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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Nick_Kazama

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    Spider-Man Web of Shadows (Playstation 3 version)
    ||Playstation 3 Walkthrough #1||
    I) Legal stuff
    II) Introduction
    III) Contact details
    IV) Controls
    V) Upgrades
    VI) Walkthrough
    VII) Unlockables
    VIII) New Game +
    IX) Frequently asked questions
    X) Trivia
    XI) Glitches
    XII) Special thanks and No thanks
    Version History
    04 Feb 2009 – 
    I finished the game for the second time and started laying out the 
    guide. This will be my first ever Playstation 3 game walkthrough! I 
    did some walkthrough, some trivia, some questions, the special thanks 
    and no thanks, the “unlockables” and some more stuff! 
    05 Feb 2009 – 
    Before writing anything on the guide today, I just confirmed that it 
    IS definitely impossible to get to Governors Island or the Statue of 
    Liberty. I did some more on the walkthrough, up to the end of the 
    courthouse bombing mission. I also added the New Game + section. 
    06 Feb 2009 – 
    07 Feb 2009 – 
    I) Legal Stuff
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.  
    Copyright: 2009 Nick Kazama.
    II) Introduction
    Well, another year another Spider-Man game. Hiya, some of you may 
    remember me if you used the guide for Spider-Man 3 (PS2 version). I 
    tell ya, it’s been a tiring search for Web of Shadows. I was all set 
    to get the PS2 version of this game for Christmas, but then I found 
    out that Activision lied to us (just like they did with Spidey 3). 
    The Playstation 2 version of this game is a frikkin’ 2D sidescroller 
    and a bad one at that. Activision never told us it wouldn’t be a 3D 
    free roaming game or anything. So I began my search for the PS3 
    version instead. After a few months, I finally found the bugger. I 
    found it to be a very enjoyable game, so the long search was worth 
    it! I noticed that many, many people have been wanting and requesting 
    a walkthrough for this game, so I decided to put one together. 
    Enjoy it!
    III) Contact details
    If you have any questions about this FAQ, then e-mail moi! My e-mail 
    address is –
    Please remember to read the guide thoroughly before asking me 
    anything though. Chances are you’ll find your answer! Please don’t 
    ask me about where to find each and every Spidey Token because quite 
    frankly, they’re super easy to find. I was locating them easily 
    without even trying, at times, there were 3 on screen at once! As if 
    it couldn’t get any easier, after you’ve collected 1000, the Token 
    locations appear on the mini map for when you find the next 1000! 
    There are over 2000 Tokens hidden around Manhattan.   
    IV) Controls
    Spider-Man Web of Shadows retains the same basic control scheme of 
    the previous Spidey games by Treyarch, but with a few differences. 
    Here they are;
    Left Analogue Stick – Move Spidey
    Right Analogue Stick – Move camera
    Square button – Attack, Talk to character
    Triangle button – Web Strike
    X Button – Jump/Swing Boost
    Circle button – Web Shot (Red Suit), Throw/Grab (Black Suit)
    L1 button – Wall sprint, Web Climb
    L2 button – Spider Sense (hold down), Lock on (tap)
    L3 button – Switch between outfits
    R1 button – Web Shield, Wall Crawl
    R2 button – Web Swing (hold down), Web Zip (tap)
    R3 button – Centre the camera
    Down (D-Pad) button – Summon an ally 
    Up (D-Pad) button – Dismiss the summoned ally
    Left/Right (D-Pad) buttons – Switch through allies
    R1 + X + Left Analogue Stick – Evade
    L1 + Square – Special Attack 1 
    L1 + Triangle – Special Attack 2  
    L1 + Circle – Special Attack 3 
    Got those? Great okay, just come back here whenever you get lost!
    V) Upgrades
    Upon defeating an enemy, you are awarded experience points. These are 
    kind of like currency; you use them to spend on new moves for our 
    #####  This section will be expanded upon  #####
    #####        in a future update!!          #####
    VI) Walkthrough
    Here we go! 
    Okay then, we begin with a cutscene showing Spidey walking across a 
    rooftop to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Strange song choice but 
    whatever! Chaos is happening all around Peter. He then leaps off the 
    building and takes down a few enemies whilst he remembers things that 
    friends and family have told him about a certain something...
    Once you’re in control of Spidey, head towards that yellow pillar. 
    Yikes! Tons of Symbiotes! It’s time to get to grips with the new 
    combat system. Eliminate every Symbiote you see! The small group take 
    one hit each to defeat. After you’ve cleaned up, a yellow point of 
    interest (POI) will appear on screen, so follow it. Once you’re at 
    the destination, you’ll come across a few more enemies; be a hero and 
    take ‘em down. Once again, they all only take just one hit to beat. 
    Another POI will appear afterwards, so follow it. If you get lost, 
    take a look at the lower left hand corner of the screen; that’s your 
    mini map which will be familiar to you if you’ve played previous 
    Spidey games by Treyarch. More enemies, more one hit kills. Beat them 
    and a cutscene will show a soldier get himself into a sticky 
    situation. Spidey will jump and the game will prompt you to press the 
    R2 button to make him swing, so press it! Spidey will end up on the 
    wall and it’s time to play around with the wall combat system.
    A few different types of Symbiotes will ambush you on the wall, so 
    get to it and beat the living daylights outta them. These enemies 
    take a few hits to kill. Press L2 to lock onto an enemy. If you 
    repeatedly tap the Square button, Spidey will do a stylish little 
    combo.  If an enemy is giving you a hard time (very unlikely) then 
    press and hold the R1 button to have Spidey block incoming attacks 
    with his new Web Shield move! After you take out the last one, the 
    soldier will be carried up into the air by a Vulture symbiote, the 
    game will ask you to press the Circle to button to shoot webs. How do 
    I shot web? Yeah, I went there! After Spidey overwhelms the Vulture 
    Symbiote with impact webbing, you’ll be prompted to press Circle 
    again to save the civilian. Hm? Whats this? Spidey’s freaking out! 
    After the cutscene, Spidey will be carrying the soldier. Make your 
    way to the POI. After you’ve made it, more freaking out from Spidey 
    ensues. Spidey is frantically looking for Mary Jane!
    You’ll now be asked to help the S.H.I.E.L.D agents fight off some 
    more Symbiotes, so help ‘em out. One hit each and they’re outta 
    there! After that, a pod on the side of a building makes itself 
    known. Jump on the wall and head to it. It is protected by a few 
    symbiotes, so take them out first and then focus on destroying that 
    pod. The pod itself takes quite a few hits to demolish, so keep at 
    it. It can also fight back, but don’t give it a chance to! Another 
    cutscene starts, introducing Luke Cage and Mary Jane... and the 
    infamous Black Suit! But now it’s time to begin the flashback to find 
    out just how the heck things got so messed up in the first place. It 
    started 4 days ago...
    He’s Back
    Spidey is shown fighting with Venom, eventually getting some symbiote 
    on his costume. You’ll be prompted to press Circle yet again to throw 
    a car at Eddie. Throwing cars is unique to the Black Suit. Thus 
    begins a boss fight with;
    Venom – 
    Yup, Venom is back as the big baddy for the third game in a row 
    (Ultimate Spidey and Spidey 3 both had Venom as the main villain). 
    This battle isn’t really that hard at all seeing as it is the first 
    boss fight of the game. Chuck two cars at him and a short cutscene 
    will take over. Brock will leap onto the wall of a nearby building. 
    Wall Crawl and hit him with your fists and after a short while 
    another short cutscene will interrupt the battle. Chuck another 2 
    cars at him and we’re done with Venom! For now anyways...
    Notice how MJ calls Spider-Man, Peter? In front of two guards no 
    less! Way to go red! Anyways, after Spidey gets his birthday present 
    (which will mysteriously vanish...), you’ll be prompted to press that 
    L3 button (press the left analogue stick down) to change suits. This 
    can be done at anytime you wish. Red Suit is faster but weaker and 
    Black Suit is stronger but slower. Pick whichever suit you want to 
    use, but remember that it will affect which of the 4 different 
    endings you will get at the end of the game. Now, follow that 
    ambulance! Oh, you also need to swing through those yellow targets 
    between the buildings. Press L2 to lock onto it if you want and 
    follow it, if you can you can just jump onto the top of the ambulance 
    and let it take you to the hospital. Once at the hospital, a gang war 
    will conveniently start right outside! 
    Surgical Strikes
    After the cutscene, jump off the building and start wailing on those 
    thugs. Remember that you fight with the red and blue suit, you’ll 
    gain Red Points and with the Black Suit you’ll get Black Points. 
    These determine who will be available to come to your aid during a 
    battle; if you’re a good little boy then the good guys will help you 
    out, but if you’re a bad seed then the bad guys will come and lend a 
    helping hand. 
    After taking them all out, more enemies will show up, but so will a 
    certain friend. It’s Luke Cage, the Power Man himself! You’ll now be 
    asked to help Luke deal with the hoodlums, so do it ya little monkey! 
    Pretty soon, the boys in blue will arrive as well. After disposing of 
    all the enemies, Luke will stand in the middle of the street, so run 
    up to him and have a chat. He’ll tell you to meet him in the park 
    later. Congrats, you’ve completed your first mission!
    Press the X button to visit the Upgrades screen. Spidey has tons of 
    moves and upgrades to buy with the experience you earn. There is even 
    a way to start a new game with all the upgrades you unlocked in your 
    previous run through. Both the Red and Black suits have moves you can 
    upgrade. Some moves aren’t available right now, but will become 
    purchasable as you progress through the game. Just remember, it is 
    very possible to beat the game without gaining all the moves and 
    Mission activated: Stop 5 crimes.
    Okay, now the game properly begins! Feel free to just swing around 
    the city if you want. The game progresses at your pace. Along the 
    way, you may notice red and blue spiders scattered around the city. 
    These are Spider Tokens and are very hard to miss. You gain a new 
    level for each number of Spider Tokens you acquire. Level 10 is 
    reached at 1000 Tokens and level 11 (the max level) is at 2000. I 
    know it sounds like a lot, but trust me, there are well over 2000 
    Tokens in Manhattan! I have 2002 Tokens at the time of writing this. 
    Right, so we need to stop 5 crimes. Begin swinging around the city 
    when you’re good and ready. Pretty soon, you’ll see a little icon 
    appear on the mini map on the bottom left hand side of the screen. 
    The icon is a star inside a circle. Follow it to find a random crime. 
    They will be gang members having shootouts with the police. They are 
    easily dispatched! After taking care of them, check the very bottom 
    of the screen to make sure you’ve done it (you’ll get a something/5) 
    Do this 5 times. 
    Once you’ve done that, a yellow icon will appear on the mini map, so 
    head to it. Luke Cage is waiting for you in a small park. (Pssst! 
    There’s a Spider Token on the little castle behind him, centre of the 
    park! -_^). Talk to Mr. Cage. Eventually, you’ll notice some missions 
    become available. This walkthrough will not tell you how to do the 
    OPTIONAL missions, because there’s really no need to. The OPTIONAL 
    missions are infinite to my knowledge. They just keep going. For 
    example, one OPTIONAL mission requires you to beat a certain number 
    of criminals. After you beat the desired number, it asks you to beat 
    a higher number of criminals. Then a higher number and so on. Do 
    these optional missions if you want to, some of them give out some 
    great experience! Anyways, the choices are as follows;
    - Go to hit location
    - Chat about the Gang War – OPTIONAL
    - Goodbye
    If you pick Goodbye, then you can go back to free roaming around the 
    Alrighty then, pick the first choice and then select ‘Accept’ to 
    start the mission or ‘Decline’ to not accept it and go back to free 
    roaming again. Now select Goodbye to start the next mission. 
    Mission activated; Go to hit location.
    Head for that yellow blip on the mini map. After reaching the 
    destination, its time to learn how to use that Spidey Sense! Press 
    and hold L2 to trigger your Spider Sense. 
    Spider-Sense highlights targets: 
    Blue = Civilian Allies, 
    Red = Enemies
    Press L2 to lock the camera on the informant. A vertical column of 
    light highlights the locked target. Press L2 a second time to 
    disengage the camera lock. Now press and hold L2 again to once again 
    trigger that trusty Spidey Sense! One more time to lock the camera on 
    a target. Now move the right analogue stick to the left a few times 
    to find out just who your foes really are. Now it’s time to battle! 
    You have to beat the thugs whilst protecting the informant, if his 
    health bar is depleted, game over! But we’re not gonna let that 
    happen now are we? Are each thug is defeated, you’ll be asked to 
    press L2 to find the next foe, do so and pound on him until he’s out 
    of the game. There are 4 enemies total. 
    Mission completed! Buy some upgrades if you’ve got the experience!
    Head back to the park and speak with Mr. Cage again. The following 
    options become available;
    - Thug Bashing – Part 1 – OPTIONAL
    - Chat about the Gang War – OPTIONAL
    - Save 3 civilians – OPTIONAL
    - Goodbye
    Pick the last one. 
    Mission activated: Spider Sense 10 thugs.
    Press and hold the L2 button, the camera will move to face an enemy 
    and he’ll glow more than Joel Schumacher’s Gotham City. Keeping in 
    mind that you only have to locate them, you don’t need to defeat the 
    thugs. You can, but it’s not mandatory. Head back to Luke. After 
    speaking with him, the following options are available;
    - Cage Match
    - Thug Bashing Part 1 - OPTIONAL
    - Chat about the Gang War – Part 1 – OPTIONAL
    - Save 3 civilians - OPTIONAL
    - Goodbye
    Pick ‘Cage Match’ and its time to do some training! 
    Cage Match
    You need to perform a Web Strike 5 times to proceed. This can be a 
    little tricky at first, but after a few tries, you’ll get the hang of 
    it. And this move is pretty much need for a few future boss battles. 
    Press Triangle to have our hero shoot a webline to Luke and JUST as 
    he’s about to make contact with him, press Triangle again to have him 
    bounce off Cage. If you’re really good, you can get off 2 Web Strikes 
    before the game resets your position for the next one! I actually did 
    3 in a row one time. Next up is Web Aborting. Press Triangle and 
    Spidey will shoot a webline to his opponent, only this time we’re 
    gonna hit the X button at any time afterwards to have him cancel the 
    attack. Do this twice. The final move is a little trickier than the 
    others to do, it’s all about timing. Press Triangle and just before 
    the opponent hits you, press Triangle again to counter their attack, 
    you follow? You need to do this twice to proceed. Try pressing it 
    just before you reach Luke. 
    Done that? Great! Mission Completed! Completion of this little 
    training session earns you an ally, Luke of course! See that red bar 
    above Spidey’s mug shot? That’s what’s known as the special meter. 
    You can fill it by beating criminals up! When it’s full, hold the 
    Down D-Pad button down for a few seconds (until Spidey’s head starts 
    flashing) and the selected ally will come to help you! You can 
    dismiss them by holding down the Up D-Pad button. Also, when you get 
    more allies, you can cycle through which one you want with the Left 
    or Right D-Pad buttons. If you’re bad, the bad guys will be the ones 
    available, if you’re good then the good guys will be the characters 
    on offer!
    Mission activated: Web Strike 10 thugs
    Use that Web Strike move on 10 thugs around the city. (Pssst! You’ll 
    be standing next to one of the big bridges leading out of Manhattan 
    Island. There’s a Spider Token on the bridge! -_^) You should be able 
    to get at least 2 Web Strikes on a single thug. After you’ve done 10 
    Web Strikes, head back to our old buddy Luke in the park! Speak to 
    him and these options will be shown;
    - Find Training location
    - Thug Bashing – Part 1 – OPTIONAL
    - Chat about the Gang War – OPTIONAL
    - Save 3 civilians - OPTIONAL
    - Goodbye  
    Pick that first option, then ‘Goodbye’ and away we go! Head to that 
    yellow POI. 
    Chain Reaction
    Okay, now it’s time to start chaining those Web Attacks! First up are 
    three thugs. Use a Web Strike on the first one and then, while Spidey 
    is in the air after using it, press Triangle again to launch another 
    webline to the next thug and take it from there. Remember the timing; 
    his the Triangle button a second time JUST as Spidey reaches his 
    opponent! It initiates a slow motion part in between each Web Strike 
    to help you by the way. Land in the yellow area next to Luke. Mr. 
    Cage has another group for us to take out! There are now 4 enemies. 
    No problem right! There is no slow motion this time. Head to the same 
    spot as Power Man and you’ll see that he now wants you to Web Strike 
    a group of 6 enemies! You’ll do it, don’t worry! After you’re done, 
    run up to Luke again. Hm, what’s this? A parlay? Mission completed! 
    Some new upgrades should be unlocked, so take those hard earned 
    points of your and spend, spend, spend!
    Okay, now we need to find the Rolling 7’s hideout. The Rolling 7’s is 
    the name of one of the gang’s we’ve been pwning. Head to old POI! 
    Huh? DRIVE BY!! TAKE COVER!! ......oh right, we’re in control of 
    Spider-Man aren’t we? Hehehe...! This bit can be fun for some and 
    tricky for others. You need to take out those 5 cars driving around 
    the gas station. To take out cars you can;
    - Jump on top of the them and press Square to disable them.
    - Press Square during a Web Swing to Swing Kick them.
    - Switch to Black Suit, pick them up with Circle and throw them!
    Keep in mind that the gas station has a health bar. It takes one 
    bullet too many then BOOMSHAKALAKA!!! No more gas station. Buuuuuut, 
    we’re not gonna let that happen are we? After you take out all 5 
    vehicles, that’s a Mission complete! You will have automatically 
    unlocked an optional mission now – to take out 5 gang cars. Take up 
    the challenge if you so desire. It’s now time to return to the Man of 
    Power... Power Man. >___<  Speak with him and the following options 
    will be available;
    - Wrecking Ball
    - Thug Bashing – Part 1 – OPTIONAL
    - Chat about Luke Cage’s origin - OPTIONAL
    - Chat about the Gang War - OPTIONAL
    - Save 3 civilians - OPTIONAL
    - Heavy Hitters - OPTIONAL
    - Goodbye
    Pick that first option (Wrecking Ball) then Accept! Alright, this 
    part is quite fun. You’ll be on a small building with Luke. Notice 
    the group of thugs in front of you on the ground below? Well, we’re 
    gonna take ‘em all out with one swinging kick! You remember how to do 
    that don’t you? If you don’t, it’s the Square button whilst Web 
    Swinging. For this bit, jump (so you don’t Web Zip) and then swing 
    towards the thugs. The game will enter slow motion mode for you. 
    After you’ve knocked ‘em down like bowling pins, follow Mr. Cage. Now 
    you get to knock over another bunch of thugs, so do so! Follow Luke 
    again after you’ve knocked out the second group. Now you have to do 
    it one more time. Run up to Luke once more.
    Mission Completed! You’ll automatically unlock another Optional 
    mission – to Swing Kick 10 thugs, do it if you want. Head for the 
    yellow POI and speak to Power Man again. The following is available;
    - Go to the Park Ave Neighbourhood
    - Thug Bashing – Part 1 – OPTIONAL
    - Chat about Luke Cage’s origin – OPTIONAL
    - Chat about the Gang War – OPTIONAL
    - Save 3 civilians – OPTIONAL
    - Heavy Hitters – OPTIONAL
    - Goodbye
    Select that first choice. Looks like the leader of the Rolling 7’s 
    has agreed to the parley! Accept the mission and then pick ‘Goodbye’. 
    Mission Activated: Go to the Park Ave Neighbourhood.
    Head to that yellow POI. Now, if you start this mission, your 
    uncompleted optional missions will be lost. So do some more optional 
    stuff first if you want to and then continue. 
    Who’s the Boss?
    Drop to the floor and take out those 2 gang members. More will appear 
    at the other end of the road. Swing Kick them all into submission if 
    you can. After taking them out, another group will appear at the 
    other end of the street. Another Swing Kick will take care of them! 
    Now, another group will appear at the other end of the street again, 
    you know what to do, so hop to it! If you’ve been Swing Kicking all 
    of them, you’ll complete that optional mission! Guess what happens 
    now. Yeah, ANOTHER group of gang members appear at the other end of 
    the street again. Take ‘em all out and a cutscene will take over. The 
    leader of the Rolling 7’s will agree to the parley and you’ll get a 
    nice Mission Complete! After this, Spidey’s hands free cell phone 
    will start up and Peter and MJ will have a little conversation. Feel 
    free to swing around, whilst waiting for them to finish. 
    Mission Activated: Get to the parley.
    Follow the POI, it’ll take you to a rooftop. 
    Parley in the park.
    Okay, the two gang members have rendezvoused with Luke, maybe 
    everything’ll turn out okay... wait, maybe not. Snipers have appeared 
    all over the rooftops surrounding the park! It’s up to you to take 
    ‘em down. Use your Web Strike. You’ll also noticed that this part is 
    timed, but don’t worry, you get 4 seconds added to the timer after 
    every sniper you defeat. There are 22 in total to beat. After you’ve 
    beaten the tenth one, the game will slow down and request that you 
    tap R2 to Web Zip. Then take down the rest. After beating 22 of them, 
    Spidey will find out that the whole Gang War was a set up! Now you 
    are needed to beat a further 21 snipers, so do what you did last time 
    and Web Strike them all. After the fifth one, it may be a good idea 
    to double jump over to the next one as the gap in between them is 
    quite big. After taking out the last one, a cutscene will take over. 
    The two lead gang members will pull guns out on one another and 
    you’ll now need to make a choice!
    Red suit choice – Spidey reveals that the gang war was a set up and 
    gets the two leaders to make their peace. 
    Black suit choice – Spidey will not tell them of the set up and 
    you’ll have to fight off all the gang members. 
    Choose to be good or bad and remember that the choice you make here 
    will influence what happens at the end of the game. After the ensuing 
    cutscene, more upgrades should be available to you. Spidey will now 
    reminisce about what he did next. Looks like we’re gonna pay a visit 
    to Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime!
    Mission Activated: Go to Kingpin Tower.
    Head towards the POI. When you near Kingpin Tower, a familiar face in 
    the form of the Black Cat will come running out and we’ve got a chase 
    on our hands! This chase reminds me of Spider-Man 2; you had to chase 
    Felecia many times in that game! Anyways, give chase! 
    Cut to the Chase.
    You’ll be locked onto Black Cat initially, but you can lock off. 
    Don’t do that! Felecia like big jumps, cart wheeling and running up 
    the sides of buildings. You can run up the sides of buildings too ya 
    know, press and hold the L1 button and Spidey will scale the building 
    faster than you can hauler “Aunt May”. After a little while, a mini 
    cutscene will show Felecia scaling Grand Central Terminal, it’ll tell 
    you how to climb up walls; all you need to do is press against it 
    (whilst on the ground). Once you’re on the wall, Press r1 to Wall 
    Climb or L1 to Wall Run from the ground or the air. Chase Black Cat 
    up the side of the very tall skyscraper! Peter and Felicia should 
    have a bit of dialogue here. Once at the top, Felicia will reach a 
    Roxxon building, so jump over after her! If you can, try and Web Zip 
    over to her. If you can’t, don’t worry, Black Cat isn’t going 
    anywhere until you catch up with her. She’ll head across a bank and 
    then start running up the Empire State Building. Along the way, it’ll 
    tell you to tap R2 to Web Zip. If you’re ever at the side of a 
    building, tap R2 to gain considerable height instantly! In fact, if 
    you use multiple Web Zips, then you’ll actually go right past Ms. 
    Hardy! Once at the top another cutscene plays with Peter telling her 
    to “give it a rest”. Looks like she ain’t listening, so resume the 
    chase. Pretty soon, she’ll jump down to street level and we’re done 
    with the chase.
    However, enemies of gliders will now appear. Huh... Norman Osborne, 
    eat yer heart out. There are 6 of these guys and the game lists them 
    as Black Cat’s escorts. So get over to them and start kicking arse! 
    Web Strike works wonders against the flying enemies, where as normal 
    melee combo’s are great against the non fliers. Remember that you can 
    block attacks with the Web Shield by pressing and holding R1. After 
    taking out the Green Goblin knock offs, Moon Knight will appear! Uh-
    Oh, seems he thinks you were behind the robbery!? Not to worry 
    though, Spidey quickly explains the situation and now we’re off to 
    Black Cat -   
    Keep in mind that you will need to make your way to the rooftop where 
    she arrives at. Black Cat is fast and agile. She is accompanied by a 
    glider enemy, so take him out with Web Strikes first. As for attacks, 
    well she has one where she reels you in for a kiss and then kicks you 
    away, she can counter one of your hits and hurls you away, she has 
    slashing melee moves, she twirls her rope around and reels you in to 
    step on you, oh and be wary of using your Web Strike on her; she can 
    easily counter it and spins around you causing damage. She also loves 
    to pose. Try hitting her when she poses! After you’ve dealt a chunk 
    of damage to her health bar, she tuck her kitty tail in between her 
    legs and escape temporarily, leaving you with a few more glider 
    enemies. Take ‘em out with that old trusty Web Strike and get that 
    lost health back... if you were actually damaged that is! There are 4 
    glider guys. After besting them all, it’s time to wail on Black Cat 
    again. She’ll be on the wall for a short time this time round though. 
    After knocking another chunk off her life bar, you’ll need to face 
    another wave of glider bad guys, so do what needs to be done. There 
    are also a few enemies on the rooftop and the wall. If they get in 
    your way whilst fighting Felecia, then it might be best to get rid of 
    them first. It is also possible to tie her up with webbing! Impact 
    Webbing works wonders here. Keep up the attacks, watch out when she’s 
    twirling her whip around and you’ll eventually beat her! 
    After you’ve defeated Cat, follow the orange POI to find her. Also, 
    be ready. You remember those annoying cineractives from Spider-Man 3? 
    Well, they’re back unfortunately. Press these buttons in order when 
    X  []  O
    Don’t worry if you get it wrong, the cineractive cutscene will start 
    again from the beginning. However, it is quite fun to see the amusing 
    outcomes if you mess up on the cineractives at any button press! 
    Anyways, after doing that, follow the red POI. It’ll take you to the 
    top of a tallish building, begin climbing it and a cutscene will 
    play. Black Cat will start hitting on Peter and you’ll need to make a 
    choice again:
    Red suit choice – 
    Spider-Man rejects Black Cat’s offer and swings away. 
    Black suit choice – 
    Spidey embraces her offer and she tells him she’ll give him the city 
    Pick whichever one you want and you’ll get a Mission Complete! You’ll 
    also gain Black Cat as an ally along with Moon Knight. That’s 3 
    allies now. A new POI has appeared, so follow it (it’s quite far 
    away). The POI will take you to Moon Knight! I love his crescent moon 
    shaped aircraft. Talk to him. The following choices will be 
    - Under Construction
    - Save 3 civilians - OPTIONAL
    - Chat about Khonshu - OPTIONAL
    - Goodbye 
    You will start the next mission and also get an optional one 
    automatically. The optional one requires you to defeat 50 Kingpin 
    Tech Enemies. Your objectives for the main mission however are to 
    destroy 5 Wall Drills and to defeat 10 Tech Heavies. You should se a 
    red and white icon appear on the mini map, so head to it. The Tech 
    Heavies will be on the side of the building, around the Wall Drill. 
    If you want, you can just wait on the rooftop for them to come to you 
    if you don’t like Wall Combat. After they are defeated, destroy that 
    huge drill on the side of the building and begin swinging around. 
    Eventually another unique red and white icon will make itself known. 
    Do the same as the last time. Remember, you need to defeat 10 Tech 
    Heavies and destroy 5 Wall Drills. When you’re done and dusted, head 
    back to Moon Knight by following the POI and talk to him. These 
    options will be available;
    - Glider Tech  
    - Save 3 civilians – OPTIONAL
    - Chat about Khonshu – OPTIONAL
    - Police vs Kingpin – OPTIONAL
    - Goodbye
    Pick Glider Tech and then Goodbye. Okay, now we need to find an 
    intact glider component. So let’s follow that red/white icon on the 
    mini map. It’ll lead you to the glider enemies that you fought in the 
    Black Cat boss battle. Web strike is the way to go! After you’ve 
    beaten them, another red/white icon appears, so follow it. It will 
    lead to some more glider guys, beat them up to make yet another 
    red/white icon appear on the mini map. Head to it and you’ll see some 
    chocolate cake. Nah just kidding, it’s more enemies. Beat this group 
    and you should get that glider component! Follow that yellow POI back 
    to Moon Knight. You’ll find these options;
    - Go to Daily Bugle
    - Save 3 civilians – OPTIONAL
    - Chat about Khonshu – OPTIONAL
    - Police vs Kingpin – OPTIONAL
    - Goodbye
    Pick that first one, ‘Accept’ and then ‘Goodbye’. Follow the yellow 
    POI to the Daily Bugle, it’s not that far. Wait a minute, the Bugle 
    isn’t a target?
    Court Ordinance
    Crud, a timer... You have just under a minute to follow the new POI 
    to the courthouse. Clever, they used the Bugle as a false lead! After 
    the cutscene you will need to defeat 8Tech enemies, so what are ya 
    waiting for? Run around the courthouse, beating the buggers up. After 
    you take out the required number a cutscene will show... great, 
    bombs! I thought we’d seen the last of bombs in Spider-Man 3, 
    remember Luke Carlyle? Anyways, the courthouse now has its very own 
    shiny red health bar. You need to stop that bar from depleting. 
    Firstly, don’t bother with the enemies, just run up to the front door 
    and go near the bomb to pick it up. Now follow the POI to the bomb 
    squad and get near them to drop the explosive off. Head back and 
    start defeating some more enemies. Pretty soon, another one of them 
    will drop off another bomb. Repeat what you did last time. Those big 
    guys are the ones dropping the bombs off, so make sure you beat them. 
    If you cannot get to a bomb in time then it goes off, taking a chunk 
    out of the courthouse and its health bar.
    After you’ve done enough, a cutscene will show some red helicopters 
    dropping off some scrawny guys. Problem is they’re wearing huge 
    armoured suits. These things are hella annoying and cheap as they 
    love lobbing mini rockets at you which send you flying miles away.  
    You’ll need to defeat 2 of these to proceed. There are two ways to 
    defeat them. The fist is just using melee attacks and acrobatics to 
    hit them and avoid their attacks. Alternatively you can do the 
    - Switch to Black Suit.
    - Chuck a car at the suit. 
    - Run up to it and press Square.
    - Do the following cineractive – [], X, O
    This will disable a part of them. Now throw another car at the suit. 
    - Run up to it and press Square again.
    - Tap the X button repeatedly after Spidey has thrown the guy out.
    - Now pound on the suit before it comes to life again, or you can 
    throw another car at it to finish it off.
    It sounds like a lot I know. These are definitely the most annoying 
    non-boss enemies in the game in my humble opinion. You also have to 
    watch the courthouse’s health bar still. After all that’s done, 
    you’ll get a Mission Complete! Follow that POI back to Moon Knight. 
    And this is where I’ve gotten 
    up to with the main walkthrough
    at this point. Be sure to keep
    checking, as I’ll be updating it
    VII) Unlockables
    Nothing!! That’s right, there is nothing to unlock in the whole game. 
    Fingers crossed for some Downloadable Content though!
    By the way, the Nintendo Wii version has 6 exclusive costumes, which 
    is really effing unfair. I mean, what makes that console so special? 
    The costumes are; 
    Cosmic Spider-Man
    Ben Reilly
    Cosmic Spider-Man
    Iron Spidey
    Spider Carnage
    Spider-Man 2099
    I hope these costumes become downloadable content in the near future, 
    but FREE Downloadable content. I mean, why should we have to pay 
    extra for something that the Wii owners got for free?
    VIII) New Game +
    Tired of losing all your upgrades and moves whenever you want to 
    start a new game? Fear not, because there’s a way around that! Just 
    follow these simple steps true believer;
    - After beating the game, watch the credits all the way through.
    - You’ll be back on the main menu, so press continue.
    - The credits will start up again, so let them play fully again.
    - You’ll be back on the main menu, now quit the game and go back to 
    your PS3’s menu screen.
    - Load the game up again. 
    - On the main menu, select the continue option again.
    - The game will begin from the beginning, but you have all your 
    upgrades, moves, experience points and Spider Tokens!
    IX) Frequently asked questions
    Q) Can I get to the other island in this game?
    A) Unfortunately, you can’t get to Roosevelt Island. This is strange 
    because you could get to it in the other Spidey games...
    Q) Bummer. What about the subways and sewers from Spider-Man 3?
    A) Nope. Treyarch really were quite lazy with the explorable areas in 
    this Spider-Man title and also removed all the free roaming subways 
    and sewers. Which is crap, cause I loved swinging through all the 
    winding tunnels and stuff.
    Q) Damn it! What about...
    A) No, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty are again unvisitable. 
    Makes you wonder why they bother putting them into the games really 
    doesn’t it?
    Q) Hey, I’ve heard that song in the intro before! What is it called 
    A) The song you are referring to is Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata!
    Q) Why has the Playstation 2 version of this game received so much 
    A) Because it is a 2D sidescroller. Activision didn’t tell anyone 
    that a completely different company (known as AMAZE Entertainment for 
    some odd reason) was developing the PS2 version of Web of Shadows, so 
    many people found out after they had purchased it. From what I’ve 
    read, it’s not a very well made game at all. People have said it’s 
    extremely short, Spidey’s punches go through enemies, the last boss 
    fight is a complete joke and more. Sheesh, they did this with Spider-
    Man 3 in 2007, but at least that was a 3D free roaming game!
    Q) Is this game based on any of the movies?
    A) Nope, it’s based on the long running Spider-Man comic book series. 
    There is however a small nod to the movies. Spidey goes (whilst 
    fighting enemies on gliders) “Ugh, the Green Goblin is so 6 years 
    ago! Kids today are into the Sandman and Venom!” or something 
    similar. This is a reference to Spider-Man the movie which came out 
    in 2002 (6 years before this game) and Sandman and Venom were of 
    course villains in Spider-Man 3 (2007).
    X) Trivia
    - Keep a look out for the blown up Superhero Registration Act 
    newspaper cover in Times Square.
    - One of Spidey’s quotes references the Spider-Man movie series 
    directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst.
    - For the first time since Spider-Man 2 the game (2004), Roosevelt 
    Island is no longer accessible. 
    - It is no longer possible to get to the very top of the Empire state 
    - The city map (accessible by pressing the Select button) from 
    previous games has been changed. It is now completely blue in color. 
    To select it, go to Options/Missions then press the X button.
    - Wolverine has a My Face page! Dork!
    XI) Glitches
    ##### Will be done in  #####
    ##### a later update!! #####
    XII) Special thanks and No thanks
    Thanks go to – 
    - Treyarch for making this game
    - Stan Lee and Steve Ditko for giving us the webbed wonder that is 
    - Me for writing this guide
    - You for reading it (unless of course you’re someone I hate)
    No Thanks go to – 
    - Activision for lying to Playstation 2 owners once again
    - Amaze entertainment for thinking that the PS2 can only handle lame 
    rushed 2D games
    - The long bloody search I had to go through to get a copy of this 
    Looks like you’re done now, go outside and play.

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