How do I upgrade tools?

  1. How do I upgrade tools like the watering can to hold more water and axe to chop stumps?
    Is it possible to upgrade without purchasing a forge in your home, like in the ds version?

    User Info: joncppl

    joncppl - 8 years ago

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  1. Once you have your forge, there are 2 ways to upgrade your tools. The first way is to reforge your tool into a new version (denoted by a different name for that tool) which allows you to do more amazing things with it. For example: the freebie watering can you get can only water 12 little squares max, while the next step up one holds enough water for 45 (all the way up to 1,225 with the Joy water pot).

    The second way you can upgrade is by adding 2 pieces of scrap iron to the current tool and reforging into a higher LEVEL. To do so, you must have 2 pieces of scrap iron that are BOTH equal to or higher in level than the current level of the tool you are trying to upgrade. Next, you MUST master forge the 3 ingredients by stopping the moving bar within one of the green bubbles.

    By doing so, you will greatly lower the RP usage for each use of that tool. At level 10, my watering pot only consumes 2 RPs per use (double for special ability). 4 RPs to water up to 49 squares of crops! :). TGW

    PS: Since you can only bump up your tool one level at a time, be careful not to waste your higher level scrap iron.

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  1. No, it's not possible without a forge

    However, it is possible without buying the expansion to the house.

    On holidays find Lute the peddler and buy the Handy Forge, this will let you upgrade tools. Then talk to the blacksmith and she'll give you a tool recipe book for the first 2 upgrades.

    User Info: 64bitrobot

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  2. Sorry to burst your bubble but no you have to buy from lute on holdays public squire or i have bout from him in the church area on event days

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  3. You need the haddy forge or any forge.
    And to get the haddy forge, you need to talk to the peddler (Lute)
    You can find him in the public square at the business road with all the stores.
    Or in the first day of summer, you can find him near the church.
    You can find him after 11:00 -- 5:00.

    (HINT: The best way to find him is to wait after Friday and go to the public square at 0:10 -- not 5:00)

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  4. You are better off upgrading your most tools to like your hammer axe and watering can (cant remember what its called lol) because you need to get lumerb to upgrade your house so you can forge and it takes alot of rp to get enough lumber and your hammer to break rocks faster when they are in the way and your pet isnt working or you just dont have a rock breaking pet and watering can can speak for it self there

    User Info: Mavick7

    Mavick7 - 7 years ago 0 0

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