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"Cool, but not Sonic Cool"

Sonic Unleashed is the long-awaited entry in the main series. Unfortunately, it wasn't really worth the wait. I was extremely excited about this game, since I hadn't played the last entry, Sonic the Hedgehog since I don't own a PS3 or XBOX360. So when I heard about Sonic Unleashed coming out for Wii I was really excited. But, it turns out they cut a lot out of the Wii version in order to put in motion controls. The gameplay is alright, but the night levels get boring after awhile. The graphics are awesome though, a plus for me. The characters are awful however; they look like they're from a Pixar movie. The music's OK, but they've done better. Controls aren't too bad either, but the constant waggling during battles can get annoying.

Gameplay: 7/10 Day levels are awesome. You get a real sense of speed zooming through these levels, whose emphasis is speed. You earn moon medals for making the fastest times. Some of them can be fairly challenging, but most won't give you too much trouble. Then comes the Night levels. The Night levels aren't bad. You earn sun medals for completing these. They're mainly the beat-em-up sort. There is some platforming thrown in to make it more interesting. The main thing about the night levels is that they are extremely repetitive. You walk through, beating up the enemies who block your path momentarily and continue. It certainly doesn't feel like normal Sonic, if that's what you're after. And Night levels far outnumber day levels. You'll do a day level, do a few missions on the day level, then do three or four night levels. So you're always hurrying through the night levels saying, "Come on, where's the day level?! I want to stop these freakin' weird beat-em-up levels!"

Controls: 8/10 Controls are great for Day levels. You can easily run through levels without much trouble. Occasionally you'll run off a cliff or into a wall, but that's mainly the player in my opinion. Night controls is where they go downhill. Any battle move (punches basically) is gesture-based. For instance to do a certain special-attack, you have to swing your wiimote (Sonic's left hand) then your nunchuck (Sonic's right hand). After swinging them three to five times, you swing them together to do this really cool attack. Sounds easy? Try it with a horde of enemies around you! Fighting pretty much consists of shaking the Wiimote back in forth and hope you knock all of the enemies out.

Graphics: 9/10 Some of the best graphics on the Wii yet. Day levels are bright and colorful, and Night levels have a dark edge to them. You could sit there and stare at the water rippling... until Sonic dies.

Story: 8/10 The story's fairly basic. Eggman tricks Sonic into Super Sonic, then sucks out all of his energy and fires a ray at the Earth blowing it into pieces and unleashing Dark Gaia. This turns Sonic into a werehog every night. On the Wii, you can't play any other characters 'cept Sonic. I heard you could play other characters and little bonus stuff, but it's all gone on the Wii. The new character, Chip, looks straight out of a cartoon show. Yes, really kiddie. Anyway, Sonic has to take the Chaos Emeralds to these shrines to power them back up so he can restore the planet. (Gee, I thought Sonic could take the Chaos Emeralds to Knuckles and he would power them up using the Master Emerald? Did Knuckles die or what? He's not even in this game!)

Music 8/10 The music's alright. The theme song's kinda cool, but the voice overs! Yes, I know everyone talks about it, but come on Sega! Why is Tails voiced by a girl?! Why does Chip sound like he swallowed helium or something? The sound effects are pretty basic too, but at least they fit OK with the game.

Overall 7/10 The game's ok, but seriously Sega, you could have done better. I know it's hard to make a good game to please everyone, I've dabbled in game designing. But I still think you could have tried harder! I'm sure this game will please kids, it seems to be designed for them. Here's a suggestion, make a game for the core fans of Sonic, the teenagers! We grew up playing Sonic way back on Genesis, so we know Sonic! I recommend you should at least try Sonic Unleashed. Rent it or something, then if you like it, buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/23/09

Game Release: Sonic Unleashed (US, 11/18/08)

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