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    Boss FAQ by LSA2013

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    Sonic Unleashed for WII Boss guide
    By LSA2013
    For use ONLY by gamefaqs.com or with special permission by emailing me.
    The e-mail address is:
    Replace the "at" and "dot" with the proper symbols. This helps reduce 
    spamming. Also E-mail me if you beat the best times listed. If a time
    seems too low, I may ask for video proof.  Put Sonic Unleashed Boss
    Guide for the subject.
    This guide has been a work in progress for sometime, but I added fresh 
    information on April 16, 2011, which is the day I uploaded this. The
    only extra changes will be any boss completion times that a reader
    submits that are better than mine.
    I have tips and suggestions to help you always get an S-Rank on 
    each boss. The bosses are in the order of the Gaia Gate locations 
    on the Extras screen.
    (1.) Apotos/Mazuri boss: The Egg Beetle 
    (My best time: 59.732 sec.)
    To start, just collect rings. Watch the machine, and when Eggman says
    something pay attention. He'll start throwing boxes THAT CAN MOVE.
    He'll throw 3 boxes, then try to snap you with the pincers. Here's
    the best reason to have lots of rings. Don't Homing Attack him unless
    you don't have any bars left on the Boost Gauge. If you even have one
    bar, let it rip! If done correctly, you can hit Eggman 3 times! Dash
    into him when his shield's down, then try to stay in the center of
    the path and continue to speed boost. If you hit him 3 times, he
    can't be hit a 4th time in a row. 
    After 2 or 3 hits, you will see him out to the side of the path.
    He will fire rockets. Check the order that they appear on the left 
    side (they always launch from there), that's the order that they launch 
    in. For example if they appear top, middle, bottom, that's the order 
    they will fire in. Jump to avoid them, then he will try to snap you 
    again. Wait until he snaps then you must Homing Attack him in the side 
    It switches back to the normal view, and do what you did the first 
    time. If his health is low enough he'll start snapping 2 times in the 
    side view so watch out for that. If you practice enough, you can do 
    this in under 60 seconds!
    (2.) Spagonia Boss: The Egg Devil Ray 
    (My Best time: 2:50.874)
    Again collect rings, but stay out of the laser's path. Remember, 
    boosting is a great way to collect rings. When Eggman turns off his 
    shield, Homing Attack him. You can only do this one time until the view
    returns to that angle.  Then a side view reveals him shooting all the
    lasers in a clockwise path around the screen. When there are no lasers
    in front of Eggman, Homing attack for best results. If you get hit by 
    a laser while attacking, you will get hurt.
    After 2 hits, in the view you started the boss on, he will gather 3 
    lasers to each side and block you in. Stay right in front of him and 
    attack when he drops his shield.
    When he needs only 3 hits to be killed, he starts shooting little balls
    that do hurt you. Run around or jump over them. This will be shown in a
    top view. Also, if you don't hurt him when in top view, he gets all his
    lasers in front of him and fires a wide purple ray. Get to the sides to
    avoid damage. You can only miss one opportunity to attack and still get
    the S rank time.
    (3.) Chun-nan Boss: Dark Gaia Phoenix. 
    S time: 5:00 min. (My best time: 3:11.711)
    The Chun-nan boss is fought right after beating the 3rd Chun-nan night
    level for the first time. All Night bosses give 1000 Dark Gaia Force 
    Points (the red orbs) each time you beat them.
    You will see it shoot fiery feathers at you, then eventually fly around
    near a platform. Get up to the one it flies nearest, grab water and 
    throw it at the bird.  When you've hit it with enough water
    (1-3 barrels)it will fly to the very center and land. (This is the
    tiny island in the center.) Attack only the legs, only those take 
    As soon as the screen changes to something where Sonic jumps 
    automatically, start shaking the Remote and Nunchuk like you're 
    climbing up a pole. Keep going until you see Sonic slam the Phoenix 
    on the ground. Repeat this 3 times to win.
    Also, after it gets hurt or if you're too close to it, it will 
    slam the ground and cause a "ring of fire" to go out from where 
    it landed. Jump to avoid it.
    (4.) Holoska Boss: Dark Moray. 
    S time: 5:00 min. (My best time: 2:08.398)
    Looks a little like a Gyarados (Pokemon) huh?
    To get the force field down, destroy the purple lighted things. Destroy
    all 4 to get up to the boss. Hit it in the big green bulge right in 
    front. After a few hits, he coughs up tanks. Throw these to freeze it,
    then just keep hitting it, it will eventually knock you back down as 
    a green bulge explodes. Repeat this, but you can hit it anywhere after
    destroying the first bulge.
    After he loses 2 green bulges, he throws you back, but now he launches
    ice balls while you're on the lower area. and the bees appear at 
    this point.  Again, destroy the purple things, get up there, you 
    hurt him, freeze the moray, you hurt him a lot more, and after you 
    destroy all 3 of the green bulges, the boss is done!
    (5.) Shamar Boss: Dark Guardian. 
    S time: 5:00 min. (My best Time: 44.266 sec)
    Looks tough, but if you have Level 5 attack by now, this guy can be 
    taken down in under 45 seconds. The only problem will be when he 
    does something to summon lightning. He will gain health during 
    that until the lightning is gone. Guarding (hold Z) will save 
    time and health. 
    (6.) Adabat Boss: The Egg Lancer 
    (My best time: 1:40.432)
    Wow, been a while since the last day boss.
    Collect rings. When you get to the part where you're running on 
    the rock wall after the lasers, dash him when the rocks are JUST 
    about to hit him. This can be a free hit, but it's a hard one to 
    get if you don't time it right. 
    Now we go back to Egg Devil Ray style, top view with the little 
    balls being shot out. Homing Attack him as many times as you can. 
    You can get 2 hits in, maybe 3. 
    When you get to the part where you push buttons, YOU MUST GET 
    ALL 4 RIGHT. If not, you will lose a life, and you must start 
    over. When you hit all 4 right, you will get several hits worth of 
    damage for free. Just be aware of chances to attack and you'll 
    win quickly. 
    If you hit him while on the rocks, got 3 Homing Attacks during 
    the Egg Devil Ray part, and get the button combo right, you'll
    probably beat my time.
    After the boss there's a big plot twist...
    We are finally at the last world! Eggman finally made Eggmanland 
    a reality but it's not staying up for long. Eggmanland has 2 bosses, 
    and you can't get to either until you beat all 8 (3 Day and 5 Night) 
    levels. This will take about 30 to 60 minutes to get to, so if you're 
    not to the 1st boss yet, get there.
    BTW, if you beat every enemy and smashed every pot and jar possible 
    in the night levels(without repeating levels), you should max out on 
    your Dark Gaia Force and have Lv. 5 on every stat and all moves by 
    the end of Eggmanland night level 1. On the first run through the 
    first night level here, you can get a maximum of 6000 D.G. force.
    (7.a) Eggmanland Boss 1: Egg Dragoon (Eggman calls it Prototype-1)
    S time: 7:00 min. (My best time: 1:32.632)
    This is the last night level boss. Simply take every chance to attack. 
    You must hit the glowing blue spot to hurt his robot. When he's using
    the Machine Gun, dash around on the edge (you can't fall off) and
    when he's close enough get every hit in. He can throw Ice Balls like 
    the Moray did.
    Tip: Use Earthshaker to do some slow, controlled damage. It sometimes 
    damages him when he's about to split the rock you're on!  But for the 
    most part, stay with starting a combo with your right hand, and doing
    5 hits in a row to get straight arm punches. Combos beginning with the
    left hand will cause something like a clap to happen on the 5th hit.
    When he's down to 2/3 health, he splits the rock you're on. Get the 
    rings while falling, those are the only ones. He breaks the second 
    rock when he's down to 1/3 health.
    When you're on the 3rd rock, he'll use an electric attack and it 
    will stun you unless you double jump to avoid it.
    You can kill him in under 2:00 easy, even though the target 
    time's 7:00. 
    A small cutscene shows the rise of...
    (7.b) Eggmanland boss 2: DARK GAIA! (My best time: 6:13.730)
    This has 3 parts and awards you one Moon Medal if you beat the S time.
    (7.b.1) Part 1: Boxing with the Gaia Colossus! 
    (About 0:55 to 1:10 long if done the best way.)
    Read the instructions. NEVER USE THE 2-HAND ATTACK!!!! Just keep 
    dodging and punching. Try to punch with the same hand Dark Gaia 
    attacks with. This causes more damage and is shown with the word 
    "Counter!" on the right side of the screen.
    (7.b.2) Part 2: Day-type courses. 
    (about 2:30 if you don't die anytime, for a total of 3:30 to 4:00)
    Just look for any time saver, as this is where the second longest 
    part is. This works just like a normal day level.
    On the second course, there is a spot where you press B, then A. You 
    must be very quick to do this. This could save 5-10 seconds, perfect 
    for that last moon medal. At the end of each course, you will see a 
    button combination. If you mess up, you will lose a life and start at 
    the beginning of the course. There are 3 courses in all.
    (7.b.3) Part 3: Super Sonic vs. Perfect Dark Gaia 
    (2 to 4 minutes, S time is 7:30)
    It just isn't a Sonic game if you don't have Super Sonic.  
    I usually get to this part with about 3:45-4:00 on the clock.
    While Chip is talking, get every ring you can. Don't go very far up 
    or down, or you won't be able to hit the eyes. You need at least 17 
    rings at all times if you're not great at dodging attacks.
    10 to attack, and each hit from Dark Gaia's claws makes you lose 5 
    rings. If you have 0 rings, you will die. And you lose a ring 
    naturally about once every 5 seconds. 
    When you see a red target over an eye, shake the remote and steer 
    around the rocks. Hitting the rocks doesn't hurt you, but it stops you 
    from going any father forward. You don't get the rings back, either. 
    You can attack while Chip is talking to you. 
    When you hit 2 eyes, an attack will happen with all claws. You will 
    get a little more time to prepare for it, but if you aren't in the 
    very center of the screen, you will lose 10 rings. 
    After 5 eyes, D.G. fires purple balls of energy at you. If you are
    hit, you lose 5 rings. If you hit A at the right time (A appears 
    on-screen), you will kick it back, and Dark Gaia will be paralyzed. 
    Either collect tons of rings, or if you see any open eyes, attack! 
    When paralyzed, all open eyes stay open, all eyes that haven't been 
    hit and are closed stay closed, and he can't attack for about 10-15 
    Also when you hit 5 eyes, the rocks will start to move any direction. 
    After hitting all 6 little eyes, the big eye finally opens. The rocks
    move very quickly. Look at the corners and top, left, right, and bottom 
    of the screen, and if you dodge all the rocks, you have beaten the main 
    portion of the game.
    Information on the Side Doors in Gaia Gates:
    You need anywhere from 12 sun and 15 moon to 99 sun and 69 moon medals
    to open the doors.
    For the side doors in the Gaia Gate, you MUST beat Dark Gaia in under 
    7:30 and have the other 68 moon medals in the game to access a bunch 
    of them. Item rewards are mostly stuff on the Extras menu, but 1-Ups 
    (which permanently adds 1 life to your total that you start a level 
    with, up to 14 lives total) and Secret Missions are hidden in there 
    too. Collecting a certain number of items unlocks a few secret missions 
    too. Collecting all of the items except the last movie will unlock the 
    level where you can collect that movie.
    If you collect every item in every level, there are 100 Sun Medals and 
    68 Moon medals possible before reaching Dark Gaia, and 103 sun and 71 
    moon medals total.

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