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Reviewed: 03/09/09

Sonic globetrots to new locals in his latest game

Lately, some Sonic Games seem to be a bit lacking on good story-lines. However, while this one isn't half bad, it could have been better. While story-wise, the game is lacking, Gameplay definitely makes up for the somewhat questionable storyline. I especially liked how you would be zooming in classic Sonic Style in one stage, then getting to play in a beat-em-up style stage the next.

Plot / 6:
The storyline seems to take a few overtones from Sonic Adventure in that an ancient creature is causing havoc, Eggman is responsible for the mess, Sonic must clean up the mess, and a strange creature or guide is there to help. The only difference is that you only control Sonic. Anyway, the Story. While Sonic is stopping Eggman's latest plans, he turns to Super Sonic, but is quickly captured in his Super State inside a power generator on one of Eggman's Satellites. Using the Power of the Chaos Emeralds with Sonic as a conductor, Eggman fires a large blast that splits the Planet into 7 Continents and unleashes an ancient evil known as Dark Gaia, who due to it's early awakening, splits apart and spreads across the Planet. Meanwhile, the forceful use of the Emeralds Power has corrupted and drained them and their power has also made it so Sonic turns into a beast known as a Werehog whenever the Sun's Light is absent. After jettisoning Sonic out of his Satellite, Eggman puts his plan to control Dark Gaia into action. Meanwhile Sonic (in Werehog Form) crash lands on the Planet after being saved by a strange light along with the Chaos Emeralds. When he wakes up, he sees a strange creature that he later names Chip, who is suffering from amnesia that Sonic thinks is brought on by landing on him, and with Chips help sets out to restore the Emeralds while trying to Stop Eggman's Plan.
Whew!! That's a long one. Moving on!

Graphics / 10:
Sega did a bang-up job of really taking advantage of the Wii's Graphics Processor. Graphics are nice and rich and the fact that these Graphics are used to make the Stages look like actual areas in the Real World really makes the Graphics shine in this game.

Music / 8:
While I like the fats-paced Music of Day Stages, the Night-Stages tend to be very boring at times. I guess it depends on your preference in Music if you like or not. However, despite this, the Music does accompany each Stage nicely usually matching up the style of Music based off of the area your in. The area of Holoska has the classic chimes like someone is using ice as a xylophone while Eggman's Home Turf has a techno / twisted carnival sound to it. Even when the Music slows down for Night Stages these tunes accompany the turf very nicely.

Controls / 4, 8, 9:
Unlike Sonic and the Secret Rings which had some pretty clunky controls, this game has some better control methods while returning full control of Sonic back to the player. Since there are 3 Ways to control the Game, each one gets it's separate Rating. Using the Nunchuck alongside the Wii Remote gets a 4. You have have to shake the Nunchuck & Remote in order to to do Punch Combos as the Werehog while shaking the Wii Remote for Homing Attacks or using the Sonic Boost. However, while sometimes using this shake method of attack and movement, there are times when the Remote & Game mistake the wrong moves sometimes leaving you open to attack when the move is botched by the improper movement. Classic Controller Controls get an 8. It would be almost as good as the next entry except many of the Buttons (by which I mean A,B,X, and Y) are all together and if you're not careful, you'll press the wrong button by accident causing a total screw-up in the process. I enjoyed using the Gamecube Controller so it gets a 9. The only problem is that when attacking as the werehog, you must use the L and R Buttons and it cause a few cramped fingers if you mash them too much.

Gameplay / 8:
Gameplay is pretty great. On Day Stages, Sonic rips through Stages at High Speed and even comes equipped with moves like drifting and sidestepping to keep Sonic Moving without running into walls. At some points, Sonic even speeds by in classic 2-D action when certain sections of the Stage become a temporary side-scroller. At night, Gameplay turns to a more arcade approach. By arcade, I mean beat-em-up. As the Werehog, Sonic tears through enemies with his Claws and some mean moves while gaining experience that increases his strength and power and teaches new finishing moves to combos. Several Secret Items split into 4 Categories (Art, Music, Movies, & Documents) keep you returning to certain Stages in an effort to unlock everything. Several hidden areas in Gaia Gates as well as several hidden Missions for several Stages keep things interesting as you go through the game. The only problem is that at times, trying to get an S Rank for a Stage or finding all Secrets held within it tends to keep you coming back again and again sometimes even to the point of aggravation. However, the games minor flaws aside, it's replay value is great and it's challenge level is pretty good providing several days of solid entertainment.

All in all I give it a good 8 outta of 10. Had some Control Types been easier and Plot a little more original, I would've given it a 8 or 10. But other than these minor, yet hardly noticeable flaws, it's still an excellent game for Sonic Fans new and old.

-Billy (thegamemaster8)

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Sonic Unleashed (US, 11/18/08)

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