businesses from the start
    Blue Sky Ranch:  Ellen, Blue, Bob, & Hank)
    >Hank stays inside during business hours & hangs out at Duke's Moonlight Café
    at night.  Be sure to befriend Hank, because he will heal your sick &/or dying
    animals for free if he likes you well enough.  I had him up to 4 hearts when he
    did so for me.
    >Blue can be found in the pasture & buildings, but hangs out at the Moonlight
    Café at night.
    >Bob can be found inside the Blacksmith (6 a.m.),the Blue Sky Ranch's pasture &
    buildings, & Doug's Perch Inn (around 1 p.m.)
    >Ellen can be found anywhere in/around the Ranch, the path between the River &
    Spring Farm, & Carl's Callaway Café.
    Clinic:  Alex)
    You'll automatically wake up here whenever you've worked yourself into the 
    ground & pass out from exhaustion.  Alex will send you home to rest & you'll
    wake up the next morning.  Martha will work here too.  Check in "New Arrivals"
    for info on her.
    Junk Shop:  Michael & Ann)
    You can buy 10-Slot Rucksack, buy tools, cooking utensils, & other items.
    Once you've expanded any home to Lvl-3 you can buy larger refrigerators.  Once
    you've built a barn & own a mature cow/sheep you can buy a Cheese Maker, Butter
    Maker, & Yarn Maker.  After you've built a Chicken Coop & have a full grown
    Chicken you can buy the Mayonnaise Maker.  Eventually the Junk Shop will expand
    to contain a 2nd floor; which is where Louis will stay.  I can't figure out
    what the exact requirements are to cause the Junk Shop to expand.  I had
    shipped 24 Rare Ore & 10 Moonstone when the Junk Shop expanded.  The first time
    I went upstairs after it's expansion I triggered the scene between Louis/Ann, &
    the Rival Event between Blue & Ann.
    Jamie's Ranch)
    S/he is an unbeatable Rival at the start of the game, so don't stress over
    it.  The only time Jamie might not be "beatable" in every category could
    be Winter.  S/he seems to ship thousands of G in produce even though 
    nothing can be grown?!  You can still beat Jamie in the "Total" $ earned.
    Mayor:  Theodore)
    He adores Potato & Stewed Yam.  Raise his heart level to 1 heart & you can buy
    some extra land from Woody.  Raise the Mayor's friendship to 3 hearts & you'll
    be able to buy all available land through Woody.  The Mayor can ALWAYS be
    found inside his home; which is weird when you'll also see him around town.
    Spring Farm:  Liz & Nina)
    Nina can be found both in & around Spring Farm as well as Carl's Callaway Café.
    Liz seems to stay inside the Spring Farm.
    You can buy (any time of year) Tree Saplings, full grown crops, & Fertilizer.
    Fertilizer won't be available until you've shipped 10 Limestone. See section
    " III-B)  The Mines " for help with that.  You can also buy seeds for crops,
    herbs, & flowers, but only during their season of growth.  Therefore, you
    may want to buy extra for next year too.
    Workshop:  Woody, Kurt, & Joe)
    Woody stays inside the Workshop unless it's closed; in which case you'll see
    him hanging around his watering hole.  He also likes going to the Moonlight
    Café at night.
    Kurt & Joe are inside the Workshop in the early morning & then wander around.
    Joe likes to hang around the River, but mostly around the Blue Sky Ranch area.
    Kurt likes to hang out at the Sanatarium & Moonlight Mine.
    (Woody got 9 hearts not long after I'd upgraded my house to Lvl-3.  Around that
    same time I discovered that the Workshop had been expanded to include a second
    level.  I don't know if that was triggered by my Lvl-3 house or by Woody's
    heart level.)
    Befriend Woody up to one heart & he'll start selling the Level-3 house.  Every
    time your "Primary" (only house with mailbox) house is expanded to a larger
    size you'll find more items for sale from both Woody & the Junk Shop.  Select
    "Remodel" & choose whatever Level home you want to expand. After you have
    expanded any house to Lvl-3 Woody will then offer the Lvl-4. After you have
    expanded to Lvl-4 he'll offer the Lvl-5 house.
    II-B)  New Arrivals
    Attend every Festival & talk to everyone.  Some Festivals require this of you,
    but some will not.  Talking to visitors is crucial to getting them to move
    into your town.
    New characters can visit your town at any time, but can usually be found in
    Flower Bud Square on weekends that have no rain/drizzle/snow, etc.  Be sure
    the weather is clear on the weekends.  Use the "weather trick" listed in
    " III-E)  Miscellaneous Tips ".
    When you're outside be sure to check your "Town Map" in order to see if anyone
    is visiting & where they can be found.  Be sure to talk to them & give a gift.
    Flower Bud Library:  Maria)
    Both seem to just show up at some point in Spring.
    ***Visit Sunny Lake & meet the requirements in order to trigger the
    "introduction" scene for:  Basil, Ray, Terry, & Henry)
    Ship at least one Herb & enter Sunny Lake to trigger his introduction scene.
    Basil will then wander around your town & only leave during Winter.  Don't
    worry, he'll return next Spring.
    Ship at least one fish & enter Sunny Lake to trigger his introduction scene.
    He'll wander your town in search of the King Fish.  You can also find him on
    the island that can only be reached by riding the Dolphin by the Beach's Pier.
    Simply entering Sunny Lake seems to be the only requirement.
    Official news from Natsume is that you must plant "more than 3 trees"; which
    means 4 or more.  The saplings don't even need to be full grown.  Then start
    visiting Sunny Lake to trigger Henry's "introduction scene".  After you meet
    Henry he'll stay at Doug's Inn.  At 2 hearts you can see an event at Sunny
    Lake with Henry, Maria, & yourself.  Between 5-6 hearts you can buy a painting
    at Lyla's shop; which earns you the "Art Note".  At 7 hearts you can trigger
    an event at Sunny Lake where Henry mentions entering a painting in an Exhibit.
    He asks if he can give the painting to you.  You'll accept & Henry says he'll
    come by with the painting after the Exhibit.  It doesn't matter if you've
    bought the painting from Lyla or not.  I'll update this info when I finally
    get it.
    >Martha & the Rucksack) 
    I had given Alex Herbs or Toadstool since the beginning & about a week later 
    Martha came to town. The Dr. didn't have any hearts either!  On Summer 5th I
    triggered the cut scene of Martha offering to knit me a larger Rucksack if I
    give her yarn.  Had given her Coral since Spring 10th (maybe 3 out of 5
    days = approx. 20 gifts). Obviously you'll need yarn & there are only 2 ways
    to get it. If you're lucky & Lyla has moved into town then you can buy dyed
    yarn from her. Otherwise you'll need a sheep (requires a barn), Yarn Maker,
    & clippers in order to make your own.
    Martha can be found in the Clinic, hanging around outside the Clinic, in the
    Junk Shop, & Carl's Callaway Café.
    >Blacksmith: Tai & Tim)  
    Ship as many Ore as you can manage.  I'm not alone in having successfully
    gotten Tai & Tim to move in by shipping 1 each of Junk, Bronze, Silver,
    Moonlight, Limestone, & 10 Gold.  You may have different results.  If the
    total money earned by shipping Mine items is the key then I'd suggest
    shipping as many of the most profitable Ores/Gems as possible.  Although Tim
    arrives with Tai/Blacksmith I've only found him around & in the Moonlight Mine.
    >Pottery Shop: Saibara)
    Ship one Good Clay & he'll move in the next day.  He adores Good Clay, 
    Stewed Eggplant, HQ Turnip/Eggplant, Pickled Turnip, & likes Eggs.  Raise him
    up to 2-3 hearts & you'll trigger a scene when you enter his Pottery Shop.
    Ultimately Saibara will give you an Aging Pot.  After you ship a total of 5
    Good Clay & get Saibara up to 3 hearts he will start selling things (various
    plates & vases) through Lyla's shop. After you've shipped a total of 10 Good
    Clay & Saibara reaches 5 hearts he will give you a "Mixing Pot".
    >Moonlight Café (Duke/Eve) & Perch Inn (Doug/Gwen & Henry/Nami/Gourmet)
    You MUST attend the entire Horse Race Festival.  Whether you actually
    race or not isn't important.  Stay to "watch" all the races & don't leave
    early.  Always talk to everyone at any Festival.  Be sure to talk to Doug
    & Duke.  They'll start to visit on weekends without rain or drizzle.  Buy
    Corn & Potato from the Spring Farm.  Give Duke the Potato & Doug the
    Corn (their favorites).  If all goes well they'll both move into your town
    & set up their shops on Summer 1st.  Eve & Gwen will then move in too.
    Duke & Eve lives/works at Duke's Café.  Doug & Gwen work/live at the
    Perch Inn.  Henry, Nami (Summer), & the Gourmet (Fall) will stay at the
    Perch Inn as well.
    >Callaway Café:  Carl & Katie)
    Carl will visit your  town from the very start.  Be sure to talk to him & give
    a gift every day you can find him.  Easy gifts he really likes are Herbs and
    Honey.  Carl will work at Duke's Café when it opens.  About a month later Carl
    will open his own Café Callaway; which brings Katie to town.
    >Sanatarium:  Dia & Gina
    Ship 30 Herbs.  I can't tell if there is also a heart requirement for Martha
    &/or Alex.
    ***It seems like many players do many different things to get certain people to
    move into their town.  I've read some comments by people that seem to
    suggest that the accumulated shipping price of certain items may be the key
    to getting Lyla & the Blacksmith to move in.  This theory does make sense
    of the widely differing ways that different players get similar results.  That
    being said, here are my suggestions to get Lyla & the Blacksmith:
    >Hearty Lyla:  Lyla)  
    You definitely MUST participate in the Spring Flower Festival & talk to her.
    She'll then start to visit your town on weekends that have no rain or drizzle.
    Talk to her & give her a gift.  Lyla adores Pinkcat Flowers (Summer) &
    likes all other flowers.  Ship as many flowers, Very Berry, Blueberry, & 
    Good Clay as you can spare.  She'll move in as early as the middle of Summer.
    >Paradise Orchard: Ronald, Dan, & Meryl)
    You MUST participate in the Horse Race Festival & talk to them.  They'll start
    to visit on weekends without rain or drizzle.  Talk to them & give them gifts.
    They both adore Very Berry Soda.  Ronald likes Herbs, & Dan adores Clams, likes
    various Ore & Cayenne (Summer).  When Ronald moves into your town he'll open
    the Paradise Orchard; which is where Dan will work.  When Ronald gets 3 hearts
    he'll expand the Orchard & then Meryl will come to stay with him.
    ***Getting the Paradise Orchard to move into town is another example of many
    players doing many different things to get certain people to move in.  I had
    not shipped very many berries, herbs, or any fruit at all yet got Ronald to
    move into my town near the end of my first Spring.  What I did do was to plant
    an Orange sapling right on the property that is intended for his Orchard.  The
    very next day Ronald came to my door & introduced himself & the day after that
    he had moved in; which completely eliminated my Orange sapling.
    II-C)  Business Hours of Operation:  Everything is closed on a Holiday.
    Closed on Monday:
    Hearty Lyla		9 a.m.-6 p.m.
    Flower Bud Library	9 a.m.-6 p.m.
    Spring Farm		9 a.m.-6 p.m.
    Closed Tuesday:
    Duke's Moonlight Café	6 p.m.-5 a.m.
    The Junk Shop		9 a.m.-6 p.m.
    Carl's Callaway Café	9 a.m.-6 p.m.
    Woody's Workshop	6 a.m.-6 p.m.
    Closed on Wednesday:
    Alex's Clinic		6 a.m.-9 p.m.
    Tai's Blacksmith	6 a.m.-9 p.m.
    Closed Thursday:
    Blue Sky Ranch		6 a.m.-6 p.m.
    Closed Saturday:
    Saibara's Pottery	6 a.m.-6 p.m.
    Only closed on Holiday:
    The Mayor's house	6 a.m.-9 p.m.
    Paradise Orchard	9 a.m.-9 p.m.
    Doug's Perch Inn	9 a.m.-12 a.m.
    The Sanatarium		6 a.m.-7 p.m.
    II-D)  Alphabetical Character List: Birthday/Adores/Likes/Hates
    I've only listed gifts that have been proven to work as described.  I'll be
    adding more as I confirm their accuracy.
    Alex)	Birthday:  Spring 30
    	Adores:  Veggie Juice, HQ Turnips, Pickled Turnip  
    	Likes:  Toadstool & all Herbs.
    	Hates:  ?
    Ann)	Birthday:  Summer 18
    	Adores:  Rare Ore.
    	Likes:  other Ore.
    	Hates:  ?
    Basil)  Birthday:  Spring 16
    	Adores:  Pontata Root, Herb Tea  
    	Likes:  all Herbs, flowers, Ore, & Chestnut.
    	Hates:  ?
    Blue) 	Birthday:  Winter 20
    	Adores: Good Milk, & HQ Eggplant. 
    	Likes:  Likes Eggs.
    	Hates:  Very Berry Juice
    Bob) 	Birthday:  Summer 1
    	Adores:  Silver Ore, HQ Spinach.
    	Likes:  Very Berry, other Ores, Eggs.
    	Hates:  Eggplant.
    Carl)  	Birthday:  Fall 16
    	Adores:  all Sweet Potato & Apple.  
    	Likes:  all Herbs, Honey, Eggs, Chestnut, Very Berry Juice  
    	Hates:  ?
    Dan)  	Birthday:  Summer26
    	Adores:  Clams, Apple/Very Berry Soda, 
    	Likes:  Cayenne, all berries, Very Berry Juice  
    	Hates:  ?
    Dia)  	Birthday:  Winter 9
    	Adores:  Blueberry & it's recipes, all Jam except Marmalade.  
    	Likes:  Coral, Very Berry Juice,  
    	Hates:  ?
    Doug)  	Birthday:  Fall 7
    	Adores:  MQ/HQ Corn, HQ Carrot.  
    	Likes:  HQ Bell Pepper, Pickled Turnip.
    	Hates:  ?
    Duke)  	Birthday:  Winter 28
    	Adores:  any Potato & Very Berry Soda.
    	Likes:  Fried Veggies.  
    	Hates:  ?
    Ellen)  Birthday:  Fall 8
    	Adores:  HQ Breadfruit, HQ Cocoa, Baked Yam.  
    	Likes:  Egg, Moonstone, flowers.  
    	Hates:  ?
    Eve)  	Birthday:  Winter 16
    	Adores:  Ruby Ring, HQ Strawberry, Very Berry Soda.  
    	Likes:  Mushroom, all jewels, & Moonstone, Very Berry Juice  
    	Hates:  ?
    Gina)  	Birthday:  Fall 20
    	Adores:  HQ Bell Pepper, HQ Onion.  
    	Likes:  Coral, Herbs, Pontata Root
    	Hates:  ?
    Gourmet)Birthday:  ?
    	Adores:  all Special Cow & Chicken products.  
    	Likes:  all prepared food.  
    	Hates:  ?
    Gwen)  	Birthday:  Summer 8
    	Adores:  HQ Carrot, Very Berry Jam.  
    	Likes:  all Baked Fish, Clams, Blueberry & it's recipes.  
    	Hates:  ?
    Hank)  	Birthday:  Summer 14
    	Adores:  HQ Turnip.  
    	Like:  fish (haven't found one yet he doesn't like).
    	Hates:  Very Berry
    Henry)  Birthday:  Spring 12
    	Adores:  HQ Carrot.  
    	Likes:  MQ Carrot & Fried Veggies.  
    	Hates:  ?
    Jamie)  Birthday:  ?
    	Adores:  Special quality Cow/Chicken products.  
    	Likes:  Fried Veggies, Sunnyside Egg
    	Hates:  Green Balm.
    Joe)  	Birthday:  Summer 10
    	Adores:  HQ Turnip.  
    	Likes:  Branches, Sunnyside Egg, & fish.  
    	Hates:  ?
    Katie)  Birthday:  Fall 29
    	Adores:  HQ Breadfruit, HQ Sweet Potato, & Sp. Egg/Milk.  
    	Likes:  Fried Veg, Baked Sweet Potato, Moonstone, Very Berry Juice/Soda  
    	Hates:  ?
    Kurt)  	Birthday:  Winter 10
    	Adores:  HQ Tomato, Bluemist Flower.  
    	Likes:  Branches, Aquamarine, Moonstone.
    	Hates:  ?
    Liz)  	Birthday:  Fall 21
    	Adores:  HQ Sweet Potato, Stewed Yam, HQ Pumpkin, Purple Balm 
    	Likes:  LQ/MQ Sweet Potato, MQ Pumpkin, flowers, Very Berry Juice, &
    	Hates:  ? 
    Louis)  Birthday:  Fall 1
    	Adores: Moonstone, Rare Ore.  
    	Likes: other Ore.
    	Hates:  ?
    Lyla)  	Birthday:  Spring 27
    	Adores:  HQ Pumpkin, Pinkcat Flower, Very Berry Soda, Moon Balm,  
    	Likes:  other flowers, Herbs, Mushroom, Cake   
    	Hates:  Toadstool.
    Maria)  Birthday:  Winter 5
    	Adores: HQ Eggplant, Stewed Eggplant, Pickled Turnip/Cabbage, HQ Cabbage  
    	Likes:  Moonstone, Stewed Yam, flowers.  
    	Hates:  ?
    Martha)	Birthday:  Winter 25
    	Adores:  Good Cheese, Yarn, HQ Cocoa, HQ Breadfruit  
    	Likes:  Coral, Pickled Turnip 
    	Hates:  ?
    Meryl)  Birthday:  Spring 6
    	Adores:  Special Egg, Good Cheese, Moon Balm  
    	Likes:  Coral, Moondrop Flower, Stewed Yam, Pickled Turnip  
    	Hates:  Very Berry Soda
    Michael) Birthday:  Fall 3
    	Adores:  MQ/HQ Potato, HQ Onion, Sp. Milk, & Rare Ore.  
    	Likes:  Good Milk, other Ore, Very Berry
    	Hates:  Very Berry Soda
    Nami)  	Birthday:  ?
    	Adores:  HQ Tomato.  
    	Likes:  Mushroom.
    	Hates:  ?
    Nina)  	Birthday:  Spring 20
    	Adores:  Blue Mist Flower.  
    	Likes:  other flowers, Limestone, Eggs, Stewed/Baked Yam.  
    	Hates:  ?
    Ray)  	Birthday:  Fall 27
    	Adores:  Tuna & it's recipes.  
    	Likes:  HQ Corn & fish.  
    	Hates:  ?
    Ronald) Birthday:  Spring 11 
    	Adores:  Sp. Egg, Grape, Very Berry Soda  
    	Likes:  Very Berry Jam, Herbs, flowers.  
    	Hates:  ?
    Saibara)Birthday:  Winter 2
    	Adores:  Good Clay, HQ Eggplant, Stewed Eggplant, Pickled Turnip  
    	Likes:  Egg.  
    	Hates:  ?
    Tai)  	Birthday:  Summer 25
    	Adores:  HQ Spinach/Eggplant & Rare Ore.  
    	Likes:  MQ Spinach/Eggplant, Very Berry Soda, & other Ore/jewels.
    	Hates:  ?
    Terry)  Birthday:  Winter 21
    	Adores:  Mushroom. 
    	Likes:  Fish, Egg
    	Hates:  ?
    Tim)  	Birthday:  Fall 12
    	Adores: HQ Spinach/Eggplant
    	Likes:  MQ Corn, Rare/Gold/Silver Ores, Fried Veggies, Toadstool.  
    	Hates:  Very Berry Soda
    Theodore) Birthday: Spring 4
    	Adores:  MQ/HQ Potato & Stewed Yam.  
    	Likes:  Sunnyside Egg, Gold Ore.  
    	Hates:  ?
    Woody)  Birthday:  Summer 21
    	Adores:  HQ Eggplant, Pickled Turnip, Very Berry Soda  
    	Likes:  Branches, Moonstone, Good Milk.  
    	Hates:  ?
    III.	Tips
    This section will help you:
    	>Regain / increase your Stamina & relieve your Sleepiness
    	>Find various Ores, Jewels/Gems, & Minerals
    	>Learn about animals, crops/seeds/saplings, etc.
    	>Discover various/miscellaneous TIPS.
    III-A)  Power Berries & Your Health
    There are 5 & you'll get them for: 
    	>Winning the swimming festival 
    	>Returning 30 Musical Notes to the Sprites 
    	>From Tim when you reach the 100th floor of Moonlight Mine
    	>Donating a pumpkin and going to the pumpkin festival 
    	>Winning 3rd category Horse Race w/ Power Berry as the Prize 
    Each Power Berry you receive will make your Health Bar longer. Ultimately
    you won't lose your strength & become tired as quickly.
    It doesn't take much to drain your Health Bar & become sleepy; especially at
    the beginning of the game.  Eating & drinking certain foods will help you get
    back on your feet.  Some foods are much better than others.  Here are some
    tips that I've found very helpful:
    Toadstool Saute:  Frying Pan + Butter + Toadstool.
    This meal will recover 100% of your Stamina & change "sleepyhead" to "fine!" & 
    possibly "Very Tired" to "fine!".  No more droopy eyes!  If you continued to
    work while "Very Tired" then you may only improve to "Sleepy Head".  Toadstool
    looks like Purple-spotted Mushrooms & are easily found near fence-posts/Stakes.
    If you can't make your own Butter than buy it from the Blue Sky Ranch.  Buy the
    Frying Pan from the Junk Shop.  You'll be making tons of money with it.  Both
    the Frying Pan & Butter are well worth the expense.
    Herbs:  Eating one Herb (any color) will slightly fill your health bar, but
    completely restore you to "fine!" even if you were "Very Tired".  How long it
    helps you seems to depend on how full your health bar was before eating it,
    by how many hours you've been awake, & how hard you've been working.
    Curreal cooked on your Bonfire cures sleepiness & also fills your Health
    Bar a little.  You don't even need to buy anything for this meal.  Just use your
    fishing pole in the River & hope to catch a Curreal.  Make a Bonfire by using
    your "Bonfire Kit"; which looks like a box of wood matches.  Then face the
    fire, hold the Curreal in your hands, press "X" & then "A".
    Herb Tea:  Green Herb + Pot 
    Buy the Pot from the Junk Shop & pick the Green Herb wherever you find it
    The Mtn. path is a good place to look.  Herb Tea fills your Health Bar a little,
    but relieves your sleepiness a lot.
    III-B)  The Mines
    There are two Mines in Flower Bud:  The Moonlight Mine & the Lake Mine.
    Be sure to bring your Hammer or you'll never get past the 1st level.  Also
    bring your Hoe if you need to find Good Clay &/or Pontata Root; both of
    which are in the soil.  Each level in both mines has a hidden hole that will
    lead to the next lower level.  Use your Hoe to find it.  Look for a square of
    soil that "flickers" or somehow looks different as you walk around.  It's edges
    may look jagged or "pixilated" as you move around.  You'll only go down a
    single level, but you'll never be pushed back up to the levels above; which is
    what can happen with the cracks you just walk over.  The Ores, Limestone,
    & Gems are found in both the rocks & blue crystals.  The blue crystals will
    sometimes emit a colored gas-cloud.  Each colored gas has it's own temporary
    effect on your character:
    	Purple:  Will confuse you.  Your controls won't work right.
    	Yellow:  Makes your character move very fast
    	White:  Nullifies the effect of the other gasses
    	Pink:  Restores some of your Health Bar
    	Black:  Narrows your vision.
    	Orange:  Paralyzes, but you can still change tools, eat, etc.
    The Moonlight Mine is in the Cliff to the right of Jamie's Ranch & is open
    all year.  You must bring your Hammer to find the hole leading to the lower
    levels.  Also bring your Hoe if you want to find Good Clay or Pontata Root.
    Both Mines hold the same things, & the deeper you go the better the items.
    Limestone) can be found in the Rocks (not blue crystals) on any floor.
    I've only found a single Limestone per floor.  Ship 10 in order to buy 
    Fertilizer from the Spring Farm.
    Rocks vs. Blue Crystals)  Although both can hold treasures I've found better
    results by crushing the Blue Crystals.  The Rocks seems to have a higher
    chance of being empty or only giving less valuable treasures; although they'll
    rarely "gas" you.  The Blue Crystals seem to have a higher chance of giving
    much better treasures, along with a high probability of being "gassed".
    Lvl 1 Pontata Root in the soil is most common
    Lvl 2 Good Clay in the soil is most common
    Lvl 10 Better chance of finding Moonstone
    Lvl 20 Better chance of finding Rare Ore
    Lvl 40 & deeper:  Better chance of finding Gems/jewels
    Lvl 85 Diamond is more common
    Lvl 100 Tim gives a Power Berry the first time you reach this floor.
    The Lake Mine:
    You can only reach the Lake Mine in Winter when Sunny Lake freezes over.
    Better quality items are easier to find here compared to the Moonlight Mine.
    Lvl 5 All Moonstones 
    Lvl 10 Dead-end, so start over or dig for a hidden hole leading to the next 
    level down. (Tip: look for the patch that "flickers" or has pixilated edges).
    Lvl  5 All Moonstone
    Lvl 15 All Amethyst
    Lvl 20 All Aquamarine
    Lvl 25 All Topaz
    Lvl 30 All Sapphire
    Lvl 35 All Emerald
    Lvl 40 All Ruby
    Lvl 45 All Limestone in the rocks
    Lvl 50 All Diamond
    Lvl 100 Underground Lake where a King Fish can be caught, so  bring a pole.
    III-C)  Animals
    TIP:  Hand-feed, talk to, & brush all your animals to raise their affection
    more quickly.
    Your Dog:
    Ellen will give it to you on the very first morning of your game.  The quickest
    way to raise it's heart level is to pick it up & feed it once each day.  
    Animals that require a Barn:
    TIP:  Be sure to enter your new Barn before you buy any barn-animals.  If you
    buy a barn-animal before having first entered your barn you may lose your chance
    to get your pet Pig.
    TIP:  When you buy your first animal Hank will visit you the next day & give
    you a free set of Reigns; which can be used to lead a single animal in & out
    of the Barn.  Therefore, you can postpone buying the Bell if you're poor.
    Some items to buy from the Blue Sky Ranch:
    Bell, Brush, Clippers, Milker, Cow, Horse, Sheep, Fodder (cow/sheep),
    Chicken, Chicken Fodder, & Miracle Potions to get each animal pregnant.  
    The Horse:
    Buy your first horse (colt actually) from the Blue Sky Ranch.  Brush, talk to,
    & hand-feed, it every day.  You can start riding it when it is full grown
    (takes around 20 days) & has 2 hearts.  You must be outside, face your horse
    & press "X" in order to ride.  Use either the Bell or the Reigns to get your
    Horse outside.  The more you ride it the more Training Stars it will get.
    The more Training Stars your horse has the better chance it will have at
    winning a race at the Spring or Fall Horse Races.
    TIP:  How to ride your horse)
    Page 2 of the game's instruction pamphlet says, "X Button: Tap
    the X button to equip a selected rucksack item. Press the X button again to
    use the equipped item. Push the X button to ride the horse".  Page 21 says,
    "It takes 2 hearts to ride. You won't be able to saddle up and ride your horse
    until you see two hearts by the horse's name on the Animals menu. Regular
    riding is important because it improves your horse's chance at winning a
    spring or fall horse race."   What is not mentioned is that your horse must be
    full grown, you both must be outside, & you must stand next to it when pressing
    the X button. If you still have trouble (e.g. only take out an item) then also
    point your (left, gray) analog stick toward the horse while pressing X.
    The little Pig:
    Buy a barn & enter it.  You'll be surprised to see a quivering piggy & a hungry
    Gourmet.  The Gourmet will give you the pig.  The Pig seems to think it's a
    dog, because it'll always end up inside your house.  Raise it's affection up to
    3 hearts & it'll find Truffles for you.  Truffles can only be found in Fall
    wherever Mora trees grow.  A Mora tree looks like any fruit tree, but it's
    leaves turn golden in Fall.  You'll never find fruit or Chestnuts under it.
    Take your Pig outside, watch for an exclamation point to appear over it's
    head, pick up the Pig, put it out of your way (behind you is fine), dig the
    spot with your Hoe & pocket the Truffle.
    You'll have to buy your first cow & the Milker from the Blue Sky Ranch.
    Hand-feed, brush, & talk to your Barn animals every day to raise their heart
    level most quickly; which improves the quality of their products.  Cows take
    about 20 days to mature, so in about a season it'll start producing Milk.
    Cows only give one bottle of milk per day & must have eaten before being milked.
    They also only give Milk around the 24th hour since their last milking.  Buy
    the Butter Maker & Cheese Maker from the Junk Shop.  The shipping price of
    Butter & Cheese is much higher than Milk.  Butter & Cheese is also used in many
    worthwhile recipes.
    You'll have to buy your first Sheep (lamb actually) & the wool Clippers
    from the Blue Sky Ranch & should buy the Yarn Maker from the Junk Shop.
    Hand-feed, brush, & talk to your Barn animals in order to raise their heart
    level most quickly; which improves the quality of their products.  It takes
    about 14 days for a sheep to mature. Clip a Sheep's wool & it'll be ready for
    another clipping on the 8th day afterward.  Turning Wool into Yarn greatly
    increases it's shipping price.  Buying & using a Dye Pot (Junk Shop) to make
    Dyed Yarn is the most profitable Sheep product.  Just don't dye Shiny Yarn,
    because it actually sells for less than any type of Dyed Yarn.  Sheep will
    give birth on the 14th day after being impregnated with Miracle Potion.
    Chickens & the Chicken Coop:
    TIP:  After your Coop is ready just buy an Egg from the Blue Sky Ranch &
    put it into the Incubator.  In about 6 days you'll have your first chic.  This
    process takes longer to start getting Eggs, but it's a lot cheaper than
    buying a Chicken.  
    TIP:  If you build a Windmill you can grind Corn into Chicken Fodder.  It will
    save you money in the long run.  Windmills are cool anyway!
    Chickens adore being hand-fed weeds; which raises their heart level more
    quickly.  They will never lay Eggs if not kept in their Coop overnight.  You
    can buy a Mayonnaise Maker from the Junk Shop.  Personally, I don't think
    it's worth the money until later in the game.
    Wild Animals & Woodland Creatures:
    You can raise the heart level of any Wild Animal by picking it up & feeding
    it food it likes.  The Rabbit, Squirrel, Raccoon, & Weasel all like weeds.
    The Mallard Duck, Dolphin, & Cat like fish.  The Monkey likes various berries.
    I'm sure there are more food choices, but I haven't bothered to find them.
    >The Dolphin is most important, because once it has 3 hearts you can ride
    it to the ocean island for great fishing.
    >The first Wild animal to reach between 4 & 5 hearts will show up at your door.
    You'll earn a Musical Note too!
    III-D)  Farming
    There are 3 different levels of soil:  
    >Most Fertile (Dark brown) seeds grow most quickly with highest profit.
    >Med. Fertile (Med. Brown) seeds take a day longer with medium profit.
    >Least Fertile (Light Brown) seeds take longest to grow with least profit. 
    Crop Growth-Rate:
    When you buy a bag of seeds from the Spring Farm you'll see a description
    which includes how many days it takes to grow; which is accurate if planted
    in Most Fertile Soil (dark brown).  If planted in Medium Fertile Soil (Medium
    brown in color) it will take one day longer.  If planted in Least Fertile Soil
    (light brown) it will take 2 days longer than described.
    TIP:  Ship 10 Limestone & to unlock Fertilizer for purchase from the Spring
    Farm.  One portion of fertilizer improves a 9X9 plot of land by one level,
    e.g.,  Least Fertile becomes Med. Fertile.  Fertilize it again & it'll become
    Most Fertile Soil.  Limestone can be found in the Mines' Rocks.  See section
    " III-B)  The Mines " for more details. 
    Most profitable crop of each season:
    Spring: Strawberry (400/200/140G) Ship 50 Cabbage to unlock.
    Spring: Breadfruit (300/150/105G) if you can't buy Strawberry yet.
    Summer: Corn (300/150/105G)
    Fall: Eggplant (240/120/84G)
    Winter: N/A, go Mining!
    (Renewable crops earn more money by the end of their season compared
    to higher selling one-time-only crops.  Breadfruit earns a higher profit
    than Cabbage, because you'll harvest & ship tons more & make more money.
    Bust out your calculator & see for yourself.)
    See each season's Calendar of Events to see more info on each crop.
    >Cooking a crop greatly increases the shipping profit.  The only exception
    I've found is that HQ Pumpkin & HQ Strawberry sell for more raw compared
    to any that are cooked.  Breadfruit is a little different, because it's actually
    used in more complicated recipes.  But, recipes using Breadfruit usually sell
    for an excellent/above average profit.
    >Grass seeds & Tree Saplings never ever need to be watered.
    >Can be cut about every other day.  No need to wait until full grown.
    >Grass dies in Winter.  You'll have to replant it the next Spring.
    >Crops will die if left un-watered for too many days in a row.  Keep this
    in mind when you upgrade your Watering Can.
    >Full grown crops can be left on the vine or in the ground, but still must be
    watered or they'll die.  (If I don't have room in my refrigerator I'll just
    leave some ripe crops in my field. I left some full grown Carrots & Spinach
    without watering them & they died within 4 days.
    III-E)  Miscellaneous Tips
    Control the Weather!
    >Avoid Typhoons, etc. by saving the night before you go to sleep. Then check
    the weather channel for the following day's weather forecast. If you don't like
    the weather then simply reload your game from the night before. This is just
    like the Mineral Town "weather trick".
    Find forage-able items without spending any “time”:
    >Go to Woody's, choose "Relocate", select the watering hole/well, move it
    all over the entire town map & you'll see all the forage-able items of the day,
    as well as the people's outdoor locations. This has really cut down on my
    "blind wandering"! Oh yeah, you don't actually have to go through with the
    Relocation request, so you can do this as often as you like & it's free.
    >Cooking/preparing food with a lower quality crop will often be as adored as
    giving an adored HQ crop.  Saibara adores Stewed Eggplant made with LQ Eggplant 
    as much as he adores HQ Eggplant.
    >Giving 4 adored gifts seems to raise one heart level.
    >The adored/liked gifts I've mentioned are probably not the only choices, 
    but they have been confirmed to have the described effect.  
    >Many townsfolk will give you a recipe, but there are two requirements.
    You must have raised their heart level to the appropriate level & already
    own the cooking utensil used in their recipe.
    Quicker Fishing:
    >Find a spot where a fish only moves forward & then floats downstream (not
    in a circular pattern).  Position yourself in such a way that you'll cast
    just in front of it when it swims as far forward as it will go.  When you
    hook it be sure to hold your "X" button down until you're holding in your
    hands.  After putting it away don't take a step or move away from your
    position.  Only face the water & then re-cast.  The next fish will reappear
    exactly where you caught the last.  I regularly catch fish one after the
    other in quick succession this way.
    >Pedometer:  serves no purpose after you've received the Musical Note
    for taking 10,000 steps.  Don't bother taking up room in your Rucksack
    with it after accomplishing that goal.
    >Tai/Blacksmith,"...charges by the stages (levels) you want to make it into.
    Such as if I had a normal Axe, upgraded it to silver it would take 3 days and
    1,500G, and the same with anything that goes up two stages. (such as normal
    to silver, copper to gold, silver to goddess) And if you increased it one
    level it would be 2 days and 700G. And the last two charges would be, the
    level 1(normal) to level 4 (Gold) 4 days and 3,000G, or level 1 to level 5
    (goddess) 5 days and 4,000G." quote from AlexL576 of HMOtaku.
    >Any level tool can accomplish any task.  Lower level tools (like Iron) take
    more swings/uses to get the job done; which uses up more time, stamina, &
    causes fatigue.
    >I'm not yet sure, but suspect that higher level tools use up more of your
    Health Bar compared to when it was a lower level.  I upgraded my Axe
    from Iron to Gold & it sure seems like 10 single/non powered-up swings
    of a Golden Axe uses up more of my Health Bar than 10 swings when it was
    Iron.  I'll test this theory out & let you know what I discover.
    >The "detection" in Magical Melody is tricky when people & animals are
    close to each other.  I've tried to milk my cow & yet my horse shows "!?"
    over it's head & loses a heart.  Make sure your animals are far enough 
    apart before using animal-specific tools.
    >Using an inappropriate tool too close or on an animal will really upset it.
    I've accidentally "watered" my horse with my fully charged Goddess level
    Watering Can & lowered it's hearts from 7 down to 1 with a Skull icon over
    it's name!  I've accidentally "milked" my horse & caused it to lose one heart.
    Lowering Heart levels:
    >It is possible to lower the heart level of all the characters & animals.
    Giving a gift of a hated/disliked item or using an inappropriate tool on them
    will cause them to lose hearts.
    IIII.	The Boring Stuff
    IIII-A)  Personal Comments
    It always bugs me when I have to scroll through what seems like pages & pages
    of mundane & unimportant crap like "version history" & an "introduction" to the
    obvious; which is what you already see in the table of contents.  So, rebel that
    I am, I've decided to put all this silliness at the very end of my own FAQ.
    Nobody actually wants to read this stuff anyway.
    This is my very first FAQ/Guide, so please be kind.  I'll be adding more info
    as I advance through the game.  
    Please do not email with general questions.  I’ll never be able to reply to the
    amazing number of emails asking “how do I use my watering can” or “how do I get
    so-&-so to move in?”.  I completely understand how you would want to ask
    (we all have questions), but please, please post your questions in your Forum
    of choice.  My favorite Harvest  Moon forum is HMOtaku.net. Harvest Moon
    Evergreen (http://dhost.info/evergreen/)  & Ushi No Tane (fogu.com/hmforum)
    are also great.  Don’t forget that GameFAQs, Neoseeker, cheatcc.com, & IGN also
    have forums where you can post all your questions.
    If (after reading that last paragraph) you still want to send me an Email then
    be sure to include “ZCG’s MM FAQ” in the title.  I’m forced to delete any new
    Email that doesn’t include ZCG’s MM FAQ in the title.  Sorry, but my in-box is
    already full & I need to find a way to resolve this growing problem.  
    Natsume owns the Copyright of Harvest Moon:  Magical Melody & Nintendo
    owns the license.   I'm merely passing on info I've acquired simply by playing
    this awesome game.  I've no idea if I'm required to point out this glaringly
    obvious detail, but I've seen other FAQs mention this type of thing & thought
    I'd do the same.  Kind of a CYA legal thing I guess.
    IIII-B)  Credit where credit is due
    While practically all of this FAQ/Guide is an expression of my
    personal experience with the game I have indeed been greatly
    influenced by several people; whether by their direct input or
    simple kindness & support.  Please take a moment to share my
    acknowledgment of the following people:
    >Captain Bones from HMOtaku.net discovered that Martha adores
    Good Cheese, Saibara's gifts & required heart levels. 
    >Chuck, Phantom (both from HMOtaku.net) & Kyle from
    Harvest Moon Evergreen: pointed out that Basil adores Pontata Root.
    >Miyah from Everpine Village relayed the tip to find the hidden hole in
    the Mines.
    >Nathaniel from HMOtaku.net asked Natsume how to get Henry & then
    shared the official answer.
    >Phantom from HMOtaku confirmed:
    Ray loves Yellowtail Stew/Teriyaki/Sashimi
    Nina loves HQ Strawberries, Strawberry Milk, and Herb Tea.
    Dia loves HQ Strawberries and HQ Cocoa.
    Katie loves HQ Sweet Potatoes.
    Maria loves HQ Cabbage and Stewed Cabbage.
    Eve loves Sodas and HQ Strawberries.
    Gina loves HQ Onions.
    Basil loves Herb Tea, Pontata Roots, HQ Strawberries.
    Dan loves HQ Strawberries.
    >AlexL576 from HMOtaku made sense of Tai's varying charges & amounts
    of time taken to upgrade tools.
    >Nguyen_Dragon from HMOtaku confirmed that Jamie adores
    Special Milk.
    >I've found an enormous amount of help & support from everyone at
    HMOtaku's forums, Kyle's Harvest Moon Evergreen & Everpine Village.
    There are too many people to name, but y'all are awesome!
    IIII-C)  Version History
    You're looking at the very first version & I'll let you know when
    it's updated  ^.^  (4/14/06)
    4/26/06 updated/added info about some of the characters .  Added Meryl &
    Saibara’s Birthdays (doh!).  Added quite a few things along with an alphabetical
    list of all the possible characters.  If you printed this FAQ & don't see
    "II-D)" then you may want to toss it out & print this one.  Might as well call
    this “Version 1.5".

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