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"I see it! I see it! And now it's all within my reach! Endless possibilities!!!!!"

Sonic unleashed I would just like to say is an awesome sonic game. Even though I wish there were more to the daytime levels, but I'll get to that later. Alright lets begin.

Story 10/10

The story begins with Sonic, intruding on Eggman's ship to stop his plans, again. However, when sonic corners Eggman in super sonic form, Eggman traps him and sucks away the power of the chaos emeralds and splits the planet apart. So take a guess what he is trying to do? Mhm you guessed he is trying to create Eggman land, however this time he actually succeeds. So sonic then gets plunged to earth and meets this flying thing, who can't remember anything, and so your adventure begins. Not a very interesting story but the opening movie graphics will have you in awe.

Graphics 10/10

The graphics are superb for the Nintendo Wii. I was simply amazed and actually sometimes paid more attention to the scenery then on Sonic. For example the water looked somewhat realistic and the CG cutscenes were just mind blowing. It kind of makes me think if the graphics were this good on the Wii, what are they like on the 360/PS3 version?

Music 9/10

Even though most of the music in this game is awesome, some songs just weren't that great. A decent soundtrack however, I can't get out of my head the daytime level Spagonia music and the final boss version of Endless possibilities.

Game play 8/10

The game play was very nice. In daytime I find it flawless, going at super speed, drfting around sharp turns, using the homing attack to reach different areas, and having the sonic boost was a nice touch. However, I find the daytime levels to be too short, at nighttime there are about three different levels for each continent and they are totally different. In daytime, its just one level you go through once and then do about 2 missions on the level. Why can't there be 3 different distinct levels like there are for nighttime? That is really my only complaint for daytime.
Now nighttime game play was good, however I think it good have been made better with more platforming, and maybe make the platforming a tiny bit more challenging. The brawling was too much at the beginning but evened itself out after not too long. With the werehog you can do many combos and gain new combos and health, attack, and unleashed levels. Unleashed form allows you to do different combos and your attack will go up in this form. Rings replenish your health, and blue orbs fill up your unleashed gauge, while red orbs are Gaia force which lead to level ups. I think the werehog was a success; however, it is inferior to our normal Sonic the Hedgehog.
Now this game isn't very long you can easily beat the main game in under twenty hours. However, this game has a ton of replay value. The capsules that use to hold shields and stuff now hold secret items, like, hidden movies, images, and music. Also there are sun medals and moon medals which unlock doors in the temples. In order to get all the medals though you will need to get S rank on all of the levels and do every mission so you will definitely find yourself re-playing through levels if you want to complete the game 100%. Heck, this game is so much fun I play through the levels just for the heck of it, I have the S rank and everything but I still keep replaying the same levels, mostly daytime levels though, because I find them more enjoyable, not that the nighttime levels aren't enjoyable though.
Now, every time you go to a continent there is a village where you will have to go to certain areas and talk to people. I like it though because you don't have to run around looking for the people, you just click on the section of the village and you will confront a person, I like it because it is short and sweet. The continent Mazuri, I believe is pointless there aren't any daytime or nighttime levels on it, the only thing there is a boss battle. What the heck is up with that?
The controls for this game are very simple and don't feel awkward at all, at least in my opinion. The good things is though if you get the game and they do feel weird, you can always switch the controls to use the classic controller or the gamecube controller.

Overall 8.5/10

Sonic the Hedgehog is back on track, after his horrible game on the Xbox360/PS3 he really needed it. That reminds me it doesn't take forever to load either. Also, you hear sonic say things that he would actually say unlike, his game on the Xbox360, PS3. He isn't giving a thumbs up every 5 seconds either. Sonic unleashed is a great game and if you are one of those people who are skeptical about the Werehog, don't be. However if you still are I highly recommend at least renting it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/25/08

Game Release: Sonic Unleashed (US, 11/18/08)

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