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    FAQ/Walkthrough by thecrobar

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/14/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    1. Introduction...(IT1)
    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction........(IT1)
    2. Controls............(CT2)
    3. Gameplay............(GP3)
    4. Guide...............(GD4)
       Luke Cage...........(CLZ)
       Moon Knight.........(MNZ)
    5. Closing/Contact.....(CC5)
    Hello, and welcome to my guide for Spiderman: Web of Shadows. This is 
    my sixth FAQ. The purpose of this guide is to provide strategies for 
    how to complete the main game, as well as tips for general combat and 
    strategies. The guide is organized in to six sections: controls explain 
    the game’s controls, gameplay provides tips for general combat and how 
    to upgrade your abilities, and the main guide is the way through the 
    game. The introduction and the closing section have contact information 
    as well as some other information about the guide. If you have any 
    questions, you can contact me at wcrobars@hotmail.com
    2. Controls...(CT2)
    Left Stick.......Move 
    Right Stick......Camera
    X/Square.........Light Attack
    Y/Triangle.......Web Strike
    B/Circle.........Web Shoot (Red Suit) Tendril Strike (Black Suit)
    D-pad Down.......Summon Ally
    D-pad Up.........Dismiss Ally
    L.Bumper/L1......Wall Run
    R.Bumper/R1......Block/Wall Crawl
    L.Trigger/L2.....Spider Sense
    R.Trigger/R2.....Web Swing
    Click L.Stick/L3.Change Suit
    Click R.Stick/R3.Center Camera
    3. Gamplay...(GP3)
    This section is designed as a tutorial of sorts. It details concepts 
    and strategies for combat, as well as just general tips for moving 
    around the city and how the game works.
    A. Getting Around
    You have all of Manhattan to explore, so why not get to it? (Other than 
    the imminent invasion...) Spiderman has tons of different ways to move 
    around the city. The most basic is the web swing, using the right 
    trigger. The web swing latches on to a nearby building and swings you 
    in arc. You can either jump out of a web swing or press the trigger 
    again to continue, and when you push the button combined with your 
    height will move you along either quick and low or send you flying high 
    into the sky. Simply tapping the Trigger will allow you to web zip, 
    which moves you in roughly a strait line. Use of both will have you 
    swing through the city in no time.
    Spiderman also has the ability to crawl on walls. He can perform 
    multiple actions on the wall in order to move around: just moving the 
    left stick will have him move around on the side of the building, 
    hitting the L. bumper will have him start a wall run move that moves at 
    a much fast pace. Finally, you can also press the Right trigger to jet 
    up the side of the building with a web zip.
    B. Map
    Your map sits constantly in the lower right corner of the screen. It 
    can tell you a lot about the world, if you know how to read it. Here is 
    a key for the map:
    Blue Dots: Allies. For much of the game these are your quest givers, 
    but that changes about 2/3 of the way through the game. After that 
    point, Blue dots become SHIELD agents as well as quest givers.
    Red Dots: Red Dots are enemies. Typically they’re only situational, in 
    that they only appear during missions or encounters on the map. Later 
    on they’ll appear a lot more and it becomes harder to tell real enemies 
    from zombie like creatures that, while technically enemies, really 
    don’t pose much of a threat. Look for the more mobile ones to spot real 
    Symbols: Symbols (variable by what crime is going on) represent crimes 
    that are occurring in the city. These usually boil down to one group 
    fighting another, and the symbol we’ll be colored depending on which 
    groups are involved. Crimes aren’t necessary to stop when you see them, 
    but they do provide experience. 
    Green Dots: Other heroes fighting along side you. They appear in 
    certain missions as well as when you have a hero summoned. (See below)
    Flashing symbols: Flashing symbols are perhaps the most important to 
    recognize, as they represent mission critical objectives. Symbols will 
    change from mission to mission, but they will always be very noticeable 
    on your map as they’re about 4-5 times the size of other emblems and 
    C. Combat
    Spider man has a multitude of abilities at his disposal for combat, but 
    the most significant is the ability to change his suit. Early in the 
    game, you’ll gain the ability to switch between the Red suit of the 
    traditional upstanding Spiderman and the Black stymbiote suit. The 
    suits have mostly the same abilities, but they differ in execution: the 
    Red suit is fast and acrobatic, focusing on the use of fast hits and 
    long combos while the Black suit deals out tons of damage with brutal 
    attacks by sacrificing speed. Each suit is useful, but for the most 
    part the share the same abilities:
    Light attacks are the bread and butter of combat. They are relatively 
    weak when compared to other attacks, but they come out fast and can 
    combo opponents easily. With upgrades, the Red Suit can eventually add 
    a long multi-punch attack on to the end of a combo, whole the Black 
    suit adds an ability to damage opponents that have been knocked down. 
    Your basic attacks also work in the air, as well as on the sides of 
    buildings. You will have different combos for each location, as well as 
    for the different suits, so it definitely pays to master them all. 
    Web strikes are Spiderman’s best friend, and the most useful move. A 
    Web strike will send a length of web at the nearest/targeted enemy, 
    drawing Spiderman close. When at close range, any number of buttons can 
    be pressed to either deal damage or throw the enemy, even rebounding 
    off of their face and dealing damage. Rebounding will let you web 
    strike another foe, and for each sequential strike Spiderman will deal 
    more damage. Web strikes vary by suit: Red gets the ability to combo 
    enemies out of web strikes with multiple new web strikes, while Black 
    gets the ability to slam in to enemies and grind them along the ground 
    to bash in to other enemies. Web strikes are probably your best 
    attacks, and the most versatile and useful in the game. However, they 
    can be broken by enemies and certain ones have a tendency to do it 
    quite often. Watch for the telltale web break to avoid being countered.
    Spiderman has access to two different types of projectiles, depending 
    on the suit. The Red suit can launch bundles of Web at enemies, which 
    both immobilize them and deal damage, whule the Black suit can shoot a 
    tendril that can grab enemies and pull them close for more punishment. 
    Web should be used in situations with lots of enemies where you have to 
    protect other characters, as it allows you to tie up a few enemies and 
    focus on more powerful ones. Tendril attacks are great for closing 
    distance between you and an enemy, and after a few upgrades they can 
    take down most of the weaker foes in the game with almost no effort.
    Spiderman’s health bar is the green bar in the lower right hand side of 
    the screen. Obviously, health is your life source: lose all of it and 
    you’ll die. However, there are ways to recover health. For both suits, 
    simply retreating from combat an waiting a minute will slowly restore 
    your vitality. The Black suit recovers health much slower, but it can 
    also gain back health by dealing damage to enemies. Those are really te 
    only ways to gain health: there aren’t any health pickups or bonuses, 
    so you’re just going to have to get lots of combos to stay alive. 
    Imagine that!
    Spiderman has a special bar in addition to his health bar, which can be 
    used for two different things. The first is special moves, which are 
    activated by pressing the Left bumper/L1 and one of the face buttons. 
    These act as more powerful versions of Spiderman’s basic moves. To be 
    honest, they aren’t really that great and I don’t use them much. 
    They’re mainly useful for getting out of tight situations, but 
    acrobatics work just as well. Your special bar is also used for 
    summoning allies. Allies come in the form of heroes or villains you 
    will meet throughout the game, each one joining you at a specific point 
    in time. Which ones you summon are based off of your morality: heroes 
    will aid a good character and villains will aid an anti-hero. (More on 
    morality later) For the most part, the different allies play fairly 
    similarly to each other. Experiment with each to find your favorite, 
    I’m not going to spoil who shows up here.
    D. Alignment
    Your alignment is mostly a storyline item, but it can affect which suit 
    performs better in combat and what allies you’ll have access to.  Your 
    alignment is determined by two factors: which suit you use in combat 
    and what decisions you make in the main game. Decisions crop up at 
    various points in the game, allowing you to choose between the Dark 
    suit response and the Light Suit response. These often turn out the 
    same way, the only difference being how that conclusion is reached. 
    Will you tie up a criminal with web and hang him by a lamp post or beat 
    him unconscious? The other factor that determines your alignment is the 
    suit you use. Each time you defeat an enemy, you’ll get a few points 
    towards either the good or evil side of things depending on which suit 
    you used. No one alignment is better than the other, and I’d recommend 
    playing through the game at least twice to see the different story 
    options. Your alignment will ultimately determine which ending you get.
    E. Upgrades
    During Combat, you’ll gain experience points. You can use these points 
    to level up tour abilities in any number of categories: ground combat, 
    web strikes, aerial combat, special moves, etc. You can upgrade any way 
    you want, and if you complete most of the optional missions then you’ll 
    have enough points to buy everything anyway. In any case, here’s what I 
    recommend buying for each suit:
    Red Suit:
    Ground Combo moves, especially the uppercut.
    Aerial Combos, the Red Suit’s are much better than the Black Suit’s.
    Same with Web Strikes, the Red Suit’s are much better.
    Finally, the web shoot upgrades are mostly useless until later in the 
    game, where they become very useful and highly effective.
    Black Suit:
    Ground Combo moves, buy the targeted tendril strike ASAP.
    Wall Combo moves, the Black suit’s are much better than the Red’s.
    Anything under Tendril strikes, they’re amazingly useful.
    Anyhting that increases your grind distance for Web strikes. They’re 
    not amazingly useful, but it’s amazingly fun to skate around on 
    F. Tokens
    Tokens are small blue and red spider emblems that can be found all over 
    the city...and there are a ton of them. 2,120 of them to be exact. This 
    basically means that every building in the city has one on, near, o 
    around it. Thankfully, you only need to find 2,000 for the game to 
    register as having them complete. Also, finding 1,000 of them makes the 
    rest show up on your radar. So what do these annoying little bundles of 
    joy do? The increase your base stats, increasing your speed and letting 
    you deal more damage. They are no doubt important to collect, but don’t 
    feel you need all of them unless you want the achievement. Here’s where 
    each of them is located:
    Wouldn’t it be funny if I listed where over 2,000 collectibles were? 
    These things are easy as pie to find, you’ll probably find over a 
    thousand without even trying which will give you the radar. Good 
    4. Guide...(GD4)
    This guide is split up in to sections based off of which character is 
    currently giving missions to you. Each section is then split up into 
    Missions and Optionals.
    Missions: Missions are required to complete the game. Pretty simple 
    really. Mission structure tends to work along the following lines: you 
    will get assigned a mission from another hero. That mission will 
    introduce a concept- say “save hostages in Stark tower” for instance. 
    After you save the hostages from the main mission and complete it, you 
    will get a second mission- using the hostage example again, something 
    like “save five hostages”. These will be located around the city and 
    you will need to find them, rather than having one set place to look 
    for them like the previous mission. Normally I won’t give too much of a 
    strategy for the second mission type as it’s just a repeat of what 
    you’ve already done, but they are often different and thus require an 
    A. Prologue...(PLZ)
    Spiderman walks along the top of a building. A Hovercraft crashes on 
    the roof top near him. Strange symbiote like creatures swarm across the 
    roof top fighting against SHIELD soldiers. What caused all of this? 
    You’re going to find out. 
    Mission: Prelude
    This is basically just a tutorial. I won’t spoil anything that’s going 
    here with an explanation, just know that you’ll eventually come back to 
    this point. None of the enemies in this mission will should pose a 
    threat to you, so just use it as a way to get used to the controls and 
    how Spidey feels. Follow the onscreen prompts, and you’ll soon complete 
    the mission. 
    Mission: He’s Back
    Four days prior to the events you just witnessed, Venom has attacked 
    Spiderman and Mary Jane. Before the fight he’ll infect you with part of 
    the symbiote, and the fight itself acts as a tutorial for how to use 
    it. The easiest way to damage Venom is to throw cars at him. Lock on 
    and throw away. After a couple of those, he’ll move to the side of a 
    builbing, where you can try out the Black suit’s combos against him. 
    Finally, he’ll move back down the street and walk veeery slowly towards 
    Mary Jane. Throw more cars at him to end the fight. If that seemed 
    short, don’t worry. You’ll see him again
    Mission: Follow the Ambulance
    All you have to do for this mission is follow the ambulance. You should 
    be pretty used to the controls now, but play with them some more if you 
    need to. Bonus points if you land on the ambulance and ride it to the 
    hospital. (Not really, but it would be cool.)
    Mission: Surgical Strike
    You need to take care of the thugs in front of the hospital (odd place 
    to fight, isn’t it?) It’s pretty hard to dies here, so just take out 
    the enemies and get used to how your moves string together. Soon 
    enough, Luke Cage (The Power Man) will show up and make things even 
    easier for you. Finish off the rest of the thugs to activate the next 
    B. Luke Cage...(LCZ)
    Luke Cage is known as the Power Man. He had experiments performed on 
    him during his time in prison that gave him titanium hard skin. This 
    has made him all but impervious to bullets and bestowed him with 
    incredible strength. He resides in the uptown park.
    Mission: Stop 5 Crimes
    For this mission you need to defeat more gang members scattered around 
    the city. Head north a bit and you should spot a crime soon enough on 
    your radar. Move to it and take out the thugs, and from there you 
    should start to see a few more pop up on the map. If you’re having 
    trouble finding them, you can use your spider sense to help pinpoint 
    their locations. The gangs themselves are easy to take down, just keep 
    mobile to avoid the gun fire and you’ll come out unscathed. After the 
    fights are over, go see Luke Cage in the park.
    Luke will have a single mission available, though you can also hear 
    about the gang wars if you want by talking to him some more. When 
    you’re ready, take the mission. Most of Cage’s missions will act as a 
    sort of tutorial for your abilities, so they’re mostly easy and pretty 
    hard to lose in.
    Mission: Uncommon Sense
    This mission acts as a tutorial for your spider sense and lock on 
    abilities. Just follow the prompts on screen to identify the informant 
    and the four shooters. (As if anyone would have a hard time, they’re 
    the only ones with guns.) Defeat the four shooters to finish the 
    Head back to Luke for two more optional missions. You can do them at 
    the same time, along with your regular mission, so you might as well 
    take them both.
    Optional: Defeat 25 enemies
    Self Explanatory. You’ll end up doing this pretty much automatically, 
    so don’t worry about having to go and hunt down every last baddie in 
    the city. Beating this mission will open up another optional mission...
    Optional: Defeat 75 enemies
    Do I really need to explain this one? To fight enough people in time 
    for the mission to count (see further on), you will have to actively 
    seek out thugs in the streets. It isn’t difficult, just a little time 
    consuming. Defeating that unlocks...
    Optional: Defeat 150 enemies
    Unless you’re really dedicated to fighting crime, this is just a waste 
    of time. Move on to bigger and better story missions, which will give 
    you more experience for a lot less work.
    Optional: Rescue three Civilians
    You will occasionally come to an injured civilian in the streets. Pick 
    them up by getting close, and make it back to the hospital (the same 
    one from earlier) before the timer runs out for some red points.
    Mission: Spider Sense 10 enemies
    Continuing your tutorial, Cage will tell you that using your spider 
    sense can help you find enemies among civilians. This mission is all 
    about using that ability. Find and defeat ten enemies to complete the 
    mission, then return to cage.
    Cage will have a single mission open for you this time, another 
    tutorial mission.
    Mission: Cage Match
    This mission is a sparring match against Cage. The focus of the match 
    is to learn how to web strike, abort a broken web strike, and counter a 
    broken web strike. Just do as Cage says and follow the prompts, it 
    doesn’t get any easier than this. Finishing this match will unlock a 
    new mission.
    Mission: Web Strike 10 enemies
    Use your spider sense and mini-map to find enemies, then fight them 
    using web strikes. Simple, this is really just a continuation of your 
    training mission.
    Mission: Chain Reaction
    This mission has you using, you guessed it, chain reactions. You need 
    to chain together web strikes to take down multiple enemies in a row, 
    resembling a Quick time event. These are actually very useful, so pay 
    close attention to the tutorial.
    Cage will now suggest that the best way to stop the gangs is to form a 
    truce by helping one of them. It just so happens a hit is planned 
    against one the gang’s leaders, so it’s up to you to stop it to get in 
    to their good graces.
    Mission: Defend the Gas Station
    First you’ll need to head over to the yellow objective marker on top of 
    the building. After that, you’ll see five cars show up and attempt to 
    take out the gang leader. Pick the red suit here, you’ll want the 
    speed. The easiest way to take out the cars is to web strike them: two 
    web strikes per car will finish them off. You could also use the eagle 
    kick to flip the cars, but that requires pretty good timing. Finally, 
    you can just try jumping on top of the cars but I wouldn’t recommend it 
    as you need to be pretty precise. You’ll need to be quick about 
    defeating the thugs, as the gas station has a heath meter (!?), which 
    will explode when it reaches nothing and kill the gang leader.
    This unlocks two new optional missions and one new regular mission.
    Optional: Heavy Hitters
    When this mission becomes available, check it out to have “heavy 
    hitter” enemies added to the basic gang members. These guys use bats 
    (which are surprisingly much more effective than bullets), and are 
    about eight feet tall. They can actually deal some serious damage and 
    they tend to break your web strikes most of the time, so be careful 
    when dealing with them. You need to defeat ten to finish the mission.
    Optional: Low-riders
    After the Gas Station mission, enemies will start roaming around in 
    cars. Take out five of them just like you did in the Gas Station to 
    complete this mission, though they can sometimes be hard to find.
    Mission: Wrecking Ball
    Yawn...another tutorial. This mission is about learning to use swing 
    kicks. Do what Cage says. Repeat. Unlock better missions.
    Completing the above unlocks a new optional mission, a well as another 
    regular mission. The regular mission is a bit special: once you accept 
    it, it will clear all of your optional missions from the record. Once 
    you’ve done all you want to do with Cage, start the mission by going to 
    the yellow dot on the map.
    Mission: Confront the Gang Leader
    After going to the yellow dot, a group of enemies will show up. 
    Apparently, the gang boos doesn’t want to talk. There are a lot of 
    enemies here, but they will thank fully spawn in groups at either end 
    of the street. This makes them prime targets for swing kicks: a well 
    placed kick can eliminate an entire group of enemies. Remain mobile and 
    in the air to avoid their gun fire. It doesn’t deal much damage, but it 
    can hurt when there’s so many of them to deal with. After defeating all 
    of the enemies, you’ll have a chat with the leader and be on your way.
    Make your way to the new marker while you listen to MJ’s call. Upon 
    reaching the marker, you’ll activate the final mission with cage.
    Mission: Defend the Parley 
    When the gang members arrive, Spidey will notice that snipers have 
    approached. Time to take care of them. The focus of this mission os to 
    take down all of the snipers in a set time limit, each one you kill 
    giving you more time on the clock. The easiest way to do this is to use 
    web strikes: they’re pretty even spaced amount the buildings so that 
    with a little maneuvering you’ll be able to get nearly every single one 
    without any trouble at all. After you’ve beaten the first wave, a 
    second wave will show up in pretty much the same places, and they can 
    be taken out in the same way. You’ll get your first morality decision 
    after you defeat all of the snipers: the good option is to tell them it 
    was a set-up, while the evil option is to not tell them and have them 
    continue the gang war.
    Completing this mission finishes your quests from Luke Cage. 
    C. Moon Knight...(MKZ)
    Having discovered that the gangs were set up to destroy each other, 
    Spiderman decides to investigate the city’s richest crime bosses. He 
    starts at the top: Kingpin.
    I. Mission: Go to Kingpin Tower
    You won’t be meeting the Servant of Khonshu just yet. First, make your 
    way over to the new mission marker- Kingpin tower. Spidey figures hat 
    the snipers had to have been funded by someone with a lot of money, so 
    he decides to start at the top by checking out Wilson Fisk, AKA the 
    II. Mission: Stop Black Cat
    Upon reaching the tower, you’ll run in to Black Cat. She’ll run away 
    from you, and a begrudging Spidey will decide to give chase. Chase her 
    over the rooftops, and use the LB to run up the sides of buildingd of 
    you miss hitting the top. She’s fairly slow, so during the chase feel 
    free to pick up any spider tokens that happen to be on the roof tops 
    you land on. Eventually, she’ll some to another building and gain some 
    Defeat Black Cat’s Escorts
    Black Cat will summon six guardians from seemingly nowhere, who will 
    help her to fight you. Four of them resemble Iron man, while the other 
    two look like copies of the Green Goblin. To take out the guys in 
    suits, equip your black suit and repeatedly pummel them on the ground. 
    They have a nasty shockwave m,ove they’ll use, so avoid fighting them 
    on the sides of buildings. To take out the Green Goblin wannabees, 
    repeatedly combo them in the air with web strikes or normal combos with 
    the red suit. After you’ve defeated them, Moon Knight shows up and the 
    two head after Black Cat again.
    Defeat Black Cat
    After catching up with Black Cat you’ll have to fight her. Black Cat 
    doesn’t have many moves of her own, but she will counter most of your 
    moves if you aren’t careful on approach. Her moves are mostly either 
    close range punches or long range grabs with her grappling hook. To 
    damage Black Cat, either use web strikes (though be careful, she will 
    often counter them if you aren’t prepared) or simple punch/kick combos. 
    Black Cat isn’t very offensive and her moves don’t deal that much 
    damage, so you shouldn’t have much of a problem here.  
    During the fight, Black Cat will summon more guards. Whenever they 
    appear focus on defeating them before continuing to fight her, as they 
    can easily overwhelm you. You’ll also have to move between buildings to 
    keep on Black Cat’s trail, though they’re very close together. After 
    defeating Black Cat, follow her to her penthouse to be faced with 
    another choice: You can either refuse her advances for a light side 
    option or accept her offer for mischief for a dark suit choice. In any 
    case, head back to the Spector industries tower to meet up with Moon 
    Knight and get your next assignments: one mission and two optional 
    Mission: Under Construction
    Your first mission under the direction of Moon Knight has you chasing 
    after the Kingpin’s men and their... building drills? Yes, building 
    drills. Use your Spider sense to locate groups of enemies to fight, the 
    mission requires you to defeat 10 heavy soldiers and break five drills. 
    The drills will show up on your map as skull icons, and you should go 
    after them whenever you seem them. There will usually be a few enemies 
    around them, so you can find the enemies you need to kill here too. 
    After this, head back to Moon Knight for your next mission.
    Mission: Glider Components
    An extremely short mission, this requies you to find working glider 
    components for Moon Knight to Analyze. To find them, just find some 
    enemies on gliders and beat them up. Pretty soon, one of them will drop 
    this. Return to Moon Knight to complete the mission and get a new one.
    Mission: Go to the Daily Bugle/Save the Courthouse
    Head over to the Daily Bugle, the yellow marker on your map. Upon 
    arriving you’ll realize that it isn’t the real target: it’s the 
    courthouse down the street. Quickly make your way down to the 
    courthouse (you’re timed here) to find enemies setting up bombs around 
    the building. We can’t have that now, can we? Zip over to the bomb and 
    take it to one of the nearby disposal locations, which are flashing 
    blue on your map. You’ll have to repeatedly do this throughout the 
    course of the fight, as more bombs will be laid around the building. In 
    the interim, take care of the enemies in the area. 
    After you’ve gotten rid of all the bombs, two mechs will show up. To 
    take care of these, change into the black suit and lock on to them. 
    Chuck a car at them to stun them once, and run up to them and initiate 
    a short button press event to rip of their main gun. A second car will 
    stun it once more, and another QTE will allow you to pull out the pilot 
    and destroy the mech. Do this for both to complete the mission.
    Mission: Birds of a Feather
    Make your way over to the enemy hideout to find out that an old friend 
    has been making the technology for all these criminals: the Vulture. 
    He’ll get mad tat you’ve interrupted him, at which point the fight will 
    continue to the roof. The Vulture will mainly use his wings to attack; 
    either throwing projectiles at you or swooping down to try and hit you 
    off the building. The easiest way to damage him is to simply web-strike 
    onto him and hit him a few times. Be careful though, as he will hit you 
    if you try it more than once in a row.
    After you’ve chipped some of his health off, some of the glider enemies 
    will show up. This is where the fight gets really fun. The Vulture is 
    now too far away to get to from the building, so you need to use the 
    gliders as stepping stones in order to get over to where he is. Web 
    strike from glider to glider until you get to the Vulture, then attack 
    him a well. Keep airborne by using web zips or web strikes to latch 
    onto the Vulture. After he’s taken some more damage, he’ll charge you 
    and you’ll end up back on the roof.
    The Vulture will repeat this pattern two more times, each time with 
    more glider enemies. This actually makes it easier, as there are more 
    enemies to latch onto in the air. When the Vulture is just about done, 
    you’ll enter a QTE to finish the fight and bash him into the ground. 
    You now have a choice: the good option leaves the Vulture for the 
    police, while the dark option
    Mission: Staging Area
    Make your way to the area marked on your map to find some more of 
    Kingpin’s goons, both gliders and Iron man nock-offs. Defeat 12 of them 
    using a combination of web strikes and wall combos, then make your way 
    up to the roof. It will at first seem that your facing a few regular 
    enemies...but then people show and beat the tar out of them. You’ll now 
    be fighting a huge wave of regular people that seem to have some sort 
    of spider power. They’re fast and can be pretty deadly, so watch 
    yourself and retreat if you need to heal. After a minute of surviving 
    against them, the cops will show up and you’ll escape to leave you 
    wondering what the hell is going on.
    Mission: Defeat Five Groups of Deranged Civilians
    Like it says on the tin: you need to hunt down five groups of the 
    deranged civilians from the previous mission. They should be fairly 
    close to your starting point and you shouldn’t have to look far to find 
    them, so get crackin’. The symbiote suite works great against these 
    guys, especially if you have the tendril slam moves. Report back to 
    Moon knight after completing the fight to find out something is amiss 
    in Hell’s kitchen...
    Optional Missions:
    I. Optional: Rescue Three People
    Just like before, resuce three people for some bonus experience. Just 
    keep your eye out during the part two missions and should get this no 
    II. Optional: Defeat 50 Kingpin Troops
    Also like before, you can kill 50 troops to gain extra experience. 
    You’re all but guaranteed to get this if you get it early, so don’t go 
    out of your way to hunt down every soldier you come across. This then 
    leads into “Kill 100 Kingpin Troops” and “Kill 150 Kingpin Troops” as 
    III. Optional: Stop Five Kingpin Gang Wars
    All you need to do for this one is defeat five gang wars going on at 
    the points on the map. Easy to get while you’re going for other stuff 
    like the kill X amount of troops challenges or even regular missions.
    IV. Optional: Kill one Mech
    After the Courthouse mission, mechs will begin patrolling the streets. 
    Take this mission and kill one of the mechs to gain some extra 
    experience. Otherwise avoid them: they take a while to kill and for 
    good-sided characters they might require you to earn some unnecessary 
    dark points. 
    D. Wolverine...(WVZ)
    The infection in the city is spreading, and Wolverine knows more about 
    it than you do. However, you’ll have to convince him you‘re actually 
    Spiderman before he’ll agree to help you.
    Mission: Scarring Partners
    Upon arrival at the next location you’re greeted by an old friend: 
    Wolverine, who can smell something odd on you. You’ll have to fight 
    Wolverine to prove you aren’t infected, but you’ll also have to answer 
    some questions about Spiderman from the comics to help that along. The 
    answers are listed at the end of the mission for those who wish to test 
    their knowledge, otherwise just skip to them when you need to.
    When fighting Wolverine there is one key rule: stay the hell away from 
    him unless he’s grounded. Wolverine does a ton of damage and it’s all 
    at close range. Most of his attacks are fast dashes followed by long 
    combos, and it really hurts to get caught in one of them. To avoid 
    this, run around the arena and wait for him to try one before going in 
    for a web strike. Most of the time once a single Web strike hits, you 
    can start a chain of them to repeatedly damage Wolverine. When he’s 
    grounded, move in for a combo or hit him into the air to put some more 
    hurt on him.
    Twice during the fight you’ll be swarmed by crazed civilians. To avoid 
    dark points, attack them and not Wolverine (though you will get dark 
    points when wolverine gets hit, which is sort of silly). In any case 
    the battle will shortly resume, so be prepared for more Wolverine 
    fighting. Eventually you’ll wear him down and astound him with your 
    knowledge of yourself, ending the fight.
    Answers, in Order:
    Richard and Mary
    Ned Leeds
    A mutant
    May Parker
    Mission: Sense of Dread
    This mission you’ll learn about finding the disguised symbitoes. To 
    find them, you need to activate your spider sense with the black suit 
    on: after a moment a dark wave will shoot out. This will cause all 
    symbiotes in the area to go berserk and come after you. To complete 
    this mission, just follow Wolverine and activate your spider sense when 
    he tells you to. This will cause symbiotes to appear, which you will 
    need to kill. After you’ve killed enough of them, 3-4 skirmishes worth, 
    the mission will be complete. 
    Mission: Find Covert Symbiotes
    Similar to the last mission, you need to find and hunt down 10 covert 
    symbiotes. The easiest way to do this is to go to a heavy traffic area 
    on street level and activate your spider sense. Keep in mind that this 
    only counts for covert symbiotes, not the ones on top of roofs that are 
    already acting crazy.
    Mission: Track Down Venom
    This is a long one, and it can be difficult if you haven’t been keeping 
    up on your upgrades. Go to the yellow marker on your map to find the 
    source of the crazed civilians, Venom. He’ll sick a group on you, 
    defeat them to continue. From this point on, use the Black suit in this 
    mission. The tendril grabs work mush better against Venom than web 
    strikes do, and they allow you to get up close and damage him as well 
    as keep up at the same time.
    Venom will start running through the streets, infecting people as you 
    go. There’s no way t stop him from doing this completely, but you can 
    help by using tendril strikes to keep up with him. When your close, 
    repeatedly hitting him will prevent him from infecting anyone. When the 
    symbiotes start to show up (even if you’re amazingly fast, they always 
    seem to), ignore them for the most part and focus on Venom. Eventually 
    you’ll come to an alleyway, where you find Venom and a Pod. 
    To win here you need to kill the pod, the black tentacled thing in the 
    middle of the area. Don’t use web strikes or tendril strikes, as it 
    almost always counters by beating you against the floor. Get in close 
    and use combos and it should go down fast enough. After it’s dead, 
    Venom will take to the streets again and you need to give chase once 
    more. This section is much longer than the first, so don’t feel bad 
    about temporarily retreating if you need to gain back some health. 
    Venom will finally come to another alleyway, only with two pods this 
    time. He will be much more active in fighting this time, and you will 
    need to defeat him as well as the pods. He doesn’t take any damage 
    until the pods are gone though, so make them your first target. When 
    fighting Venom, wear the black suit and make use of tendril strikes 
    like before. Approach with one and do a combo, then retreat back. It’s 
    important to stay defensive here, as Venom’s combos deal a ton of 
    damage and can be hard to avoid. After defeating Venom, the mission is 
    Mission: Destroy Three Pods
    Hot off of the last mission, you’ll need to track down three pods 
    marked on your map by a grey symbol. Venom isn’t around to defend them 
    this time, so just be wary about getting ganged up on by the symbiotes 
    here and this will be rather easy. There should be one to the North of 
    your starting location, one to the south in the first alleyway from the 
    last mission, and one should be in central park. 
    Mission: Find S.H.I.E.L.D
    It has become apparent to our hero that this is becoming a city wide 
    epidemic. It’s time to head over to the SHIELD quarantine center that 
    marked on your map. Upon arrival you’re greeted by Black Widow and 
    promptly arrested. However, that’s put on hold when a deranged Electro 
    shows up and tries to break into the quarantine center. Cue 
    chase/battle sequence!
    Electro will move through the city streets incredibly quickly. His 
    pattern splits between two different strategies throughout the 
    fight(s): he’ll either run away from you (during which he is pretty 
    much invincible), or set up electric barriers and try to shoot 
    projectiles at you. The only time you can damage him is during the 
    latter part: wait for him to set up his barriers and then jump through 
    them-there will always be a very conspicuous gap- and in the air 
    perform a web strike. When close to Electro after the strike, follow up 
    with some punches and kicks to add more damage. 
    Eventually the fight will come to one of the quarantine areas, which 
    Electro will break in to. You’ll have to dispatch a few enemies outside 
    before he will appear again, but after he comes back he’ll move faster 
    than ever. After chasing him for some time he’ll stop on some train 
    tracks and fight you for a while. This is your main damage dealing 
    window time, so get to pummeling using the same strategy as before. 
    When he’s almost done he’ll make another stop at a quarantine zone 
    before running again. He will finally come to a power plant, where you 
    will have to perform a short QTE to stop him for good. (sort of) 
    Defeating Electro ends the mission.
    WARNING: Accepting the Next Mission will cancel all of your optional 
    Mission: Hidden Symbiotes
    Hot of the symbiote hunting mission, you’ll get access to the symbiote 
    hunting side mission. Your goal in this mission is to hunt down the 
    symbiotes pretending to be regular humans. Like before, the easiest was 
    to do this is to just find the most crowded area you can and activate 
    your Dark Suit’s spider sense. 
    E. S.H.I.E.L.D...(SDZ)
    Things have taken a turn for the worse. With the Venom symbiote 
    spreading, the small infection has become a city-wide epidemic. SHIELD 
    has been called in to manage the decaying New York, but Spiderman has 
    his own idea of how to stop the invasion.
    Mission: Ryker’s Island
    Upon investigating the Shield quarantine at the bridge, you’ll be 
    “prompted” by Kingpin to try and find one of the geniuses that so 
    typically live in New York. Sadly, none of them are home. So what’s the 
    only other option? Break the Tinkerer out of Ryker’s Island maximum 
    security prison. You’ll be faced with a moral choice: Do you want a 
    begrudging Moon Knight to Fly you there (good), or an all to compliant 
    Vulture (who somehow escaped your last encounter already)?
    Who ever you choose, you’ll end up on Ryker’s Island. Your first task 
    is to enter the main courtyard, which will sound the alarm. This 
    unlocks a room in the upper left hand side of the yard with a switch in 
    it. Press the switch to get your battering ram: The Rhino. To control 
    the Rhino, web strike onto his back. X makes him move forward, while B 
    stops. Bash through the gates on the other side of the area to come to 
    another courtyard. Here you need to destroy the generators, those large 
    machines on ground level, using the Rhino’s charge. After destroying 
    all of them, you’ll open a gate in the adjacent courtyard through which 
    the Rhino can charge in to the prison proper.
    Inside, you’ll be faced with another dilemma: Let the Rhino go (Evil) 
    or trick him into staying (good). Personally, the “good” option makes 
    you seem like kind of a jerk after he just helped you, but oh well. 
    This completes the mission, and after certain events you’ll be returned 
    to the city proper.
    Mission: Support SHIELD Strike Teams
    As you can see, the city has taken a turn for the worse since you went 
    off to Ryker’s. Your first mission requires you to help out SHIELD 
    strike teams on the island, a simple mission that introduces you to the 
    new New York. The new white symbiote enemies barely register as a 
    threat, so don’t bother with eliminating all of them. Other than that, 
    just get to the markers on your map and save five teams to complete the 
    mission. All you need to do to save a team is kill all the symbiotes 
    attacking them, so get to it.
    Mission: Escort them Out
    Nothing like an escort mission to fury up the blood. For this mission, 
    you’ll be escorting a SHIELD APC as it goes around the city and picks 
    up stranded civilians. The APC can’t shoot and move at the same time, 
    so it’s important to clear enemies out of the way and defeat them if 
    they get to close, lest the APC be destroyed. The first group of 
    civilians are inside of a building after you move a ways with the APC, 
    so you won’t need to worry about protecting them. Stay close to the NPC 
    and fend off any enemies tat get close until the people come out of 
    hiding and get on board. It’s probably not a good idea to use too many 
    web strikes this mission, as they leave you too far from the APC and it 
    may get attacked. 
    The second group is more complicated. You’ll need to move down a street 
    and defend them away from the APC. Stay close and focus on the Black 
    symbiotes: they’re fast and can take down the civilians easily, while 
    the civilians can defend themselves from the white ones fairly well. 
    When the wave comes from up on the building, web strike one and try to 
    aim it so that the shockwave knocks them off the building on to street 
    level where the civilians can help you kill them. After that wave is 
    dead, head back to the APC. 
    The final wave is just down the street from that one. This time there 
    are only three civilians, but they’re on top of a building and you need 
    to carry them down. Swing over as soon as the scene is over and web 
    strike on to on to climb up the building faster. Ignore the other enemy 
    for now and get back to the APC. Go after a second civilian, but this 
    time kill any enemies on the roof. After bringing him down, clear the 
    area around the APC before going after the final enemy on the roof. 
    After he is saved (or dead...) the mission’s over.
    Mission: Assist Three Escorts
    This is basically just a continuation of the last mission, only easier. 
    Find an APC in the city and follow it around as it picks up civilians. 
    Defend it just like in the last chapter, only now the civilians are 
    much closer to the APC and will run there automatically.
    Mission: Confront Kingpin
    This can be a hard mission if you don’t know what you’re doing. The 
    first task is to make the long journey across town to Kingpin tower. 
    You can admire the changes to the city along the way. You’ll find the 
    tower is pretty much a fortress once you get there, and you need to 
    disable the shield before you can enter and talk to Kingpin. 
    There are two generators on the bottom of the tower, resembling big 
    sticks sticking out to the side. To remove them you need to get close 
    and hammer the X button, but there are a lot of enemies that are going 
    to try and make this difficult for you. Take some of them out before 
    going for the generators to save yourself some grief for later. 
    The third generator is near the top of the tower, and should be dealt 
    with just like the other two. After destroying it, move to the top of 
    the tower. Here you’ll need to take out all of the enemies in top. 
    Doing so will allow you to pry open the door with another prompt, which 
    ends the mission.
    Mission: Who Needs Enemies...
    It’s a real shame they couldn’t have just let us in the front door the 
    first time around. This mission is the EXACT SAME MISSION that you just 
    did, only in reverse. When it starts you need to defend the top of the 
    tower from Symbiotes. You’ll then need to turn on the upper generator 
    the same way you turned it off. Finally, you’ll have to hit the lower 
    generators. The only difference is that this time, you might have to 
    defend one of the generators from attack. If the message pops up, just 
    go to the generator and kill the enemies surrounding it.  Otherwise, 
    it’s the same as before.
    Mission: Charged Up
    Despite the fairly cool set-up of getting to ride on a hovercraft, this 
    mission is just a single brawl on top of a building. Just use your 
    combos and web strikes to beat the Electro based symbiotes in to 
    Mission: Stop Electrolings
    For this mission, you’ll need to prowl the streets north of the rooftop 
    you were just on. Each encounter on your map has 2-3 electrolings and 
    two electroling pods, which can be fairly deadly teamed up against you. 
    I’d recommend summoning another hero to help here: it takes a lot of 
    the heat off of you and it’s easy to keep them around if you’re killing 
    enough enemies. Just remember that their kills won’t count towards your 
    goal, so go for the pods and electrolings before they kill them.
    Mission: Find the Source
    Head to the marker to find a few Symbiotes, which you need to defeat. 
    Chase the one that survives to their nest, where you’ll need to destroy 
    four pods. After destroying the pods, an old friend returns Electro is 
    back, and he’s crazier than ever and has symbiote power to boot. The 
    good news is that this time around it takes a lot less damage to put 
    him down. The bad news is that he does a LOT more.
    The only real way to defeat Electro is to use Web strikes. These allow 
    you to get past the countless projectiles that will be thrown at you 
    during the fight. Electro will always return to the platform in the 
    middle of the area, so at least you know where to find him. After 
    hitting him a few times, he’ll begin to absord power. Continue to 
    damage him during this step, but watch out for when he breaks your 
    strikes. Combined with the lightning at close range, it can take off 
    nearly half your life. 
    When the Electric charge bar fills all the way, Electro will create 
    four more pods that need to be destroyed. I am not positive if there is 
    a set number of times this occurs during battle (I’ve gotten it three 
    during both plays) or if it’s predetermined, by rush to destroy the 
    pods anyway to return Electro to a damageable state. When Electro is 
    charging energy, beware getting close. It’s much safer to just let him 
    create then pods than go in and try to damage him when he has all the 
    electricity around him.
    After defeating Electro, you’ll be faced with two options as to how to   
    rid him of the symbiote.
    Mission: Air Lift
    For this mission you will have to help SHIELD hovercrafts lift 
    civilians out of the city. The First bundle of civilians is located in 
    a small park downtown, and you will need to defend them while the 
    hovercraft lands and removes loaded passengers. The easiest way to do 
    this is to summon another hero to help you, then just pick up the 
    people and carry them to the hovercraft yourself. It’s much faster this 
    way, and you really only need to watch for when the civilians are 
    captured by the Symbiotes.
    The next two locations are on top of buildings, which actually makes 
    them a bit easier. As you work your way up the sides, eliminate any 
    enemies you might come across. Once on top, work o ferrying the people 
    over just like before. Beat any enemies that get close, and this 
    mission is easy.
    Mission: Air Lift Redux
    Ready to play the exact same mission over again? The only difference 
    this time is that the hovercrafts will load all of the people on a 
    given rooftop, which at least makes the mission move faster. Just 
    finish it and move on to more interesting ones.
    Mission: Vulturelings
    Like the electroling mission, you just need to get to the roof top and 
    defend the agents from the new flying symbiotes. The flying symbitoes 
    are weak, but they’re very fast. Take the few out at the tower to 
    complete the mission, then talk to Moon Knight.
    Mission: Kill lots of vulturelings
    Noticing a pattern yet? This mission requires you to kill 10 
    vultureling pods and 30 vulturelings. The vulturelings themselves are 
    easy to kill, but the pods can prove challenging. They’ll nest on 
    rooftops south of your location, and if the pods attack you they’ll 
    fling you off the building. Use repeated web strikes to build up power 
    and bounce from the vulturelings to the pods in order to do a lot of 
    damage to them. Other wise, you can head a few blocks north and pick up 
    a flare for the airstrike. Dropping one off on the roof will take care 
    of the symbitoes, but it might just be faster to kill them yourself. 
    After you’re done, talk to Moon Knight and head back to Stark Tower.
    Mission: Defend the Safe Zone
    Symbiotes are attacking the shield, and you need to stop them. They 
    attack the three main gates that power the shield, one to the far left 
    the middle an the far right. This mission can get pretty hectic, so it 
    might help to summon a hero in order to help. The actual mission is 
    simple: all you need to do is move between the gates and take down the 
    symbiotes that are attacking them. You’ll need to move fast to prevent 
    them from getting through the gate, so just fous on the symbiotes 
    directly attacking the shield before moving on the next area.
    After a few minutes the Helicarrier will show up. It’s now time to call 
    in an airstrike, so move to the tent to do so. Before it happens 
    however, a berserker symbiote will break through the shield and charge 
    towards the door. You’ll need to defend the door for one minute before 
    the strike happens. The easiest way to take out a berserker is to get 
    it in the air, where it’s absolutely helpless. After saving the door, 
    the mission is over.
    Mission: Get to Harlem
    This isn’t so much of a mission as it is an objective. You need to go 
    back to Harlem, to be specific the area Luke Cage was at the start of 
    the game. It’ll take a while, but you don’t need to fight anything on 
    the way if you don’t want to. Watch the scene then head to the church, 
    near Moon Knight’s building.
    Mission: Defend the Church
    Your first task in this mission is two fold: you’ll need to defend the 
    church from attacking symbiotes and kill 32 of the little buggers to 
    continue. The church is easy to defend if you use the bell like the cut 
    scene tells you to: it will confuse the symbiotes and stop them from 
    attacking momentarily. To make things even easier, you have Wolverine 
    to help you defend the place. Whenever you see the bubble showing that 
    an area is being attacked (there are three: one on the front and one on 
    each side of the building), ring the bell to stop the symbiotes and go 
    to where they were. Eliminate them and continue on your merry way
    After that, the hovercraft will show up to escort everyone out. 
    However, it will get stopped by some symbiotes and after Logan jumps 
    out to stop them... lo and behold, we have Symbiote Wolverine. 
    Wolverine is crazy deadly at close range, to the point of being able to 
    almost kill you with a single combo attack. You’re going to want to 
    bait him in to performing an attack, then attack him when he’s 
    vulnerable. Don’t bother using web strikes against him, as he counters 
    them almost 100% of the time. Keep up the fighting against him and 
    he’ll soon go over to a pod. This gives him symbiote armor.
    The armor doesn’t really change his attack pattern, it really just 
    seems to give him more defense. Chip away at it like the previous 
    section, being caeful about approaching. The uppercut move works really 
    well here, as does the black suits ground combos. As a side note, you 
    might want to destroy the other pod in the area. I’m not positive, but 
    it may give Wolverine another coat of armor if you don’t destroy it. A 
    little more than halfway during the fight you’ll have to enter a few b 
    button presses to not get smashed by the bell, so be ready.
    This fight is basically just a war of attrition: you want to dart in 
    with quick moves and get back out before he recovers. Don’t take 
    chances and play safe, and you’ll ring him down eventually. Beating him 
    gives you a moral choice as to how to purge the symbiote from his 
    Mission: Harlem Evacuation
    This is another escort mission. This time you’ll be guiding a caravan 
    of Cars from Harlem a looooong way into the city. Summon a hero to help 
    you defend the cars, and get started. As usual, ignore the drone 
    symbiotes and watch out for the bigger ones. The only vehicle that has 
    to stay alive is the bus: all of the others can and will take damage, 
    but only the bus must not be destroyed. 
    There are four points that the caravan must be escorted to. The first 
    one shouldn’t be any problem: just go ahead of the convoy and take the 
    pods before they arrive. The second one is much like that. The third 
    time you’ll have to activate the barrier  before the caravan will move. 
    Make yor way to the SHIELD soldiers and defend them whole they try to 
    get the shield operational again. You’ll need to do that again for the 
    fourth and final shield. When the convoy reaches the fourth shield, the 
    mission is complete.
    Optional Missions:
    Optional: Save Civilians
    It’s a lot easier to do this time, somewhat ironically. There are 
    people who need help everywhere and there are tons of “safe spots” to 
    leave them at. You should get this without any problems in without even 
    trying too hard, especially since people saved in missions by airlift 
    or APC rescue count in to the overall total.
    Optional: Symbiote Purge
    Like the other “kill X amount of X” missions, you need to eliminate a 
    set number of Symbiotes for each level of the mission.
    Optional: Save Infected
    This is a tricky one that will basically happen by accident. You can 
    purge a symbiote from a human by repeatedly hitting an already dead 
    symbiote. With enough force (though it appears random as well) you can 
    literally punch off the symbiote, leaving a regular person behind.
    Optional: Symbiote Samples
    You can help the tinkerer create his bomb by bringing him samples of 
    defeated symbiotes. There are six different samples from the different 
    enemies, so get cracking and find them on your defeated foes.
    Optional: Air strike
    Air striking enemies isn’t introduced in any of the main missions, but 
    boy is it useful (and fun!. To perform an air strike, you’ll need to 
    pick up a flare from one of the many “safe” domes around the city.  
    You’ll then need to find a symbiote pod. Drop the flare near the pod 
    and run away, a timer will count down. After the timer’s done an air 
    strike will hit the area and obliterate all of the symbiotes on the 
    area. Repeat as needed, but remember that these can be used during 
    missions as well. They’re very helpful in ones where you have to fight 
    a certain amount of enemies and pods at the same time, and can even up 
    the sometimes unfair odds.
    Optional: Destroy Pods
    Again, fairly simplistic. If you get this early enough you’ll get the 
    first couple of levels just by completing regular missions, so you may 
    as well get the extra experience. The only difference is that you need 
    to return to Kingpin to complete the mission in stead of Black Widow.
    F. Finale...(FNZ)
    This brings us to just before the game started. Remember the prologue? 
    Well, when you got to the checkpoint Mary Jane wasn’t there. A 
    Distraught Spiderman eventually finds her, but is attacked by 
    symbiotes. He chases after Felicia, whom he saw just before he was 
    Mission: Symbiote Black Cat
    When you reach the yellow marker, Felicia will run up to the top of the 
    tower. Meet her at the top to start the fight. Unlike the other 
    Symbiote heroes you’ve faced, Felicia isn’t very strong. No, her 
    strength comes from her range. She has multiple ranged attacks that 
    draw you in close so she can deal damage, so you need to stay in the 
    move. The other factor that comes in to this fight is the countless 
    symbiotes she’ll summon during the match. These are really more of a 
    threat than she is, so watch your back. 
    Like with Wolverine, Black Cat will break just about every single web 
    strike you use against her. Instead opt for close range combat, closing 
    the distance with your uppercut or the black suits regular combo. 
    Felicia is easy to lose amongst all of the other symbiotes, so keep on 
    her and keep dealing damage as much as possible. Once you’ve gotten her 
    health down about a third some “help” shows up in the form of Mary 
    Jane. She hops on the roof and starts dispensing the justice with her 
    Shotgun. (Didn’t Luke Cage get on the same hovercraft she did? Can’t he 
    Well, help is sort of a subjective term here. Mary Jane doesn’t really 
    do anything other than be a target for symbiote attacks. You’ll need to 
    constantly move up to where she is in order to fend off attacking 
    symbiotes and keep her health up, otherwise she’s a goner. Other than 
    that, just keep the pressure on Black Cat and she’ll go down pretty 
    fast. Be prepared for some button inputs at the end of the match, and 
    another moral choice at the end, which determines what girl you get.
    Mission: Stop Symbiote Vulture
    Well, the Tinkerer’s bomb is in place and ready to wipe the symbiote 
    scourge from the city. It would be at least, if Symbiote Vultre hadn’t 
    covered it with Venom goo. It’s up to you to stop him. Grab a ride on 
    the SHIELD hovercraft and head over to Vulture’s new play ground.
    I either have good news or bad news, depending on how much you liked 
    the first Vulture fight. This fight is nearly the exact same fight as 
    the previous one, the only real difference being how you stay in the 
    air and how much damage you and the Vulture deal to each other. The 
    first stage of the battle starts off similarly, but you’re going to 
    want to take out the pods on either of the platforms in the area before 
    continuing to fight the vulture. They will spawn more vulturelings, 
    which is the last thing you need. After taking them out, damage Vulture 
    like before: using a combination of web strikes and aerial combos to 
    stay close while avoid his attacks. After dealing some damage to him, 
    you’ll move on to phase two.
    In phase two, you’ll be presented with more vulturelings and a faster, 
    enraged Vulture. You can move around in this new area like normal by 
    grabbing on to the Hovercrafts with your web, as well as the plenty of 
    vulturelings and the Vulture himself. To win in this portion, all you 
    really need to do is lock on to the Vulture and deal out the pain as 
    fast as you can. He has a pretty small health bar, so it shouldn’t take 
    that long once you get a pattern down. 
    After the mission is completed you will have another moral choice. The 
    catch with this one is that there is no option for you to choose: there 
    have been seven choices up to this point, so whichever side you’ve gone 
    with more will be automatically chosen here. Factors largely into the 
    Mission: Helicarrier 
    You’ll now head to the helicarrier to destroy the symbiote infestation. 
    Whichever ally you have on your side will advise you about what you 
    need to do here: the first task is to remove three jamming devices 
    preventing them from opening the doors to the cargo area. All of the 
    units on the Helicarrier will attack you, so take out whoever is on 
    your way as you eliminate the three generators: there is one on the 
    front of the ship and two on the back right next to each other. 
    After taking out the generators (you might have to get rid of the 
    enemies around them to make it easier), the cargo doors of the ship 
    will open to reveal a bomb producing machine in the cargo bay. Get down 
    there to be face with two berserker symbiotes and a third regular one. 
    As with other berserkers, knock them into the air and make them your 
    punching bag to take them out quickly. Grab the bomb and take it up to 
    the upper deck, where you’ll need to place it. Doing so unlocks the 
    other cargo door with the other bomb inside of it, along with its three 
    symbiote guards. This time the bomb needs to be placed under the ship, 
    to get there web strike the vulturelings around the bottom of the ship. 
    Placing the final bomb ends the mission, but it isn’t over yet...
    Did you really think you’d finish the game without finishing your fight 
    with Venom? Well, he’s back and he’s had a change in appearance. Venom 
    now has a few extra heads which will attempt to bit you and slam you in 
    to the ground during the match. His main mouth will also continually 
    vomit up all kinds of lesser symbiotes during the match to complicate 
    things for you.
    Venom’s weakness, surprisingly, is the extra heads he’s grown. To 
    defeat him, watch for when he puts one of his heads slightly forward to 
    attack you. When he does, Web strike on to it to damage it a bit. To 
    defeat Venom, you will need to do this three times to each head. It 
    might sound a bit cowardly, but the easiest way to accomplish this is 
    to constantly stay on the move from his other attacks and the symbiotes 
    he summons, only going forward when one of the heads comes forward to 
    After you’ve damaged the heads about halfway, Venom will vomit up a TON 
    of much more difficult speedy symbitoes and Berserkers mixed together. 
    You don’t have much of a chance against s many powerful foes at once, 
    so stay on the move to avoid their attacks and come forward when Venom 
    is vulnerable. Eventually you’ll destroy the last extra head. This 
    prompts a volley from the Helicarrier to damage Venom, initiaing a 
    final button pressing sequence. Keep on your toes as you spar with 
    Venom, both verbally and physically. At the end, you will be given a 
    final morality to choice: to spare Brock or to toss him in to the 
    Congratulations, you’ve beaten the game! You will now witness one of 
    the four possible endings:
    Good Ending:
    Activated the Bomb, Picked Mary Jane
    Evil Ending:
    Didn’t Activate the bomb, Picked Black Cat
    Hero Ending:
    Activated the bomb, Picked Black Cat
    Anti-Hero Ending:
    Didn’t activate the bomb, Picked Mary Jane
    You can also go back and play the game a second time with the same file 
    by continuing after credits, with all of your upgrades and tokens 
    carried over. A good time to see other endings and find the rest of the 
    spider tokens, if you haven’t already done so.
    5. Closing...(CC5)
    This guide is my property, and you are only being allowed to use it. As 
    such, I must insist that you not use this guide for any personal gain 
    or profit off of it in any way. You are free to use this guide as you 
    see fit as long as it comes within those confines: you may print it, 
    make a hat out of the pages, or create some pleasant origami. I don't 
    care as long as I maintain ownership of this guide. Do not distribute 
    it without my permission, but if you would like it on your website feel 
    free to contact me at wcrobars@hotmail.com and I will more than likely 
    allow it. I hope this guide has been useful, and I thank you for 
    reading it.
    This guide, like all of my guides, is dedicated to cats. 
    Copyright Woody Crobar, April 13 2009.

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