Where can I find Gold??

  1. I can't seem to find it and need to upgrade my hammer ot a gold hammer to complete the lava ruins. I have search lava ruins B4 and can't get past b5 because of the rtock in the way (where do I get the key for b4 btw?)? Do I get gold in whale island? the furthest I have gone is the drain so far, so maybe I need to explore more? Any help?

    User Info: johnrafa

    johnrafa - 8 years ago

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  1. In Lava Ruins B6 and Snow Ruins. The Lava Ruins boss also drops it.
    You do not need the Gold Hammer to complete the Lava Ruins.

    User Info: Diedrupo

    Diedrupo - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. Im not exactly sure wher to find gold but my guess is to search the floors in the lava ruins probably floors 3 and 4... but this is just a guess :(

    User Info: z3r017

    z3r017 - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. If you can get into the Snow Cave and have made it down to the 2nd B. Floor.. Make sure you open the sliding door allowing you quick access for your return via the stairs. From that point on all you need to do is go in the Snow Cave and use the quick access stairway to go to BF2. There are 2 sets of boulders on this floor that can be broke using your hammer. Besides getting scrap iron, you usually find at least one (sometimes more) pieces of Gold. This is MUCH easier than having to fight that stupid Lava Monster over and over!

    User Info: KimChi_Fantasy

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  3. You get the key for the B4 room from Uzuki from what I've read. It's part of her love-scenario, so you'll have to raise her level.

    User Info: Nimitz75

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  4. you can also have a CHANCE to get gold(you might get something else) if you go up the rope in whale island cave (first fiels - due north at the next intersection i think) to the room with the two rune stone doors. the gold would be in the chests behind those doors.

    User Info: brentiano2468

    brentiano2468 - 8 years ago 0 0
  5. I am LvL. 45. I haven't yet beaten the Lava Ruins so I dont know where in the Snow Ruins gold is, but based on and upgrade system from dungeon to dungeon I'm am sure their will be gold there. Also, I have found gold at Whale Island. The section with the large tree, the one with the giant Orange rolling down it. If you walk far enough up the tree, there is a run-off down too a little place that has two boulders. At the top of the run-off is a monster portal for a monster called a Harsh, going down there are two more Harsh portals. Once you get to the bottom there is a Fairy portal. Destroy this and the Fairy, because if you are not a high enough LvL, Fairies can be very strong. Then destroy the two boulders, every couple of days there will be gold in the boulder to the right. Every other time I have found just Scrap Iron. There is also a Chest to the right of the place which usually has a pretty nice item in it.

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  6. You can break rocks in the bottom of lava ruins

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  7. "I have search lava ruins B4 and can't get past b5 because of the rock in the way"
    You dont need the gold hammer to break those rock. There is dirt in front of the boulder that you have to clear with your hoe. Follow it then turn the bomb catapult to the south. After that i think you should know what to do.

    User Info: Marloc02

    Marloc02 - 8 years ago 1 0
  8. The easiest tactic to get gold, in my opinion, would be to get to the bottom of the Lava Ruins (it only appears there in the Lava Ruins) and fight the boss so that a portal appears to get to the bottom quickly. From there, you can just go in and out and use the portal to go back and forth.

    As for eradicating the large rocks, it was already stated that you need to use the hoe to clear out the debris in front of them. (Trust me, I had trouble with that one too. XD) I think any hoe will work, but I had the Seasoned Hoe by that point.

    User Info: GyppyGirl2021

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  9. In the Lava Ruins B3

    User Info: gamer4001

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