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    Town Guide by KrystalKairi

    Version: 2.2 | Updated: 08/15/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Harvest Moon: Magical Melody
    Town Guide
    Created by: KrystalKairi
    E-mail: xo_krystal_kairi_ox (at) hotmail (dot) com
     This is a guide to explain your town. There are a few basic places 
    that start off in your town, so it is really essential that you know how to use 
    all the stores well. This is my first guide, so bear with me as it may be 
    bizarre or slightly unorganized at first, but it will get better. I will keep 
    trying to add more information to it as I get more. Please be aware that this 
    is a guide and there are possible spoilers in some points.
    Please: if you know someone who can be found at a place that I did not list 
    under "Can be found here" please let me know and I'll add them. This part is 
    new and may not be 100% complete yet.
    1.0- Wrote all of the info I had on the shops, including the table of 
    contents, ending comments, and intro.
    1.1- Read through to check for spelling errors and mistakes. Added small bits 
    of info to various sections.
    1.2- Changed format.
    1.3- Fixed Hearty Lyla info and Moonlight Cafe/Perch Inn
    1.4- (Added to gameFAQs) Fixed headings and added summer produce prices.
    1.5- Added a question.
    1.6- Added a question, product list for Moonlight Cafe, Hearty Lyla and
    Perch Inn.
    1.7- Added fall and winter crop info. Fixed a few glitches and mistakes. 
    Added some new info on the Perch Inn, Blue Sky Ranch and the library. 
    Added some things in various other sections.
    1.8- Added who you can find where to the bottom of every place.
    1.9- Added a few questions.
    2.0- Added a question.
    2.1- Fixed way to get Sanatorium.
    2.2- Added various info.
                   Table of Contents
     Use control + F (for pc users) to search for the code of what you want to see
    Part 1: Starting in town
    1. Your house     [aa]
    2. Spring Farm     [ab]
    3. Blue Sky Ranch     [ac]
    4. Workshop     [ad]
    5. Jamie Ranch     [ae]
    6. Junk Shop     [af]
    7. Mayors house     [ag]
    8. Town square     [ah]
    9. Clinic     [ai]
    10. Harvest Goddess Spring     [aj]
    11. Sunny Lake     [ak]
    12. The Mines (Lake Cave/Moonlight Cave)     [al]
    13. Mt. Moon     [am]
    Part 2: Moving in
    1. Paradise Orchard     [ba]
    2. Blacksmith     [bb]
    3. Hearty Lyla     [bc]
    4. Atelier Saibara     [bd]
    5. Library     [be]
    6. Perch Inn     [bf]
    7. Cafe Callaway     [bg]
    8. Sanatorium     [bh]
    9. Moonlight Cafe     [bi]
    Part 3: Ending comments
    1. FAQ     [ca]
    2. Contact me     [cb]
    3. Credits     [cc]
    4. Legal stuff     [cd]
    Note: Time stops when you enter a building.
                      Your House [aa]
     This harvest moon game is unique from the others, because you actually get 
    to choose where you want to live. There are 3 choices that all have their 
    advantages and their disadvantages. The properties are as followed:
    Ocean side- This is the largest property out of the three. The soil quality 
    is low, and unfertile. If you want to grow crops here you will need 
    fertilizer to turn a good profit. Raising animals here is a good idea because 
    there is so much space. You can easily fit a barn, chicken coop and pasture. 
    Beach festivals are close and getting to Sunny Lake will be easy. It is close 
    to the carpenters’ house so buying new furniture or upgrading your house will 
    take no time.
    River side- This is the middle sized property. The soil here is very fertile 
    so growing crops is both fast and profitable. Fitting a chicken coop in is 
    easy. If you want to put a barn, I suggest a different property, or buying 
    extra land, because there is little room for a pasture. As the name suggests, 
    it’s close to the river, so it’s a good spot for fishing. The blue sky ranch 
    is right next door so buying animals, animal care products or feed won’t take 
    much time out of your day.
    Village center- This is probably the smallest starting property. The soil is 
    mostly unfertile, with a few squares of fertile land. If you want to be close 
    to the shops, this is probably your best bet. Close to many shops, this 
    property is good to buy products. Also, many potential mates or friends are 
    nearby. Just up the path is the moonlight mine where you can go mining all 
    year long.
     Your house is easily the most important place in the town. In your house you 
    can check the weather forecast for the next day, save your game, sleep, cook, 
    store tools, store items and check upcoming events.
     Outside your house is your land. By pressing the Z button you can change the 
    game so the land has colors. Blue is your land, yellow is someone else’s 
    land, green is free land. On free land you can plant crops, but if someone 
    moves in your crops will be gone. You can only build on your land.
     The mailbox is right there when you go out the door. When a letter is 
    sticking out the side you can see, it means that you have mail. Sometimes, 
    when people move in they will send you a letter to say that they are there. 
    Sometimes your friends will send you letters just to say hi. Some old letters 
    will be stored in your bookcase.
     Your lumber pile is located beside your house. Lumber will be stored there 
    once you chop it. If you remove a stake from the lumber pile, you can not put 
    it back in. You can use stakes to make a fence that will surround your 
    pasture so your animals can’t escape.
     Then there’s the shipping box, one of the most important features of your 
    house. You put items in the shipping box when you want to sell them. Just 
    have the item in your hands, face the shipping box, make sure you are right 
    next to it and press A. If you miss, no worries. Just pick it up and put it 
    in. Be warned: once you put something in you can’t get it out.
    Can be found here:
    Your dog
                        Spring Farm [ab]
     The spring farm is one of the few places you need to go to be a successful 
    farmer. The spring farm sells many seeds as well as seedlings. There are also 
    some crops available to purchase there too, in case you want to buy them for 
    recipes or gifts. Once you sell 10 limestones, fertilizer is available to 
    purchase as well. Fertilizer makes the soil quality better so crops grow 
    faster and sell for more.
     Liz and Nina live in the spring farm. Liz stays behind the counter and sells 
    you product while Nina tends to the crops. Nina is available, and you can 
    marry her if you choose to.
    -----------------Product List-----------------
    Turnip seed--20g
    Potato seed--30g
    Cabbage seed--40g
    Bread fruit seed--60g
    *Strawberry seed--300g
    Spring seed pouch--60g
    Moondrop flower seed--20g
    Green herb seed--20g
    *only available after you ship 50 cabbages
    Tomato seed--50g
    Corn seed--40g
    Onion seed--20g
    Cocoa seed--50g
    Summer seed pouch--60g
    Pinkcat flower seed--20g
    Eggplant seed--40g
    Pumpkin seed--70g
    Yam seed--30g
    Bell pepper seed--40g
    Carrot seed--40g
    Spinach seed--40g
    Fall seed pouch--60g
    Orange herb seed--20g
    ~~All seasons~~
    Grass seed--50g
    Mora seedling--300g
    Chestnut seedling--350g
    Orange seedling--360g
    Apple seedling--370g
    Evergreen seedling--200g
    **once you ship 10 limestone
    Closed: Mondays and holidays
    Open: 9am-6pm
    ~~Spring crop price list~~
    Bell pepper--135g
    ~~Summer crop price list~~
    Bell pepper--145g
    ~~Fall crop price list~~
    Bell pepper--110g
    ~~Winter crop price list~~
    Bell pepper--120g
    Can be found here:
                   Blue Sky Ranch [ac]
     The blue sky ranch is the place to go to buy animals, animal care products 
    and animal feed. To be allowed to buy an animal you have to have either a 
    barn (cow, sheep, horse) or a chicken coop (chickens).
     Hank, Ellen, Blue and Bob can be found at the blue sky ranch. Hank works 
    behind the counter to sell you animals and products. Ellen and Blue work 
    outside with the animals. Bob.... works with the animals and is also the guy 
    who picks up the items from your shipping bin and pays you. You can marry 
    Ellen, Blue and Bob.
     The Blue Sky Ranch is also where you go to sell your animals. A horse 
    that won a race will sell for 50,000 g.
    Closed: Thursdays and holidays
    Open: 6am-6pm
    -----------------Product list-----------------
    Animal Medicine--800g
    Good egg--120g
    Good milk--300g
    Good cheese--380g
    Good mayonnaise--180g
    Good butter--350g
    Bird feed--20g
    Can be found here:
                       Workshop [ad]
     The workshop is the place you need to go if you want to purchase more land, 
    purchase furniture, buy a new house or upgrade your house. Lumber is for sale 
    at 50g each. When you befriend the mayor it unlocks more land available for 
    purchase, at 3 hearts you will have all the land unlocked.
     Kurt, Joe and Woody can be found at the workshop. Kurt and Joe are Woody's 
    apprentices. To be able to upgrade your house to level 3, you must have one 
    heart with Kurt, Joe or Woody or the upgrade will not be offered. You can 
    marry Joe or Kurt in this game, if you like them.
    Closed: Tuesdays and holidays
    Open: 6am-6pm
    Can be found here:
                      Jamie Ranch [ae]
     This is Jamie's Ranch. Jamie is your sworn enemy in the game and for some 
    reason they hate you. I say they because no matter what gender you are, Jamie 
    is the opposite. For this reason, you can marry Jamie if you choose to.
     For those of you who have married Jamie, you will know this, but for those 
    who haven't, this could be a spoiler, so if you do not want to read it, 
    don't. If you marry Jamie your game ends.
     Jamie's ranch has a fair amount of animals and a lot of crops. It's no 
    wonder Jamie's virtually always making more money than you. That said, if you 
    barge into Jamie's land, they might get mad at you. There's absolutely 
    nothing to do at Jamie's farm, you can’t even go in the house.
    Can be found here:
    Jamie's dog
                      Junk shop [af]
     The junk shop offers a selection of bizarre items. You can buy tool upgrades 
    from here, once the “experience bar” has reached the right level. Tools here 
    might cost a lot, so the blacksmith shop is often a cheaper alternative. The 
    blacksmith does not start off in the town, so look for the section on the 
    blacksmith shop if you don't have it and don't know how to get it. More items 
    are added as time goes by. There are a few pieces of basic furniture there. 
    The junk shop also sells cooking utensils.
     Ann and Michael live at the junk shop. Ann is Michaels’ daughter. Michael 
    works behind the counter to sell stuff. Ann is a person you can marry, if you 
    choose to.
     The junk shop upgrades eventually, after you sell a lot of ores, especially 
    rare ores.
    -----------------Starting product list-----------------
    Picture book--500g
    Frying pan--500g
    Wood stove--300g
    Kerosene stove--700g
    Sofa (S)--500g
    Sofa (L)--900g
    Log chair--200g
    Dye pot--500g
    ***Upgrades rucksack so you can hold 10 items
    Closed: Tuesdays and holidays
    Open: 9am-6pm
    Can be found here:
                   Mayor's House [ag]
     This is where the mayor lives. If you go to visit him he will be happy to 
    talk to you. Maria is the mayor's (Theodore's) daughter so she also lives 
    there. Unless you want to befriend the mayor or woo/befriend Maria there's 
    really no point in going to the mayor's house. The mayor is always in his 
    house whenever you visit, even if he was across town right before you 
    Can be found here:
                    Town Square [ah]
     The town square is the place in which quite a few festivals take place. The 
    bulletin board will let you know about any upcoming festivals. The blue box 
    in the square is used so that when festivals require an item to be donated, 
    you simply place it in the box. Placing an item in it is simple, it’s the 
    same as putting an item in the shipping bin. If the item is not donated then 
    the festival will be cancelled (note that not all festivals need items, you 
    don’t need to put in a chicken for the chicken festival). Also, you do not 
    have to donate an egg for the egg festival the first year.
     The town square is also a good place to find visitors on weekends. Before 
    new people move into your town, they sometimes come to visit on weekends. 
    If it is raining, no one will come. Anyone who visits your town (except the 
    gourmet and Nami) can move in.
    Can be found here:
                     Clinic [ai]
     If you faint (run out of energy) in the game this is where you end up. Alex, 
    the town doctor will fix you right up, and luckily for you he doesn’t charge 
    anything for his service. After repeat visits, it might get tiring having him 
    lecture you about fainting, so try to avoid it.
     Alex is an eligible bachelor as well.
     Martha works in the clinic as kind of a nurse or bed maid. If you make her 
    your friend (3 hearts) then she will offer to knit you a bigger rucksack. All 
    you have to do is give her a ball of yarn. How do you get yarn? Buy it from 
    Lyla or buy the yarn maker and put wool in it. Give Martha the yarn and your 
    rucksack will be able to hold 15 items (you did buy the upgrade from the junk 
    shop already, right?).
    Closed: Wednesdays and holidays
    Open: 6am-9pm
    Can be found here:
              Harvest Goddess Spring [aj]
     This is where you go to give the harvest sprites your notes. Every 5 notes 
    (up to 50) you get a musical instrument. Once you hit 50 notes, the harvest 
    goddess is revived. The next notes really don’t make a lot of a difference. 
    Every time you enter the spring a cut scene will occur. You can’t find 
    anything or even look for anything in there.
     Note: After 50 notes entering the spring will cause your stamina bar to 
    Can be found here:
    Harvest Goddess*
                    Sunny Lake [ak]
     Sunny Lake is a very large lake which you can fish at. There are many people 
    to meet here. Going to sunny lake lets you meet Terry. After you catch 1 fish 
    you can meet Ray. Once you ship 10 herbs you can meet Basil. You can meet 
    Henry the day after you plant 3 trees.
     As well as fishing, sunny lake is a great place to talk to people. Ray and 
    Basil are often found wondering around by sunny lake. Jamie seems to spend a 
    lot of time there as well. I’ve also seen Nina there, and Eve during the winter.
     In winter, they lake freezes over so you can’t fish in it. You can, however, 
    walk across the frozen lake and go mining in the lake mine which is full of 
    valuable gems.
    Can be found here:
                    The Mines [al]
     There are 2 mines in the village. One open year round and one only available 
    in winter.
     Mining is very simple. Falling down the cracks in the ground is your best 
    way down if you want to get far down. Be careful though, you can fall up. 
    Smashing rocks is where you’ll find the gems, and ores. If you hoe the ground 
    you can find pontana root and good clay.
    ------------------Lake Cave-----------------
     The lake cave is only open in winter, but is a great way to make easy money. 
    Walking across sunny lake will lead you right to the entrance. There are many 
    rare gems throughout the mine. The jamasquid lives on the 100th floor of the 
    mine. You can catch one every trip down. I'm not sure if you can get another 
    squid if you still own one you got at first. Can anyone confirm this? A 
    jamasquid sells for 1000g and looks really cool. Everything you can find in 
    the moonlight mine (below) can also be found.
    Can be found here:
    no one
    ----------Gem floors----------
    Floor 15- All amethyst (220g)
    Floor 20- All aquamarine (230)
    Floor 25- All topaz (240g)
    Floor 30- All sapphire (250g)
    Floor 35- All emerald (330g)
    Floor 40- All ruby (350g)
    Floor 45- All limestone (5g) in the crystals, all junk ore (1g) in the rocks
    Floor 50- All diamond (500g)
     Floor 10 is a dead end, if you land there either hoe for the stairs. The 
    stairs can be found, by a type of black line around 2 sides or the square 
    will be a bit pixilated. Or you can go back up to the first floor and try again.
    -----------------Moonlight Cave-----------------
     The moonlight cave is open all year long. There are fewer gems in the 
    moonlight cave, and you have to get down farther to find any. The best use 
    for this mine is to get moonlight stones, ores, pontana root and good clay.
    Can be found here:
    Tim (once he moves in*)
    ----------Items prices and list----------
    Good clay---10g (lots on floor 2)
    Pontana root---40g
    Junk ore---1g
    Copper ore---50g
    Silver ore---100g
    Gold ore---150g
    Rare ore---200g
     The first time you make it to floor 100 of the moonlight mine (if Tim has 
    moved in) Tim will be there and will give you a power berry.
                     Mt. Moon [am]
     Running up mount moon is a good way to find many wild plants. Some of them 
    are good to restore your energy (honey) and others are good for gifts 
    (flowers). Foraging items doesn’t take a lot of energy but it is a good idea 
    to have at least the Rucksack (10) to be able to get a decent amount of items.
     For a complete list of wild items and there uses, check out Sephiroth101’s 
    Money Making Guide and look under foraging.
     A few uses for wild plants are:
     Honey- restores your energy a fair amount. This is good for mining because 
    you can restore a pretty good chunk of energy with only one space in your 
    inventory used.
     Green herb- put one in the pot to make herb tea. Not only does it sell for 
    more, if you want to stay up all night, it will make you less tired the next 
    day. When you are tired all work takes extra energy.
    Can be found here:
                  Paradise Orchard [ba]
     To get the paradise orchard to move into town, plant a fruit tree on land 
    you own. Ronald should come knocking on your door the next day. He will only 
    build the orchard, however, after you talk to him at the Spring Horse Race.
     Ronald, as you may have guessed, is the owner of the Paradise Orchard. Dan 
    is Ronald’s hired help. Dan waters the trees and picks the fruit when it’s 
    ripe. Dan is also a swinging bachelor who is available for marriage.
     You can make the paradise orchard expand. Plant 3 more fruit trees, bringing 
    your total up to four. It helps to befriend Ronald (he likes fruits) and 
    selling fruits may also be a factor. Meryl will also show up when you 
    befriend Ronald. Meryl is one of the two little kids in the game.
     You won’t find anything for sale at paradise orchard. With the fruit they 
    have I imagine they turn it into juice/soda and sell it to some other store 
    to sell.
    Closed: holidays
    Open: 9am-9pm
    Can be found here:
    Meryl (eventually*)
                    Blacksmith [bb]
     Once you ship lots of ores the blacksmith should move in. If it 
    doesn’t, sell more ores and he should come. Remember, you have to wait until 
    the next day for a shop to appear.
     Tai is the blacksmith. If you give him the correct ore (gold for gold tool, 
    silver for silver too, ect.) and some money he will upgrade your tool. The 
    “experience bar” for your tool has to be in the correct area. Tai will also 
    take coral, moonstones, and gems to make jewellery. You can make brooches 
    and rings. Tai will only take in one thing at a time, and each thing will 
    take a few days to complete.
     Tim comes to town with Tai. Tim is one of the two kids in town. Tim hangs 
    out in moonlight mine through most of the day. If Tim is in town, once you 
    reach level 100 of the moonlight mine the first time he will give you a power 
    berry. Power berries improve the length of your stamina bar.
    Closed: Wednesdays and holidays
    Open: 6am-6pm
    Can be found here:
                   Hearty Lyla [bc]
     Hearty Lyla is fairly simple to get into town, if you know how to do it. 
    Selling flowers, good clay, berries, yarn, balms and jewellery will all help 
    getting Lyla into town. Flowers, berries and good clay will probably be the 
    simplest route because they are the easiest to come across at the beginning 
    of the game. Meet Lyla at the flower festival and wait until summer. If you 
    have sold enough stuff Lyla will move in late spring or summer. If not, 
    keep trying.
     Lyla is the owner of Hearty Lyla. She works behind the counter to sell many 
    gift items. She sells yarn, jam, balms and various other items. If you want 
    to buy vases for your house then make sure you have sold 10 good clay. 
    Atelier Saibara should already be in town and the vases are made by Saibara. 
    Lyla is eligible and you can marry her if you like her, and her pink hair.
     Lyla will not send you a letter when she opens up shop, so make sure you do 
    not already have her. She sets up her small shop beside town square, opposite 
    the junk shop.
     There's nothing you can do with the door at the back of her shop. Maybe 
    it's her bed room, it might be quite uncomfortable to fall asleep behind 
    the counter...
    ~~Product list~~
    Pink yarn--1500g
    Yellow yarn--1300g
    Blue yarn--1800g
    Orange yarn--1400g
    Red yarn--1300g
    Green yarn--1400g
    Purple yarn--1300g
    Silver brooch--1050g
    Gold brooch--1600g
    Aquamarine brooch--1850g
    Silver ring--1700g
    Gold ring--1750g
    Strawberry jam--480g
    Very berry jam--260g
    Blueberry jam--300g
    Apple Jam--700g
     The list excludes furniture.
    Closed: Mondays and holidays
    Open: 9am-6pm
    Can be found here:
                  Atelier Saibara [bd]
     Saibara opens up shop once you ship one good clay. He will never sell 
    anything in his shop but once you sell 10 good clay he will sell vases in 
    Lylas shop. If Lyla is not in town yet, look at the above section for tips on 
    getting her.
     If you get Saibara to 2 or 3 hearts (he loves good clay), have shipped 5 good 
    clay and befriend the mayor a small amount a cut scene should occur when you 
    enter his shop. He will ask you to go to the mayors’ house and deliver a 
    package. Do this, and return to Saibaras’ shop. You will be rewarded with 
    the aging pot. The aging pot takes a surprisingly short amount of time to age 
     Once you get him up to 5 hearts and ship 10 good clay you will trigger 
    another cut scene if you enter his shop. This time, he will give you a 
    mysterious pot, the mixing pot. The mixing pot allows you to make balms and 
    energy drinks.
    Closed: Saturdays and holidays
    Open: 6am-6pm
    Can be found here:
                      Library [be]
     The Library opens up partway through spring. Maria runs the library, and you 
    can marry her if you like the quiet, shy girl.
     The library has 2 sets of books: one for spring and summer, one for fall and 
    winter. Read all the books and you can get a nice surprise.
     The mayor, Maria’s dad, often hangs out at the library. Basil also spends 
    some time hanging around in the library. Sadly, no one else seems to read the 
    books in the library. Not a very successful library, now is it? Henry also
    hangs out at the library some times as well.
     Also, if you get Ray to 4 hearts (approx.) and Maria to one or two you can 
    see a cut scene with them in it there.
    Closed: Mondays and holidays
    Open: 9am-6pm
    Can be found here:
                      Perch Inn [bf]
     After attending the spring horse race the inn should move in the 
    first of summer.
     Gwen, Doug and John live at the perch inn. Doug sells the food, Gwen cooks 
    the food and John does nothing. John’s actually a dog who you can brush, but 
    can’t talk to. You can’t pick him up, because he’s bigger than you. Anyways, 
    you can marry Gwen if you like her.
     In the summer, Nami will stay at the inn. Nami is also the weathergirl, who 
    appears daily on your television screen. In fall, the Gourmet stays at the 
    inn. The Gourmet likes food a lot, and he’s the one who will give you the pig 
    if you buy a barn. When it's raining Henry will stay at the Inn.
    ~~Product list~~
    Tomato sandwich--350g
    Sunny-Side Up--220g
    Cheese Omelette--600g
    Spicy Fried Veggies--500g
    Stewed eggplant--190g
    Seafood pizza--780g
    Veggie juice--200g
    Grass juice--300g
    Grape soda--600g
     Everything you buy you eat immediately.
    Closed: holidays
    Open: 9am-midnight
    Can be found here:
    Gourmet (summer)
    Henry (when it's raining)
    Nami (summer)
                   Cafe Callaway [bg]
     A bit after meeting Carl at the Moonlight Cafe (the moonlight café has to 
    already be in town) Carl will open up his shop. Katie takes up a position 
    helping Carl. Carl is the main cook, and an eligible bachelor. Katie is a 
    waitress and you can marry her as well.
     The Cafe sells a lot of sweet treats which you can buy (they are eaten 
    immediately) that restore some of your stamina. The Cafe is a great hangout, 
    and you can often find a few people in there, enjoying the goods.
     Katie tries to cook cakes and sweets for the cafe but apparently she's 
    really not very good at it, given the expression on peoples face when they 
    eat it.
    Closed: Tuesdays and holidays
    Open: 9am-6pm
    Can be found here:
    Liz (Mon)
    Martha (Wed)
                      Sanatorium [bh]
     The sanatorium opens after you ship 30 herbs. You may also have 
    to meet Martha or befriend Alex (1 heart is good). Gina and Dia move in. 
    Gina is a personal nurse for Dia, who is a very sick young lady. Both Gina 
    and Dia are available and you can marry either of them if you wish.
     The sanatorium is also a type of addition to the clinic. Both are health 
    care facilities and they are located right next to each other.
    Closed: holidays
    Open: 6am-7pm
    Can be found here:
                    Moonlight Cafe [bi]
     Attend the spring horse race and the cafe should move in the first
    of summer. They expand later on, just let some more time pass and the 
    cafe expands by a huge amount.
     The Moonlight Cafe is owned by Duke. Duke is getting up there in years, so 
    he has Eve there to attract customers. Pretty with pink eyes, you can marry 
    Eve, if you don’t mind having your wife be the star attraction at a cafe. 
    Carl starts off at the moonlight cafe as well.
     In the evening, the moonlight cafe is the only place to be. Many people 
    spend their nights drinking juice or soda. The bar is usually a very social 
    place, although sadly a lot of the people there don’t like to talk.
    ~~Product list~~
    Veggie salad--300g
    Steamed clam--590g
    Baked potato--320g
    Orange juice--120g
    Apple juice--130g
    Grape juice--150g
    Grape soda--600g
    Apple soda--620g
    Very berry soda--480g
    Closed: Tuesdays and holidays
    Open: 6pm-5am
    Can be found here:
    *Carl (before he opens his cafe)
                        FAQ [ca]
    Q: How do I use my copper watering can? It only waters one square.
    A: Hold down the x button to charge an upgraded tool.
    Q: How do I get Dan, Ronald and Gwen back in town?
    A: Dan you ship fish, fruit, and strawberries. Ronald you ship fruit and
    juices or sodas. Gwen ship 10 fish and 20 vegetables to get her back. 
    Remember, there doesn't seem to be a surefire way to get anyone back. 
    Keep trying.
    Q: How do you find clams?
    A: Dig on the beach shoreline right where the water touches the sand. 
    Keep digging along it and you'll find some clams.
    Q: What does the trail to the right do? What is it for?
    A: Some people think it's the horse racing track but it has no known use. 
    It is rumoured to be a way to connect to another harvest moon game, but no 
    one knows for sure.
    Q: How do I marry Jamie? He/she is at 10 hearts.
    A: There are a few special requirements for marrying Jamie. You have to 
    have shipped one of every type of crop. You have to have revived the harvest 
    goddess (50 notes). You also must have the birth of life note which you 
    get by having an animal born on your farm.
                      Contact Me [cb]
     Alright, I am happy to receive e-mails about:
    -Corrections to my info, spelling
    -Additions that you think fit into my guide
    -Confirmations. Throughout the guide there may be places where I ask for 
    confirmations or info
    -Missing info. If it is stated I need the info, I will be happy to accept it 
    in the place
    -Questions. If you have any questions about the game, even not about your 
    town, feel free to ask me. I’ll help you to the best of my ability.
    -Anything constructive. I don’t want flames or arguments but anything 
    constructive will be gladly read.
     E-mail me at: xo_krystal_kairi_ox (at) hotmail (dot) com
     You will, of course, get credit for whatever you have helped me with. I am 
    not going to put your name if you ask me a question, unless, for whatever 
    reason you ask me to. If you want your question left out of the FAQ 
    completely, just let me know.
                     Credits [cc]
     Thanks goes out to Wolfire for some info on the move ins section of the 
     Thanks to Dark_Assassin_X for how to get Gwen back.
     Thanks to Marvelous for creating the game and Natsume for translating.
     Thanks to Mathew (TwinCobra) for a correction on which button to use to 
    change the ground colours, the fall and winter produce prices for spring 
    farm, a thing about the jamasquid, info for the library, perch inn, blue sky 
    ranch, a few spelling errors and an idea for a where you can find people 
     Thanks to vysearcadia for a few corrections and where you can find people.
                     Legal stuff [cd]
     I am in no way part of Natsume, Marvelous or any other part of function of 
    this game in any way.
     This guide cannot be reproduced for any reason without my permission. This 
    guide is only for GameFAQs and Super Cheats, please let me know if you find 
    it anywhere else.

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