Fishing tips/findings (?) need confirming

  1. This might be long, but bare with me, this might help your fishing/money gaining.

    During winter i spent quite some time fishing during my spare time. i spent most of my time fishing at the bottom of snow ruins using my famous rod (sp atk). my scheduled allowed me to start fishing at around 7pm+ and i managed to catch a lot of expensive fish (i.e. lamp,fall,sunsquid,glitter) ranging from lv 8-10.

    once spring hit, it gave me more time to fish because i did not need to manage my runeys, since i've finally got all areas under prosperity by the end of winter. this allowed me to start fishing from 2 or 3pm. what i notice now was i was catching alot of crap fish, i.e. dyetrouts, taimen, shrimps, and it was very seldom to catch one of those rare fish and lv10 fishes. what also intrigued me was that i was now catching lv7 fish which i have never had before in that area. it was only until 7-8pm where my luck changed. everything was back to normal, there was no more lv7 fish, now alot of lv9-10 fish popped up, and expensive fish are able to be caught alot more easier.

    so in a nutshell, what i'm finding is that the later in the day you fish (7pm+) high level/rarer fish are able to be easily caught. i'm not sure if this finding has been confirmed or tested by anyone or if its only at the bottom of snow ruins that happens, but this problem has happened to me for two days in a row, i dont think its coincidence. can anyone confirm to see if this happens on their game as well??

    User Info: AznLegendX

    AznLegendX - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    well i've done multiple test ever since i saw this, i kept the rod (famous rod)i use, and kept the season (spring) constant. i ALWAYS use spatk. no matter how many times i fish before 7pm, i tend to find lv 7-9, and seldomly lv10 fish. right after 7pm and onwards, i did not find any lv7 fish, and lv10 fish were alot more frequent then before 7pm. i do have a feeling time plays a role on what level fish you get.

    User Info: AznLegendX

    AznLegendX - 7 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    Also note that this is only tested at the bottom of snow ruins, just outside where the boss is, so seasonal change i do not think affects what fish you get from there, you always get the same 7 types of fish there (shrimps, dyetrouts, taimen, fall, sunsquid, lamp, glitter) no matter what season. i think season affects fish found in places above ground? i.e. rivers and beach? correct me if i'm wrong

    User Info: AznLegendX

    AznLegendX - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I know for a fact there are seasonal fishes but I am unsure if the times affect fishes. Of course what affects the outcome of your fishes are whether or not you use a special attack to fish or if your rod is a higher level. Generally if you catch Dye Trouts at the bottom of the Green Ruins with a normal rod that is level one, you get levels 4~5 if lucky. But with a special attack and a better rod/level you can catch fish 1~2 levels higher.
    But keep in mind that RODS AND SEASONS affect the level and the type of fish you get and where the area is. Time? Not sure.

    User Info: lchirou

    lchirou (Expert) - 7 years ago 0 0

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