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"Majin reviews Sonic Unleashed"

So I finally got to beat this game, so it's review time! =D


Sega did a great job with the graphics here. The shading is very smooth, and the 3D models look incredible. The humans look cartoony to suit the Sonic world, finally showing that he is in fact not on earth but rather on Mobius. The fur shading on the Werehog looks realistic, each individual hair on his body moving on its own rather than looking like they are wired together.


Ok, the soundtrack in this game definitely gives it the adventure feeling while keeping the somewhat goofy sounds of the Sonic world. Music fits the stages, fast paced soundtrack for daytime stages, slow and dark soundtrack for night stages. Very good to listen to, especially the main theme song.


The story itself is rather interesting this time around, though it in a sense replays like Sonic Adventure 1, only difference is, Eggman actually blows up the world to get what he wants. Sonic becomes a werehog due to negative Chaos Emerald energy, and he basically has to put the world back together. I could go on, but that would give away way too many spoilers. All in all, the story is very interesting.


And lastly, the part you want to know, how it plays. Well I will tell you about the Wii version controls since that's the version I have. There's 3 control styles for this version, Wiimote + Nunchuck, Classic Controller, and Gamecube Controller. This review explains the first. Day controls have you actually in control of Sonic, which include a few new techniques for him. One of these actually comes back from the Sonic Rush series, and that being the turbo boost. By simply shaking the wii remote when you have enough power, via rings, you can burst forward and move at lightspeed, as Sonic is famous for. This is suitable for most situations, especially on a straight path, but use it when a curve is near, and it's practically impossible to stop. Minor annoyance, but the rest of the gameplay makes up for it. Shaking the remote while jumping can also result in a turbo dash if no enemies are present. Every now and then, there's little prompts on the screen, which require either certain buttons to be pressed or the wiimote and nunchuck to be shaken a certain amount of times. Nailing these prompts will end with you succeeding in the action, failing will more than likely result in loss of life. Now for the werehog controls. You swing the remote and nunchuck to have Sonic attack, and as you level up, you can do certain actions while attacking to do new moves. There's B trigger prompts at certain points, which require you to hold the B trigger while moving the wii remote to get through the section. Again, this is where the swinging prompts come in. All in all, the controls are tricky to learn but easy to master. The game is very fun, day stages have you blasting through the level as fast as possible while night stages have you scouring through the streets, beating the living crap out of enemies and making it to the end.

This game was well worth the wait, and if you're a die-hard Sonic fan like I am, you'll love it. It goes back to the fast paced action that the classics were known for. I say if you own the Wii, pick this game up or at least rent it. You won't be disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/04/08

Game Release: Sonic Unleashed (US, 11/18/08)

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