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"One of the best Sonic games in so long"

On November 18, 2008, one of the best Sonic games in a long time was released for the Wii. It also came onto other systems, seeming a totally different game on the HD consoles. I will review those, but I wanted to cover the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed first. You shall see in this review why I really like this game.

The game features a fairly simple plot, where Sonic has just foiled another of Eggman's plans, and now Eggman has captured Sonic and given him new powers, called Werehog powers. With his new powers, he must work with his new friend Chip to out the planet back together, which Eggman has separated into pieces, to stop an evil being known as Dark Gaia. Also, they must find out who Chip is so that he can get his memory back, which he has lost somehow. The plot does not develop much, but it is still entertaining, and has a nice, humorous touch not found in many Sonic games.

The gameplay features two basic types: Regular Sonic and the new Werehog Sonic. In the regular Sonic gameplay, you will be moving at extremely high speeds, collecting rings to give you boost powers. I was absolutely blown away by these levels when I first played them, because I never had gotten the sense of speed I got when playing these levels. They are so much fun, and I wish the whole game was like this. The Werehog levels are not that bad, as they involve beating up a bunch of enemies. These enemies are Dark Gaia's minions, and they are pretty fun to beat up. It is so satisfying to beat up these enemies, though doing it so often can be repetitve a little bit.

The graphics in this game look very good for the Wii. The surroundings look pretty detailed, and still maintain the realistic-yet-fun look of the Sonic levels. You will be enjoying the sights of many continents, including the Windmill Island of Apotos and the Africa-like Mazuri (though it's just a boss fight). Also, there will be the Italian-like Spagonia and the frigid Holoska, along with the China-like Chun-nan. You will also visit the scorching deserts of Shamar, and the beaches of Adabat, before arriving at the Empire of Eggman, known as Eggmanland. All of these areas do a good job of creating the right atmosphere, with their appearance and their music. Every stage has a fantastic song to go along with it, and fits the atmosphere very well.

Overall, this is a great Sonic game in the series. I enjoy playing it, and it is a good comeback after so long a time without that good of a Sonic game. I rate this game a 8/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/17/13

Game Release: Sonic Unleashed (US, 11/18/08)

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