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"Cute chickens have never been this cool."

I would like to begin this review by telling you what the game is about. The game is about a chicken (that is you Toki Tori) who must save the eggs (which I think are his siblings) from different locales. Like a sewer or a castle.

Graphics:10/10 I thought the graphics in this game were superb. They were 2D but still maintained a 3D look which very few games have. They looked so real but kept a fantasy type look and feel as well.

Music/Sounds 10/10 The music was perfect. From the creepy music in the castle to the soothing music in the forest. And lets not forget about the sounds. The sounds were great. Between the sound of the slugs crawl or the sound of the slime splashing made it sound so real.

Levels:9/10 The levels is where the game sorta lacked. Granted there was 17 levels per area but they all looked the same. It would have been nice if there were more areas like an ocean or sea or something.

Price:9/10 I personally thought the game was a bit pricey for a puzzler. The game should have been a little cheaper like either 500 to around 900 wii points. Even though when it was on the GBC it was around $30. I just thought it was a little expensive.

Overall Gameplay:10/10 The overall gameplay was excellent. The levels were hard and challenging but not too hard. Just right. And if you have 1000 wii points($10) then you should buy this game.

Extras:10/10 The little subtle things in the game were also neat. Like If you kept pressing the joystick back and forth it would make Toki Tori dizzy or if you don't do anything for a minute he will start dancing. Even in the operations guide you see Toki Tori holding the wiimote and nunchuck. And the postcards were cool too. Like at the beginning and ending of every area he would send you a postcard to the wii message board. Just the little things will be appreciated by hardcore gamers or Toki Tori fans alike.

Challenge:10/10 The game was very challenging but not too challenging. It is not throwing your wiimote against the wall challenging but fun and challenging. The game is enjoyable and makes you think.

So all in all it was a great game. Thank you for reading my review on Toki Tori.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/09/08

Game Release: Toki Tori (US, 06/02/08)

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