Is there any boss in whale island??

  1. Does any one know where can I find boss in whele island? In fact I had unlock the gate and finding large coconut tree but there is getting smaller when I came back and I don't know how do I reach to the top of that tree cause on the top of that what see is only small chess and the gate in the left. My question is, does the boss in whele island is on the coconut tree? if yes how can I go there?

    User Info: livort

    livort - 8 years ago

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  1. Yes there is a boss on whale island it is a giant squid behind a locked gate on top of whale island. To open the gate you have to flip a switch inside of a room that you get to by traveling down the last opening in the ground (once you get there you will know what I'm talking about). Although I'm level 44 and it kills me in about 1 hit so don't fight it until you're a higher level.

    User Info: Sonicdragon99

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  1. no the boss isn't at the top of the coconut tree. Before the chest get off at the last stop where 2 beetle-like enemies appear. Head left and follow the path to the castle. The boss is in the Castle

    User Info: pokip

    pokip - 8 years ago 1 1
  2. That tree is just the Rune supply for the Island...
    The Boss likes to hide deep in a castle room and lesiurely wait for you in a throne room... XD

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  3. Level 80 and still getting whooped. Equipment is Force Element, Headdress, Water Cape, Dew Pendent.

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  4. idk Dude.

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  5. The boss isn't at the top of the coconut tree. After you climb the tree (you can take shortcuts up the steep slopes by riding a monster) take the path to the left and go through the drain area. After that, you'll reach a tower, and after you climb that, you'll be on top of a big circle of other towers. You can go down into any of them, but to get to the big boss, go across the towers clockwise, and head to the big tower in the middle/top. Even if the boss kills you, entering the room activates a warp that you can use to get to the powerful monsters nearby to level up.

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  6. To open the door to the boss, the lever is at the bottom of the Tower of Glory. When you enter a tower, the name will pop up so you'll know if you're in the right one.

    The Giant Squid is level 89 and heavily elemental resistant. So don't expect an easy time. He takes up most of the room so you can't run around, and he likes to spit out water then electrify it. :P

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  7. The boss of whale island is on whale island.

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  8. Giant Squid is easy by the way. Get the orc hunter pet (the one outside west of castle entrance) and just manually push him into a corner then play chicken with boss till boss is dead. While your pet is in corner, shouldn't be in reach of tentacles and the boss is focused on you anyway so yeah...

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  9. The High Orc Arrow thingy pet is the most useful for this, as said earlier it works to push him into a corner.

    User Info: Rellick123

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