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    Secret Map Guide by Paladin_Rolan

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 11/10/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    //                          Wario Land: Shake It!                        //
    //                            Secret Map Guide                           //
    //                              Version 1.01                             //
    //                           Created By: Rolan                           //
    //Table of Contents//
    // -Section-                           -Shortcut-    //
    //                                                   //
    // 1.Version History                     [HIS]       //
    // 2.Introduction                        [INT]       //
    // 3.The Maps                            [MAP]       //
    // 4.Credits                             [CRE]       //
    // 5.Contact Info                        [CON]       //
    // 6.Legal Info                          [LGL]       //
    //1. Version History [HIS]//
    Version 0.1 (10/15/08) - I had recently just gotten 100% completion so I
    decided to start anew on another file. Then I remembered the lack of
    guides for this game at the time of its release and decided I'd make a 
    guide for the secret maps as I collected them in the game. This version, 
    I call, "The Idea".
    Version 0.5 (10/19/08) - This version is the notes that I wrote out on a
    couple of pieces of paper. Every time I got a map, I would pause and write
    out where it was and how I got it. These are rough notes (I can't leave
    the game on pause forever after all).
    Version 1.0 (10/28/08) - The first full version of the guide.  Enjoy 
    reading, and feel free to send feedback!
    Version 1.01 (11/10/08) - A small update. Added level numbers, and gave
    permissions for more sites to use this guide.
    //2. Introduction [INT]//
    This guide is here to help you to find the 12 secret maps found in Wario
    Land: Shake It! The Secret Maps are are invisible at first, but if you 
    beat all 6 bosses you'll unlock 2 helpful features. One is that the 
    levels that the maps are in will be revealed on the Main Map, which you
    won't need if you read this guide at all. The second is that the spots
    where the maps are in the levels will sparkle, which can help a lot with
    your searching.
    Beating all 6 bosses is not necessary to gets the maps, however, and in
    writing the rough notes for this guide I collected them all before 
    beating the last boss. When you reach a map's location, getting it out
    is simple. Just use an Earthshake Punch at the location by shaking the 
    Wii Remote while on the ground. The Map will pop out of the ground and 
    then you need only touch it to collect it.
    A couple of them are hidden well, but now you have all you need to find
    them. Just read on!
    //3. The Maps [MAP]//
    Here is what you came for. The names of each map are the destinations
    that they lead to.
    Secret Map #1 - 1-5 - Disturbing Tomb
    Located in - 1-2 - Whoopsy Desert
    Head for the first room with cannons in it. Shoot yourself up to the top
    floor on the right side. Jump across to a small ledge that has a lone 
    large silver coin floating over it. Earthshake Punch where the coin is.
    Secret Map #2 - 1-6 - Gurgle Gulch
    Located in - 1-3 - Foulwater Falls
    Head for the area that starts with several wood and stone blocks, a 
    metal block, and 2 large money bags on a ledge above the stone and wood
    blocks. Head to the right and go across the 2 rope swings to the ledge
    above. Keep heading right by breaking the 2 stone blocks holding the 
    black block up to drop it. Jump up and near the wall you'll see a sign
    pointing up and to the left. The map is located between that sign and 
    the wall to the right of it.
    Secret Map #3 - 2-5 - Sneak Peak
    Located in - 2-3 - Mt. Lava Lava
    This is the first of only 2 maps where you can only get it under the 
    pressures of the time limit. First, reach the checkpoint and hit it just 
    in case. Free the Merfle then DROP down the hole. DO NOT ground pound 
    your way down it.Once down, get right next to the metal block on the 
    left and and Earthshake Punch there to set the bomb blocks off. Then 
    RUN, as fast asyou can to the left, quickly breaking stone blocks to 
    get through and then jump onto the rope swing. If the boulder hits you, 
    pause and hit Retry on the menu. Once the boulder passes, Earthshake 
    Punch right below the rope to reveal the map.
    Secret Map #4 - 2-6 - Lowdown Depths
    Located in - 2-5 - Sneak Peak
    This is the first of 4 Secret Maps hidden in areas only available from
    other Secret Maps. Reach the room that starts with 2 ropes, a large gold
    coin high up, and several metal blocks blocking a hole downward. Use the
    ropes to get higher up to Mega Ground Pound through the hole. This causes
    a huge boulder to start rolling, and whether or not you want to avoid it
    is up to you. After the boulder sinks into the lava, head all the way to
    the left. It seems to be empty, but don't be fooled. Earthshake Punch 
    next to the leftmost wall to reveal the map.
    Secret Map #5 - 3-5 - Neon City
    Located in - 3-4 - Glittertown
    In the large area with the long set of geysers that have 3 varying levels
    (blue and short, pink and short, white and tall), head for the right side
    of the geysers. Climb up the ladder and use the tall geysers to get to a
    small ledge with a small money bag on it. Get rid of the bag by shaking
    it or any other way you want to, then Earthshake Punch where it was 
    sitting to reveal the map.
    Secret Map #6 - 3-6 - Derailed Express
    Located in - 3-5 - Neon City
    Reach the first area where the slot machine has 2 bombs, 2 enemies, 1
    flame, and 1 snowflake. The area will also have a red switch, which 
    should be left on. Get a bomb from the slot machine and shake it to put
    the fuse out, stopping the countdown and making this easier. Head for the
    metal block at the top of the red block stairs. To destroy it, either 
    throw the bomb at it, or set the bomb next to it and reactivate it. 
    Behind the metal block is a large money bag. Get it out of the way and
    Earthshake Punch where it was to reveal the map.
    Secret Map #7 - 4-5 - Launchpad Labyrinth
    Located in - 4-3 - Airytale Castle
    Go to the large area right after the first Rocket Bucket area. Get on top
    of the room's only "!" pillar and Earthshake Punch to raise the pillar.
    There will be 4 horizontal platforms to your left. From the pillar jump
    from platform to platform till you're on the the third platform from the
    bottom. Crouch down and crawl through the narrow tunnel on the left to 
    the small area that contains a small money bag. Get rid of the bag and
    Earthshake Punch where it was to get the map. 
    Secret Map #8 - 4-6 - Riverbloat Rapids
    Located in - 4-4 - Soggybog River
    In the small area with the vine wall covered with small silver coins and
    where the camera is zoomed out slightly, just as you enter the area go 
    close to the water's edge and Earthshake Punch to reveal the map.
    Secret Map #9 - 4-7 - Prism Prison
    Located in - 4-6 - Riverbloat Rapids
    Reach the area that's right before the area with the Merfle. Go up a
    pipe in that area that is located behind a flame block. In the area you
    just entered, jump across the logs. On the other side, light yourself on
    fire on the left side of the flame, so that your first bounce will be
    against the flame block. Still flaming, jump across the river and back 
    to strengthen the blaze and break the block. Behind it is a diamond, but
    it is not the real prize of this bonus area, as a quick Earthshake Punch
    where that diamond is reveals the map.
    Secret Map #10 - 5-5 - Bamboozle Village
    Located in - 5-3 - Slipshod Slopes
    GO to the first ice cave area. In the bottom right part of the area 
    you'll see some water and a small gap above it. Swim across the water to
    find a small section with a diamond floating above your goal, the map.
    Secret Map #11 - 5-6 - Freezing Fields
    Located in - 5-5 - Bamboozle Village
    Reach the area right before the area with the Merfle, it which there are
    four single springs going up a steep wall and spikes ready to hurt you 
    if you bounce too high. Use the springs carefully to go up, and at the 
    third spring bounce up and left into a small section of the building. 
    There you'll find a small bag. The map is hidden beneath it.
    Secret Map #12 - 5-7 - Boogie Mansion
    Located in - 5-4 - Bad Manor
    The second "pressure" map, which means reach and strike the checkpoint 
    first. Free the Merfle then make sure that you Ground Pound down the
    hole. This sends you straight down so you avoid having to shrink, and
    you need to be big in the next area and to use the Earthshake Punch. 
    Head left into the next area, then jump from rope to rope to the next
    area. Use the Max Fastosity Dasherator on the first set of blocks, then
    crash into the wall to stop. Jump up and walk over to the next set of 
    blocks and Earthshake Punch there to reveal the map.
    //4. Credits [CRE]//
    I did all the hunting and finding myself, so this'll be short (at least
    for now)...
    Version 1.0: I'd like to thank...
    - Nintendo and Good-Feel, for finally making a new Wario Land. Seven
    years was too long. Here's to less than that for the next one.
    If anyone helps in this guide's improvement, it'll be noted.
    //5. Contact Info [CON]//
    Send your E-mails to me at paladinrolan@gmail.com This E-mail 
    address was set up specifically for your replies.
    However, I only want your E-mails if they have to do with...
    -Any errors in the info.
    -If you have questions about my directions to the maps.
    -Feedback on the guide in general.
    NO others! Including and probably especially e-mails 
    about becoming brothers.
    //6. Legal Info [LGL]//
    This guide that I have written is mine, and therefore do not, 
    in part or in whole, copy it to your website without my 
    Currently allowed are:
    -www.gamefaqs.com and its affiliates.
    Its STEALING and just plain wrong if you use it on your site 
    without my permission. Ask me for permission via E-mail and 
    you'll probably get it.
    Copyright 2008 Rolan

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