Review by TriforcePowerX

Reviewed: 08/13/08

Homestar does not disappoint fans, but its not for everyone

Fans of the long running flash cartoon series Homestar Runner have been anticipating the first full video game adaptation of the series. Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People (SBCG4AP) is the first in the episodic series coming to WiiWare, from Sam & Max developer Telltale Games. The question is, does SBCG4AP live up to the series name?

The first episode, entitled Homestar Ruiner, follows Homestar Runner favorite Strong Bad as he tries to humiliate Homestar Runner. The plan goes awry and its then up to him to put things back to normal. The story and wit that has made the series famous is the main attraction that really gives the game a personality. The graphics are 3D are nothing special, but it does capture the show's feel very well. Sometimes the environments are too big with not much in them, which is troublesome because Strong Bad doesn't run that fast. The game is pretty funny and really feels part of the Homestar universe, right down to the cartoony art style.

However, when you look at the gameplay, the game falls slightly short. As a point and click game, it just feels boring. The puzzles aren't as well thought out, and at times it feels more like an interactive Homestar cartoon stretched out far too long. Still, the game is pretty lengthy for a downloadable game, at about 4-5 hours. It also includes extras like creating your own comics,, but it just gets repetitive after a while.

Fans of the series will definitely appreciate the game more, as so much of the game are inside jokes from the cartoons. Nearly all of the beloved characters from the series appear once more, and many locations, such as Bub's Concession Stand or the King of Town's Castle are in the game. Sometimes, however, I have to wonder if they put too many jokes for the fans. People who have never seen Strong Bad's antics will be puzzled.

Overall, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People has a sense of charm that fans will love, but the gameplay is a little to shallow for anyone to like. Unless you've been following the cartoon for awhile, there's not much to fall in love with. With a $10 price its a nice title, but for fans of the series only.

+ Homestar fans will love it
+ Funny and charming
+ Decent extras for a $10 game
- People not familiar with the series will be confused
- Gameplay is too boring after a bit

6.7 (Rounds to 7)

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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