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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

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    Version 1.5 5/10/10
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    Pajama Sam: Don't Fear the Dark Walkthrough
    by The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
    Copyright 2010
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    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    002.  Characters
    003.  Walkthrough
      003a.  The Boat Docks
      003b.  The Mines
      003c.  Darkness's House
      003d.  Beating Darkness
    004.  Locations
    005.  Credits
    001-General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the Wii game called "Pajama Sam:
    Don't Fear the Dark". It's based off a PC game, but unlike
    the PC game, it doesn't have multiple pathways. That's kind
    of boring.
    You can email me at ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com, but
    make the subject blank if you do.
    Darkness: An evil bad guy that wants to throw the world
    eternal night.  He's in a comic book that Sam reads.  He
    rules the land of darkness. 
    Pajama Man: The hero that stops Darkness in the comic book
    that Sam reads.
    Mom: She comes in to get Sam to stop reading the comic book
    and go to bed.  Oh, and she wants Sam to pick up his socks.
    Sam: Our mild mannered hero tries to go to sleep, but can't
    because he's scared of darkness (who lives in Sam's
    closet).  Bravely, he gathers his superhero things and
    turns into...
    Pajama Sam: The world's youngest superhero, Pajama Sam goes
    into Sam's closet, which leads to the land of darkness.
    His mission: find Darkness and capture him in his portable
    bad guy containment unit.
    Mean Trees: The mean trees capture Pajama Sam and steal his
    things.  The leader of the trees has a lazy eye.
    Nice Tree: She's nicer than the other trees.  She doesn't
    complain about anything, but then again, that's against the
    Otto: A boat made of wood.  He's scared to go into the
    water, so you'll have to prove to him that wood floats
    before he'll take you for a ride.  He also knows a lot
    about geysers.
    British Trees: Cor Blimey!  British trees block the way to
    the well, and they won't let you pass because they're mean!
    Luckily, they're dumb, so you can easily fool them.
    Salad Liberation Front Leader: A carrot with a goatee; he's
    probably wearing Sam's mask to protect his identity.  After
    all, he's on a dangerous mission to free the carrots who
    are captive in Darkness's kitchen.  Help him save the
    carrots and he'll give you the mask.
    Well: The well is not very sociable; he spends his time
    pointing out small, irrelevant details.
    King: He's a mine cart, and spends a lot of time
    complaining about how he's rusted to the track.  Once you
    get rid of his rust, though, he's an okay guy.
    Wink and Blink: The hosts of "The Brain Tickler".  You'll
    have to win the game to go past the doors of knowledge.
    Deep in the bowels of an old power plant, a sinister plot
    is hatching...
    Darkness: Ha ha!  At last the time has come to hatch my
    sinister plot!  This lever will activate my BLACKOUT
    GENERATOR and the whole world will be thrown into eternal
    Heroic voice: Not so fast, Darkness!
    Darkness: Wha-?!  PAJAMA MAN!
    Pajama Man: That's right, fiend!  And I have some gadgets
    of my own!  Take that!
    Darkness: AAARGH!!  Not the Illuminator Mark V!!! tm
    Pajama Man: (It takes 20 "D" batteries, you know.)  Do you
    have anything to say before you're sucked into my portable
    bad guy containment unit? tm
    Darkness: I--
    Just then, Sam's mom interrupts his fantastic comic book to
    tell him to pick up his socks.  She leaves the room to let
    him go to sleep, but this time, with the lights off.
    "There's no need to hide when it's dark outside.  There's
    no need to hide when it's dark outside," Sam tells himself.
    "I'm not scared.  Darkness lives in my closet, but I'm not
    scared.  Okay, I'm scared."
    But hiding while Darkness hangs out in your closet is the
    wrong thing to do.  Sam has to be brave, just like Pajama
    Man.  This looks like a job for...Pajama Sam!
    Sam puts on his cape, and is ready to be Pajama Sam.  But
    it's not just a cape that makes someone a superhero.  He'll
    need a mask (to hide his secret identity), a flashlight
    (the Illuminator Mark V Jr. flashlight) and his lunchbox
    (I mean, portable bad guy containment unit).
    The missing things can be in various places: the trashcan,
    under the rug, under the bed, behind the scarf, and in a
    dresser drawer are all places they can be.
    Once you get those things, you're ready to go into the
    closet and capture darkness!
    Oh, before you do, remember how mom wanted all the socks to
    be picked up?  20 socks will be randomly scattered
    throughout this game.  One could be on the floor here.
    Keep an eye out for socks while playing.
    Upon entering the closet, Sam gets sent into the land of
    darkness.  Go down the road, and you'll end up over a
    bridge.  There's a piece of wood floating on the water
    (this will become important later), but you can't reach it
    now, so just continue down the road.
    Oh no!  Pajama Sam gets caught by some mean trees, who
    perform a customs inspection.  They steal the lunchbox,
    mask, and flashlight (but not the socks...I wonder why) and
    leave Pajama Sam hanging upside down off of a branch.
    Click on the rope to get free.  A friendly tree lets you
    keep the rope.  Go back down the road to where the board
    was floating on the river.
    Move the pointer to the bottom of the screen, and Pajama
    Sam's inventory pops up.  Click on the rope, then the board
    to use the rope to get the board.  You lose the rope, but
    at least you get the board.
    Go down the road again.  One screen past the nice tree,
    you'll find a crossroads, leading to the mines, the boat
    docks, and Darkness's house.
    003a-The Boat Docks
    Talk to the boat.  He's Otto.  Try to go across the river,
    but Otto won't let you.  He has a friend, whose dentist's
    brother sank in the water.  You'll have to prove to Otto
    that wood floats.
    Luckily, you've got a board.  Use it in the small pool of
    water.  Inspired by this, Otto tries to float.  It works!
    Otto proudly says his signature line, "I'm doing it; I'm
    Hop in Otto and go across the river.  You can go four ways
    from here.  Go to the opposite shore of the river, which is
    up/right from here.
    The other bank of the river has a path leading to a well.
    Go down the path.  Oh no!  British trees will block your
    way, not allowing you to pass.  It seems they're racist
    against non-trees.
    Well, we'll just have to fool the trees.  Go to Otto, and
    click on the hollow log.  It gets stuck on Pajama Sam's
    head.  Using this as a disguise, go down the road and past
    the British trees, who are fooled by the disguise even
    though you can still see most of Pajama Sam.
    Past the trees is the well.  Look in the garden patch.  One
    of the carrots is wearing your mask.  He's the leader of
    the "Salad Liberation Front", an undercover group that
    wants vegetables to be the main course.  Cauliflower power!
    The carrot will team up with you, and he promises to give
    you the mask if you take him to Darkness's kitchen. Then,
    go back to Otto (Pajama Sam automatically puts on his
    disguise).  Go down the river (up and to the left).
    You find a bridge, but the bridge needs a toll, so you
    can't go across it.  Once you get gold (from the mines),
    you can go across the bridge, where you can play a minigame
    called cheese and crackers.
    Head to the left again, and you reach an abandoned shack.
    Inside is your flashlight! However, the door is missing a
    doorknob, so we can't get inside the shack. Once you get
    the doorknob from Darkness' House, you can get in by putting
    the doorknob on the door, oiling the hinges, going inside,
    and standing on the barrel.
    For now, just take the oil can. Go down the waterfall past
    the shack.  You go down the waterfall into caverns below.
    Your lunchbox is underwater here, and you can use a magnet
    to reach it. The magnet is found in Darkness' House.
    Go left.  Here will be more caverns.  Left of that is a
    geyser.  Go to where the water shoots up to be shot up.
    You get shot up and land back on the river. Examine the
    geyser if you want some gratuitous educational content.
    Go left, and you end back at the start of this area.
    003b-The Mines 
    Inside the mines is King, the mine cart.  He's complaining
    about how his wheels have rusted.  Use the oil can (gotten
    from the abandoned shed by the river) to get rid of the
    rust.  King will thank you by giving you free rides
    wherever and whenever you want.
    Go right, down the mines.  You end up near a washing
    machine.  Go down the left tunnel to make it to the water
    meter area.  Click on the water meter and remember the
    number on it for later usage in Darkness' house. 
    Go left from the water meter area to the one-way door area.
    You can't go through the door (it's one-way), so just pick
    up the pickaxe and go left.
    You make it to the gold room.  Go into the gold room and
    ride around it (pick up any socks along the ride).  At some
    points in the ride, there are multiple paths you can take.
    Click on a path to take it, or else King will go down the
    same path he does every time.  Experiment with these paths,
    and soon you'll find the gold.
    In the gold part of the gold mine, use the pickaxe (it
    breaks) to get the gold.  You can use the gold to pay the
    toll so you can cross the bridge by the river.  Exit the
    gold room.
    From the gold room, all you have to do is go left once to
    make it back to the entrance of the mines. That's all you
    have to do in the mines: See the water meter and pick up
    some gold if you want to play the Cheese and Crackers
    003c-Darkness's House 
    To get inside Darkness's house, you must first jump into
    the basket (the one labeled "D").  Then throw the three
    rocks into the other basket.  The next time you come by,
    the rocks will automatically let you enter Darkness's house
    if you jump into the basket.
    Once in Darkness's house, you have two doors you can enter,
    and some stairs.  Go through the left door to enter the
    kitchen. Our good friend Carrot says his fellow carrots are
    being held hostage here. Use Carrot on the fridge to start a
    musical number which ends with Sam getting his mask back.
    You can go through the right door to reach the dancing
    Furniture room.  As soon as you enter, the furniture stops
    dancing.  This room serves no purpose in the Wii edition of
    the game, but it had a purpose in two of the alternate
    pathways in the original PC version.
    Go up the stairs to reach the doors of knowledge and a
    stair leading to darkness.  Ignore the stairs and click on
    the doors.  The doors are really game show hosts for the
    game "The Brain Tickler".  You're the next contestant,
    Pajama Sam!
    Pajama Sam's interests include skydiving, channeling
    ancient spirits, and stamp collecting.  Wait, he's making
    that up.  Sam doesn't collect stamps.
    Anyway, Sam has to answer four question correctly to win
    "The Brain Tickler" so he can pass through the doors of
    knowledge.  Here are the questions, sorted by category:
    Q: What instrument do you play by banging on it with a
    A: A drum.
    Q: Which of these instruments is not a woodwind?
    A: Tuba.
    Q: In the song "Mary Had a Little Lamb", what color was the
    A: "As white as snow" or "as white as New York snow".
    Q: Who wrote Beethoven's "Symphony No. 9"?
    A: Ludwig van Beethoven.
    Q: What color is an orange?
    A: Orange.
    Q: Apple pie is made with what fruit?
    A: Apples.
    Q: What fruit do raisins come from?
    A: Grapes.
    Q: Which of the following is NOT a melon: watermelon,
    honeydew melon, cantaloupe, or melancholy?
    A: Melancholy.
    Q: Is a tomato a fruit?
    A: All answers are correct.
    Ancient Egypt:
    Q: Whose face is depicted on the Sphinx?
    A: King Khafre.
    Q: What did the Egyptians call their sun god?
    A: Ra or Re.
    Q: What did the Egyptians use to measure the height of the
    Nile's flood waters?
    A: Calibrated stairs or a nileometer.
    Q: Who painted the Mona Lisa?
    A: Leonardo Da Vinci.
    Q: How did Michelangelo paint the ceiling of the Sistene
    A: Very carefully or on his back.
    Q: What do most people paint with?
    A: Paint brushes.
    Q: What is cheese made of?
    A: Milk or soybeans.
    Q: What kind of cheese has holes in it?
    A: Swiss cheese or hors d'ouvres?
    Q: What is "Muenster" cheese named after?
    A: The place where it is made.
    Q: Where does Swiss cheese come from?
    A: All answers are correct. 
    Q: What is the fastest animal on land?
    A: A cheetah.
    Q: What is the largest mammal?
    A: A whale.
    Q: What is a group of lions called?
    A: A pride or anything they want to be called.
    Q: What African animal has a very long neck to allow it to
    eat the leaves of tall trees?
    A: A giraffe.
    Q: Which of the following mammals lays eggs?
    A: The platypus.
    Q: Which make better pets, cats or dogs?
    A: All answers are correct.
    Q: The head bone is connected to...?
    A: The neck bone.
    Q: What does the pancreas do?
    A: Secretes digestive fluid.
    Q: On what part of the body would you wear a sock?
    A: The foot.
    Q: What part of the body is used for hearing?
    A: The ears.
    Q: What is hair on the chin generally called?
    A: A beard.
    Q: What are the holes in your nose called?
    A: Nostrils or piercings.
    Q: What were the giant reptiles that ruled the earth long
    ago called?
    A: Dinosaurs.
    Q: When was the War of 1812?
    A: 1812.
    Q: Who was the first president of The United States?
    A: George Washington.
    Comic Book Heroes:
    Q: Who is the strongest comic book hero of them all?
    A: All answers, each one being Pajama Man, are correct.
    Q: How many heads does a worm have?
    A: All answers are correct.
    Q: Which worm is a favorite food among mammals, birds,
    reptiles, and carnivorous invertebrates?
    A: The mealworm.
    Q: Worms have been...?
    A: Used for fishing or sent to outer space.
    World Leaders:
    Q: What did the young King Francois II say when his
    advisors asked what to do about poverty in France?
    A: All answers are correct.
    Rocket Science:
    Q: How much fuel is required to boost a space shuttle into
    A: All answers are correct. 
    Computer Science:
    Q: What is the best computer programming language?
    A: All answers are correct.
    Land of Darkness:
    Q: What is the reading on the water meter located in the
    mines near Darkness's house?
    A: (varies depending on what the water meter says)
    Once you win, go through the doors of knowledge.  You end
    up in a very strange hallway.  Click the doorknob of room
    3G to get it to fall off.  You can then use this doorknob
    to open the abandoned shed by the river, so you can get
    your flashlight.
    Go through the left door (the blue one) to enter the music
    room.  You can talk to the characters hear and hear songs
    if you want to.
    Go back to the weird hallway and go right.  There's a door
    On the floor.  Enter it (gravity does not apply here; you
    can walk up a wall to exit through the doors of knowledge)
    to find a book room.  Read the book of clues.
    The book of clues indicates a color.  See the bookcase
    behind you?  Click on all of the books that are that color
    in the bookcase.  This reveals a revolving wall, which has
    a magnet behind it.  To get the magnet, you'll have to
    return to this room.
    Go through the revolving wall, and down the stairs.  You
    can press the button on the right door to open it and get
    to the mines. You can then go through Darkness' House again
    to get the magnet.
    Or, you can go through the doors on the left, and ride the
    dumbwaiter up, if you happened to use the dumbwaiter while
    in the kitchen. Also in this room, you can make fun potions.
    So, since this is the Wii version of the game, that's pretty
    much it. Go get the magnet as described above, then head to
    the river. Use the magnet on the underwater lunchbox to get
    it, and use the doorknob from the area behind the Doors of
    Knowledge of the waterside shack. Then, use the oil can on
    the door, go inside and stand on the barrel to get the
    flashlight. All right! Sam has all three items now!
    003d-Beating Darkness
    Once you have all your stuff, it's time to beat Darkness!
    Go to the doors of knowledge (AKA Wink and Blink, the game
    show hosts).  Remember the stairs to the left of them?  Go
    up them.  You'll reach the Darkness's door.
    Enter the room.  Hey, he's locked in the closet!  Open the
    chest on the wall to get the key.  Whoops, a bunch of keys
    fall out!  Check the chest again to get the real key, and
    the closet door is unlocked.  Simply enter the closet to
    defeat Darkness and win the game!
    Here's a quick handy guide onto where everything is.
    Flashlight: The flashlight will be in a shack by the river,
    which means you'll have to find a doorknob and oil the door
    hinges with an oil can.
    Lunchbox: The lunchbox will be underwater, for which you'll
    need a magnet.
    Mask: The mask will be on the carrot, which you'll have to
    take to Darkness' refrigerator.
    Bert the Pencil: In the park past the tollgate.
    Board: Floating under a bridge.
    Doorknob: On the wall in Darkness's house, past the doors
    of knowledge.
    Gold: In the gold mines, gotten with a pickaxe.
    Key: In the cupboard in Darkness's bedroom.
    Magnet: On the other side of the revolving bookcase.
    Oil Can: By the shack on the river.
    Pickaxe: By the one-way door in the mines. 
    Rope: Sam is tied up by mean trees with this.
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2010.  If you want
    to use any part of this FAQ for any reason, ask me first
    (instructions under general information)

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