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    Walkthrough by chissssss

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/31/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    SPYRO: DAWN OF THE DRAGON                                                      
    	for WII                                                                
         BY:  chissssss                                                            
    Version 1.0:                                                                   
    	got up through the Village of Avalar level                             
    	more to come later.                                                    
    Table of Contents:                                                             
    I. Catacombs;  L01                                                             
    II. Twilight Falls; L02                                                        
    III. Village of Avalar; L03                                                    
    IV. Dragon City; L04                                                           
    V. Underground Ruins; L05                                                      
    VI. Ruins of Warfang; L06                                                      
    VII. The Destroyer; L07                                                        
    VIII. Burning Lands; L08                                                       
    IX. Floating Islands; L09                                                      
    X. Malefor's Lair; L10                                                         
    How to read the guide:                                                         
         To jump to any certain level you may be stuck on, use the code typed after
    that level (for example L01 for the first level). Press and hold the control   
    button and then press the F key and type in your code. This should jump you to 
    the level you want. Each level starts with a list of things you might want to  
    find while playing. You can see the same list in the game by pressing 2 on the 
    wiimote and pressing + or - until you find it. The guide will explain where to 
    find all of these things in order as it walks you through the level. Any       
    interesting things that might be helpful to you are stated in side notes. These
    start with an asterisk (*) For example: *side note* it might be useful to know 
    that once you have a certain amount of mana or health holding down the + button
    and then holding B transfers your health to the other player. The same can be  
    done for mana by holding + and Z. They don't seem to tell you this in the game 
    until near the end, and it is very useful. Any things that are important to pay
    attention to right at that moment will have an exclamation point and both ends.
    Also, when I say big green and red crystals, I mean the oval ones that increase
    mana and life meters.                                                          
    I. Catacombs,  L01                                                             
         Items to find:                                                            
              0 armor                                                              
              1 big red crystal                                                    
              10 big blue crystals                                                 
              1 big green crystal                                                  
              1 elite enemy                                                        
         Starting off, after a cut scene in which Spyro and Cynder are chained     
    together, you will find yourselves chained to the floor in a stadium type      
    area. Two waves of goblins/cremlins will be sent to attack. A good strategy for
    getting rid of them is to press A+B (at the same time) while facing an enemy to
    grab it and then pressing B repeatedly to slam them. It is also a good idea to 
    read the tutorial pop-ups that will appear during this fight to figure out some
    basic moves. You should be able to make short work of both waves. When you are 
    done, a golem will crawl up out of the lava. Immediately run to the center of  
    the floor and press A+B next to the plate object in the center. Alternate      
    shaking your wiimote with shaking the nunchuck quickly to pull open the plate  
    and free yourselves.                                                           
    BOSS FIGHT, GOLEM I                                                            
    	The golem is not that hard the first time around. You won't fully beat 
    him this time. He basically just slams his hand around trying to squash you. Go
    to the left side of the stage. There will be a trench or stairway there. If you
    go down into it, the golem will smash his hand into the side of the arena      
    there. If you are having trouble with the golem, you can stay there, wait until
    his hand smashes into the side, then hold B or swing the wiimote to swoop      
    forward and land hits. This however, takes forever, and if you can you should  
    just dodge around the left side avoiding getting hit and wait until the golem  
    rests his hand on the left side. Then run up to it and attack repeatedly by    
    pressing B quickly. Whenever any blue crystals spill out, be sure to collect   
    them. After crystals come out of the golem's hand about two times he should be 
    "defeated" and crawl back into the lava. He'll be back.                        
         Next, double jump (press A twice) next to the pillar that fell onto the   
    stadium. Cross it like a bridge to the right. You can explore the stadium room 
    if you want, but there is nothing too important to find here except some pots  
    that can be broken for little blue crystals. *side note* you can break pots,   
    rock formations, and wooden beams for small blue crystals, but they are worth  
    so little it might not be worth it except for at the game's beginning.         
         Continue on to the next room. Another cut scene will play. Note the red   
    crystals. Break them with B to get more health. Move through a passageway into 
    another opening and watch another cut scene. Follow Hunter (the cheetah guy)   
    across some pillars listening to the tutorial to tell you how to glide. Again, 
    there is nothing really important in here except for some pots to break. After 
    you make it almost to Hunter, the golem attacks again. He slams Hunter, (don't 
    worry, he's okay), and throws you into an upper room. Be ready to push A when  
    the symbol saying A appears at the bottom of the screen. When playing two      
    players, make sure you both press A.                                           
         In the next room, note the save spot. It is purple and glowing, and you   
    can walk into it and press B to save. Fly down to the lower platform and watch 
    yet another cut scene. Destroy the green crystal to restore your mana and get  
    ready for a fight. Several waves of cremlins will attack. They will be even    
    easier to beat now that you have mana. Press the - button to switch between    
    elements and the Z button to shoot the element of your choice. If you run out  
    of mana during the fight, replenish it with the green crystal which will       
    reappear. There are four waves of goblins this time. *side note* blue crystals,
    big and small, give you experience to be used for your element abilities. Press
    1 go to elements to upgrade. If you want to unlock galleries, focus on         
    upgrading fire and poison first. However, for battles, earth is good to upgrade
    as the boulder can deal with enemies surrounding you if you jump on them when  
    in boulder form. Wind is also good for getting a lot of combos once you get the
    the twister form (press C to activate this on the back of the nunchuck) Combos 
    both unlock a bonus and also give you full fury power faster (this will be     
    explained later). Use fire breath from Spyro to get rid of both vines.         
    Replenish your health with the red crystal and then move on past Hunter.       
         In the next room, there your first big blue gem right in the middle of the
    room. Break it with B. Pull down the switch to the right of the door and have  
    someone grab the adamantite ore by pressing A+B for both. Jump up the stairs to
    the next level. There will be an air current in the middle and an electric bar 
    on the far right corner. Use Spyro's electric element on this to pull some     
    extra stairs out. You have limited time to do this, so quickly jump up from    
    stair to stair until you get to the top where Hunter waits. There is a circle  
    on the floor at the base of the stairs leading to Hunter. Whoever has the ore  
    press B by this to drop it. This will open the gate so you can go through.     
    Before you do this, there is a big red crystal in this room. It is at the top. 
    After you jump over the blocks that the electricity brings out (a waterfall    
    flows down between them) follow the blocks back away from the waterfall. Fly   
    (press A three times) in that direction to reach a block with the big red      
    crystal and break it. If you fall while doing this, as long as you already     
    opened the gates with the ore, just use the wind tunnel in the center of the   
    room to fly back to the top. Go to the next room.                              
         In this room, first go down to the floor and pull a double lever by a big 
    elephant statue (both players if there are two must pull it by pressing A+B and
    shaking the wiimote and nunchuk next to it). Then get a big blue crystal at the
    top of some blocks in a back right corner. You should be able to see it from   
    the gates. Then, from there, face away from the gates and look down and to the 
    right. You should be able to see a big green crystal, fly down and get it. Then
    look back in the direction of the gates and you should see another big blue    
    crystal. Get this one and return to the top by the gates. Go straight out from 
    the gates to the vines in front of you. Jump to them and press A+B to grab on. 
    Climb to the top of this platform and turn left. Fly that way to the next vine 
    covered platform and do the same thing here to get to its top. Turn to the     
    right and fly out towards hunter through a gap in a pillar ahead. Turn towards 
    the pillar and climb up the vines to get to the top. Turn left and fly towards 
    the big blue crystal that is across from you. Get it, then turn to the right   
    and fly towards the vines and blue crystal there. Attach to the vines, climb up
    and get the crystal. Turn to your right, and fly to the slightly lower platform
    there. At this point, the golem will attack again. Ignore him, but go quickly  
    because he punches at you now and again. Continue to the right and use the     
    vines and flying to get to another vine covered pillar in that direction. Climb
    up the vines on this pillar. If the golem's head is right next to you, you are 
    in the right place. There are breaks in the vine, so as you climb and reach    
    these press A to jump over the gaps and keep climbing. Jump off to the left and
    go that way to find some vines on the back wall that lead both up and to the   
    left. Follow these to the left to get another big blue crystal there (the golem
    can't attack in this corner). Go back the way you came and right this time onto
    another raised platform. When you get there, be ready to press A when it       
    prompts you to. This dodges the golem, who smashes his hand into the wall and  
    breaks it off there. Destroy the black crystal in the arm. At this point, if   
    you have low mana go back to the previous room to where the air column starts  
    and restore it with the green crystal. Once this is done, fly to the far side  
    of the room away from the entrance to get two big blue crystals that appeared  
    there, on either side of where the golem crawled up. Then go back towards the  
    gates and to the right when facing the gates to a pool and graves. An elite    
    enemy should show up. It looks like a gremlin wearing a mask. Whatever color   
    the mask is is the element you need to use against it first. Shadow seems to   
    show up very often (a black mask) with this first elite enemy. Use the mask    
    color element until the mask comes off. Then you can attack it with whatever   
    you want. A suggestion is to use grabbing on it again like the normal gremlins.
    (A+B then press B repeatedly, shake the wiimote or press A repeatedly.) He will
    give you a lot of experience. When he is dead, go back up to the top where the 
    golem's arm came off and up to where you see hunter waiting. There is a fallen 
    column you can use as a bridge to get up higher with nearby the area the elite 
    enemy showed up. At the top there is a save spot and a big blue crystal to     
    !Make sure you have everything you need at this point as you can't go back!    
         Jump down a long ways into a room with vines on the far wall. At the very 
    bottom of this room, there is your last big blue crystal to break. On the left 
    side of the room there is a platform that leads to a wall of vines to climb up.
    Climb up them and go forward until you see a doorway on your left. Go into the 
    final room.                                                                    
         There is a horn near the roof that Hunter will say opens the door. As soon
    as you get in here, go directly to the right. There is a double lever here.    
    Have both dragons grab it with A+B and pull it down. This will slowly lower the
    horn from the ceiling. Goblins will appear after a while to attack you while   
    you are doing this. You can usually do it in three waves. Defeat any goblins   
    that might attack or at least draw them away from the lever. Then quickly crank
    the horn down from the ceiling as much as you can. Continuing to do this will  
    eventually bring the horn all the way down and the enemies will go away.       
    Another strategy for beating large groups of little enemies is to have Cynder  
    use Shadow. Hold Z and then release under a group of enemies making them fly   
    into the air. Then have Spyro grab them in midair and pick them off one by one.
    You should know how to grab by now as it was explained earlier. Have Cynder use
    wind element and hold Z in front of the horn to blow through it and open the   
    door. The golem will then reappear yet again for a final attack this level. He 
    will grab Cynder and Spyro has to press B repeatedly to keep from being pulled 
    into the golem's mouth (a prompt will appear at the bottom of the screen again)
    There will be a cut scene where Hunter says you have to get to Warfang and     
    Ignitus and this is the end of the Catacombs.                                  
    II. Twilight Falls, L02                                                        
         Things to find:                                                           
              2 armor                                                              
              1 big red crystal                                                    
              7 big blue crystal                                                   
              2 big green crystal                                                  
              1 elite enemies                                                      
         You start off in a long cave leading out over a waterfall. Keep to your   
    right as you fly over the falls. There is a big blue crystal on a ledge near   
    the top of the falls. If you look around the right of the falls you should find
    the crystal. Then go straight to the left of the waterfall and down. There     
    should be two crystals to the left of you on a clearing on the left side of the
    river, one nearer and one farther to the waterfall. There is a save spot on the
    side farthest away from the waterfall and the second crystal is just behind it.
    There will be some enemies to fight here. Use elements and they will be easy.  
    Put the waterfall to your right and fly across the river to another clearing   
    where you can see some crystals. There will be some more fly-like enemies here 
    which should also be very easy. Follow the wall of the clearing on the right   
    around to a wall of vines. Use Spyro's fire with Z to clear the vines and get  
    another big blue crystal. Turn towards the river. There should be another      
    clearing across from and below you, that is further down the river. Fly to it. 
    It is the right one if Hunter says "They've found us" and enemies start        
    attacking. After some small enemies are destroyed a sort of mini boss appears  
    by a log and starts attacking. He isn't that bad, just use any elemental       
    attacks that you like and replenish health and mana when it gets low from any  
    of the surrounding crystals. After he is dead, the log he appeared in front of 
    will start to glow and a big blue crystal appears. Ignore the log for now.     
    Break the blue crystal that is about in the center of the clearing. Then follow
    the side of the clearing that is to the right when facing away from the river. 
    You should eventually come across some more vines. Use Spyro fire to get rid of
    them, then go past them and turn left. You will find a glowing chest. Open it  
    the same way you pull levers. You will get tail armor for Spyro that increases 
    attack speed. Go out again through the same way you came in and straight ahead 
    you should see a cave that is high up off the ground, a big blue crystal and a 
    big green crystal. Break them both, then fly up to the cave and and go in.     
    Straight ahead through it there is another big green crystal to break. Jump    
    down and there is a huge air current. Follow it around to another clearing. An 
    elite enemy should appear immediately. Remember to knock off his mask with the 
    element that is the same color as the mask before starting to attack him. There
    are crystals around to replenish health and mana when it is low. Use your      
    favorite element. It is a small fly so you should be able to grab it if you    
    want. Once the elite enemy is dead grab the chest that is at the end of the    
    clearing overlooking the forest below. It is near where the elite appears. His 
    mask is usually earth. The chest has bracers for Cynder that regenerate health 
    slowly. *side note* you should press 1 and go to the armor menu to equip armor 
    as soon as you get it. Equip the ones you feel will help you most. Fly off the 
    high ledge now past the chest. Find the clearing on the left side of the river 
    that is the furthest down the river when you face away from the falls. This is 
    the one with the glowing log. Use the same technique for chest opening to push 
    the log down. go across it and to the left towards some vines on a wall. Have  
    one dragon climb the vines to the top and the other holds A and moves the      
    joystick to swing back and forth. Swing to the right first where you will see a
    big red crystal to break. Once it is broken swing to the left instead. The     
    swinging dragon should press A+B to grab the vines either above or to your left
    and then climb to the top.                                                     
    !Notice: do not press A+B to go to the Enchanted Forest yet!                   
    There is a big blue crystal to you right when you are facing Hunter and a      
    little up. Once you have it you should be done. Press A+B by Hunter to         
    continue. There will be a cut scene in which Spyro and Cynder get knocked out  
    and captured and you will go on to the next level.                             
    III. Village of Avalar, L03                                                    
         Things to find:                                                           
              4 armor                                                              
              3 big red crystal                                                    
              19 big blue crystal                                                  
              3 big green crystal                                                  
              1 elite enemies                                                      
    	This level starts off with a cut scene. The leader of the cheetah's    
    apparently doesn't like you too much, but has to agree to accept your help when
    the village is attacked. When the cut scene is done, you have a big fight on   
    your hands. First you will fight a large group of fly things. Use elements and 
    grabbing to get rid of them as quickly as possible, as they are destroying the 
    village and when the village meter on the bottom right runs out you lose. After
    they are defeated flying creatures arrive. Grabbing may not work, so use       
    elements and B attacks to defeat them. I suggest ice or wind cyclones if you   
    have them as they give you more combos and fury power. There is a mana crystal 
    at this point for restoring mana power when it gets low or runs out. Once all  
    the enemies are dead, another cut scene will play and you will be assigned the 
    mission of finding a lost Meadow (a cheetah that got lost picking herbs.)      
         Starting from the save point in the village, the wall that is nearest to  
    it should be followed around to a little platform in the wall. Hop out of the  
    village over it and to the right of it there is a big blue crystal. Fly        
    straight out away from the village towards a big tree. Walk around it and there
    is a big red crystal near it to break. Turn towards the river and fly to the   
    right shore. Along the wall there should be some vines. Climb them until you   
    reach a tan smudge on the wall. You can run along this smudge by jumping of the
    vines in its direction and then pressing A repeatedly. Use this to get to      
    another set of vines and another wall smudge and then up onto a ledge. If you  
    are in the right place there will be a big blue crystal to break in the middle 
    and an elite enemy will appear. He is too big to grab, so after knocking off   
    his mask (probably with electricity) use B attacks and elements. long range    
    attacks are best. Use the mana crystal on the back left corner ledge to fill up
    mana once it's low and to rest (he can't attack you here if you stay far enough
    back). If you have the Cynder bracers that replenish health you can wait here  
    while she heals and have her give Spyro health so you can heal (how you do this
    is in the very beginning paragraph above. Once he is dead go towards the back  
    wall and left. There should be a mana crystal and to the left a place you can  
    glide to to get another big red crystal. Once you break it go back to the      
    elite's area. Fly down and follow the wall to the right. You should see a big  
    blue crystal straight ahead. Land on the ledge to the right of the crystal's   
    ledge and use it to get to the blue crystal. From there face away from the wall
    you just followed and there should be a lower ledge with a big green and big   
    blue crystal. Break both of them and kill any enemies that may attack. From    
    there face back towards the first blue crystal ledge and there should be       
    another big blue crystal at its base. Go and break this one. Then go around the
    ledge to the wall you originally followed around and follow it again to your   
    left. You should see another big blue crystal ahead. Continue following the    
    outer wall in the same direction until you see a waterfall and some vines next 
    to it. Climb up them into a cave behind the waterfall. Follow it to the left   
    and there will be a chest with a helmet for Spyro that increases defense. Jump 
    directly down from the chest cave and keep following the wall around in the    
    same direction. You will run into another big blue crystal. If you keep        
    following the wall, you run into a cave and some enemies. Remember where this  
    is and you can also defeat the enemies if you want. Go out of here for now and 
    follow the trees in the same direction as the wall. There will be a ledge with 
    a big blue crystal on it here. After you get it, continue following the trees  
    in the same direction until there is a right turn ahead. Go down it to find    
    another big blue crystal at its end. Keep following the trees around in the    
    same direction until you hit a mana crystal and some enemies. Beat them and    
    continue on to get to another big blue crystal at the end of the river. Then   
    turn left and fly across the river. There is a save spot here. Fly to the left 
    and follow the river until there is another opening in the trees to the right. 
    Fly down it to find another blue crystal. Keep following the outside wall again
    in the opposite direction the river flows. You will hit another waterfall on   
    your right that has a big blue crystal on the right and left of it to break.   
    Follow the river out again away from the waterfall and there will be a log to  
    push over. Push it as this is useful later. Continue following the river in the
    same direction until you come to a big blue crystal on the edge of a big       
    clearing. You should now have come full circle back to the village. Fly in the 
    direction of the big tree that had the big red crystal and past it towards a   
    little waterfall with a cave at its base. If it's the right place it should say
    "find Meadow" across the screen and show you the cave. Before you go in, look  
    back out away from the cave and there will be a big blue crystal ahead. Turn   
    back towards the cave and go up some vines on the wall to its left. You will be
    at the source of the river. To your left up here there is a chest with new     
    bracers for Cynder that slowly regenerate mana. Also back towards the very     
    beginning of the river there is a big blue crystal on the left side of the     
    river. After you have these things, drop back down to the cave under the       
    waterfall and go in.                                                           
         Follow the cave around to a fiery looking room where you will see the     
    cheetah Meadow hanging from a wall. Then you will realize "It's a trap!" Some  
    goblins with axes will attack you as well has a handful of fly creatures. Use  
    your favorite element on the axe goblins and grab the fly creatures to get rid 
    of them. At this point Meadow will be freed, but his leg is broken and you need
    to bring him a raft to get him to the village which requires a supply cave     
    which requires a key from a hermit. A lot of things to do! After the  cut scene
    that tells you all this is done, a cave behind Meadow opens up with a chest in 
    it. Open the chest for tail armor for Cynder that hurts enemies as they attack 
    her. Leave the cave now.                                                       
         Follow the river out and look for a waterfall on your left past the bridge
    across the river with a door on its left. Open it and go through to a cave.    
    Follow this out to a misty river area. On your left along the river there will 
    be a big blue crystal. Follow a path past this crystal to it's end where you   
    should see a big red crystal. After getting this turn around and you will see  
    another path to your right along the wall. Follow this and at its end there    
    will be vines along the wall to your immediate left. Climb up and to the right 
    until you see some wall running smudges. Use these as mentioned earlier to run 
    along to your right until you see a glowing log at the end of the path. Use    
    lever pushing technique to push over the log and some vines/cracks will appear 
    on the wall to your left. Climb up along these and then to the right. Be       
    careful as the brown vines break eventually. Move to the right from the top of 
    these vines and you should come to a clearing in which monkey skeletons will   
    immediately attack you. These aren't that difficult to beat. You can use your  
    favorite element, grabbing, or B attacks. After you beat them all, a cut scene 
    will be shown in which the bitter old hermit will do his creepy thing and Sparx
    steals the key to the supply cave that you needed. Before you leave this area, 
    a big blue crystal should be clearly visible on the ground of the area in it's 
    right corner that is the farthest away from the canyon where the clearing ends.
    Then in the other right corner there are vines on the wall above you. Climb    
    them and fly to your left to get to vines that break and lead to a big green   
    crystal. Climb up them quickly to get the crystal. Then go to the wall that is 
    across from the vines in the corner you just used and there should be vines    
    there too. Climb up these and fly to your right to get to a save point and also
    to a chest just past the save point to get bracers for Spyro that increase fury
    power. Leave the hermit area and go back to the meadow area. Find the supply   
    cave again by following the outer wall or the river. It is by a box that is    
    next to the river with a three lever spots on it and a bridge across the river.
    It also may be helpful to note that it is underneath a big windmill. Each of   
    you should grab some ore. Go out of the cave and follow the wall that should   
    now be on your left. You should eventually hit a corner that has a ledge above 
    you with a red crystal and big green crystal on it (the big green crystal is   
    behind a gate). Turn around in the opposite direction from the corner. On the  
    wall to your right a short way out you should see some vines. Use these and    
    follow them up and to the right past a wall running area. You will be on a     
    ledge with vines above you. Jump up to grab them and climb along them until you
    are over the high ledge with the gate. Drop one of the ores on the circle area 
    by the gate and it will open, allowing you to get the big green crystal. Find  
    the supply cave again in the way mentioned before and have the dragon that now 
    does not have an ore get one again. Follow the river upriver (make sure you    
    pass some nets along the way or it is the wrong river) from the supply cave    
    until you find a wooden ramp on the right leading up to the higher right shore.
    Then follow the river downriver along the shore. You should hit a dead end with
    one path leading left and one right. Take the left one and turn right when you 
    see a mana crystal. In the corner here is the final big blue crystal. Go back  
    to the mana crystal, turn away from it, and follow the wall on your left away  
    from the mana crystal through a small gap in the trees. On your left will be   
    some vines. Follow them up and to the right to get to a new ledge higher up.   
    You will see a save place. There will also be two circles to place ores into.  
    Put one ore on each circle and this will unlock the raft.                      
         Have one dragon grab onto the center of the raft with A+B and the other   
    fly ahead upriver to pull the raft. You will run into some nets. Jump off of   
    the raft (using A+B) and to the left of the river to a box. Pull the levers on 
    the box to get rid of the nets. Go back downriver to get back to the raft      
    again. Pull it upriver again until you run into a ramp. The raft will not float
    past this now. Some enemies will appear around another box across the river. Go
    over there and defeat them. It may be difficult as there will be several big   
    axe enemies. Once they are defeated pull the lever again to get rid of the nets
    and continue pulling the raft upriver. You will eventually get far enough to   
    start a cut scene in which you take Meadow back to town and Hunter is freed. If
    you have everything at this point, go to Hunter and press A+B to go to Warfang,
    the next level.                                                                
    To Be added.......                                                             
    IV. Dragon City, L04                                                           
         Things to find:                                                           
              big red crystal                                                      
              big blue crystal                                                     
              big green crystal                                                    
              elite enemies                                                        
    V. Underground Ruins, L05                                                      
         Things to find:                                                           
              big red crystal                                                      
              big blue crystal                                                     
              big green crystal                                                    
              elite enemies                                                        
    VI. Ruins of Warfang, L06                                                      
         Things to find:                                                           
              big red crystal                                                      
              big blue crystal                                                     
              big green crystal                                                    
              elite enemies                                                        
    VII. The Destroyer, L07                                                        
         Things to find:                                                           
              big red crystal                                                      
              big blue crystal                                                     
              big green crystal                                                    
              elite enemies                                                        
    VIII. Burned Lands, L08                                                        
         Things to find:                                                           
              big red crystal                                                      
              big blue crystal                                                     
              big green crystal                                                    
              elite enemies                                                        
    IX. Floating Islands, L09                                                      
         Things to find:                                                           
              big red crystal                                                      
              big blue crystal                                                     
              big green crystal                                                    
              elite enemies                                                        
    X. Malefor's Lair, L10                                                         
         0 Things to Find, this is one big boss fight!!                            
    *Please don't email any questions, if you don't like this walkthrough, feel    
    free to write your own...*                                                     

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