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"Cute Story, Repetitive Gameplay"

MySims Kingdom

Graphics (7/10):

MySims Kingdom's graphics were fairly well done despite the graphical limitations of the Wii. The cartooney features add a creative attribute to the wonderful world of MySims. The kid-like features made the game a more relaxed play though and very enjoyable all the while. When you are wandering around the fictional world, the characters act and move in a smooth enough manner, making this aspect of the game very well made. However, detail is limited, due to the picture book-esque style graphics. Aside from all the great features this game possesses, it has it's flaws.

The main flaw in the graphics of MySims Kingdom, is the fact that the frame rate drops below optimal level at times. This does not make the game unplayable and only takes away from the overall graphic quality. The frame rate drops only occur when there is a lot going on in the game at one time, which is not too often. The sharpness of the picture is not as high as one would expect it to be. Due to the lack of sharpness, MySims Kingdom can make the screen hard to look at after a certain amount of time.

Gameplay (6/10):

MySims Kingdom starts you out creating a character. There are numerous options you get to pick from after choosing whether you are a boy or a girl. You start off creating your head, with the different mouths, eyes, and hair that are available. The features available to be changed, are the colour, shape, style. An exceptional attribute added to creating your facial appearance, are extras which include scars, make up, or tattoos. After creating the face of your character, you move on to the clothing. There are limited options in this category, but all are very interesting and different. All in all, while creating your character, be prepared to spend a while searching for that perfect medieval look.

After creating your character, you move on to attempting to claim your wand in a contest between you and two other non-playable characters. The contest is fairly easy as the NPC's don't even appear to try. After acquiring the wand, you get to run into people, get quests, find materials, and create new objects. To be able to make all the houses and contraptions available, you need to get mana. Mana is what enables your wand to work. You travel all over the explorer's map to meet new people and get them out of their sticky situations. You solve puzzles to do this, forcing you to fuss over frustrating parts of the game. The entire purpose of the game is to help people out, solve problems, and create objects. This makes the game feel rather repetitive after a while. It actually does take away from the game, but not bad enough that you cannot get through it.

The controls used in MySims Kingdom are less than easy to understand on your own. The explanations in-game help quite a bit more than you would think. You cannot skip through the instructions as they aren't just written, but you actually need to prove to the NPC's you can do what is needed. Even with the instructions, the controls need some getting use to. They are much different than expected, and therefore take time to learn them well.

Story (5/10):

This story lacks creativity, and is virtually inexistent. The whole story is that the kingdom has become in disrepair, and needs a saviour to come and fix up all of its problems. The story seems very vague, and rather inexistent, as stated before. Once in the middle of the game you tend to forget why you are going around fixing people's problems. Lots of the issues you come across don't even seem like it's just the kingdom's fault, just the fact that the house-keeper, or builder forgot to add something to the mechanism in the first place.

Sound (9/10):

Like most of EA's MySims games, the characters don't talk. The only sound coming out of the cartoons, is a bunch of gibberish noises, that mean nothing to human beings. The noises are fairly cute, and add a delightful touch to the frustrating game. After awhile, the sound may get fairly annoying, making it time to click the mute button, but for the first little while, they are fairly nice and entertaining to listen to.

Replay Value (5/10):

If you like going back and playing puzzle games that you have already figured out once, then go ahead. I personally, would not want to go back to play this game. Its fun for the first play through, but going through again would feel tedious, as the solutions to the puzzles don't change.

Pros and Cons:

+ Fascinating Cartoon Characters
+ In depth Character creation
+ Fun frustrating puzzles
+ Cute, Delightful Noises

- Major Frustration Points
- Repetitive Gameplay

Recommendation (Rent):

If you like frustrating puzzles with cute little animations, this is your game. Although the graphics portray the game being made for the younger generation, it does allow for older players to get enjoyment out of it. MySims Kingdom is a fairly long game to play, but not too long that you'll run out of time with a rental. All in all, a fun game, and my recommendation is to rent. If you buy this game, you may regret it as you may feel that you don't want to play it again.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/08/10

Game Release: MySims Kingdom (US, 10/28/08)

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