Review by cool_boy_mew

Reviewed: 09/19/08

Simple game, amazing idea.

This game is pretty simple, it's 3 little and simple arcade-like games. There's the Square, Line and Ball.

-Square: The game is a big square grid, with each movement the game "move" and the grid goes up by one square. Each time you move the square leave a trail behind it, after a couples of movement that trail light on fire. The point of this game is to set on fire the blocks on the grid because if a block touch the bottom, game over. So when the fire reach the other block (let's say for example the fire touch a square of 9 little square, the fire spread on the block that touch the block that was initially lit). However you have to be careful, the fire counts as solid blocks and takes a couples of movements for it to go away, so if it touch the bottom or you get stuck, it's game over. Compared to the others games this one is more puzzle like because you can take your time and think the next move, nothing happens if you don't move. You finish a stage just by touching the finish line (And if there's still blocks on the field, they all disappear).

-Line: This one is weird, you have a ball with a line attached to it and the line is a straight and make a complete turn around the ball. To move, you just press A but it depend on where the line is, if the line is under the ball you will go down, if it's above, you will go up. You move in little circles and how you will move all depend on where the line is exactly, but you have to be careful with your move, especially if you do a big one the line will do little swing to regain it's full power, so you have to be careful. The point of the game is to simply reach the goal while avoiding (or destroying, with the line) the blocks, enemies (When you destroy an enemy, it's corpse fall down, if it touch other enemies you get more points a la Mario 100,200,400 .. etc) and shooting dots. Also in this one, you're given some grades depending how fast you finish the levels (More points? I'm not sure).

-Ball: This one is really simple, you're in a sphere and your ball is spinning in a direction, you just press A to spin it in the other direction, in middle air if you change the direction the ball stop moving, but all of this depend on how fast you went .. etc. In the middle of each stage there's some sort of gimmick, in one stage it's going to be a big sphere that roll when you're on it (or you can change direction and fight it =P) and in another stage it will be a line that takes half of the big sphere you're in that does a 360 if you hit it (That stage is hard because when you hit it will comes back on the other side, so it makes it hard to hit enemies). The point is to get rid of all the enemies on the screen before they come out of the sphere. There's about 10 enemies but only 3 shows up at the same time, to clear the stage just kill all the enemies. There's also different kinds of enemies, you can identifiy them by their colors and they act differently than the others. A bit like the line game, when you hit an enemy there's some kind of symbol that appear and goes right on the spot on hit it and goes straight ahead (For the points, same thing as line) and bounce from the wall, it doesn't last long.

The points of the 3 games is to earn 1 000 000 points, but it's pretty hard and if you die you start over at the beginning.

Well, what's so great about it? What's great is that the 3 game affect each other, you see you can take any of the 3 windows and in the 2 others windows, other players can join, put a replay or computers will automatically play.

-For the Square, if some squares are burning on the side of the screen, those square will shoot some sort of fire shadows on the other screen, it doesn't go that far. Well, in this game if something from the others screens touch some squares those squares become blue and will already start to burn the next time you move.

-For the line, those enemies corpse get on the other screen and hits the enemies (That's pretty rare because they really don't go far) or when you're on the side of the screen, the line enter the other screen so it can destroy some enemies/blocks.

-For the ball those symbols can go to the others screens and the other screen help to kill some enemies.

There's also Mr.MaBoShi that appears sometime in the window right or left from you (I don't think he'll ever appear on the 3rd window if you're in the first, and from what I've seen, computers don't affect his window). You'll have to "affect" his windows to get point to reach 1 000 000, but if you get a game over he disappear. He'll reappear sometime and the point you got saves.

There's also a couples of power ups in the 3 games, like the bomb for the Square and the pinball for the Line. But each games have the multiplier that multiply the points you get depending on how much multiplier you have (Up to 9).

There's also another difficulty setting you can see in the options, but you have to unlock it first.

The graphics are pretty simplistic an the 3 games have an overall wood theme. You can also customize the main window's background and set the music to random or select your favorite one.

There's also an awesome feature you can unlock (easily) in the game, you can download it to your DS, however there's only one screen, yours. I totally love it, the music sounds more primitive and the graphics are super simple but it's more colorful and it looks great on the black background.

So yeah, MaBoShi is a simple puzzle game that's a great pick-up and play but it's challenging and high-score oriented (Personally I don't like high-score oriented games, but love this one). However you'll probably have more fun if you play with someone than just playing it alone.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: MaBoShi: The Three Shape Arcade (EU, 08/29/08)

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