Review by musicnote99

Reviewed: 10/04/11

Could be better...

MotoGP is a game based off the motorcycle racing class, and the program on television. It is a fun game for fans, where you can become any of your favorite riders from that year in all classes, 125cc, 250cc, and the premier MotoGP class (that is, if you unlock them all.) Multiplayer mode is extremely fun and competitive. You can also play alone in the championship.

It is very fun to play with friends, but slightly boring when competing against CPUs in a championship. Though the game may be extremely realistic, this means that the difficulty level must be high; maybe even a bit too high for a game that's not in high demand. Most players playing alone will be left behind in a cloud of dust; and most gamers do not like getting lapped by CPUs. Even in the easiest class, the 125cc class, it proves to be too difficult for someone who has not ridden a motorcycle. The controls are complex; you pretty much use all buttons. You also have to switch gears in a split second to not run off the track. This could be very frustrating for gamers, and it might even cause them to quit the game for good. It could be a lot better.

The graphics in the game are really wonderful. The scenery looks exactly like the tracks in the real world, all around the country. In the different weather types, they do portray rain well. Though the scenery may be accurate, it looks like a painting instead of the 3D quality or animation that most Wii games produce. Gamers definitely will not be amazed by these graphics. The sound is okay, but it could be better. Most find this out in multiplayer mode where you can only hear player 1's engine.

It will take a lot of work to complete this game, and it's not really worth it once you've done it. Most races can last 15 minutes long, and with 18 races, that's a lot of time that doesn't pay off. Even if you do finish the championship, you'll most likely be toward the bottom. You probably will not play it again on your own.

Overall, this game is not really worth spending money on. If you get it as a gift, I recommend you return it if you don't know what MotoGP is as soon as you open it. This game will only appeal to fans of the racing class of MotoGP. It may be fun with a friend for a while, but there will be no lasting effect for you or your game.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: MotoGP (US, 03/24/09)

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