Review by thanatos56

Reviewed: 08/13/08

Strong Bad finally gets his third D, and he's never looked better.

Several months ago, the Brothers Chaps released a few trailers declaring that they would be bringing the great Homestar Runner cast into the world of console gaming through WiiWare. Add the great staff at TellTale Games to the already amazing group at Videlectrix gives you a game that carries on the reputations of both companies to create a hilarious point and click adventure game.

Game play – The game play follows the classic style of a point and click adventure. The world spans all of the areas from the Homestar Runner cartoon, including the Blubb-O’s whale, the stick, Bubs’ Concession Stand, etc., with just about everything throughout causing Strong Bad spout out one of his humorous one-liners. The entire experience is a dream come true for long time fans of the cartoon, bringing everything that made us fall in love with it to the table while still keeping it fresh and original.

Story- You can’t have an adventure game without a strong story, and this game is no different. It starts as an episode of Strong Bad’s e-mail show, with someone asking SB to “beat the crud out of Homestar”, but, unsurprisingly, he gets a little sidetracked, what with the big race and all.

Graphics- Ah yes, Strong Bad promised us a third dimension some time ago, and he finally delivered. All of the backgrounds and characters look like they were taken directly from the cartoon, except they were squished, skewed, turned all around, and, of course, dipped in a vat of pure 3D goodness. The only flaw in the graphics is Strong Sad; 3D wasn’t very kind to that flip on his head.

Sound- This is what really makes the games worth the money for me. As would be expected in a joint effort with the creators, every single voice in the game matches the cartoon perfectly (except perhaps for the Poopsmith, I think his voice might have changed slightly). Even better, the background music comes from the cartoon too.

Play Time- The only problem this game has is the length. It can easily be beaten in a few hours, even with the extras. Of course, it IS an episodic game, so it’s not exactly meant to take you a week to finish, and there will be another out in just a month.

If you’re a fan of the cartoon, you’ve already got it, beat it, got all of the extras, and are sitting in the middle of the field enjoying the ambiance, so you don’t need me to tell you how great it is. If you enjoy adventure games, then this isn’t one to miss out on. At $10 ($9 if you get it on the computer), this game is easily worth the price tag.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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